Home14. “Serendipity Quilt” – by Sandra Duffus

14. “Serendipity Quilt” – by Sandra Duffus

By webmaster - Posted on 18 June 2012

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Every other year, my friend Rita from Sechelt comes to Rupert and we have a quilt blitz. The owls had lurked on the shelf until she came and she got the brainwave to do this quilt. She promptly began cutting until I screeched, “Stop, stop it's directional!” After that false start, we again cut out the pieces for the two quilts, adding fabrics as were suitable. Both of us completed the fronts, amid laughter and groans. I finally completed mine this year and Rita is still considering how she should quilt hers. Last year in Sechelt, it was her choice as to design and my front sits there lecturing me. Maybe this October we'll complete our quilt fronts for a change. Serendipity was started with Rita in November of 2009 and finished in February 2012.

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