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April 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

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Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2014


Adrienne Johnston (AJ), Peter Maksymyszyn (PM), Paul Kennedy (PK), Lauren Williams (LW), Tim MacDonald (TM), Joe Zelwietro (JZ) Librarian


Jan Palmer (JP), Joy Thorkelson (JT)


Brent Patriquin (BP), Helen Moore (HM)

NOTE: This regular meeting was preceded by the Prince Rupert Library Annual General Meeting. The AGM began at 7:30 pm. An AGM brochure was produced and available to the public. Any actions required from either the AGM or the regular April Board meeting will be noted in hereafter in the April Meeting Minutes.

Meeting commenced at 8:30pm.

  • Discussion about election of chair and vice chair positions. Our present library chairperson (AJ) and vice-chairperson (PK) will be leaving the board as they served eight (8) consecutive years (their term expiry is July 26, 2014). It is the trustees' desire that the elections for the two officers of the library board will occur during the June board meeting. The board also wishes that the library act be adhered to. JZ will inform the board of the relevant sections of the Library Act and also send notice to all trustees to consider being an officer of the library board.
  • The board made a motion that JZ forward the offer of the Rattenbury records to the Prince Rupert City and Regional Archives for their consideration as descried in the document (DeedofGiftAgreementPrinceRupertLibrary-Rattenbury Plans-ChiefLib-response-2.doc) attached. Motion by AJ, seconded by PM, Passed.
  • JZ reported about March events at the Library.
    • Informed trustees about successful display of Rattenbury images and sales at North Pacific Cannery during Pacific Grand Trunk centennial celebrations. Trustees thought it went well and recommended another product – PRL designs on umbrellas.
    • Financial and statistical updates given.
    • Discussion about DVDs (restricted, 18A, un-rated) and children. There have been internal concerns raised (although no concerns voiced by public to board or chief librarian) JZ will provide recommendations as to possible policy changes to board.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm. Next meeting at 7:30 pm (7 May 2014).