Balloon Rocket

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You will need: a length of string or yarn, a straw, a balloon, a clothespin or other clip, tape, and a drawing of a rocket if you wish.

Thread the straw onto the length of string. Hang the string between two places, or objects, so that it has an unobstructed path. You could tape one end of the string to a doorway, or a chair or table, for example.

If you like, you can print off, or draw, a picture of a rocket and attach it to the top of the straw. Blow up a balloon and secure the opening with either your fingers or a clip, then use tape to attach it to the bottom of the straw. You might need help on this step!

Finally, release the clip, or your fingers, from the bottom of the balloon and watch as your rocket blasts off!

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Space Shadow Puppets

With these shadow puppets you can tell an entire story in space! Using scissors, cut out shapes from space. You can draw and cut out shapes of the moon, stars, an astronaut, a space ship or even aliens. Glue the cutouts to a stick.

Hold the shapes close to a wall, with a flashlight between you and the shape. Notice how the size of the shadow changes, as you move the flashlight closer to, or further away from, the shape. Watch the story come to life before your eyes! Let your imagination soar!

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To the Moon Game

Use this illustration as a guide to draw your own board game. You can draw it on a large piece of paper, on a piece of cardboard, or on poster board. Colour the game as you’d like.

You’ll need one dice (called a die) and one game piece or marker for each player. You can use coins, buttons, rocks, or game pieces from other games you own.

Roll the die and move your piece according to the number you rolled. Try to make it to the moon, but be careful! Obstacles along your path with slow you down. Good luck!

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