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8. "Dwayne and Becky's Quilt" by the Coastal Quilters

By webmaster - Posted on 15 September 2011

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The Coastal Quilters made this medallion quilt for a wedding present for Rebekah Leakey and Dwayne Nielsen, who married in Dodge Cove in August 2003.

Karen McKinster made the centre, a Celtic True Lovers' Knot, then the quilt was passed around and each contributor added plain or pieced borders. The quilting was done in the same spontaneous, unplanned way, with each quilter choosing threads and stitches that she felt would enhance or highlight individual areas. This method of group quiltmaking was fostered on Digby Island by Kristin Miller, quiltmaker and author of The Careless Quilter - Decide As You Sew, Design As You Go Quiltmaking.

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