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4. Beach Tramp Mariner by Sheila Seidemann

By Anonymous - Posted on 10 November 2009

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"I made this quilt for my Dad, Dave Martin. Dad has always loved boats, and when I was growing up, boats were always in our lives. There were rowboats, punts, runabouts, hydroplanes, skiffs and probably even some I don't remember. In 1970. Dad bought the 40 ft. pleasure craft, the Beach Tramp which is pictured on the quilt. We didn't know how prophetic the name was at the time, but we enjoyed many years of traveling to secluded beaches and bays and islands around the north coast on that wonderful boat, which he still has.

When I thought of making a quilt for Dad, I knew it had to start with a Mariner's Compass block. For the background of this block, I tried to mimic the deep dark green of the ocean during a southeast storm. Other blocks included are: Pine Tree – this is meant to symbolize Dad's love of the woods, and of his never ending pursuit of good firewood; Sail Boat – included because of the the boat theme; Card Tricks – symbolizes Dad's enjoyment of Cribbage games; Northern Lights Blocks – in the four corners to symbolize the love of home here in northern British Columbia and the fascination we all have with the northern lights; Maple Leaf – four in the outer border for our pride in our homeland.

I struggled with what to put in the intervening blocks. Finally I found the perfect navy batik fabric. The three petalled objects may seem like flowers to many, most in fact, but I am my own father's daughter and when I first saw them, I thought, "Wow! Propellers!". They are perfect for this nautical themed quilt."

Designed and made by Sheila Seidemann. Machine quilted by Pam Holma and Sheila Seidemann.  This design is the sole property of Sheila Seidemann and cannot be used without permission.
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