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2. “Kristinite Challenge Quilt”, owned by Jane Wilde

By webmaster - Posted on 15 June 2012

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This colourful quilt is the result of a quilting challenge in 2008-9 based on the style of quilting we, the loosely organized Coastal Quilters and friends, learned from Kristin Miller and her book The Careless Quilter. Some of the Coastal quilters have been quilting together since the 1970s.

The challenge for the 12 quilters who sewed on this quilt was to find the right fabrics, techniques, sewing time and creativity to add, at their turn, to the purple centre square I provided. There were no patterns, measurements or final vision in mind except my note: “I like all colours and surprising combinations”. Every two months, the growing quilt was passed to the next quilter: flying geese, seminole piecing, tilting, sunrises and special fabrics, colours and symbols of family and friendship were added.

I was thrilled and surprised to receive the blast of colour when I opened the mailed package with my finished quilt top. I machine and hand quilted it and it has been in cosy use since.

Quilters: Jane Wilde (Dodge Cove & Prince Rupert), Sheila Dobie (Grand Forks), Carol Manning (Dodge Cove & Prince Rupert), Nancy Wilde (Vernon), Jan Gardner (Vernon), Annie Ver Steeg (San Diego, California), Sheila Seidemann (Prince Rupert), Dolly Harasym (Prince Rupert), Francine Masse (Kelowna), Kristin Miller (Gabriola Island), Karen McKinster (Dodge Cove), Lou Allison (Dodge Cove).

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