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October 3rd, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Barry Cunningham (BC), Cary Dalton (CD), Glenn Groulx (GG), Chelsea Keays (CK), Stephanie Lysyk (SL), Joy Thorkelson(JT), Andrea Wilmot (AW), Dale White (DW), Joe Zelwietro (JZ, Chief Librarian) and 2 guests from the City of Prince Rupert: Corinne Bomben (City Chief Financial Officer and Rory Mandryk (Corporate Administrator)

Regrets: Brent Patriquin (BP), Devlin Fernandes (DF)

Meeting commenced at 7:10 pm.

  • The purpose of this meeting was to have the Library Board hear the two representatives from the City explain two matters that are significant to the Library: the new operating agreement between the City of Prince Rupert and the Prince Rupert Public Library which will replace the present funding mechanism (the Community Enhancement Grant Application(CEG)) and secondly the deficit liability of the Prince Rupert Public Library. Ms Bomben and Mr. Mandryk explained the City’s position and took questions from the library trustees. There was considerable discussion about the matters. Trustees then spoke amongst themselves discussing how the various issues will impact library services and timing of entering the new operating contract with the City while negotiating the collective agreement.
  • The Board did pass one motion. That JZ re-submit the library’s CEG budget to City after it receives approval from the Board.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:25pm. Next Meeting at 7pm (Nov. 15, 2017).