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Build and Coordinate the Mind,
Body and Spirit


Youth (8 - 15 yrs.) 6 - 7pm
  • Monday
  • Thursday

    Adults (16+) 7 - 9pm
  • Monday
  • Thursday


  • Adults - $120.00/term
  • Youth = $75.00/term
  • Family Rate - 3rd member and more 1/2 price

    Association (annual):
  • Adults - $70.00
  • Youth - $50.00
  • After July 1 -1/2price


    Fisherman's Hall, 869 Fraser St.


    Wade Wilkins (4th Dan, Shihan)
    Dale Campbell (3rd Dan)
    Kevin Forrsell (1st Dan)
    All instructors are certified Level 1 NCCP Karate Coaches

    Club Affiliations:

    National Karate Association
    Karate B.C. Association
    World Karate Federation
    Sport Canada, Sport B.C.
    Renshikan Karate-Do International Inc.


    Wade Wilkins
    Prince Rupert Karate Club
    446 4th Ave E.
    Prince Rupert B.C.
    V8J 1N7 Canada

    Phone: (250) 624 9851
  •      The Prince Rupert Karate Club was formed in 1974 under corporal Bill Pitcher of the RCMP. The club is now under the guidance of Wade Wilkins and Dale Marie Campbell. Both are certified NCCP level I coaches in Karate.

         The Club is a member of Renshikan Karate-do International Inc. under sensei David Akutagawa, 8th dan, shihan. The styles studied are Chito-ryu and Shito-ryu.

         The club is also a member of the Karate B.C. Association, the provincial arm of the National Karate Association, the government recognized governing body of karate in Canada. Other affiliations include: World Karate Federation, Sport Canada and Sport B.C.

         The club participates in a number of karate B.C. sanctioned tournaments such as the spring and fall provincial championships, B.C. Winter Games and Northern Winter Games.

         The aim of the Prince Rupert Karate Club is to create strong, healthy individuals who can make a positive contribution to society. We strive to build and coordinate a strong mind, body and spirit through the study of Karate-do.

         Training consists of Kihons (basics), Kata(pre-arranged forms consisting of various offensive and defensive techniques), Kumite (pre-arranged and free fighting), self-defense, Bunkai (techniques taken from Kata and applied against a partner), and Kobudo (traditional Okinawa weaponry, in particular the bo or 6 staff). Efficiency and precision is stressed in all movements, and a calm and aware attitude in any situation is fostered.

    Strive For Perfection

    Karate BC
    Renshikan Karate-do International

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