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A quilt from the 2007 Quilt Show

28. "Raj the Rooster" by Sandra Duffus

This quilted wall hanging was made by Sandra Duffus.

It's made from one of a series of rooster patterns, and is appliqued and machine quilted. It was completed in May 2006.

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27. "Kaleidoscope Design" by Dolly Harasym

This kaleidoscope piece was made by Dolly Harasym of Prince Rupert.

The idea of putting such a piece together was from taking a workshop a few years ago at the Fabric Boutique with teacher Pam Mahoney. Every participant in the class created their own design and used the fabrics of their choice.

The kaleidoscope is made up from 8 identical triangles, with each piece of fabric individually cut and sewn together. Dolly decided to make her's into a wall hanging and added tilted borders to finish it off. To carry on and make a quilt following the same proceedure would have been extremely time consuming and likely a life time project.

Dolly has lived in Prince Rupert and area since 1975. For many of those years she resided on Digby Island where she became involved in an inter-island sewing circle with her friends. Because everyone lived isolated and had to commute by boat, it was not always possible to get together to make a quilt. As a result, many of the community-made quilts were of a medallion style consisting of a centre piece which was passed from person to person, each adding their own creative border to make the quilt. All of the finished products were given away to someone special in the community.

Since Dolly moved to town about 12 years ago, she has taken many sewing classes offered by the Fabric Boutique, which has helped her to improve her sewing skills as well as learn other styles and techniques of quilt making. Here in Prince Rupert, Dolly is an active member of the local quilt guild where there is always lots of laughter and creativity going on. Some of Dolly's other interests include dying silk scarves, gardening and volunteering time with local non-profit groups.

26. "Star Aglow" by Pam Mahoney

This quilt was made by Pam Mahoney.

It was adapted from Jinny Beyers' "Stained Glass Star," and was an exercise in colour value to create the design.

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25. "Crown of Thorns Table Runner" by Sheila Seidemann

This table runner was made by Sheila Seidemann.

Sheila: "This quilt is machine pieced, with paper-pieced blocks. The fabrics are Asian, or at least Asian inspired. I began it in a workshop at the Fabric Boutique, taught by Pam Mahoney, and completed the hand quilting while vacationing in Jamaica. Lou Allison did all of the basting for this quilt."

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24. "Kaleidoscope" by Pam Mahoney

This quilt was made by Pam Mahoney.

Pam: "Template piecing, using repeats of fabric to create a design similar to looking through a kaleidoscope."

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23. "X-Rated" by Sandra Duffus

This quilt was made by Sandra Duffus.

Sandra: "A simple nine patch square cut with the 'X' ruler, then machine sewn together and machine quilted. Pattern evolves from the placement of the X-cut nine patches."

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22. "Richard at Peace" by Sheila Seidemann

This quilt was made by Sheila Seidemann.

Sheila: "This quilt was hand and machine appliqued, and hand and machine quilted. Begun in a Landscape Class with Kristin Miller, this quilt was nurtured along the way with the generous suggestions of Pam Mahoney."

This quilt is in memory of Richard Roberts.

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21. "Sunburst Flowers" by Pam Mahoney

This quilt was made by Pam Mahoney.

Pam: "I used a very old 'Sunburst' design to create a garden where the pattern becomes part of the garden."

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20. "Bear Hugs" by Ella Gilker

This lovely baby quilt was made by Ella Gilker in August 2006.

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19. "Star Aglow" by Ella Gilker

This quilt was machine quilted by Ella Gilker in April 2006, as a project for a class taught by Pam Mahoney.

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