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January 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

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Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting

January 9, 2012


Adrienne Johnston (AJ), Paul Kennedy(PK), Helen Moore(HM), Tim Macdonald(TM), Lynne Graham (LG), Joe Zelwietro (Acting Chief Librarian)

Meeting started at 7:30 pm

  • Discussion of upcoming budget presentation to Mayor and City Council. Acting Chief Librarian is ready and will be accompanied by two Board Members on behalf of Board Chairperson.
  • Discussion of Library Modernization Project
    • Library staff have met and come up with ideas, concerns, goals and criticisms of the present Library building and services. Two things will be be done with these notes. They will be circulated among Board members and they will be summarized for a future Board visioning session with a facilitator. Acting Chief Librarian has had preliminary conversations about the project with a local facilitator John Farrell, general manager of Community Futures and the two primary partners of Bing Thom Architects. Board members have a concern that a full and worthwhile vision development of a new or refurbished building will take a greater amount of time than we have available at this stage. To ensure the Board uses the present PRPA funding in the best way for the Library the Board has decided that we focus on determining whether our building can be renovated to meet the Library needs. The library needs will be described in the Scope of Work created by the Chief Librarian and given to the engineering firm. To this end the Board has passed a motion: That the Acting Chief Librarian contact Coast Isle Engineering for a professional assessment; forwarded by AJ, seconded by LG, Passed.
  • In-camera meeting