Port Edward Lions Club
c/o Dave Macdonald
P.O. Boc 107
Port Edward B.C.
Ph#: (250) 628 9968
Fax: (250) 628 9407

     The Club consists of 11 members and is one of 43,630 clubs in 184 nations and geographical areas. We are not a social organization although we do enjoy social functions such as pot lucks, dances, bar-b-ques, Horseshoe tournaments etc. Nor are we a business group or a fraternal alliance as we are composed of people from all walks of life. We are linked together in voluntary assistance to others. We are a Service Club! Through youth we extend our hands of caring and assistance by bringing one or more of the Lions-quest programs into schools. Also we make arrangements for the club to purchase a Christmas gift for each child living in Port Edward 10 years or younger and also a ham for all the Seniors living in Port Edward. Every year for the last 19 years we have sponsored childrens swimming lessons, through the school curriculum have built Playgrounds, and are in the process of planning to build a Park in Port Edward. Every year we award Students with bursaries to assist them in furthering their Education. We have sent flowers to the ill and the bereaved to let them know we are thinking of them in hopes that they feel better soon. We assist other groups in purchasing medical equipment, or some other equipment needed to the community such as a Van, Air packs etc. for the Fire Department, and also help financially to replace and put in smoke detectors in every home in Port Edward. We also collect food donations for food banks, clean up the Community by sponsoring a Clean up Day in Port Edward in which everyone who participates is entered into a draw for a Color TV, for the adults, and a Bike or some other sports equipment, for the children. The list is endless as there are letters requesting help that come in weekly.

     The Lions Club raises money through holding Raffles, montly Bingo's, Bake Sales, Garage Sales and whatever other fundraising ideas come up. This is always difficult to do as we are a small community and rely on Community participation to help us raise funds.

     We are always looking for New members that are willing to Volunteer a few hours for Fund Raisers, and also to attend our twice monthly meetings an the first and third Wednesday of each month except for the Summer months. Our motto is "We Serve" and our goal of humanitarian assistance is being realized through various service activities on the community and international scale and as the need grows we need more members. Its not all work and no play, there: is fellowship and friendships made in Lionism that could last you a lifetime. For further information contact President Dave MacDonald at (250) 628 9968

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