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March 2021 Reading Challenge

By webmaster - Posted on 02 March 2021

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From Lou Allison:

March 2021 Reading Challenge: So... non-fiction... because I am working from home, I have borrowed this poster from a website called BookBub (thank you BB!) to illustrate some of the range of what constitutes non-fiction, more easily defined by what it is not, that is fiction. Biography, memoir, essays, poetry, lectures, natural history, science, economics, philosophy, nutrition, self-help, on and on.

I do not want to be reductive in setting limits, I want people to have fun and use these Reading Challenges to explore books they would not ordinarily pick up. I would like to ask that people not read a memoir, poetry or graphic book as these are slated for other challenges, but rules are onerous by their very nature. So: go ahead, pick something (written for adults) you wouldn't normally and give it a go.

If you have any doubts or questions as to whether your selection would count for the challenge, please feel free to contact me via our Facebook "Have You Read" group and we can discuss it. I love a discussion about books! Oh, and the Prince Rupert Library does have a number of the titles in the poster in our physical collection as well as in e-books, if you see anything you like here.