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Prince Rupert Library's Most Popular

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Here are the most popular items by circulation over the previous 6 months at the Prince Rupert Library.

Updated: May 1st, 2020

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Night Fire Connelly, Michael 1956- Conn 33294002061844
1st The Tattooist Of Auschwitz : A Novel Morris, Heather (Screenwriter) Morr 33294002036663
3rd A Dangerous Man Crais, Robert Crai 33294002054856
3rd A Discovery Of Witches Harkness, Deborah E. 1965 Hark 33294001742972
3rd Little Fires Everywhere Ng, Celeste Ng 33294002049237
3rd One Good Deed Baldacci, David Bald 33294002056935
3rd Small Game Hunting At The Local Coward Gun Club Coles, Megan 1981- Cole 33294002064756
3rd The 19th Christmas Patterson, James 1947- Patt 33294002062529
3rd The Giver Of Stars Moyes, Jojo 1969- Moye 33294002060432
3rd The World That We Knew : A Novel Hoffman, Alice Hoff 33294002059574

Adult Graphic Novels (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Made In Abyss. Volume 1 Tsukushi, Akihito 741.5 Tsuk 33294002053312
1st They Called Us Enemy Takei, George 1937- 940.53 Take 33294002065670
3rd American Gods. 1 Shadows Gaiman, Neil 741.5 Gaim 33294002068591
3rd American Gods. 2 My Ainsel Gaiman, Neil 741.5 Gaim 33294002068658
3rd Animal Farm Odyr 741.5981 Orwe 33294002059202
3rd Chicken Rising Boyd, D. (Dawn) 741.5 Boyd 33294002061877
3rd Made In Abyss. Volume 5 Tsukushi, Akihito 1979- 741.5 Tsuk 33294002053361
3rd Saga. Book Three Vaughan, Brian K. 741.5973 Vaug 33294002063022
9th A Game Of Thrones : The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 Abraham, Daniel. 741.5 Mart 33294001843093
9th Made In Abyss. Volume 4 Tsukushi, Akihito 741.5 Tsuk 33294002053353
9th Secret Path Downie, Gordon 1964- 971.004 Down 33294001990043
9th Susanna Moodie : Roughing It In The Bush Shields, Carol 1935-2003 917.13042 Mood 33294001964634
9th The Handmaid's Tale Nault, Renee 741.5 Atwo 33294002056406

Adult Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Company's Coming: Gifts From The Kitchen Paré, Jean 1927- 641.5 PARE 33294001700152
2nd Highway Of Tears : A True Story Of Racism, Indifference And The Pursuit Of Justice Of Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women And Girls McDiarmid, Jessica 362.88 McDi 33294002060598
2nd Putting Your Affairs In Order : A Leave-behind Guide For Your Loved Ones Burrows, G. Edmond 1934- 346.7125 Burr 33294002049641
4th All The President's Women : Donald Trump And The Making Of A Predator Levine, Barry 973.933 Levi 33294002062735
4th Permanent Record Snowden, Edward J. 1983- 327.1273 Snow 33294002058915
4th The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook Perelman, Deb. 641.5 Pere 33294001847847
4th Voices From The Skeena : An Illustrated Oral History Vickers, Roy Henry 1946- 971.185 Vick 33294002063121
8th A Canadian's Guide To Money-smart Living Keehn, Kelley 1975- 332.024 Keeh 33294002048510
8th A Mind Spread Out On The Ground Elliott, Alicia 971.004 Elli 33294002061711
8th Blowout : Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, And The Richest, Most Destructive Industry On Earth Maddow, Rachel 338.2 Madd 33294002059327
8th Diabetes Guide : 101 Things You Need To Know To Recover From & Reverse Diabetes Smith, Michael Alan 1951- 616.462 Smit 33294001928019
8th Flash Count Diary : Menopause And The Vindication Of Natural Life Steinke, Darcey 155.333 Stei 33294002060960
8th From The Ashes : My Story Of Being Métis, Homeless, And Finding My Way Thistle, Jesse 971.00497 This 33294002059772
8th Heart Berries : A Memoir Mailhot, Terese 971.1 Mail 33294002061612
8th Making Sense Of IBS : A Physician Answers Your Questions About Irritable Bowel Syndrome Lacy, Brian E. 616.342 Lacy 33294002051613
8th Talking To Strangers : What We Should Know About The People We Don't Know Gladwell, Malcolm 1963- 302 Glad 33294002058931
8th The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet Hensrud, Donald D. 641.56314 Hens 33294002051985
8th The Diabetes Reset : Avoid It, Control It, Even Reverse It, A Doctor's Scientific Program King, George 1950- 616.462 King 33294001923648
8th Trees In Canada Farrar, John Laird. 582.160971 FARR 33294000854877

Atlas Stand (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Peoples And Places Of The Past : The National Geographic Illustrated Cultural Atlas Of The Ancient World Ref 909.07 Peop 33294000763474
2nd Road Atlas Europe 2017. 912.4 Road 2017 33294001996099

Biographies (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Me John, Elton B John 33294002059392
1st Waging Heavy Peace : A Hippie Dream Young, Neil 1945- B Youn 33294002030773
3rd The Outsider : My Life In Intrigue Forsyth, Frederick 1938- B Fors 33294002057537
3rd Truth Be Told : My Journey Through Life And The Law McLachlin, Beverley 1943- B McLa 33294002067478
3rd We Have Always Been Here : A Queer Muslim Memoir Habib, Samra B Habi 33294002072635
6th Becoming Obama, Michelle 1964- B Obam 33294002032829
6th Carrie Fisher : A Life On The Edge Weller, Sheila B Fish 33294002067791
8th All Creatures Great And Small Herriot, James. B Herr 33294001994052
8th Freedom Train The Story Of Harriet Tubman Sterling, Dorothy 1913-2008 J B TUBM 33294000076273
8th Home Work : A Memoir Of My Hollywood Years Andrews, Julie B Andr 33294002061653
8th In An Iron Glove : An Autobiography Martin, Claire 1914- B MAR 33294000317040
8th Mistakes To Run With Thanh, Yasuko B Than 33294002056448
8th Nothing To Be Frightened Of Barnes, Julian. B Barn 33294001610526
8th Oliver's Twist : The Life And Times Of An Unapologetic Newshound Oliver, Craig 1938- B Oliv 33294001799089
8th So Far Grammer, Kelsey 1955- B GRAM 33294000845347
8th The Buddha: Young Seeker Mantell, Paul. B BUDD 33294001553809
8th The Summer Of The Great-grandmother. L'Engle, Madeleine. B L'EN 33294000230375
8th Trudeau : The Education Of A Prime Minister Ivison, John B Trud 33294002058147
8th Unstuck In Time : A Journey Through Kurt Vonnegut's Life And Novels Sumner, Gregory D. B Vonn 33294002042026
8th We Have Always Been Here : A Queer Muslim Memoir Habib, Samra B Habi 33294002074235

CDs (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Business As Usual Men At Work (Musical group) MEN 33294001548734
2nd A Winter's Solstice WINT 33294000171066
2nd Bob Dylan. Dylan, Bob 1941- CD Dyla 33294002040822
2nd The Temptations. Volume 1 The '60s Temptations (Musical group) TEMP 33294001497395
5th Classic Disney, Volume II 60 Years Of Musical Magic CLASS 33294001547397
5th Cowboy Classics : The Best Of The West CD Cowb 33294002040715
5th Fogarty's Cove Rogers, Stan. ROGE 33294001561521
8th Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) Dylan, Bob 1941- CD Dyla 33294002046134
8th Big Shiny Tunes 2 CD Big 33294001952548
8th Call Me Irresponsible Bublé, Michael CD Bubl 33294002039808
8th Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes Buffett, Jimmy. BUFF 33294001051614
8th Chansons Enfantines Et Comptines CD Lamo 33294001636539
8th Closer Groban, Josh. CD Grob 33294005010665
8th Compas Gipsy Kings. GYPS 33294001884378
8th Days Like This Morrison, Van 1945- CD Van 33294002041911
8th Ella And Louis Fitzgerald, Ella CD Fitz 33294001953827
8th Endless Silk Road music. CD Silk 33294000769810
8th Enema Of The State Blink-182 (Musical group) CD Blin 33294002032704
8th Far End Of Summer Francey, David 1954- FRAN 33294001584846
8th Get Behind Me Satan White Stripes (Musical group) CD Whit 33294002043248
8th Impressions Of Lightfoot Black, Miles CD Ligh 33294002068195
8th Mixed Up Cure (Musical group) CURE 33294002040723
8th Rage Against The Machine Rage Against the Machine (Musical group) CD Rage 33294002032720
8th Red Fish Blue Dr. Fishy (musical group) DOCT 33294005010418
8th Songs From A Room Cohen, Leonard 1934- COHE 33294001819606
8th The Rhythm Of The Saints [sound Recording] Simon, Paul 1941- CD Simo 33294002046696
8th Together Alone Crowded House (Musical group) CD Crow 33294001702307
8th Toon Trax CD Tele 33294001953959

Children's Area Toddlers (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st My Big Truck Book Priddy, Roger JPT Prid 33294002016574
2nd Little Blue Truck's Springtime Schertle, Alice JPT Sche 33294002054823
2nd Peek-a-Bruce Higgins, Ryan T. JPT Higg 33294002056240
4th I Love You, Too! Bunting, Eve 1928- JPT Bunt 33294001967082
4th Treasury Of Nursery Rhymes Cousins, Lucy JPT Cous 33294002039451
4th Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Dean, James 1957- JPT Dean 33294002056224
7th Baby's Lullaby Barber, Jill 1980- JPT Barb 33294001748185
7th Big Kid Bed Patricelli, Leslie JPT Patr 33294002056018
7th Classic Munsch Moods Munsch, Robert N. 1945- JPT Muns 33294002055622
7th Curious George : Curious About Winter JPT Curi 33294002055200
7th Curious George Goes Fishing JPT Curi 33294002028629
7th Eency Weency Spider Wang, Margaret. JPT Wang 33294001896927
7th Find The Duck Brooks, Felicity. JPT Broo 33294002056950
7th How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms? Yolen, Jane. JPT Yole 33294001561299
7th Huggy Kissy Patricelli, Leslie JPT Patr 33294002055960
7th In My Meadow Gillingham, Sara JPT Gill 33294002041028
7th Lowly Worm's 123 Scarry, Richard JPT Scar 33294002056299
7th Mermaid Marina Rees, Lesley. JPT Rees 33294001575760
7th My Big Train Book Priddy, Roger JPT Prid 33294002016566
7th My First Trucks And Diggers : Let's Get Driving! Greenwood, Marie 1961- JPT Gree 33294001989797
7th Potty Patricelli, Leslie JPT Patr 33294002055945
7th The Velveteen Rabbit Williams, Margery. JPT Will 33294001930692

Juvenile Easy Readers (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Barbie : A Fairy Secret Webster, Christy. JPE Lev. 2 33294001761568
1st Catch That Wobbufffet! West, Tracey. JPE Lev.1 33294001377480
1st Togepi Springs Into Action! West, Tracey 1965- JPE Lev.1 33294001423763
4th Coal Badge Battle West, Tracey 1965- JPE Poke 33294001758358
4th Meet Ash Teitelbaum, Michael. JPE Lev.2 33294001699511
4th Meet Ash's Pikachu! Teitelbaum, Michael. JPE Lev. 2 33294001771179
7th 5 Classic Golden Book Tales : Step 1 Books, A Collection Of Five Early Readers JPE Lev. 1 33294002063949
7th Are You Ready To Play Outside? Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001666924
7th Ash Battles His Rivals! Whitehill, Simcha. JPE Lev.3 33294001770700
7th Biscuit And The Lost Teddy Bear Capucilli, Alyssa Satin 1957- JPE Begin 33294001827708
7th Disney Princess : Winter Wishes Jordan, Apple. JPE Lev. 2 33294001730183
7th Fire In The Forest! Brooke, Samantha. JPE Lev. 1 33294001761675
7th Fly Guy's Amazing Tricks Arnold, Tedd JPE Arno 33294001912211
7th Flying High Eliopulos, Nick. JPE Supe 33294002058733
7th I Spy Fly Guy Arnold, Tedd. JPE Arno 33294001793603
7th Killer Whale Vs. Great White Shark Pallotta, Jerry JPE Pall 33294001946201
7th LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes. Ready For Action! Taylor, Victoria JPE Supe 33294002058758
7th Legends Of Sinnoh! Teitelbaum, Michael. JPE Lev.3 33294001770619
7th Pete The Cat : Pete's Big Lunch Dean, James 1957- JPE Begin 33294002055374
7th Seven Ruff-ruff Rescues! : A Collection Of Seven Step 1 And Step 2 Early Readers JPE Lev.2 33294002063956
7th The Pokemon Sneak The Pokmon Sneak Battle Dimension Whitehill, Simcha. JPE Poke 33294001758440
7th The Abominable Snowman Penney, Shannon JPE Lev.1 33294001946243
7th There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly Guy Arnold, Tedd JPE Arno 33294001748193
7th There's A Fly Guy In My Soup Arnold, Tedd. JPE Arno 33294001912229
7th This Is Captain Marvel Sullivan, Kelsey JPE Supe 33294002058667
7th Watch Out For Team Galactic! Teitelbaum, Michael. JPE Lev. 2 33294001771021
7th Why Do Horses Neigh? Holub, Joan. JPE Lev.3 33294001339183

Juvenile Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Diary Of An Awesome Friendly Kid : Rowley Jefferson's Journal Kinney, Jeff J Kinn 33294002062107
1st The Roald Dahl Treasury Dahl, Roald J Dahl 33294001901776
1st The Night Diary Hiranandani, Veera J Hira 33294002059509
1st Wrecking Ball Kinney, Jeff J Kinn 33294002063097
5th Artemis Fowl : The Time Paradox Colfer, Eoin. J Colf 33294001622612
5th Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Rowling, J. K. J Rowl 33294001627066
5th Killing November Mather, Adriana J Math 33294002065175
5th The Grim Grotto Snicket, Lemony. J Snic 33294001969773
5th The Hive Queen Sutherland, Tui 1978- J Suth 33294002053890
5th The Journey Through Time Stilton, Geronimo J Stil 33294001880400
5th Two Can Keep A Secret McManus, Karen M. J McMa 33294002065217
5th Wings Of Fire. 1 The Dragonet Prophecy Sutherland, Tui T. 1978- J Suth 33294001899889

Juvenile Graphic Novels (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Crush Chmakova, Svetlana 1979- J Chma 33294002057156
1st The Truth About Stacey Telgemeier, Raina J Mart 33294001929603
3rd Boy-crazy Stacey : A Graphic Novel Galligan, Gale J Mart 33294002059111
3rd Guts Telgemeier, Raina J Telg 33294002062156
5th Be Prepared Brosgol, Vera J Bros 33294002052827
5th Hilda And The Mountain King Pearson, Luke J Pear 33294002063006
5th Kristy's Big Day : A Graphic Novel Galligan, Gale J Mart 33294002027050
5th Mary Anne Saves The Day : A Graphic Novel Telgemeier, Raina J Mart 33294002027068
5th Mr. Wolf's Class. Lucky Stars Steinke, Aron Nels J Stei 33294002060788
5th Naruto 3-in-1. Vol. 8 Life-and-death Battles Kishimoto, Masashi 1974- J Kish 33294001648096
5th The Nameless City. 1 Hicks, Faith Erin J Hick 33294002057057

Juvenile Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Realism Gunderson, Jessica. J 709.0343 Gund 33294001641224
1st Romanticism Gunderson, Jessica. J 709.0342 Gund 33294001641372
3rd Fa Mulan : The Story Of A Woman Warrior San Souci, Robert D. J 398.2095 SANS 33294001009760
3rd Migration : Incredible Animal Journeys Unwin, Mike J 591.568 Urwi 33294002062487
3rd The Gingerbread Man Aylesworth, Jim. J 398.21 AYLE 33294001034784
3rd Villains : Look And Find Zanoza, Melanie. J 793.73 Look 33294001817980
3rd White Wave : A Chinese Tale Wolkstein, Diane. J 398.20951 WOLK 33294000859512
8th Androcles And The Lion Stevens, Janet. J 398.2 STEV 33294000462648
8th Cupid And Psyche Craft, M. Charlotte (Marie Charlotte) J 398.21 CRAF 33294000955138
8th Disney Ideas Book Dowsett, Elizabeth J 745.5 Dows 33294002065118
8th Dog Breed Guide : The Complete Reference To Your Best Friend Fur-ever Resler, Tamara J. J 636.7 Resl 33294002066751
8th French For Beginners Wilkes, Angela. J 448.24 Wilk 33294001596261
8th King Midas And The Golden Touch Craft, Charlotte. J 398.2 CRAF 33294001111673
8th Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince Wilde, Oscar 1854-1900 J 398.2 WILD 33294001245679
8th Planets : [an Incredible Journey Through Our Solar System] Arlon, Penelope J 523.4 Arlo 33294001944412
8th STEM Lab : 25 Super Cool Projects : Build, Invent, Create, Discover Challoner, Jack J 507.8 Chal 33294002065928
8th Space FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions Wyatt, Valerie. J 520 WYAT 33294001459932
8th The Golden Mare, The Firebird, And The Magic Ring Sanderson, Ruth. J 398.20947 SAND 33294001212091
8th The Prince Who Ran Away : The Story Of Guatama Buddha Rockwell, Anne F. J 294.363 ROCK 33294001247691
8th The Boy Who Swallowed Snakes Yep, Laurence 1948- J 398.21 Yep 33294000761692
8th The Crystal Heart : A Vietnamese Legend Shepard, Aaron. J 398.2 SHEP 33294001023498
8th The Kids Book Of Canadian Immigration Hodge, Deborah. J 325.71 HODG 33294001544295
8th The Rabbit And The Dragon King : Based On A Korean Tale San Souci, Daniel. J 398.209519 SAN 33294001331883
8th The Sea King's Daughter : A Russian Legend Shepard, Aaron. J 398.2 SHEP 33294000988105
8th The Snow Wife San Souci, Robert D. J 398.21 Sans 33294000755447
8th The Story Of King Arthur Lister, Robin. J 398.22 LIST 33294001419696
8th Town Mouse, Country Mouse Brett, Jan 1949- J 398.24 BRET 33294000771600

Juvenile Picture Books (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Numeroff, Laura Joffe JP Nume 33294001696103
1st Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed Willems, Mo. JP Will 33294001665892
3rd A Seal In The Family Coffey, Maria 1952- JP Coff 33294001755701
3rd If You Give A Dog A Donut Numeroff, Laura Joffe JP Nume 33294001833458
3rd Llama Llama And The Bully Goat Dewdney, Anna JP Dewd 33294002038347
3rd Llama Llama Mess, Mess, Mess Dewdney, Anna JP Dewd 33294002062511
3rd The Pigeon Needs A Bath! Willems, Mo JP Will 33294001902253
3rd The Pigeon Wants A Puppy! Willems, Mo. JP Will 33294001646884
3rd Wild Berries = Pikaci-Minisa Flett, Julie. JP Flet 33294002052900
10th Are You My Mother? Eastman, P. D. JP East 33294002070241
10th Cowboy Baby Heap, Sue 1954- HEAP 33294001061696
10th Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus! Willems, Mo WILL 33294001373612
10th Dragons Love Tacos Rubin, Adam 1983- JP Rubi 33294001899277
10th If You Give A Cat A Cupcake Numeroff, Laura Joffe JP Nume 33294001646835
10th Munschworks 3 : The Third Munsch Treasury Munsch, Robert N. 1945- JP Muns 33294001795533
10th Oh, The Places You'll Go! Seuss Dr SEUS 33294001019025
10th Sea Bear : A Journey For Survival Moore, Lindsay 1983- JP Moor 33294002062552
10th Ten Apples Up On Top! Seuss Dr JP Seus 33294002035087
10th The Greatest Treasure Demi. DEMI 33294001049261
10th The Octopuppy McKenna, Martin 1969- JP McKe 33294001944362
10th Treasure Hunt For Girls : Over 500 Hidden Pictures To Search For, Sort And Count Priddy, Roger. JP Prid 33294001986884
10th You Are My Friend : The Story Of Mister Rogers And His Neighborhood Reid, Aimee JP Reid 33294002063147

Large Print (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Iron Facade Cookson, Catherine. COOK 33294001212786
2nd Sacred Sins Roberts, Nora. ROBE 33294001140714
2nd Secrets In Death Robb, J. D. LP Robb 33294002014868
2nd Some Buried Caesar Stout, Rex 1886-1975 LP STOU 33294000143578
2nd Sweet Stuff Kauffman, Donna. LP Kauf 33294001816370
2nd The Girl On The Train Hawkins, Paula LP Hawk 33294001978196
7th Blessing In Disguise : A Novel Steel, Danielle LP Stee 33294002060846
7th Exposed Scottoline, Lisa LP Scot 33294002028066
7th Field Of Prey : A Novel Sandford, John 1944 February 23- LP Sand 33294001935568
7th Kinsey And Me : Stories Grafton, Sue. LP Graf 33294001881150
7th Port Mortuary Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. LP Corn 33294001801711
7th The Cultured Handmaiden Cookson, Catherine. LP COOK 33294000240796
7th The Meeting Place Oke, Janette 1935- OKE 33294001074442
7th The Tea Girl Of Hummingbird Lane See, Lisa LP See 33294002025930
7th This Was A Man : A Novel Archer, Jeffrey 1940- LP Arch 33294002025922
7th Where Hope Prevails Oke, Janette 1935- LP Oke 33294001978311

Literacy Bags (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Baby Animals NCLF Lit Bag BAA 33294001849348

Multilingual Juvenile - First Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Bhūre bhālū, bhūre bhālū, tuma kyā dekha rahe? = Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? Martin, Bill 1916-2004 MJP HIND Mart 33294001707397
1st Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes-- = [Ulo, Balikat, Tuhod At Mga Dalirì Ng Paa--] Kubler, Annie 1960- MJP TAG Kubl 33294001970896

Multimedia - Playaway Views (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Bedtime With Sesame J PV Sesa 009 33294001799022
2nd Munsch Classics And Other Stories Munsch, Robert N. 1945- J PV Muns 004 33294001798826
3rd Best Of Sesame J PV Sesa 008 33294001798974
4th Arthur's Challenges J PV Arth 006 33294001798875

Multimedia - Video Games - Wii (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Mario Super Sluggers Bandai Namco Games Now Production VGWi Mari W016 33294005004908

Oversize-Juvenile (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Dinosaur! : Dinosaurs And Other Amazing Prehistoric Creatures As You've Never Seen Them Before Woodward, John 1954- OJ 567.9 Wood 33294001918135
2nd The Greek News : [the Greatest Newspaper In Civilization] Powell, Anton. 938 POWE 33294000961375
3rd Inside The Titanic Marschall, Ken. 363.123 MARS 33294001288919
3rd My First Canadian Atlas 912.71 MY 33294000793182
3rd National Geographic Beginner's World Atlas National Geographic Society (U.S.) 912 NATI 33294001095223
3rd Star Wars : Revenge Of The Sith : The Visual Dictionary Luceno, James. OJ 791.4 Luce 33294001721273
3rd Star Wars : Complete Locations OJ 791.4 Lund 33294001721323
3rd The Reader's Digest Children's Atlas Of The Universe Burnham, Robert 1947- 523.2 READ 33294001151208
9th Dinosaurs Everywhere! Harrison, Carol 1953- OJ 567.9 Harr 33294001755289
9th My First Tricks & Illusions Book Brown, Dave. 793.8 BROW 33294000870675
9th Star Wars : The Complete Visual Dictionary Reynolds, David West. OJ 791 Reyn 33294001720986
9th The Sign Of The Seahorse : A Tale Of Greed And High Adventure In Two Acts Base, Graeme. OJ Base 33294001169424

Paperbacks - Adult (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Doctor Sleep King, Stephen 1947- APb King 33294001964386
1st Hokus Pokus Michaels, Fern. Mich 33294001605146
1st Juror #3 Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002053593
1st The Gods Of Guilt : A Novel Connelly, Michael 1956- APb Conn 33294002020063
1st The House Next Door : Thrillers Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002066231
6th Damaged Scottoline, Lisa APb Scot 33294002053536
6th Dark Sacred Night Connelly, Michael 1956- APb Conn 33294002066157
6th Fear No Evil : A Novel Brennan, Allison. APb Bren 33294001739200
6th Memory Man Baldacci, David APb Bald 33294001963388
6th Never Tell : A Novel Gardner, Lisa APb Gard 33294002060663
6th The 13-minute Murder : Thrillers Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002069045
6th The Affair : A Reacher Novel Child, Lee. APb Chil 33294001913581
6th The Games Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002011500
6th West From Singapore L'Amour, Louis. APb L'amo 33294001875152

Paperbacks - Classics - Second Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Romeo And Juliet Shakespeare, William 1564-1616 SHAK 33294001521970
2nd Little Women Alcott, Louisa May 1832-1888 ALCO 33294001051275
3rd A Clockwork Orange Burgess, Anthony 1917-1993 CPb Burg 33294001793454
3rd Island Huxley, Aldous 1894-1963 Huxl 33294001684687
3rd The Wealth Of Nations : Books 1-3 Smit 33294000037507
3rd Twilight Of The Idols ; And, The Anti-Christ Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm 1844-1900 CPb Niet 33294001772961
3rd Two Novellas Fontane, Theodor 1819-1898 FONT 33294001395979

Paperbacks - Fantasy (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Bayou Moon : [a Novel Of The Edge] Andrews, Ilona. FaPb Andr 33294001741255
1st Elantris Sanderson, Brandon. FaPb Sand 33294001774033
1st Magic Bleeds Andrews, Ilona. FaPb Andr 33294001722545
1st Paladin Of Souls Bujold, Lois McMaster. BUJO 33294001433341
1st Shadow's Edge Weeks, Brent. FaPb Week 33294001892892
1st The Way Of Shadows Weeks, Brent FaPb Week 33294001892884
7th Doom's Break Rowley, Christopher. ROWL 33294001276963
7th Severed Souls Goodkind, Terry FPb Good 33294001931880
9th A Crown Of Swords Jordan, Robert 1948-2007 JORD 33294001494327
9th Arrow's Fall Lackey, Mercedes. LACK 33294001581248
9th Born Of Fire Kenyon, Sherrilyn 1965- FPb Keny 33294001691708
9th Born Of Night Kenyon, Sherrilyn 1965- FPb Keny 33294001691690
9th Children Of The Night : A Diana Tregarde Investigation Lackey, Mercedes. FPb Lack 33294001657675
9th Darkspell Kerr, Katharine. KERR 33294001397066
9th Death's Mistress : Sister Of Darkness Goodkind, Terry FPb Good 33294002069524
9th Druids Llywelyn, Morgan. LLYW 33294001349471
9th Forest Mage The Soldier Son Trilogy Book 2 Hobb, Robin. FaPb Hobb 33294001876507
9th Good Omens : The Nice And Accurate Prophecies Of Agnes Nutter, Witch : A Novel Pratchett, Terry FPb Prat 33294002066199
9th Grave Peril : Book 3 Butcher, Jim. BUTC 33294001207786
9th New Spring : The Novel Jordan, Robert 1948-2007 JORD 33294001436237
9th Shroud Of Eternity Goodkind, Terry FPb Good 33294002029817
9th Siege Of Stone Goodkind, Terry FPb Good 33294002066165
9th The Shasht War : The Second Book Of Arna Rowley, Christopher. FPb Rowl 33294001179597
9th The Ancient Enemy Rowley, Christopher. FPb Rowl 33294001100759
9th The Subtle Knife Pullman, Philip. PULL 33294001422708
9th Words Of Radiance Sanderson, Brandon FPb Sand 33294001943604

Paperbacks - Junior (Intermediate) (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Welcome To Dead House Stine, R. L. JPb(I) Stin 33294001460864
2nd Into The Land Of The Unicorns Coville, Bruce. COVI 33294001165869
3rd Beauty : A Retelling Of The Story Of Beauty And The Beast McKinley, Robin. MCKI 33294000857078
3rd From The Mixed-up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler Konigsburg, E. L. JPb(I) Koni 33294001944826
3rd Goblins In The Castle Coville, Bruce. COVI 33294001180835
6th Banana Splits Simon, Coco PB JInt Simo 33294002070266
6th Captain Underpants And The Invasion Of The Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies From Outer Space (and The Subsequent Assault Of The Equally Evil Lunchroom Zombie Nerds) : The Third Epic Novel Pilkey, Dav 1966- PB JInt Pilk 33294001876143
6th Darth Paper Strikes Back : An Origami Yoda Book Angleberger, Tom PB JInt Angl 33294002034700
6th Don't Look In The Mirror Weinberg, Larry. WEIN 33294001480128
6th I Survived The Nazi Invasion,1944 Tarshis, Lauren JPb(I) Tars 33294001976711
6th Revenge Of The Flower Girls Ziegler, Jennifer 1967- PB JInt Zieg 33294001902899
6th Secrets Wilson, Jacqueline. WILS 33294001519750
6th Shipwreck Korman, Gordon JPb(I) Korm 33294001932243
6th The Odyssey Mattern, Joanne. MATT 33294001205301
6th The Capture Lasky, Kathryn JPb(I) Lask 33294001950245
6th The Journey Lasky, Kathryn. PB JInt Lask 33294001876036
6th The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Mattern, Joanne 1963- MATT 33294001198811
6th The Substitute Creature Coffin, M. T. COFF 33294000856682
6th Time Cat : The Remarkable Journeys Of Jason And Gareth Alexander, Lloyd. ALEX 33294001512995
6th To Kill A Queen : An Elizabethan Girl's Diary, 1583-1586 Wilding, Valerie. PB JInt Wild 33294001902600
6th Whittington Armstrong, Alan. ARMS 33294001539428

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary) (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st A Fabumouse Vacation For Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo. PB JPri Stil 33294001442441
1st Thea Stilton And The Dancing Shadows Stilton, Thea. PB JPri Stil 33294001880483
3rd Get Into Gear, Stilton! Stilton, Geronimo PB JPri Stil 33294001880616
4th Double Trouble Dwarfs West, Tracey 1965- WEST 33294001257773
4th Ruby Fuzzybrush's Star Dance Meadows, Daisy JPb(P) Mead 33294001968684
4th The Greedy Gremlin West, Tracey 1965- WEST 33294001215326
7th Beware, Pirates! Wishinsky, Frieda. PB JPri Wish 33294001989144
7th City In The Clouds Abbott, Tony 1952- ABBO 33294001503457
7th Geronimo Stilton. The Golden Statue Plot Stilton, Geronimo. PB JPri Stil 33294001880343
7th Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook Park, Barbara. PB JPri Park 33294001988765
7th Sprite's Secret West, Tracey 1965- WEST 33294001230358
7th The Temple Of The Ruby Of Fire Stilton, Geronimo. JP JPri Stil 33294001931518
7th Thea Stilton And The Secret Of The Old Castle Stilton, Thea PB JPri Stil 33294001880509
7th Voyagers Of The Silver Sand Abbott, Tony. 1952- ABBO 33294001503291

Paperbacks - Mystery (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Strip Jack Rankin, Ian. Rank 33294001593821
2nd Buried In Books Carlisle, Kate 1951- MPb Carl 33294002055457
3rd Hidden Depths Cleeves, Ann. MPb Clee 33294001753466
4th A Baby's Bones Alexander, Rebecca 1960- MPb Alex 33294002037505
4th Margaret Truman's Allied In Danger Bain, Donald 1935-2017 MPb Bain 33294002048353
4th Marigolds For Malice Cattrell, Bailey MPb Catt 33294002000040
4th Silks Francis, Dick. MPb 33294001898071
4th The Girl In The Ice Bryndza, Robert MPb Bryn 33294002055572
4th The Unexpected Guest : A Mystery Christie, Agatha 1890-1976 MPb Chris 33294001739861
10th A Dark And Twisting Path Buckley, Julia 1964- MPb Buck 33294002053569
10th A Good Day To Buy Harris, Sherry MPb Harr 33294002014355
10th A Steak In Murder Bishop, Claudia 1947- BISH 33294001547967
10th A Wrench In The Works : A Fixer-upper Mystery Carlisle, Kate 1951- MPb Carl 33294002055549
10th Access Denied Andrews, Donna. MPb Andr 33294001707520
10th Dead Heat Francis, Dick. MPb Fran 33294001708825
10th Death Loves A Messy Desk Maffini, Mary Jane. MPb Maff 33294001691096
10th Death Of A Travelling Man Beaton, M. C. MPb Beat 33294002039188
10th Decider Francis, Dick. MPb Fran 33294001790088
10th Died In The Wool Marsh, Ngaio 1899-1982 MARS 33294001547843
10th Dying For A Cupcake Swanson, Denise MPb Swan 33294001927722
10th Fleshmarket Close Rankin, Ian. MPb Rank 33294001692136
10th Grave On Grand Avenue Hirahara, Naomi 1962- MPb Hira 33294001913433
10th King Arthur's Bones : A Historical Mystery MPb Medi 33294001782010
10th Murder Your Darlings : An Algonquin Round Table Mystery Murphy, J. J. MPb Murp 33294001762764
10th Playing With Bones Ellis, Kate 1953- MPb Elli 33294001705995
10th Real Macaw: A Meg Langslow Mystery Andrews, Donna MPb Andr 33294001826122
10th Ruff Justice Berenson, Laurien MPb Bere 33294002055432
10th Seeing Red Dratch, Dana MPb Drat 33294002055598
10th The Hollow Christie, Agatha 1890-1976 MPb Chri 33294001782465
10th The Private Patient James, P. D. MPb Jame 33294002037455
10th Walking Shadows Kellerman, Faye MPb Kell 33294002042612

Paperbacks - Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st A Nightmare's Prayer : A Marine Corps Harrier Pilot's War In Afghanistan Franzak, Michael. NfPb Fran 33294001803212
1st All Pets Go To Heaven : The Spiritual Lives Of The Animals We Love Browne, Sylvia. NFPb Brow 33294001898006
1st Sydney Omarr's Spirit Guides Omarr, Sydney. OMAR 33294001324441
4th Julia : Her Life Spada, James. ROBE 33294001401249
4th The Day After Roswell Corso, Philip J. CORS 33294001001379
4th UFO Crash At Roswell Randle, Kevin D. 1949- RAND 33294001801141

Paperbacks - Romance (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Accidentally Yours Mallery, Susan. RPb Mall 33294001743483
2nd The Manning Sisters Macomber, Debbie. RPb Maco 33294001959774
3rd Against The Fire Martin, Kat. RPb Mart 33294001746346
3rd Against The Wind Martin, Kat. RPb Mart 33294001746262
3rd Last Chance Hero Ramsay, Hope RPb Rams 33294001929504
6th Beach Season RPb Jack 33294001931187
6th Maybe This Time McLaughlin, Nicole RPb McLa 33294002019198
6th No Place To Run Banks, Maya. RPb Bank 33294001913599
6th One Fine Duke Bell, Lenora RPb Bell 33294002053510
6th Ride Steady Ashley, Kristen RPb Ashl 33294001969351
6th That Perfect Someone : A Malory Novel Lindsey, Johanna. RPb Lind 33294001787100

Paperbacks - Romance PN (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Playing With Fire MacAlister, Katie. PnPb MacA 33294001765080
2nd Dark Warrior Unbroken Morgan, Alexis. PnPb Morg 33294001765759
2nd Devil Without A Cause Garey, Terri. PnPb Gare 33294001794320
2nd Hard To Handle Warren, Christine PnPb Warr 33294001991686
5th Big Bad Wolf Warren, Christine. PnPb Warr 33294001698646
5th Earth Bound Feehan, Christine PnPb Feeh 33294001964360
5th Hungry Like A Wolf Warren, Christine. PnPb Warr 33294001910819
5th Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale Warren, Christine PnPb Warr 33294001854926
5th Shadow Of The Moon York, Rebecca. PnPb York 33294001808062

Paperbacks - Science Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Earth Unaware : The First Formic War Card, Orson Scott. SfPb Card 33294001853175
2nd Debris Anderton, Jo. SfPb Ande 33294001768399
2nd Halo : Cryptum Bear, Greg 1951- SFPb Bear 33294001943489
2nd Olympos Simmons, Dan. SIMM 33294001512680
5th Lock In : A Novel Of The Near Future Scalzi, John SFPb Scal 33294001929793
5th The Rock Rats Bova, Ben 1932- BOVA 33294001303197
5th The Sea Without A Shore Drake, David 1945- SFPb Drak 33294001929306
5th The Way To Glory Drake, David. DRAK 33294001566421

Paperbacks - Westerns (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Avenging Angels Brandt, Lyle 1951- WPb Bran 33294001809771
1st Black Sun : The Battle Of Summit Springs, 1869 Johnston, Terry C. 1947-2001 WPb John 33294001771906
1st Dead And Buried Bryant, Tim 1963- WPb Brya 33294002053478
1st Gentleman Rogue Braun, Matt 1932- WPb Brau 33294002053486
1st Power Of The Mountain Man Johnstone, William W. WPb John 33294001709260
1st Shortgrass Song Blakely, Mike. WPb Blak 33294001873975
1st Storm's Thunder Boyce, Brandon WPb Boyc 33294001983642
1st The Mustangers Fenady, Andrew J. WPb Fena 33294002053411
1st The Bounty Killers Johnstone, J. A. WPb John 33294001809813
1st West Texas Kill Boggs, Johnny D. WPb Bogg 33294001815356

Paperbacks - Young Adult (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Ever After Loggia, Wendy. LOGG 33294001215219
2nd Hard To Get Keene, Carolyn. KEEN 33294000899195
2nd My Anastasia Stewart, Sharon (Sharon Roberta) 1944- STEW 33294001195510
2nd The Amber Spyglass Pullman, Philip 1946- PULL 33294001605302
2nd The Captive Smith, L. J. (Lisa J.) SMIT 33294001237858
2nd The Outsiders Hinton, S. E. Ya PB Hint 33294001393826

Quick Reads (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Walkabout Marshall, James Vance 1924- QR Mars 33294001877745
2nd Cannery Days Nelson, Catherine. QR 971.112 Nels 33294001858828
2nd Model T Mail Nelson, Catherine. QR 971.112 Nels 33294001858778

Talking Books (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Pride And Prejudice Austen, Jane 1775-1817 CDTB Aust 33294001911189
1st The Complete Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Adams, Douglas 1952-2001 CDTB Adam 33294001346923
3rd Coming To Our Senses : Healing Ourselves And The World Through Mindfulness Kabat-Zinn, Jon. CDTB 158.12 Kaba 33294001419407
3rd Spanish For Dummies Audio Set Langemeier, Jessica LL 468.34 Lang 33294001882000
3rd The Rain Watcher Rosnay, Tatiana de 1961- CDTB deRo 33294002031227
6th Charlie And The Chocolate Factory [and] Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator Dahl, Roald. J PTB Dahl 33294001916121
6th Daring Greatly How The Courage To Be Vulnerable Transforms The Way We Live, Love, Parent, And Lead Brown, Brené CDTB 158 Brow 33294002070910
6th Emma Austen, Jane 1775-1817 CDTB Aust 33294001946490
6th Geronimo Stilton. The Secret Of Cacklefur Castle. Field Trip To Niagra Falls Stilton, Geronimo. J PTB Stil 33294001916360
6th Judy Moody McDonald, Megan. J PTB McDo 33294001916071
6th Long Road To Mercy Baldacci, David CDTB Bald 33294002031292
6th Pirate Latitudes Crichton, Michael 1942-2008 CDTB Cric 33294001697663
6th Protector Niven, Larry. CDTB Nive 33294005011234
6th The Book Of Secrets [unlocking The Hidden Dimensions Of Your Life] Chopra, Deepak. CDTB 158.1 Chop 33294001399666
6th The Mystery Of Three Quarters : The New Hercule Poirot Mystery Hannah, Sophie 1971- CDTB Hann 33294002028173
6th The Reckoning Grisham, John CDTB Gris 33294002030922

Adult DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Hallelujah Trail DVD Hall 5835 33294001981356
2nd Fantastic Mr. Fox DVD Fant 4890 33294005015573
2nd Game Of Thrones. The Complete Eighth Season DVD Game 6472 s8v2 33294005019823
2nd Murdoch Mysteries. Season 4 DVD Murd 4592 s4 33294005001086
2nd Murdoch Mysteries. Season 5 DVD Murd 4712 s.5 33294005013446
2nd Rogue One DVD Star 6029 33294001996404
7th Endeavour. The Complete 5th Season DVD Ende 6438 s5 33294002032258
7th Funny Girl DVD Funn 3412 33294001582782
7th Game Of Thrones. The Complete First Season DVD Game 5333 s1v2 33294005004015
7th Game Of Thrones. The Complete Second Season DVD Game 5335 s2v1 33294005004023
7th Game Of Thrones. The Complete Second Season DVD Game 5336 s2v2 33294005004031
7th Murdoch Mysteries. Season 8 DVD Murd 6170 s8v1 33294002010122
7th Nobel Son DVD Nobe 5282 33294005002969
7th Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back Episode V DVD Star 5106 ep.5 33294005018015
7th Star Wars. Episode VII The Force Awakens DVD Star 5654 33294005009501

Educational & Documentary DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st André Rieu In Wonderland EDVD 787 Rieu 506 33294001639715
2nd Great Battles Of WWII EDVD 940.54 Grea 386 33294005018783
3rd Andre Rieu: The Flying Dutchman EDVD 787 Rieu 061 33294001554542
3rd The World Of Cats. Volume 2 EDVD 636.8 Worl 242 33294001770411
5th 100 Sailing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them! EDVD 797.1 Sail 295 33294005000039
5th Andre Rieu: The Homecoming Live In Maastricht, The Netherlands EDVD 787 Rieu 060 33294001554484
5th Great Battles Of World War II EDVD 940.53 Grea 381 d.1&2 33294005017728
5th I Am The Blues EDVD 781.6 I Am 017 33294005019492
9th Comedy Warriors Healing Through Humor EDVD 792.7 Come 422 33294005003884
9th Dynamic Fabric Art Portraits Foolproof Step-by-step Process EDVD 746.46 Quil 421 33294005003561
9th La Vie Est Belle EDVD 787 Rieu 062 33294001554609
9th Living Life To The Full #518 EDVD 616.85 Livi 332 33294005001912
9th Lost Nuke America's First Broken Arrow EDVD 363.17 Lost 093 33294001604123
9th Margot EDVD 792.802 Marg 482 33294005008537
9th Ozzy Osbourne Live At Budokan EDVD 781.66 Osbo 384 33294005018817
9th Shake Hands With The Devil The Journey Of Romeo Dallaire 967.57104 SHAK 33294001458488
9th Sharing The Experience First Nations Reflections On The BC Treaty Process 346.71104 SHAR 33294001489541
9th T'ai Chi Beginning Practice EDVD 613.7 T'ai 434 33294005004619
9th The Civil War EDVD 973.7 Civi 523 33294001978626
9th The Wildest Dream : Conquest Of Everest EDVD 796.5 Wild 285 33294005012315
9th Titanic The Canadian Story EDVD 910.452 Tita 300 33294001817915
9th War In The Pacific Collector's Edition EDVD 940.5 War 371 33294005017629
9th When The Moors Ruled In Europe EDVD 946.02 When 199 33294001738277

Juvenile DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st Lego Scooby-Doo. Haunted Hollywood JDVD Scoo 1560 33294002054161
1st Tangled JDVD Tang 1244 33294005015383
3rd Mulan JDVD Mula 1289 33294001790518
4th Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses JDVD Barb 1486 33294001908672
4th Max & Ruby. Ruby's Pajama Party JDVD Max 1425 33294005006085
4th Toy Story 2 JDVD Toys 1513 33294001995091
7th Dinosaur JDVD Dino 1511 33294001994987
7th Monsters, Inc JDVD Mons 1307 33294001995133
7th Peter Pan JDVD Pete 1168 33294005008669
7th Pokémon The First Movie JDVD Poke 1251 33294001787464
7th Schoolhouse Rock! JDVD Scho 1455 33294005008511
7th Scooby-Doo!. Camp Scare JDVD Scoo 1482 33294001978725
7th Spider-Man The Ultimate Villain Showdown JDVD Spid 1437 33294005019104
7th The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie JDVD Spon 1249 33294001787407
7th The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad JDVD Adve 1523 33294001996487
7th The Emperor's New Groove JDVD Empe 1275 33294001800747
7th The Lion King. JDVD Lion 1362 33294002054385