Prince Rupert Self Advocacy Group
c/o #420 - 309 Second Avenue West
Prince Rupert B.C.
V8J 3T1

Phone: (250) 600-7567
Contact: Val Whomes

     The Prince Rupert Self-Advocacy Group members are individuals who have some form of developmental disability. Members attend independently and/or with support, generally by a paid caregiver.

     The focus of these meetings is to provide opportunities for friendship building, community involvement and leaning about self advocacy. Self Advocacy means speaking or acting for yourself. It means deciding what is best for you and speaking up for your rights as a person.

   Self Advocacy involves believing:

  • That you are valued.

  • That what you say is important.

  • That you can change things in your life.

  • That you can choose what you do.

   Self Advocacy involves many different areas. Some are:
  • Making yourself understood.

  • Making decisions.

  • Doing something about your decisions.

  • Knowing your rights and responsibilites.

  • Having a supportive group to help when needed.

  • Feeling good about your life.

  • Feeling welcome in your community.

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