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Connect the Dots Constellations

Use this sheet and a pen or pencil to connect the stars. Make sure to follow the numbers so that when you’re done you will see the beautiful constellations you’ve created!

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Flying Saucers

These fun little saucers are simple and fun to make!

You will need: a paper plate, a pencil, a ruler, scissors, and stickers or felt pens to decorate the saucer.

Using the pencil and ruler, divide the center area of the plate into twelve triangles. (Like cutting a pie into 12 pieces!) Cut along the straight lines, leaving the base of the triangle attached to the saucer.

Fold half of the triangles downwards and the other half upwards, in an alternating pattern. Decorate your saucer however you like. Experiment by tossing it like a frisbee and see where it flies!

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Space Shadow Puppets

With these shadow puppets you can tell an entire story in space! Using scissors, cut out shapes from space. You can draw and cut out shapes of the moon, stars, an astronaut, a space ship or even aliens. Glue the cutouts to a stick.

Hold the shapes close to a wall, with a flashlight between you and the shape. Notice how the size of the shadow changes, as you move the flashlight closer to, or further away from, the shape. Watch the story come to life before your eyes! Let your imagination soar!

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Space Rocks

These Space Rocks are adorable and easy to make! First find some smooth rocks and start by painting them black. From there you can make the Milky Way by sponging on purple, blue, pink and white paint, then add white dots for stars. Alternatively you can paint rocket ships, planets, moons, suns or even shooting stars on the rocks. Finish them off with white dots for stars. You can even connect the stars to make constellations!

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Planet Sun Catchers

Here is how to make planet sun catchers for your window.


  • Crayons
  • Cups or Bowls
  • Wax Paper
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Iron
  • String
  • Hole Puncher
  • scissors

Label each cup with the name of one of the 8 planets. Use the pencil sharpener over the cups to shave down the crayon and collect the shavings. Look for pictures of the planets to decide what colours you should use for each one.

Cut a piece of wax paper more than twice the size that you want you planet to be. Fold the piece of wax paper in half. Once you have all the crayon shavings, have an adult help you lay them on one side of the piece of wax paper in the shape you want. Fold the wax paper in half so that the area of crayon shavings is covered. Have an adult run a warm iron over the wax paper until the crayon shavings are melted. Watch the majestic patterns appear!

Once the crayon wax has cooled, cut the wax paper into planet shapes, punch a hole in the top and use the string to hang above your windows. You can also tie the planets and sun onto a stick or piece of dowel in the order that they appear in our solar system.

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