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18. ”Larry's Grandma's Quilt” owned by Larry Hope

By webmaster - Posted on 18 June 2012

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This quilt was made by my grandmother, Mrs. Victoria Robertson, who was born in the 1890's. As a child when visiting her at her farm in Oklahoma she showed me how she made her quilts. She and other farm wife friends would save scraps from other sewing projects and old clothes which she would cut into shapes and save. She and her friends would trade these shapes to get more colours for their designs.

There were a number of quilt patterns that she made and unfortunately I have forgotten the names. She did show me how she assembled the patterns and once a front was ready she would mount it on a frame and hand stitch each piece onto a solid backing with a cotton bat in the middle. On a few occasions when I was there she and her quilting group would show me how to hand stitch properly and let me join in. They told me had I been a girl I might have a future in quilting. Farm life in the 50's still seemed gender biased.

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