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31.Triangle Magic by Dolly Harasym

By Anonymous - Posted on 10 November 2009

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This table runner was made by Dolly Harasym of Prince Rupert BC, which she gave as a Christmas gift to her friend and in-law, Jayne Coleman. The table runner was the end result of a workshop taught a few years ago by Pam Mahoney.

The triangles in the table runner were cut from fabric that had identical repeat patterns. A template was positioned on the matching patterns for each triangle to create a flow of lines and to give a kaleidoscope effect.

Dolly has lived in Prince Rupert and areas since 1975. for many of those years she resided across the haroubr on Digby Island where she became involved in an inter-island sewing circle with their friends. They became known as the Coastal Quilters. Because everyone lived isolated and had to commute by boat it was not always possible to get together for a day of quilting. As a result, many of the Coastal Quilter's community made quilts were of a medallion style, consisting of a center piece which was passed from person to person so that each one could add their own creative border. All of the finished products were given away to someone special in their community either for a new baby, marriage, illness, sympathy or just because.

Dolly and her family moved from Digby Island in to town in the early 1990's where she joined another quilting group, The Big Rain Quilt Guild. Both quilting groups are still active to this day.

Some of Dolly's other interests include gardening, fabric dying, and volunteering her time with the Prince Rupert Special Events Society, to organize community festivals. Dolly also volunteers her time at the Ice House Gallery, a local artist's cooperative where some of her hand dyed silk scarves can be found.
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