Home35. “Double Irish Chain...Afghan” by Leah Cuthbert

35. “Double Irish Chain...Afghan” by Leah Cuthbert

By webmaster - Posted on 18 June 2012

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As an everyday knitter and a quarter-time quilter, I have always been intrigued by traditional quilt blocks and wondered how they would turn out as an afghan. Recently I have been messing around with modular knitting and the much maligned garter stitch. In January I set myself the goal of knitting a Double Irish Chain afghan using modular knitting (one small block at time) and only yarn I currently owned (in the end I needed to purchase one more ball of white yarn, otherwise consider the stash busted!). I dressed up the white blocks where traditionally one would find a lovely quilted motif with a cable knit Celtic knot. I was just finishing my project when the library began looking for submissions for this year's quilt show. With a respectful nod to the highly skilled quilters in this community I present, with deference, my knitting homage to the fine art of quilting.

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