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Mission Statement

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The Prince Rupert Public Library's Mandate Is To:

  • Assemble, preserve and administer, in organized collections, books and related educational and recreational material, in order to promote, through guidance and stimulation in the communication of ideas, an enlightened citizenship and enriched personal lives.
  • Serve the community as a centre of reliable information
  • Support the educational, civic, and cultural activities of community groups
  • Provide opportunity and enrichment for children, young people, men and women to educate themselves continuously
  • Seek continually to identify community needs, to provide programs of service and access to meet such needs, and to cooperate with other organizations, agencies and institutions which can provide programs and services to meet community needs

Source: (Prince Rupert Public Library Board, Statement of Policy, 1990 (Part 1.1 a-f))


The Prince Rupert Library believes in the right of all citizens within our communities to access all expressions of knowledge, creativity and intellectual activity.  We follow the Canadian Library Association's Statement on Intellectual Freedom.  For further details of the CLA's position please see:

CLA Statement on Intellectual Freedom

CLA Statement on Internet Access