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Here are the most popular items by circulation over the previous 6 months at the Prince Rupert Library.

Updated: August 1st, 2019

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Tattooist Of Auschwitz : A Novel Morris, Heather (Screenwriter) Morr 33294002036663
2nd California Girls Mallery, Susan Mall 33294002037992
2nd Winter In Paradise : A Novel Hilderbrand, Elin Hild 33294002035731
4th Cold Skies : A DreadfulWater Mystery / Book 3 King, Thomas 1943- King 33294002036101
4th Connections In Death : An Eve Dallas Novel Robb, J. D. 1950- Robb 33294002037042
4th Forget You Know Me Strawser, Jessica Stra 33294002030179
4th It Begins In Betrayal : A Lane Winslow Mystery Whishaw, Iona 1948- Whis 33294002033330
4th Past Tense Child, Lee Chil 33294002032456
4th Shell Game Paretsky, Sara Pare 33294002034130
4th The Boy Hoag, Tami Hoag 33294002035723
4th The Lost Girls Of Paris Jenoff, Pam Jeno 33294002036390
4th The Wedding Guest Kellerman, Jonathan Kell 33294002037026

Adult Graphic Novels (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Super Chill : A Year Of Living Anxiously Ellis, Adam 741.5 Elli 33294002043206
2nd The Antifa Comic Book : 100 Years Of Fascism And Antifa Movements Hill, Gord 335.6022 Hill 33294002049617
3rd Hawkeye. Vol. 1 My Life As A Weapon Fraction, Matt 741.5 Frac 33294001861855
3rd Invincible : Ultimate Collection Volume 1 Kirkman, Robert. 741.5 Kirk 33294001894450
3rd Saga. Book One Vaughan, Brian K. 741.5973 Vaug 33294001955095
3rd Saga. Book Two Vaughan, Brian K. 741.5973 Vaug 33294002005221
3rd Saigon Calling : London, 1963-75 Truong, Marcelino 942.12 Truo 33294002007516
8th A Game Of Thrones : The Graphic Novel Volume 1 Abraham, Daniel 741.5 Mart 33294001843093
8th A Game Of Thrones : The Graphic Novel Volume 2 Abraham, Daniel 741.5 Mart 33294001864735
8th American Vampire. Vol. 1 Snyder, Scott. 741.5 Snyd 33294001736743
8th Death Threat Shraya, Vivek 1981- 306.768 Shra 33294002049583
8th Gear TenNapel, Doug. 741.5 TenN 33294001744036
8th Hallowe'en Party Christie, Agatha 1890-1976 741.5 Chri 33294001878230
8th Hawkeye. Vol. 2 Little Hits Fraction, Matt. 741.5 Frac 33294001861848
8th Hawkeye. Vol. 3 L.A. Woman Fraction, Matt 741.5 Frac 33294001892785
8th Joe Daly Productions Presents The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book Daly, Joe 1979- 741.5 Daly 33294001726306
8th Petty Theft Girard, Pascal 741.5 Gira 33294001900281
8th Spider-Man. Back In Black Straczynski, J. Michael 1954- 741.5 Spid 33294001856426
8th Such A Lovely Little War : Saigon, 1961-63 Truong, Marcelino 959.704 Truo 33294001992742
8th The Age Of Selfishness : Ayn Rand, Morality, And The Financial Crisis Cunningham, Darryl 174.4 Cunn 33294001934587
8th The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button : A Graphic Novel DeFilippis, Nunzio. 741.5 Fitz 33294001628429
8th The Walking Dead Compendium. Vol. 1 Kirkman, Robert 741.5 Kirk v.1 33294002043743
8th The Walking Dead Compendium. Vol. 2 Kirkman, Robert 741.5 Kirk v.2 33294002043750
8th The Walking Dead. Compendium Three Kirkman, Robert 741.5 Kirk v.3 33294002043768

Adult Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Homebody : A Guide To Creating Spaces You Never Want To Leave Gaines, Joanna 1978- 747 Gain 33294002034031
1st The Spy And The Traitor : The Greatest Espionage Story Of The Cold War Macintyre, Ben 1963- 327.12 MacI 33294002030104
3rd Awareness Through Movement : Health Exercises For Personal Growth Feldenkrais, Moshé 1904-1984 613.7 FELD 33294001169986
3rd Behave : The Biology Of Humans At Our Best And Worst Sapolsky, Robert M. 612.8 Sapo 33294002030088
3rd Calling The Maritimes Home : Origins, Attitudes, Quirks & Curiosities Watson, Julie V. 1943- 971.5 Wats 33294001920511
3rd Country Life : A Handbook For Realists And Dreamers Heiney, Paul. 630 HEIN 33294001040963
3rd How Executors Avoid Personal Liability : A Handbook For Executors And Beneficiaries Butler, Lynne 346.71056 Butl 33294001943174
3rd Iron Road West : An Illustrated History Of British Columbia's Railways Hayes, Derek 1947- 385.09711 Haye 33294002036655
3rd Postcapitalism : A Guide To Our Future Mason, Paul 1960- 330.12 Maso 33294001969443
3rd Return Of The Sea Otter : The Story Of The Animal That Evaded Extinction On The Pacific Coast McLeish, Todd 333.95 McLe 33294002036820
3rd Ship Stability For Masters And Mates Derrett, D. R. 623.817 Derr 33294001837772
3rd The Oh She Glows Cookbook : Vegan Recipes To Glow From The Inside Out Liddon, Angela 641.5636 Lidd 33294002009447
3rd The Secret Wisdom Of Nature : Trees, Animals, And The Extraordinary Balance Of All Living Things : Stories From Science And Observation Wohlleben, Peter 1964- 577 Wohl 33294002038669

Adult Non-Fiction - Non-Circulating (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Milepost Alaska Travel Planner 2019 : Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories Ref 917.19 Mile 2019 33294002039261

Biographies (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life : A Sortabiography Idle, Eric B Idle 33294002036911
1st First Person : An Astonishingly Frank Self-portrait By Russia's President Putin, Vladimir Vladimirovich 1952- B PUTI 33294001154202
1st The Buddha: Young Seeker Mantell, Paul. B BUDD 33294001553809
4th Becoming Obama, Michelle 1964- B Obam 33294002032829
4th Eastern Passage Mowat, Farley 1921- B Mowa 33294001737261
6th All Things Consoled : A Daughter's Memoir Hay, Elizabeth 1951- B Hay 33294002034262
6th Marilyn : The Passion And The Paradox Banner, Lois W. B Monr 33294001836691
8th Born A Crime : Stories From A South African Childhood Noah, Trevor 1984- B Noah 33294001987171
8th Farley Mowat : Writing The Squib Orange, John. B MOWA 33294000774612
8th Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas : A Savage Journey To The Heart Of The American Dream Thompson, Hunter S. B Thom 33294002028983
8th Joni : The Creative Odyssey Of Joni Mitchell Monk, Katherine 1965- B Mitc 33294002005239
8th Nightingales : The Extraordinary Upbringing And Curious Life Of Miss Florence Nightingale Gill, Gillian B Nigh 33294002044238
8th The Reason You Walk Kinew, Wab 1981- B Kine 33294001944636
8th The Sons Of Camelot : The Fate Of An American Dynasty Leamer, Laurence. B KENN 33294001363613

CDs (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Yanni Live At The Acropolis Yanni. CD Yann 33294002043354
2nd Invocations Sacred Music From World Traditions INVO 33294001067651
2nd Living Under June Arden, Jann. ARDE 33294001282128
2nd Tunnel Of Love Springsteen, Bruce. SPRI 33294001244086
5th American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine Donnas (Musical group) DONN 33294001497098
5th At Last! James, Etta 1938- CD Jame 33294002041317
5th Back At The Chicken Shack Smith, Jimmy CD Smit 33294002049278
5th Back To Black Winehouse, Amy 1983-2011 CD Wine 33294002043545
5th Billie Holiday. Holiday, Billie 1915-1959 CD Holi 33294002046704
5th Birks Works: The Verve Big-band Sessions Gillespie, Dizzy CD Gill 33294001952571
5th Compas Gipsy Kings. GYPS 33294001884378
5th Cosmic Thing B-52's (Musical group) BFIF 33294001273382
5th Essential Ella 21 Ella Fitzgerald Classics Fitzgerald, Ella. FITZ 33294001566173
5th Famous Blue Raincoat The Songs Of Leonard Cohen Warnes, Jennifer. WARN 33294001585025
5th Greatest Blues Legends Grea 33294001233345
5th Ingenue Lang, K. D. 1961- LANG 33294001570282
5th Piano Works Joplin, Scott 1868-1917 JOPL 33294001205319
5th Reggae Sunsplash Raggae By The Bay REGG 33294001547025
5th The Temptations. Volume 1 The '60s Temptations (Musical group) TEMP 33294001497395
5th The Most Beautiful Songs Of Africa MOST 33294001119718
5th Time Capsule B-52's (Musical group) B-52 33294001548437
5th Toni Braxton Braxton, Toni. BRAX 33294001475110
5th Unchained Melody Green, Al 1946- GREE 33294001496736
5th Women In Jazz. WOME 33294001117639
5th Women In Jazz. WOME 33294001117696

Children's Area Toddlers (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Usborne First Picture Action Rhymes Litchfield, Jo. JPT Litc 33294001722750
2nd Alligator, Bear, Crab : A Baby's ABC Wynne Pechter, Lesley 1951- JPT Wynn 33294001987254
3rd Animals Sirett, Dawn. JPT Sire 33294001837434
3rd Barnyard Baby Broach, Elise. JPT Broa 33294001871912
3rd Batman And Robin Team Up! Lemke, Donald B. JPT Lemk 33294001894732
3rd Bear, Do You Wear Underwear? Doodler, Todd H. JPT Dood 33294001837251
3rd Let's Dance, Little Pookie Boynton, Sandra. JPT Boyn 33294001838176
3rd Let's Get Dressed Gardner, Charlie. JPT Gard 33294001902386
3rd Maisy's Fire Engine Cousins, Lucy. JPT Cous 33294001838085
3rd Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. JPT Mick 33294001994326
3rd My First Busy Home : Let's Look And Learn! Gardner, Charlie. JPT My 33294001837582
3rd One, Two, Three! Boynton, Sandra. JPT Boyn 33294001696236
3rd Pouch! Stein, David Ezra JPT Stei 33294002038495
3rd Tickle Time! Boynton, Sandra. JPT Boyn 33294001836105

Juvenile Easy Readers (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Should I Share My Ice Cream? Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001842632
2nd Friends For A Princess Lagonegro, Melissa. JPE Lev. 1 33294001726140
3rd Catch That Wobbufffet! West, Tracey. JPE Lev.1 33294001377480
4th Double Trouble Milbourne, Anna JPE Usbo 33294001961085
4th Princesses And Puppies Weinberg, Jennifer Liberts JPE Lev.1 33294001959162
4th Run, Remy, Run! Richards, Kitty. JPE Lev.1 33294001573104
4th Super Fly Guy Arnold, Tedd. JPE Arno 33294001748292
4th The Meanest Birthday Girl Schneider, Josh 1980- JPE Schn 33294001894120
9th Anna's Best Friends Webster, Christy JPE Lev. 2 33294001901016
9th Beck's Bunny Secret Redbank, Tennant. JPE Lev.3 33294001708957
9th Big Snowman, Little Snowman Rabe, Tish JPE Lev.1 33294002050599
9th Big Truck Show! Tillworth, Mary. JPE Lev.1 33294001885045
9th Frog And Fly : Six Slurpy Stories Mack, Jeff. JPE Mack 33294001930510
9th Happy Alphabet! : A Phonics Reader Hays, Anna Jane. JPE Lev.1 33294001267244
9th Horse Show Champ Parker, Jessie. JPE Lev. 1 33294001741933
9th Just Keep Swimming Lagonegro, Melissa. JPE Lev. 1 33294001726090
9th Meet The Pokémon Teitelbaum, Michael. JPE Lev.2 33294001708965
9th Monsters Munch Lunch! Tabby, Abigail. JPE Lev.1 33294001901107
9th Peter Pan Webster, Christy JPE Lev.1 33294001959154
9th Spider-Man Versus Hydro-Man Hill, Susan 1965- JPE Supe 33294001779768
9th Stop, Drop, And Flop In The Slop : A Short Vowel Sounds Book With Consonant Blends Cleary, Brian P. 1959- JPE Laug 33294001697341
9th The Dressing Up Box Mackinnon, Mairi JPE Usbo 33294001961093
9th The Greedy Dog Frith, Alex JPE Usbo 33294001960962
9th The Perfect Pet Punter, Russell JPE Usbo 33294001961119
9th The Perfect Pumpkin Hunt Herman, Gail JPE Lev. 3 33294001827187
9th This Is Iron Man Macri, Thomas. JPE Supe 33294001839927
9th Togepi Springs Into Action! West, Tracey 1965- JPE Lev.1 33294001423763

Juvenile Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Coraline Gaiman, Neil. J Gaim 33294001739382
2nd Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 11: Double Down Kinney, Jeff J Kinn 33294001977107
2nd Frozen Sing-along Storybook Marsoli, Lisa Ann 1958- J Disn 33294002007466
2nd The Selection Cass, Kiera. J Cass 33294001833714
2nd The Meltdown Kinney, Jeff J Kinn 33294002035251
2nd The Sight Hunter, Erin. J Hunt 33294001656834
2nd Thirteen Reasons Why Asher, Jay 1975- J Ashe 33294001804574
8th City Of Ashes Clare, Cassandra J Clar 33294001689850
8th Emmet's Guide To Being Awesome Landers, Ace J Land 33294002034619
8th Fly Guy And The Frankenfly Arnold, Tedd. JPE Arno 33294001980903
8th Jeremy Fink And The Meaning Of Life Mass, Wendy 1967- J Mass 33294001712959
8th Linger Stiefvater, Maggie 1981- J Stie 33294001736230
8th Old School Kinney, Jeff. J Kinn c.2 33294001967017
8th The Jellybeans And The Big Art Adventure Numeroff, Laura Joffe. JP Nume 33294001833979
8th The One Cass, Kiera. J Cass 33294001900950
8th Wonder Palacio, R. J. J Pala 33294002013100

Juvenile Graphic Novels (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Ghosts Telgemeier, Raina J Telg 33294001974534
1st Paper Girls. 1 Vaughan, Brian K. J Vaug v.1 33294002039105
1st Paper Girls. 2 Vaughan, Brian K. J Vaug v.2 33294002039113
1st Paper Girls. 3 Vaughan, Brian K. J Vaug v.3 33294002039121
1st The Lost Boy Ruth, Greg J Ruth 33294002038974
6th Dawn And The Impossible Three : A Graphic Novel Galligan, Gale J Mart 33294002013159
6th Paper Girls. Volume 5 Vaughan, Brian K. J Vaug v.5 33294002039147
6th Smile Telgemeier, Raina J Telg 33294001960186
6th Yurara. Volume 1 Shiomi, Chika. J Shio 33294001819887
10th Brave Chmakova, Svetlana 1979- J Chma 33294002013597
10th Drama Telgemeier, Raina J Telg 33294001960285
10th Paper Girls. 4 Vaughan, Brian K. J Vaug v.4 33294002039139
10th Yurara. Volume 2 Shiomi, Chika. J Shio 33294001819895
10th Yurara. Volume 4 Shiomi, Chika. J Shio 33294001819747

Juvenile Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Garfield, Survival Of The Fattest Davis, Jim 1945 July 28- J 741.5 Davi 33294001746148
1st Minecraft Construction Handbook Needler, Matthew. J 793.932 Need 33294001894880
3rd Cooking Up A Storm : The Teen Survival Cookbook Stern, Sam 1990- J 641.5 Ster 33294001699594
3rd Garfield As Himself Davis, Jim 1945 July 28- J 741.5 Davi 33294001454750
3rd Let's Find Pokmon 3 Aihara, Kazunori. J 793.73 AIHA 33294001390715
3rd My Little Pony J 793.73 Look 33294001808666
3rd Ocean MacQuitty, Miranda 1956- J 551.46 MacQ 33294001723485
3rd Questions Children Ask : & How To Answer Them Stoppard, Miriam. J 649.1 STOP 33294000954420
3rd Rabbits Bodden, Valerie. J 636.932 BODD 33294001528843
3rd Trailblazer : The Story Of Ballerina Raven Wilkinson Schubert, Leda J 792.8092 Schu 33294002035558

Juvenile Picture Books (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Treasure Hunt For Girls : Over 500 Hidden Pictures To Search For, Sort And Count Priddy, Roger. JP Prid 33294001986884
2nd Dr. Seuss's ABC. Seuss Dr SEUS 33294000976241
2nd Fancy Nancy O'Connor, Jane. JP O'Con 33294001639129
2nd My Potty Book For Girls MY 33294001556711
2nd Roadwork Sutton, Sally. JP Sutt 33294001725738
2nd The Family Book Parr, Todd. PARR 33294001527308
7th Chopsticks : (Not Exactly A Sequel To Spoon. More Like A Change In Place Setting) Rosenthal, Amy Krouse JP Rose 33294001839406
7th Cows Can't Fly Milgrim, David. MILG 33294001041748
7th Green Eggs And Ham Seuss Dr JP Seus 33294001930759
7th Llama Llama And The Bully Goat Dewdney, Anna JP Dewd 33294002038347
7th My First Trucks And Diggers : Let's Get Driving! Greenwood, Marie 1961- JPT Gree 33294001989797
7th Superworm Donaldson, Julia. JP Dona 33294001884865
7th The Highway Rat Donaldson, Julia JP Dona 33294001854447
7th Yip! Snap! Yap! Fuge, Charles. JP Fuge 33294001649383

Large Print (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Buried Prey Sandford, John 1944 Feb. 23- LP Sand 33294001818061
1st Think Twice Scottoline, Lisa. LP Scot 33294001741073
1st Thurston House Steel, Danielle. LP STEE 33294000133199
4th Accused : A Rosatto & Associates Novel Scottoline, Lisa. LP Scot 33294001911452
4th Carnegie's Maid Benedict, Marie LP Bene 33294002043321
4th Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine Honeyman, Gail LP Hone 33294002028900
4th Most Wanted Scottoline, Lisa LP Scot 33294002001857
4th The Bitter Season LP Hoag 33294001993666
4th The Immortalists Benjamin, Chloe LP Benj 33294002039337
4th The Keys Of The Kingdom Cronin, A. J. (Archibald Joseph) 1896-1981 LP CRON 33294000248971

Multilingual Juvenile - First Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st غول! هيا نلعب! [Ghūl! hayyā nalʻab!] = Goal! Let's play! [Arabic and English] Marriott, Joe MJP ARA Marr 33294001975267

Multimedia - Playaway Views (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Best Of Sesame J PV Sesa 008 33294001798974
2nd Bedtime With Sesame J PV Sesa 009 33294001799022
3rd Arthur's Challenges J PV Arth 006 33294001798875
3rd Between The Lions Fun Animal Stories J PV Betw 010 33294001799071
5th Adventures And Imagination J PV Adve 022 33294001799055
5th Arthur's Adventures J PV Arth 005 33294001799170
5th New Classics From Annick Press J PV Muns 003 33294001799220
5th Owen And Other Stories About Families J PV Owen 002 33294001799154
9th Munsch Classics And Other Stories Munsch, Robert N. 1945- J PV Muns 004 33294001798826
9th The Snowy Day And Other Stories Keats, Ezra Jack. J PV Keat 012 33294001798818

Multimedia - Video Games - Wii (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Raving Rabbids : Party Collection VGWi Rabb W012 33294005004981
2nd Mario Strikers Charged Next Level Games VGWi Mari W010 33294005004916
2nd Sonic & Sega All-stars Racing : Sumo Digital VGWi Soni W014 33294005009188
4th Cooking Mama : Cook Off Cooking Mama Limited VGWi Cook W006 33294005004965
4th Fire Emblem : Radiant Dawn Nintendo Software Planning & Development VGWi Fire W007 33294005004940
4th MLB Power Pros 2008 Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc VGWi MLB W009 33294005004841
4th Mushroom Men : The Spore Wars Red Fly Studio VGWi Mush W015 33294005009196
4th Zack & Wiki : Quest For Barbaros' Treasure Capcom VGWi Zack W013 33294005004973

Oversize-Juvenile (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Sixteen Fleecy Sheep : A Book About Vowels Thomson, Ruth 1949- THOM 33294001214303
2nd Dinosaur! : Dinosaurs And Other Amazing Prehistoric Creatures As You've Never Seen Them Before Woodward, John 1954- OJ 567.9 Wood 33294001918135
2nd Disney Pirates Of The Caribbean : The Complete Visual Guide Platt, Richard. OJ 791.437 Plat 33294001928217
4th Star Wars : Complete Locations OJ 791.4 Lund 33294001721323
5th Atlas Of Dinosaur Adventures Hawkins, Emily OJ 567.9 Hawk 33294002021871
5th Dinosaurs Everywhere! Harrison, Carol 1953- OJ 567.9 Harr 33294001755289
7th Birds Brinkley, Edward S. 598 BRIN 33294001203702
7th Dorling Kindersley Children's Atlas 912 DORL 33294001167840
7th The Lost Words : A Spell Book Macfarlane, Robert 1976- OJ 821.92 Macf 33294002037877
10th Da Vinci : Renaissance Painter January, Brendan 1972- 709.2 JANU 33294001399088
10th English-French : My First Book Of Words And Pictures Clark, Colin. CLAR 33294001326172
10th Star Wars : The Complete Visual Dictionary Reynolds, David West. OJ 791 Reyn 33294001720986
10th Stephen Biesty's Explosions Biesty, Stephen. 600 BIES 33294001038439
10th The Children's Visual Dictionary Bunting, Jane. 423.1 BUNT 33294000845669
10th The Sign Of The Seahorse : A Tale Of Greed And High Adventure In Two Acts Base, Graeme. OJ Base 33294001169424
10th Underwater Melhuish, Eva. OS J 574.92 MELH 33294001212802

Paperbacks - Adult (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Two Kinds Of Truth Connelly, Michael 1956- APb Conn 33294002032019
2nd Princess Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002029841
3rd A Measure Of Darkness : A Novel Kellerman, Jonathan APb Kell 33294002039659
3rd Fifty Fifty Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002041754
3rd Overkill Bell, Ted APb Bell 33294002040673
3rd The Disappeared Box, C. J. APb Box 33294002039980
3rd The Fallen Baldacci, David APb Bald 33294002039667
3rd The Midnight Line Child, Lee APb Chil 33294002025385
9th Touch & Go Gardner, Lisa APb Gard 33294002041283
9th Truly Madly Guilty Moriarty, Liane APb Mori 33294002021319

Paperbacks - Classics - Second Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Wealth Of Nations : Books 1-3 Smit 33294000037507
1st Unto This Last, And Other Writings Ruskin, John 1819-1900 RUSK 33294001374792
1st War Of The Worlds Wells, H.G. CPb Well 33294001818368
4th All Quiet On The Western Front Remarque, Erich Maria 1898-1970 CPb Rema 33294002044618
4th Cranford : The Cage At Cranford : The Moorland Cottage Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn. GAS 33294001310416
4th Island Huxley, Aldous 1894-1963 Huxl 33294001684687
4th The Brothers Karamazov. Dost 33294001712025
4th The Grapes Of Wrath Steinbeck, John 1902-1968 STEI 33294001160670
4th Twilight Of The Idols ; And, The Anti-Christ Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm 1844-1900 CPb Niet 33294001772961

Paperbacks - Fantasy (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Blood Of The Fold Goodkind, Terry. GOOD 33294001494459
1st Feversong : A Fever Novel Moning, Karen Marie FPb Moni 33294002042679
3rd A Feast For Crows Martin, George R. R. FaPb Mart 33294001972686
3rd Mage-guard Of Hamor Modesitt, L. E. Mode 33294001664465
5th A Game Of Thrones Martin, George R. R. FaPb Mart 33294001936236
5th A Game Of Thrones Martin, George R. R. FaPb Mart 33294001946185
5th A Storm Of Swords Martin, George R. R. FPb Mart 33294002035442
5th Born Of Fury Kenyon, Sherrilyn 1965- FPb Keny 33294001917376
5th Death Doesn't Bargain Kenyon, Sherrilyn 1965- FPb Keny 33294002042638
5th Down The Rabbit Hole Robb, J. D. 1950- FPb Down 33294001957810
5th Dragons Of Autumn Twilight : Chronicles, Volume 1 Weis, Margaret. FaPb Weis 33294001702075
5th Fool's Assassin Hobb, Robin. FPb Hobb 33294001943414
5th High Voltage Moning, Karen Marie FPb Moni 33294002020055
5th Hunting Ground Briggs, Patricia. FaPb Brig 33294001772037
5th Silence Fallen Briggs, Patricia FaPb Brig 33294002016798
5th The Subtle Knife Pullman, Philip. PULL 33294001422708
5th Threading The Needle Palmatier, Joshua FaPb Palm 33294002011476

Paperbacks - Junior (Intermediate) (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Captain Underpants And The Attack Of The Talking Toilets : Another Epic Novel Pilkey, Dav 1966- PB JInt Pilk 33294001752716
1st I Survived  The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906 Tarshis, Lauren PB JInt Tars 33294001976802
3rd Alice In April Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. NAYL 33294000857060
3rd Kickoff To Danger Dixon, Franklin W. DIXO 33294001286731
3rd The London Eye Mystery Dowd, Siobhan JPb(I) Dowd 33294001932516
3rd Zombie Penpal McMurtry, Ken. PB JInt McMu 33294001722735
7th Eight Keys LaFleur, Suzanne M. PB JInt LaFl 33294001902501
7th Hijacked! Brightfield, Richard. BRIG 33294001165851
7th I Survived The Great Chicago Fire, 1871 Tarshis, Lauren. JPb(I) Tars 33294001976687
7th I Survived The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor, 1941 Tarshis, Lauren PB JInt Tars 33294001976778
7th Rapunzel, The One With All The Hair Mass, Wendy 1967- PB JInt Mass 33294001704360
7th Silver Kidd, Rob. PB JInt Kidd 33294001902675
7th Sleeping Beauty : The One Who Took The Really Long Nap Mass, Wendy 1967- PB JInt Mass 33294001721844
7th Smoke Jumpers Montgomery, R. A. PB JInt Mont 33294001722834
7th The Berenstain Bears And The Big Date Berenstain, Stan 1923-2005 BERE 33294001544840
7th The Japanese Tsunami, 2011 Tarshis, Lauren. PB JInt Tars 33294001989110
7th The Abominable Snowman Montgomery, R. A. (Raymond A.) PB JInt Mont 33294001866037
7th The Ghost Of The Bermuda Triangle Scooby-Doo! Sutton, Laurie PB JInt Scoo 33294002026011
7th The Giver Lowry, Lois PB Jint Lowr 33294002034650
7th The Hope Chest Of Arabella King Zwicker, Linda. PB JInt Mont 33294000019406
7th The Mystery Of The Maze Monster Sazaklis, John PB JInt Scoo 33294002024941
7th The Sinking Of The Titanic, 1912 Tarshis, Lauren PB JInt Tars 33294001976786
7th The Terror Of The Bigfoot Beast Sutton, Laurie PB JInt Scoo 33294002024818

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary) (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Snorlax Takes A Stand Heller, Sarah E. HELL 33294001241033
2nd Callie Miles, Ellen PB JPri Mile 33294002031128
2nd Geronimo Stilton. Flight Of The Red Bandit Stilton, Geronimo. PB JPri Stil 33294001880459
2nd Junie B., First Grader : Boss Of Lunch Park, Barbara. JPb(P) Park 33294001950138
2nd Scooby-Doo! And The Masked Magician Gelsey, James. GELS 33294001256098
6th Adele, The Voice Fairy Meadows, Daisy. PB JPri Mead 33294001842558
6th Helena The Horse-riding Fairy Meadows, Daisy JPb(P) Mead 33294001932615
6th Lindsay, The Luck Fairy Meadows, Daisy. PB JPri Mead 33294001842681
6th Lost Treasure Of The Emerald Eye Stilton, Geronimo. PB JPri Stil 33294001931443
6th Mouse House Hunter Stilton, Geronimo PB JPri Stil 33294001971308
6th Nancy Drew And The Clue Crew : Scream For Ice Cream Keene, Carolyn PB JPri Keen 33294002029395
6th Nate The Great Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman PB JPri Shar 33294001983881
6th Ruby Fuzzybrush's Star Dance Meadows, Daisy JPb(P) Mead 33294001968684
6th Thea Stilton And The Spanish Dance Mission Stilton, Thea. PB JPri Stil 33294001880491
6th Thea Stilton And The Dragon's Code Stilton, Thea. PB JPri Stil 33294001672708
6th Thea Stilton And The Ghost Of The Shipwreck Stilton, Thea. JPb(P) Stil 33294001931567
6th Thea Stilton And The Secret Of The Old Castle PB JPri Stil 33294001880509
6th Under The Serpent Sea Abbott, Tony. ABBO 33294001503754
6th Vacation Under The Volcano (the Magic Tree House; #13) Osborne, Mary Pope PB JPri Osbo 33294002029361

Paperbacks - Mystery (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Dead As A Door Knocker Kelly, Diane MPb Kell 33294002041747
1st Death At Devil's Bridge : A Victorian Mystery Paige, Robin MPb Paig 33294002041770
3rd A Baby's Bones Alexander, Rebecca 1960- MPb Alex 33294002037505
3rd Buckingham Palace Gardens : A Novel Perry, Anne MPb Perr 33294002041408
3rd Death Of A Chimney Sweep Beaton, M. C. MPb Beat 33294002039006
3rd Deceased And Desist Simon, Misty MPb Simo 33294002041499
3rd Room With A Clue Kingsbury, Kate. MPb King 33294001927474
3rd Sweet Revenge : A Lady Arianna Regency Mystery Penrose, Andrea. MPb Penr 33294001813856
3rd The Smile Of A Ghost Rickman, Philip. RICK 33294001569110
3rd Walking Shadows Kellerman, Faye MPb Kell 33294002042612

Paperbacks - Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st A Lion's Tale Jericho, Chris. Jeri 33294001651827
2nd Death Traps : The Survival Of An American Armored Division During World War II Cooper, Belton Y. War Pb Coop 33294001299452
2nd Forensic Nurse Stevens, Serita. STEV 33294001514090
2nd Hello From Heaven! : A New Field Of Research, After-death Communication, Confirms That Life And Love Are Eternal Guggenheim, Bill. GUGG 33294001479187
2nd Jack, The Great Seducer : The Life And Many Loves Of Jack Nicholson Douglas, Edward. NICH 33294001468206
2nd Mortal Danger And Other True Cases Rule, Ann. NfPb Rule 33294001765478
2nd Richard Hittleman's Yoga : 28 Day Excerise Plan Hittleman, Richard. NfPb Hitt 33294001375138
2nd Shadow World : Spiritual Encounters That Can Change Your Life Steiger, Brad. STEI 33294001107259
2nd The Mediterranean Diet Cloutier, Marissa. CLOU 33294001529734
2nd The Case Of The Cottingley Fairies Cooper, Joe NFPb Coop 33294001943554
2nd The Day After Roswell Corso, Philip J. CORS 33294001001379
2nd Women Who Love Too Much When You Keep Wishing And Hoping He'll Change Norwood, Robin. NORW 33294001412907

Paperbacks - Romance (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st O'Hurley Born Roberts, Nora RPb Robe 33294002040954
2nd If Not For You : A Novel Macomber, Debbie RPb Maco 33294002021350
2nd Navy Families Macomber, Debbie RPb Maco 33294002029130
2nd The Loner McKenna, Lindsay 1946- RPb Mcke 33294001875228
5th Creed's Honor Miller, Linda Lael RPb Mill 33294002040632
5th Lilac Lane Woods, Sherryl RPb Wood 33294002040731
5th Marry In Scandal Gracie, Anne RPB Grac 33294002024669
5th Navy Grooms Macomber, Debbie RPb Maco 33294002031508
5th Silver Thaw : A Mystic Creek Novel Anderson, Catherine (Adeline Catherine) RPb Ande 33294002039584
5th Sunrise Canyon Dailey, Janet RPb Dail 33294002037307
5th The Newcomer Carr, Robyn RPb Carr 33294002039592
5th The Sooner The Better Macomber, Debbie RPb Maco 33294002006849
5th Yours And Mine Bachelor Doctor's Bride Macomber, Debbie RPb Maco 33294002039063

Paperbacks - Romance PN (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Cole's Redemption : An Alpha Pack Novel Tyler, J. D. PnPb Tyle 33294001891589
1st Hunter's Heart : An Alpha Pack Novel Tyler, J. D. PnPb Tyle 33294001891571
3rd Angels Everywhere Macomber, Debbie RPb Maco 33294002038990
3rd At Sunrise Roberts, Nora RPb Robe 33294002042737
3rd Savage Awakening : An Alpha Pack Novel Tyler, J. D. PnPb Tyle 33294001876465
6th Eternal Captive Wright, Laura. PnPb Wrig 33294001876556
6th One Lucky Vampire : An Argeneau Novel Sands, Lynsay. PnPb Sand 33294001911247
6th Primal Law : An Alpha Pack Novel Tyler, J. D. PnPb Tyle 33294001876457
9th Dark Nights, Dark Dreams Russe, Savannah. PnPbr Russ 33294001808096
9th Much Ado About Vampires MacAlister, Katie. PnPb MacA 33294001858653
9th Ocean Light : A Psy-changeling Trinity Novel Singh, Nalini 1977- PnPb Sing 33294002040749
9th The Darkest Touch Showalter, Gena. PnPb Show 33294002003382
9th Vampire In Atlantis : A Warriors Of Poseidon Novel Day, Alyssa. PnPb Day 33294001789924

Paperbacks - Science Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Gunslinger The Dark Tower Book 1 King, Stephen 1947- SFPb King 33294002033645
2nd Foundation Asimov, Isaac 1920-1992 SfPb Asim 33294001875434
2nd I, Robot Asimov, Isaac 1920-1992 SfPb Asim 33294001803014
2nd Straits Of Hell Anderson, Taylor 1963- SFPb Ande 33294001984871
5th Calculating God. Sawyer, Robert J. SAWY 33294001404722
5th Live By The Code Bennett, Christopher L SFPb Benn 33294001961457
5th Lock In : A Novel Of The Near Future Scalzi, John SFPb Scal 33294001929793
5th Worlds Of Edgar Rice Burroughs SFPb Worl 33294001927680
9th Armageddon's Arrow Ward, Dayton SFPB Ward 33294001931930
9th Bioshock : Rapture Shirley, John 1953- SfPb Shir 33294001832773
9th Design For Great-day Foster, Alan Dean 1946- FOST 33294001707900
9th Final Strike Cohen, William S. SFPb Cohe 33294002035871
9th Stone And Anvil David, Peter (Peter Allen) SfPb Davi 33294001397827
9th Sungrazer Posey, Jay SFPb Pose 33294002011625
9th The Changeling Plague Mitchell, Syne. MITC 33294001280742
9th Unworthy Beyer, Kirsten. SfPb Beye 33294001691997
9th Wolves Of Winter Johnson, Tyrell SFPb John 33294002042653

Paperbacks - Westerns (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Conagher L'Amour, Louis 1908-1988 WPb L'Am 33294001945765
1st Mojave Crossing : A Novel L'Amour, Louis 1908-1988 WPb L'Amo 33294001675875
1st Showdown Trail L'Amour, Louis 1908-1988 L'AMO 33294001910538
1st Washington! Ross, Dana Fuller WPb Ross 33294001952407
5th A Daughter's Revenge Roberts, J. R. Robe 33294001650928
5th Bladen Cole : Bounty Hunter Yenne, Bill, 1949- WPb Yenn 33294001835875
5th Cimarron Jordan Braun, Matthew. WPb Brau 33294001832344
5th Gut-shot Johnstone, William W. WPB John 33294001933746
5th Jubal Sackett : A Novel L'Amour, Louis 1908-1988 WPb L'Amo 33294001713726
5th Jury Of Six Braun, Matt 1932- WPb Brau 33294001874197
5th Kingdom Come Johnstone, William W. WPb John 33294001929298
5th Lando L'Amour, Louis. L'Amo 33294001601525
5th Lords Of The Land Braun, Matt 1932- WPb Brau 33294001827286
5th Louisiana Stalker Roberts, J. R. 1951 WPb Robe 33294001874056
5th Over On The Dry Side. L'Amour, Louis. WPb L'Amo 33294001948496
5th Ride The River : A Novel L'Amour, Louis 1908-1988 WPb LAmo 33294001722263
5th Sackett's Land L'Amour, Louis 1908-1988 WPb LAmo 33294002020691
5th Shotgun Charlie : A Ralph Compton Novel Mayo, Matthew P. WPb Comp 33294001933555
5th Texas! Ross, Dana Fuller WPb Ross 33294001952399
5th The Kerrigans : A Texas Dynasty Johnstone, William W. WPb John 33294001954221
5th The Lawless Land Richards, Dusty WPb Rich 33294001955434
5th The Man From The Broken Hills L'Amour, Louis 1908-1988 WPb L'Amo 33294001683796
5th The Rider Of Phantom Canyon Bendell, Don WPb Bend 33294001958495
5th The Spoilers Braun, Matt 1932- WPb Brau 33294001933753
5th The Wages Of Sin Braun, Matt 1932- WPb Brau 33294002011542
5th The Warlords Braun, Matt 1932- WPb Brau 33294001942499
5th The Warrior's Path L'Amour, Louis 1908-1988 WPb LAmo 33294001726595
5th Valley Of Fire Boggs, Johnny D WPb Bogg 33294001874031
5th Wulf's Tracks Richards, Dusty. WPb Rich 33294001726603

Paperbacks - Young Adult (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st My So-called Life Goes On Clark, Catherine. CLAR 33294001071505
2nd Bad Pascal, Francine. PB Ya Pasc 33294001691930
2nd Fearless : Trust Pascal, Francine. PB Ya Pasc 33294001692037
2nd Finding Elmo Polak, Monique. YaPb Pola 33294001855030
2nd Killer Pascal, Francine. PB Ya Pasc 33294001691989
2nd My Anastasia Stewart, Sharon (Sharon Roberta) 1944- STEW 33294001195510
2nd Perelandra Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples) 1898-1963 LEWI 33294001436526
2nd Run Pascal, Francine. PB Ya Pasc 33294001691872
2nd Scum Dekker, James C. YaPb Dekk 33294001656297
2nd That Hideous Strength Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples) 1898-1963 LEWI 33294001435932
2nd Twisted Pascal, Francine. PB Ya Pasc 33294001691823

Talking Books (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Pride And Prejudice Austen, Jane 1775-1817 CDTB Aust 33294001911189
2nd The Mystery Of Three Quarters : The New Hercule Poirot Mystery Hannah, Sophie 1971- CDTB Hann 33294002028173
3rd Ambush Patterson, James 1947- CDTB Patt 33294002030930
3rd Feared Scottoline, Lisa CDTB Scot 33294002027449
3rd Holy Ghost Sandford, John 1944 February 23- CDTB Sand 33294002030534
3rd Innocent As Sin Lowell, Elizabeth 1944- CDTB Lowe 33294001911064
3rd The Fallen Baldacci, David CDTB Bald 33294002027324
8th A Map Of Glass Urquhart, Jane. CDTB Urqu 33294005011242
8th Bad Things Happen A Novel Dolan, Harry. CDTB Dola 33294001697762
8th Between Sisters Hannah, Kristin. CDTB Hann 33294005010905
8th Blowing The Bloody Doors Off : And Other Lessons In Life Caine, Michael CDTB 791.4302 Cain 33294002031326
8th Geronimo Stilton. The Secret Of Cacklefur Castle. Field Trip To Niagra Falls Stilton, Geronimo. J PTB Stil 33294001916360
8th Guided Mindfulness Meditation Kabat-Zinn, Jon. CDTB 155.9 Kaba 33294002035277
8th Guided Mindfulness Meditation. Series 2 Kabat-Zinn, Jon CDTB 158.12 Kaba 33294002035285
8th Guided Mindfulness Meditation. Series 3 Kabat-Zinn, Jon CDTB 155.9 Kaba 33294002035293
8th Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Rowling, J. K. J CDTB Rowl 33294001562222
8th I've Got My Eyes On You Clark, Mary Higgins CDTB Clar 33294002027381
8th Marked Man Lashner, William. CDTB Lash 33294001911056
8th Nothing To Lose Child, Lee. CDTB Chil 33294001911106
8th Past Tense Child, Lee CDTB Chil 33294002032381
8th Private L A. Patterson, James 1947- CDTB Patt 33294002044725
8th Spanish For Dummies Audio Set Langemeier, Jessica LL 468.34 Lang 33294001882000
8th The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency McCall Smith, Alexander 1948- CDTB McCa 33294001456912
8th The Vinyl Cafe Family Pack McLean, Stuart 1948- CDTB McLe 33294002027308
8th The Bishop's Pawn  A Novel  Berry, Steve 1955- CDTB Berr 33294002027357
8th The Gray Ghost Cussler, Clive CDTB Cuss 33294002027431
8th To The Moon And Back Kingsbury, Karen CDTB King 33294002027365

Adult DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Shootist DVD Shoo 6212 33294002012466
2nd The Train Robbers DVD Trai 6219 33294002012516
3rd Endeavour. The Complete 5th Season DVD Ende 6438 s5 33294002032258
3rd Murdoch Mysteries. Season 2 DVD Murd 4235 s2v2 33294001813286
5th Brave DVD Brav 5327 33294005004056
5th Elementary. The Sixth Season DVD Elem 6453 s6v2 33294002029197
5th Titanic DVD Tita 5480 33294005006945
8th Elementary. The Third Season DVD Elem 5807 s3 v1 33294001979749
8th Murdoch Mysteries. Season 5 DVD Murd 4712 s.5 33294005013446
8th Unforgotten. The Complete Second Season DVD Unfo 6443 s2 33294002032316

Educational & Documentary DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st Meditation For Beginners EDVD 158.12 Medi 524 33294001978634
1st Wai Lana Yoga Beginners Workout 613.7046 WAI 33294001439165
3rd Andre Rieu: The Homecoming Live In Maastricht, The Netherlands EDVD 784.2 Andr 060 33294001554484
3rd André Rieu In Wonderland EDVD 787 Rieu 506 33294001639715
5th La Vie Est Belle EDVD 787 Rieu 062 33294001554609
6th Open Ocean The Deep EDVD 551.46 Blue 071 33294001770551
7th Columbus The Lost Voyage : [the Untold Story Of The Great Explorer's Most Treacherous Adventure] EDVD 970 Colu 171 33294001705698
8th Clans Of Scotland True Stories Of The Scottish Clans EDVD 929.2 Clan 387 33294005018767
8th Living In Two Worlds EDVD 970.00497 Livi 129 33294001656628
10th Building Big Bridges 624.2 BUIL 33294001439462
10th Crazywater EDVD 362.292 Craz 453 33294005007232
10th Learning Guitar For Dummies 787.87 LEAR 33294001546308
10th Medieval Siege EDVD 355.44 Medi 004 33294001662873
10th Mission To Mir EDVD 629.44 Miss 494 33294005009543
10th Planet Earth II EDVD 591.7 Plan 528 33294001998798
10th The Civil War EDVD 973.7 Civi 523 33294001978626

Great Courses DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st The History Of Ancient Egypt GCDVD 932 Brie GC054 33294001966472

Juvenile DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st Aladdin JDVD Alad 1342 33294005013016
2nd James And The Giant Peach JDVD Jame 1308 33294001813344
2nd Pinky And The Brain. Volume 2 JDVD Pink 1531 v2a 33294002006443
2nd Pinky And The Brain. Volume 2 JDVD Pink 1532 v2b 33294002006450
5th Pinky And The Brain. Vol. 1 JDVD Pink 1530 v1b 33294002006427
6th Stuart Little JDVD Stua 1312 33294005012067
7th Pinky And The Brain. Vol. 1 JDVD Pink 1529 v1a 33294002006419
7th Ratatouille JDVD Rata 1279 33294001800887
7th The Lion King 1 1/2 JDVD Lion 1250 33294001787852
7th Tiny Toon Adventures. Season 1, Volume 2 JDVD Tiny 1350 d.3&4 33294005016662
7th Toy Story 2 JDVD Toys 1513 33294001995091