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26. Picnic Table Scarf by Nancy Robertson

By Anonymous - Posted on 10 November 2009

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"An entry in my journal from October 5, 2005 reads: After lunch I set up Mom's sewing machine and started quilting. First time ever. Time disappeared – like painting. So interesting and mind absorbing. Fun to use colour and fabric to make something. 6pm before I stopped.

I had purchased this fabric for my daughter who is a quilter. Something about the way each piece of fabric overlapped on the kitchen table caught my eye. I took the utility scissors from the kitchen drawer and cut a small piece of floral fabric. Next I cut some red fabric to go around the first piece. Then I set up the sewing machine. I cut and sewed all afternoon. I didn't know what I was making. I just enjoyed watching the progression of colour, lines and shapes.

Almost every day there is a mention of quilting in my journal: Worked on my quilt. -Quilting on my mind. -Had a good long time today, love the results. -Home to quilt. -spent the morning working on my quilt, sewed it together backwards, had to undo it. Susan leant me cutting board, ruler & cutter. -Busy day, finally got to quilting. -Susan phoned, OK with board & ruler? -Cut more pieces to sew together. -Sewed pieces, cut more. -Decide this will be a picnic table scarf for Bill for Christmas gift. -Sewed all morning. -Busy sewing. -Sewed all morning. -finished top portion of runner, started underneath section, thought I could eye ball the cutting with scissors, big mistake, took me all evening to straighten it out. -Have to sew when Bill is out of the house. -Almost finished Bill's quilt. -Done, sort of messy around the edges, but I love it."
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