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13. A $10 Quilt by Ella Gilker

By Anonymous - Posted on 10 November 2009

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In 2003, the Fabric Boutique launched an interesting project: for $10, customers could sign up for an on-going mystery project, choosing one or two colour-ways: pretty and pastel or dark and rich. Every month, participants received a paper bag with pieces of fabric and instructions for a quilt block. Every month, they were expected to drop in to the store with their completed block, in order to receive the next installment. If late, participants had to fork over another $10 to stay in. None knew what the completed project would look like. Eventually, participants had to purchase fabrics for the sashings, border, backing and binding, but all the blocks were provided by the Fabric Boutique.

The project was a lot of fun: the fabrics and designs were interesting and challenging, the sense of group participation was stimulating and the mystery kept the interest level high. Over a hundred people signed up, including a number from Haida Gwaii and White horse, who phoned in their report and received their packages by mail. Those who participated were glad they did; those that did not rued the day!
Thanks and accolades are due to Pam Mahoney for her design and for engineering the project.
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