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Note: During the COVID-19 closure, we are offering to-your-door service. Visit the link for further details.

Borrowing Limits

Patrons can borrow up to 50 items at one time, but are limited to 3 items per subject, author, or series.  Limits also apply to DVDs (5 at a time), Videos (5 at a time), CDs (5 at a time), and Talking Books (5 at a time).

Loan Periods

  • Books, magazines, CDs and CD ROMs, audio cassettes, talking books - Three weeks (21 days)
  • DVDs and Videos - One week


Adult Books   25¢ / day
Children's Books   25¢ / day
CD-ROMs   25¢ / day
Compact Discs, Audio Cassettes   25¢ / day
Videos   25¢ / day
DVDs   $1.00 / day
Magazines   25¢ / day
Paperbacks   25¢ / day
Talking Books   25¢ / day
Interlibrary Loans*   50¢ / day

* - Please note that this fee schedule is intended for Prince Rupert Library patrons. If you are borrowing our items through another library, contact that library for information on their rules and any fees that may apply to you.

Fines Forgiveness

You may make a request for forgiveness of overdue fines (not including lost material replacement fees) by applying to the Chief Librarian and explaining your circumstances. When the library is open, children and teens using their own cards can read away fines, at the rate of $1 per 15 minutes reading. Just sign up at the front desk.


Library materials may be renewed twice. This may be done over the phone or in person without the materials, provided there are no holds on the material. Renewals can also be made from the library website by logging into your account. (more on renewing online)


Patrons may place requests on materials (known as a hold). Patrons are limited to 3 active holds.   Ask staff to place a hold on material that is currently out, and upon its return you will be notified that the library is holding an item for you. You may also place a hold yourself from home via the library website using the Online Catalogue. (more on placing holds online)

Hold must be picked up within 7 days or they will be returned to the shelf for the next person.

Lost Books

If a book, video, talking book, compact disc or other item is lost, the cost of the item, any overdue fines on the lost item plus a processing fee will be charged. All charges must be paid or library services may be discontinued. The library reserves the right to apply additional charges for non-compliance with the rules of the library.

Library materials are the sole responsibility of the person who has borrowed them, even if the item was then loaned to a family member or friend.

Your signature on your library card signifies your agreement with these rules.