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Prince Rupert Library's Most Popular

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Here are the most popular items by circulation over the previous 6 months at the Prince Rupert Library.

Updated: September 1st, 2020

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Small Game Hunting At The Local Coward Gun Club Coles, Megan 1981- Cole 33294002074045
2nd Five Wives : A Novel Thomas, Joan (Sandra Joan) Thom 33294002076792
2nd The Dutch House : A Novel Patchett, Ann Patc 33294002059301
2nd The Glass Hotel Mandel, Emily St. John 1979- Mand 33294002080448
5th All The Light We Cannot See Doerr, Anthony 1973- Doer 33294001900901
5th Little Fires Everywhere Ng, Celeste Ng 33294002049237
5th Small Game Hunting At The Local Coward Gun Club Coles, Megan 1981- Cole 33294002064756
5th Stolen Pearse, Lesley. Pear 33294001707157
9th A Long Petal Of The Sea : A Novel Allende, Isabel Alle 33294002073211
9th Alone In The Wild : A Rockton Novel Armstrong, Kelley Arms 33294002080224
9th American Dirt Cummins, Jeanine Cumm 33294002073229
9th Camino Winds : A Novel Grisham, John Gris 33294002084283
9th Dear Edward : A Novel Napolitano, Ann Napo 33294002080174
9th Emma : A Modern Retelling McCall Smith, Alexander 1948- McCa 33294001912971
9th In The Woods French, Tana 1973- Fren 33294002058881
9th Name Of The Wind : The Kingkiller Chronicle : Day One Rothfuss, Patrick 1973- Roth 33294001786748
9th Radicalized Doctorow, Cory Doct 33294002074052
9th Still Mine : A Novel Stuart, Amy Stua 33294001977289
9th The Jane Austen Society Jenner, Natalie Jenn 33294002085355
9th The Boy From The Woods : A Novel Coben, Harlan 1962- Cobe 33294002079739
9th The Fifth Season Jemisin, N. K. Jemi 33294001969674
9th The Mirror & The Light Mantel, Hilary 1952- Mant 33294002082329
9th The Night Watchman : A Novel Erdrich, Louise Erdr 33294002080281
9th The Things We Cannot Say Rimmer, Kelly Rimm 33294002056398
9th The Water Dancer : A Novel Coates, Ta-Nehisi Coat 33294002062628
9th The World That We Knew : A Novel Hoffman, Alice Hoff 33294002059574
9th Under The Dome King, Stephen 1947- King 33294001692714
9th Warlock Smith, Wilbur A. Smit 33294001182948
9th What Lies Between Us : A Novel Munaweera, Nayomi Muna 33294002078053
9th Wolf Hall Mantel, Hilary 1952- Mant 33294001724913
9th World War Z : An Oral History Of The Zombie War Brooks, Max. Broo 33294001847920

Adult Graphic Novels (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st American Gods. Volume 3 The Moment Of The Storm Gaiman, Neil 741.5 Gaim 33294002085348
2nd American Gods. 1 Shadows Gaiman, Neil 741.5 Gaim 33294002068591
2nd American Gods. 2 My Ainsel Gaiman, Neil 741.5 Gaim 33294002068658
2nd Animal Farm Odyr 741.5981 Orwe 33294002059202

Adult Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st All Hell Breaking Loose : The Pentagon's Perspective On Climate Change Klare, Michael T. 1942- 355.20973 Klar 33294002080208
2nd Animalkind : Remarkable Discoveries About Animals And Revolutionary New Ways To Show Them Compassion Newkirk, Ingrid 179.3 Newk 33294002076255
2nd Dual Wield, Fly, Conquer! : Mastering Minecraft Lummis, Michael 794.8 Lumm 33294001976646
2nd Flash Count Diary : Menopause And The Vindication Of Natural Life Steinke, Darcey 155.333 Stei 33294002060960
2nd Homo Deus : A Brief History Of Tomorrow Harari, Yuval N. 909.83 Hara 33294002016335
2nd Mother Goose, From Nursery To Literature Delamar, Gloria T. 398.2 DELA 33294000244723
2nd Notre-Dame : A Short History Of The Meaning Of Cathedrals Follett, Ken 726.6 Foll 33294002080075
2nd Seven Fallen Feathers : Racism, Death, And Hard Truths In A Northern City Talaga, Tanya 305.897 Tala 33294002012110
2nd Social Media Marketing Singh, Shiv 658.872 Sing 33294002080885
2nd The Obesity Code : Unlocking The Secrets Of Weight Loss Fung, Jason 613.25 Fung 33294001974963
2nd The Peak : Secrets From The New Science Of Expertise Ericsson, K. Anders (Karl Anders) 1947- 153.9 Eric 33294002025583
2nd White Fragility : Why It's So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism DiAngelo, Robin J 305.8 DiAn 33294002080869

Biographies (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st We Have Always Been Here : A Queer Muslim Memoir Habib, Samra B Habi 33294002072635
2nd The Joy Of The Snow Goudge, Elizabeth 1900-1984 B GOU 33294000286351
2nd We Have Always Been Here : A Queer Muslim Memoir Habib, Samra B Habi 33294002074235
4th Trapline Outlaw : Simon Peter Gunanoot Williams, David R. (David Ricardo) 1923- B GUNA 33294001089457
4th Trudeau : The Education Of A Prime Minister Ivison, John B Trud 33294002058147
6th Becoming Obama, Michelle 1964- B Obam 33294002032829
6th Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas : A Savage Journey To The Heart Of The American Dream Thompson, Hunter S. B Thom 33294002028983
6th One Native Life Wagamese, Richard B Waga 33294001622711
6th The Diary Of A Young Girl : The Definitive Edition Frank, Anne 1929-1945 B FRAN 33294000899757
6th Truth Be Told : My Journey Through Life And The Law McLachlin, Beverley 1943- B McLa 33294002067478

CDs (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Enema Of The State Blink-182 (Musical group) CD Blin 33294002032704
1st Get Behind Me Satan White Stripes (Musical group) CD Whit 33294002043248
1st Rage Against The Machine Rage Against the Machine (Musical group) CD Rage 33294002032720
4th Business As Usual Men At Work (Musical group) MEN 33294001548734
4th Endless Silk Road music. CD Silk 33294000769810

Children's Area Toddlers (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st There's A Bear On My Chair Collins, Ross JPT Coll 33294002055705
2nd Bears In The Bath Parenteau, Shirley JPT Pare 33294002056125
2nd Canada Animals Covello, Paul 1984- JPT Cove 33294002056158
2nd Little Blue Truck's Springtime Schertle, Alice JPT Sche 33294002054823
2nd Maisy's Digger Cousins, Lucy JPT Cous 33294001980846
2nd Maisy's Fire Engine Cousins, Lucy JPT Cous 33294001838085
2nd Sheep Go To Sleep Shaw, Nancy (Nancy E.) JPT Shaw 33294002055135
8th Alphaprints : ABC Priddy, Roger JPT Alph 33294002056281
8th Animal Music Donaldson, Julia JPT Dona 33294002055143
8th Animals Sirett, Dawn JPT Sire 33294002057552
8th Babies Of The Great Bear Rainforest McAllister, Ian 1969- JPT McAl 33294002056257
8th Baby Animals In The Sea. JPT Baby 33294001837129
8th Baby Signs For Animals Acredolo, Linda P. JPT Acre 33294002057032
8th Big Kid Bed Patricelli, Leslie JPT Patr 33294002056018
8th Blankie Patricelli, Leslie JPT Patr 33294002056083
8th Book Of Play! : With Northwest Coast Native Art JPT Book 33294001855345
8th Colors. JPT Colo 33294001833268
8th Crane Truck's Opposites Rinker, Sherri Duskey JPT Rink 33294002070571
8th Creatures Of The Sea Simpson, Caroll 1951- JPT Simp 33294002042018
8th Dancing Feet! Craig, Lindsey JPT Crai 33294001837509
8th Dinosaur Kisses Stein, David Ezra JPT Stei 33294002055713
8th Find The Duck Brooks, Felicity. JPT Broo 33294002056950
8th First Words Boultwood, Ellie JPT Alph 33294002055077
8th Five Little Ducks Raffi JPT Raff 33294002065274
8th Five Little Monkeys Jump In The Bath Christelow, Eileen. JPT Chri 33294002057560
8th Gossie Dunrea, Olivier JPT Dunr 33294002055028
8th Hippopposites Coat, Janik. JPT Coat 33294001837640
8th How Do Dinosaurs Count To Ten? Yolen, Jane. JPT Yole 33294001561174
8th Huggy Kissy Patricelli, Leslie JPT Patr 33294002055960
8th Hush-a-bye Bunny Surplice, Holly JPT Surp 33294002073245
8th Little Blue Truck Leads The Way Schertle, Alice JPT Sche 33294002070472
8th Little Blue Truck Schertle, Alice JPT Sche 33294002055051
8th Llama Llama, Nighty-night Dewdney, Anna JPT Dewd 33294001836204
8th Look Look Outside Linenthal, Peter. JPT Line 33294001837269
8th Miffy At The Zoo Bruna, Dick. JPT Brun 33294001837210
8th Mine! : A Sesame Street Book About Sharing : Featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets Hayward, Linda. JPT HAYW 33294000972109
8th Muddy Truck Calder, C. J. JPT Cald 33294001836931
8th My Big Train Book Priddy, Roger JPT Prid 33294002016566
8th My Big Truck Book Priddy, Roger JPT Prid 33294002016574
8th My First Trucks And Diggers : Let's Get Driving! Greenwood, Marie 1961- JPT Gree 33294001989797
8th Once Upon A Potty : Boy Frankel, Alona JPT Fran 33294002057818
8th Once Upon A Potty : Girl Frankel, Alona JPT Fran 33294002057784
8th Puddle Jumping A Book About Bravery Quay, Emma. JPT Quay 33294001838028
8th Quick Duck! Murphy, Mary JPT Murp 33294002056000
8th Rocky Mountain ABCs Asnong, Jocelyn 1973- JPT Asno 33294002042422
8th Shapes. JPT Cox 33294001872043
8th Snuggle Puppy : A Little Love Song Boynton, Sandra. JPT Boyn 33294001837483
8th Solar System McDonald, Jill (Jill McDonald-Gomez) JPT McDo 33294002055903
8th Splish, Splash, Ducky! Cousins, Lucy JPT Cous 33294002056026
8th Stop, Train, Stop! A Thomas The Tank Engine Story JPT Thom 33294002028082
8th The Birthday Box Patricelli, Leslie JPT Patr 33294002055275
8th The Very Cranky Bear Bland, Nick 1973- JPT Blan 33294002055689
8th Things That Go. JPT Thin 33294001837517
8th Tubby Patricelli, Leslie JPT Patr 33294002055929
8th Up, Up, Down Munsch, Robert N. 1945- JPT Muns 33294002010171
8th West Coast ABCs Asnong, Jocey 1973- JPT Asno 33294002042430
8th Who Am I? : Wild Animals Gardner, Charlie. JPT Gard 33294001837350
8th Why I Love My Mommy Howarth, Daniel JPT Howa 33294002038479

Juvenile Easy Readers (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st My Friend Is Sad Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001666494
2nd Fox The Tiger Tabor, Corey R. JPE Begin 33294002076461
2nd The Bean Team Huntley, Tex JPE Lev.1 33294002075455
2nd We Are The Justice League! : A Collection Of Five Early Readers JPE Super 33294002076412
5th A Horse And A Hero Alberto, Daisy. JPE Lev. 2 33294001762095
5th Barbie : A Fairy Secret Webster, Christy. JPE Lev. 2 33294001761568
5th Barbie. I Can Be A Ballerina Webster, Christy. JPE Lev. 2 33294001761451
5th Brave Batgirl! Webster, Christy JPE Supe 33294002058634
5th Disney Princess : Winter Wishes Jordan, Apple. JPE Lev. 2 33294001730183
5th Double Trouble Milbourne, Anna JPE Usbo 33294001961085
5th Duck, Duck, Dinosaur : Spring Smiles George, K. (Kallie) 1983- JPE Begin 33294002075463
5th Elsa's Epic Journey Amerikaner, Susan JPE Lev.3 33294002077261
5th Jojo And Daddy Bake A Cake O'Connor, Jane JPE Lev. Pre-1 33294002064277
5th Ocean Life Guiberson, Brenda Z. JPE Lev. 1 33294001761725
5th Shrek 2 : The Potion Plan Herman, Gail 1959- JPE Lev. 3 33294001827245
5th Sleeping Beauty Man-Kong, Mary JPE Lev.2 33294002076487
5th The Little Mermaid Homberg, Ruth. JPE Lev.2 33294001885201

Juvenile Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Diary Of A Wimpy Kid / Bk 4 Dog Days Kinney, Jeff. J Kinn 33294002011211
1st Divergent Roth, Veronica. J Roth 33294005016308
1st Frozen Sing-along Storybook Marsoli, Lisa Ann 1958- J Disn 33294002007466
1st The Green Gables Detectives Wilson, Eric 1940- J WILS 33294000911834
1st The Kootenay Kidnapper Wilson, Eric. J WILS 33294000167239
1st The Black Stallion Farley, Walter 1915-1989 J Farl 33294001715986
1st Wrecking Ball Kinney, Jeff J Kinn 33294002063097
8th Claudia And The New Girl Martin, Ann M. 1955- MART 33294000463299
8th Coraline Gaiman, Neil. J Gaim 33294001739382
8th Dark River Hunter, Erin J Hunt 33294001652825
8th Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye #13 Martin, Ann M. 1955- J MART 33294000463307
8th Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Rowling, J. K. J Rowl 33294001523703
8th Hello, Mallory Martin, Ann M. 1955- MART 33294000463315
8th The Princess In Black And The Bathtime Battle Hale, Shannon J Hale 33294002065746
8th The Hate U Give Thomas, Angie J Thom 33294002013233
8th The Last Olympian Riordan, Rick. J Rior 33294001709690
8th The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples) 1898-1963 J Lewi 33294001932268
8th The Sight Hunter, Erin. J Hunt 33294001656834
8th When Jeff Comes Home Atkins, Catherine. J ATKI 33294001141563
8th Wonder Palacio, R. J. J Pala 33294002013100

Juvenile Graphic Novels (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Dog Man. A Tale Of Two Kitties Pilkey, Dav 1966- J Pilk 33294002012862
2nd Dog Man Pilkey, Dav 1966- J Pilk 33294002012888
2nd Hilda And The Mountain King Pearson, Luke J Pear 33294002063006
2nd Hilo. Book 3 The Great Big Boom Winick, Judd J Wini 33294002057123
2nd Mr. Pants. 1 It's Go Time! McCormick, Scott 1970- J McCo 33294001894476
2nd Naruto 3-in-1. Vol. 8 Life-and-death Battles Kishimoto, Masashi 1974- J Kish 33294001648096
2nd Naruto. Vol. 37 Shikamaru's Battle Kishimoto, Masashi 1974- J Kish 33294001847391
2nd Paper Girls. 1 Vaughan, Brian K. J Vaug v.1 33294002039105
2nd Primates : The Fearless Science Of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, And Birut Ǧaldikas Ottaviani, Jim J 599.88 Otta 33294002077048
10th Be Prepared Brosgol, Vera J Bros 33294002052827
10th Coraline Gaiman, Neil J Gaim 33294001619600
10th Hilo. Book 2 Saving The Whole Wide World Winick, Judd J Wini 33294002057131
10th Hilo. Book 4 Waking The Monsters Winick, Judd J Wini 33294002057149
10th Hilo. Book 5 Then Everything Went Wrong Winick, Judd J Wini 33294002057115
10th Just Jaime Libenson, Terri J Libe 33294002058295
10th Kristy's Great Idea : A Graphic Novel Telgemeier, Raina J Mart 33294001929876
10th Mary Anne Saves The Day : A Graphic Novel Telgemeier, Raina J Mart 33294002027068
10th Naruto : Predator Kishimoto, Masashi 1974- J Kish 33294001647999
10th Naruto. Vol. 23 Predicament Kishimoto, Masashi 1974- J Kish 33294001828672
10th Naruto. Vol. 40 The Ultimate Art Kishimoto, Masashi 1974- J Kish 33294001847458
10th Naruto. Vol. 5 The Challengers Kishimoto, Masashi 1974- J Kish 33294001647940
10th Naruto. Volume 18 Tsunade's Choice Kishimoto, Masashi. J Kish 33294001815679
10th Naruto. Volume 24 Unorthodox Kishimoto, Masashi. J Kish 33294001828821
10th Naruto/. Vol. 31 Final Battle Kishimoto, Masashi 1974- J Kish 33294001847490
10th New Kid Craft, Jerry J Craf 33294002059525
10th Pursuit/Naruto Volume 21. Kishimoto, Masashi. J Kish 33294001815687
10th The First Mouse On The Moon Stilton, Geronimo. J Stil 33294001902154
10th The Legend Of Zelda : Oracle Of Seasons Himekawa, Akira J Hime 33294002081339
10th To Kill A Mockingbird : A Graphic Novel Fordham, Fred 1985- J Lee 33294002066868

Juvenile Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Microorganisms, The Unseen World Ricciuti, Edward R. J 576 RICC 33294000861005
1st Minecraft : Beginner's Handbook Milton, Stephanie. J 793.932 Milt 33294001894914
1st Minecraft Combat Handbook Milton, Stephanie. J 793.932 Milt 33294002034361
1st Minecraft Construction Handbook Needler, Matthew. J 793.932 Need 33294001894880
1st Minecraft. Redstone Handbook Farwell, Nick J 793.932 Farw 33294001894906
1st The Instant Juggling Book Woodburn, Bob. J 793.87 WOOD 33294001242981
7th Adventures With The Vikings Bailey, Linda 1948- J 948.022 BAIL 33294001364868
7th Birds Of North America. West Kittinger, Jo S. J 598.0978 KITT 33294001247865
7th Shark Lady : The True Story Of How Eugenie Clark Became The Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist Keating, Jess J 597.3 Keat 33294002075794
10th A Pioneer Thanksgiving : A Story Of Harvest Celebrations In 1841 Greenwood, Barbara 1940- J 394.2649 Gree 33294001103506
10th Adventures In The Middle Ages Bailey, Linda 1948- J 940.1 BAIL 33294001243260
10th Ekahotan, The Corn Grower : Indians Of The Eastern Woodlands Cass, James. J 970.00497 CASS 33294000189407
10th Favorite Norse Myths Osborne, Mary Pope. J 293.13 Osbo 33294001816685
10th Garfield Eats Crow Davis, Jim 1945 July 28- J 741.5 DAVI 33294001455104
10th Garfield Older & Wider Davis, James H. 1945- J 741.5 DAVI 33294001455161
10th Garfield Takes The Cake Davis, Jim 1945 July 28- J 741.5 DAVI 33294001514132
10th Garfield, Survival Of The Fattest Davis, Jim 1945 July 28- J 741.5 Davi 33294001746148
10th National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020. J 031.02 Nati 33294002070274
10th The Irish Cinderlad Climo, Shirley. J 398.2 IRIS 33294001161363
10th The Japanese Samurai Ancient And Medieval People Park, Louise 1961- J 952.02 Park 33294001718691

Juvenile Picture Books (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st All Are Welcome Penfold, Alexandra JP Penf 33294002069102
2nd Dirty Joe, The Pirate : A True Story Harley, Bill 1954- JP Harl 33294001685767
2nd Disney's Princess Collection : Love & Friendship Stories Heller, Sarah E. JP Prin 33294002044162
2nd If I Was The Sunshine Fogliano, Julie JP Fogl 33294002074722
2nd In The Red Canoe Davidson, Leslie 1951- JP Davi 33294001975499
2nd Quest Becker, Aaron 1974- JP Beck 33294001930916
2nd Super Manny Stands Up! DiPucchio, Kelly JP DiPu 33294002023133
2nd The Big Umbrella Bates, Amy June JP Bate 33294002068765
9th A First Book About Growing Tuxworth, Nicola. JP TUXW 33294001073683
9th A Whale's World McAllister, Ian 1969- JP McAl 33294002067320
9th Arthur's Tv Trouble Brown, Marc Tolon. JP Brow 33294001735695
9th Disney Bedtime Favorites. JP Disn 33294001945286
9th Down To The Sea With Mr. Magee Van Dusen, Chris JP VAND 33294001466135
9th Float Miyares, Daniel JP Miya 33294001969013
9th Hairy Maclary's Bone Dodd, Lynley. JP DODD 33294001385525
9th If I Built A Car Van Dusen, Chris. JP VAND 33294001466093
9th Iggy Peck, Architect Beaty, Andrea JP Beat 33294001983923
9th Llama Llama Mess, Mess, Mess Dewdney, Anna JP Dewd 33294002062511
9th My Footprints Phi, Bao 1975- JP Phi 33294002065035
9th Olivia And The Fairy Princesses Falconer, Ian 1959- JP Falc 33294001735349
9th Stick And Stone Ferry, Beth JP Ferr 33294001944289
9th Thank You, Omu! Mora, Oge JP Mora 33294002068757
9th The Day You Begin Woodson, Jacqueline JP Wood 33294002069029
9th The Good Egg John, Jory JP John 33294002069003
9th The Paper Dolls Donaldson, Julia. JP Dona 33294001859248
9th There Was A Tree Isadora, Rachel. JP Isad 33294001883057
9th Things To Do Magliaro, Elaine JP Magl 33294002069011
9th We Don't Eat Our Classmates! Higgins, Ryan T. JP Higg 33294002068906

Large Print (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Sweet Stuff Kauffman, Donna. LP Kauf 33294001816370
2nd Otherwise Engaged Quick, Amanda LP Quic 33294001949320
3rd 11/22/63 King, Stephen 1947- LP King 33294001840263
3rd Behind The Beautiful Forevers : Life, Death, And Hope In A Mumbai Undercity Boo, Katherine. LP 305.5 Boo 33294001853456
3rd Coming Out Steel, Danielle. LP STEE 33294001507987
3rd Crash & Burn Gardner, Lisa LP Gard 33294001950500
3rd Johnny Angel Steel, Danielle. LP STEE 33294001310481
3rd Lavender Blue Kauffman, Donna LP Kauf 33294002041275
3rd Love's Abiding Joy Oke, Janette 1935- OKE 33294000972638
3rd Love's Long Journey Oke, Janette 1935- LP Oke 33294001801414
3rd Love's Unending Legacy Oke, Janette 1935- LP Oke 33294001816305
3rd My Sister, The Serial Killer Braithwaite, Oyinkan LP Brai 33294002075968
3rd Nemesis Coulter, Catherine LP Coul 33294001970169
3rd New Beginnings At Promise Lodge Hubbard, Charlotte 1953- LP Hubb 33294002077840
3rd Presumed Innocent Turow, Scott. TURO 33294000434696
3rd Roses Are Red : A Novel Patterson, James, 1947- LP Patt 33294001737600
3rd The Tea Girl Of Hummingbird Lane See, Lisa LP See 33294002025930
3rd When Bad Things Happen To Good People Kushner, Harold S. LP 296.3 KUSH 33294000171967

Multilingual Juvenile - First Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Inch-high Samurai McCarthy, Ralph F. MJP JAPA McCa 33294002081123

Multimedia - Playaway Views (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Arthur's Challenges J PV Arth 006 33294001798875
1st Munsch Classics And Other Stories Munsch, Robert N. 1945- J PV Muns 004 33294001798826

Oversize-Juvenile (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Inside The Hindenburg Majoor, Mireille. 629.133 MAJO 33294001305374
1st My First Canadian Atlas 912.71 MY 33294000793182
1st The Greek News : [the Greatest Newspaper In Civilization] Powell, Anton. 938 POWE 33294000961375

Paperbacks - Adult (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Alex Cross's Trial Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294001739903
1st Redemption Point Fox, Candice APb Fox 33294002069508
1st Sometimes I Lie Feeney, Alice APb Feen 33294002039733
1st The Liar Roberts, Nora APb Robe 33294002037588
5th A Woman's Fortune Cox, Josephine APb Cox 33294002048346
5th Betrayal : A Novel Steel, Danielle. Stee 33294001828847
5th Breaking Point Brennan, Allison APb Bren 33294002019024
5th Cut And Run Michaels, Fern APb Mich 33294002072684
5th Dark Sacred Night Connelly, Michael 1956- APb Conn 33294002066157
5th Deliver Us From Evil Baldacci, David. APb Bald 33294002014603
5th Don't Say A Word Barton, Beverly. APb Bart 33294001843580
5th Emperor : The Gates Of Rome Iggulden, Conn. APb Iggu 33294001765221
5th Fear No Evil : A Novel Brennan, Allison. APb Bren 33294001739200
5th Hollywood Crows Wambaugh, Joseph. Wamb 33294001651496
5th I Heard That Song Before Clark, Mary Higgins. CLAR 33294001920438
5th I Let You Go : A Novel Mackintosh, Clare APb Mack 33294002039915
5th Kill Alex Cross Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002020261
5th Memory Man Baldacci, David APb Bald 33294001963388
5th Nameless Night Ford, G. M. (Gerald M.) Ford 33294001664192
5th No Man's Land Baldacci, David APb Bald 33294002014546
5th Oryx And Crake Atwood, Margaret. APb Atwo 33294001909563
5th Overkill Bell, Ted APb Bell 33294002040673
5th Pieces Of Her : A Novel Slaughter, Karin 1971- APb Slau 33294002072767
5th Red Alert Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002042950
5th Safe And Sound Michaels, Fern APb Mich 33294001972157
5th Still Water : A Novel Stuart, Amy 1975- APb Stua 33294002074151
5th Stone Cold Box, C. J. APb Box 33294001913490
5th The Temple Mount Code Brokaw, Charles. APb Brok 33294001832740
5th The Bone Collector Deaver, Jeffery. APb Deav 33294001897891
5th The Book Of Negroes Hill, Lawrence 1957- APb Hill 33294001957778
5th The Cartel : A Novel Winslow, Don 1953- APb Wins 33294002051035
5th The Coffin Dancer Deaver, Jeffery. APb Deav 33294001764158
5th The Drop : A Novel Connelly, Michael 1956- APb Conn 33294001889013
5th The Enemy Of My Enemy Griffin, W. E. B. APb Grif 33294002066041
5th The First Lady Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002072668
5th The Innocent Baldacci, David. APb Bald 33294001854777
5th The Right Time : A Novel Steel, Danielle APb Stee 33294002017853
5th The Winter Sea Kearsley, Susanna 1966- APb Kear 33294001773670
5th Tuesday's Child Michaels, Fern APb Mich 33294001934686
5th Undercover : A Novel Steel, Danielle APb Stee 33294001959675
5th Winter Of The World Follett, Ken APb Foll 33294001927672
5th Winter Solstice : A Novel Hilderbrand, Elin APb Hild 33294002066058
5th You Don't Own Me Clark, Mary Higgins APb Clar 33294002065696

Paperbacks - Classics - Second Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Little Women Alcott, Louisa May 1832-1888 CPb ALCO 33294001051275
1st Two Novellas Fontane, Theodor 1819-1898 FONT 33294001395979

Paperbacks - Fantasy (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Sword Of Shannara Brooks, Terry. FPb Broo 33294001226588
2nd A Crown Of Swords Jordan, Robert 1948-2007 JORD 33294001494327
2nd Storm Cursed Briggs, Patricia FaPb Brig 33294002084101
2nd The Cloud Roads Wells, Martha FPb Well 33294002083913
2nd The Perfect Assassin Doore, K. A. FaPb Door 33294002084143

Paperbacks - Junior (Intermediate) (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Lucy Maud And Me Coady, Mary Frances. COAD 33294001514082
2nd Into The Land Of The Unicorns Coville, Bruce. COVI 33294001165869
3rd First Test Pierce, Tamora. PIER 33294001451228
3rd Lady Knight Pierce, Tamora. PB JInt Pier 33294001423821
3rd Pokemon : Mewtwo Strikes Back West, Tracey 1965- PB JInt Poke 33294001554880
3rd Silverwing Oppel, Kenneth. PB JInt Oppe 33294001840768
3rd Squire Pierce, Tamora. PB JInt Pier 33294001699800
3rd The Black Stallion Returns Farley, Walter 1915-1989 PB JInt FARL 33294001685437
3rd Time Cat : The Remarkable Journeys Of Jason And Gareth Alexander, Lloyd. ALEX 33294001512995

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary) (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Buffalo Before Breakfast Osborne, Mary Pope. PB JPri Osbo 33294001988401
1st Emily Prickleback's Clever Idea Meadows, Daisy PB JPri Mead 33294001968676
1st Evie Scruffypup's Big Surprise Meadows, Daisy PB JPri Mead 33294001968718
1st Lucy And The Magic Crystal Shields, Gillian. PB JPri SHIE 33294001576255
1st Mouse House Hunter Stilton, Geronimo PB JPri Stil 33294001971308
1st Tigers At Twilight : Magic Tree House Book 19 Osborne, Mary Pope PB JPri Osbo 33294002029379
7th A Fabumouse Vacation For Geronimo Stilton, Geronimo. PB JPri Stil 33294001442441
7th All About Ellie Barkley, Callie PB JPri Bark 33294001932094
7th Arthur Makes The Team Krensky, Stephen. PB JPri BROW 33294001544857
7th Beware, Pirates! Wishinsky, Frieda. PB JPri Wish 33294001989144
7th Ellie The Flower Girl Barkley, Callie PBJ Pri Bark 33294001994433
7th Field Trip To Niagara Falls Stilton, Geronimo. PB JPri Stil 33294001667245
7th Heidi Heckelbeck Makes A Wish Coven, Wanda PB JPri Cove 33294001994193
7th Hope The Happiness Fairy Meadows, Daisy. PB JPri Mead 33294001842582
7th Junie B. Jones Is A Party Animal. Park, Barbara. Pb JPri PARK 33294001507961
7th Lauren The Puppy Fairy Meadows, Daisy PB JPri Mead 33294002046639
7th Let's Get Cracking! Marko, Cyndi PB JPri Mark 33294002081529
7th Mall Madness Keene, Carolyn. PB JPri Keen 33294001632157
7th Mouse In Space Stilton, Geronimo. PB JPri Stil 33294001859537
7th Mouse Overboard! Stilton, Geronimo PB JPri Stil 33294001968551
7th Pokémon Academy. Pb JPri Poke 33294001758499
7th Scream For Ice Cream Keene, Carolyn. PB JPri Keen 33294001601913
7th Searching For Stinkodon McDonald, Megan PB JPri McDo 33294002074979
7th The Berenstain Bears And The Ghost Of The Auto Graveyard Berenstain, Stan 1923- PB JPri BERE 33294001544907
7th The Berenstain Bears And The School Scandal Sheet Berenstain, Stan 1923- PB JPri BERE 33294001544675
7th The Berenstain Bears Gotta Dance! Berenstain, Stan 1923-2005 PB JPri BERE 33294001167303
7th The Cinderella Ballet Mystery Keene, Carolyn. PB JPri Keen 33294001602325
7th The Mystery In Venice Stilton, Geronimo. PB JPri Stil 33294001859347
7th Thea Stilton And The Ice Treasure Stilton, Thea. PB JPri Stil 33294001932177
7th Thea Stilton And The Mystery In Paris Stilton, Thea PB JPri Stil 33294002043982

Paperbacks - Mystery (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Dying For A Cupcake Swanson, Denise MPb Swan 33294001927722
2nd A Good Day To Buy Harris, Sherry MPb Harr 33294002014355

Paperbacks - Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Mrs. Sherlock Holmes : The True Story Of New York's City's Greatest Female Detective And The 1917 Missing Girl Case That Captivated A Nation Ricca, Brad NFPb Ricc 33294002084028
1st Tao Teh Ching Laozi. TZU 33294001521434

Paperbacks - Romance (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st A Duke By Any Other Name Burrowes, Grace RPb Burr 33294002084531
1st Duke Too Far Ashford, Jane RPb Ashf 33294002083939
1st Every Bit A Rogue Basso, Adrienne RPb Bass 33294002083806
1st Orchard Valley Grooms Macomber, Debbie RPB Maco 33294002040699
1st Perfect Touch : A Novel Lowell, Elizabeth 1944- RPb Lowe 33294001986330

Paperbacks - Romance PN (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st When Pleasure Rules Beck, J. K. (Julie Kenner) PnPb Beck 33294001802958

Paperbacks - Science Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st One Day On Mars Taylor, Travis S. SfPb Tayl 33294001696525
1st The Way To Glory Drake, David. DRAK 33294001566421

Paperbacks - Westerns (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st West Texas Kill Boggs, Johnny D. WPb Bogg 33294001815356

Paperbacks - Young Adult (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Captive Smith, L. J. (Lisa J.) YA Pb SMIT 33294001237858
2nd In Search Of April Raintree Mosionier, Beatrice 1949- Pb Ya Cull 33294002031268
3rd The Invisible Man Wells, H. G. (Herbert George) 1866-1946 YAPb Well 33294000858134
3rd The Outsiders Hinton, S. E. Ya PB Hint 33294001393826

Quick Reads (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Cross-continent Bride Nelson, Catherine. QR 971.112 Nels 33294001858810
2nd Him Standing Wagamese, Richard QR Waga 33294001878016

Staff (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Learning Drupal 8 : Create Complex Websites Quickly And Easily Using The Building Blocks Of Drupal 8, The Most Powerful Version Of Drupal Yet Abbott, Nick Staff 006.76 Abbo 33294002081040

Talking Books (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Pride And Prejudice Austen, Jane 1775-1817 CDTB Aust 33294001911189
1st The Complete Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Adams, Douglas 1952-2001 CDTB Adam 33294001346923
1st The Invisible Man Wells, H. G. (Herbert George) 1866-1946 CDTB Well 33294001700574
4th Spanish For Dummies Audio Set Langemeier, Jessica LL 468.34 Lang 33294001882000
5th Lethally Blond White, Kate 1950- CDTB Whit 33294001910983

Adult DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st Baadasssss! DVD Bada 3156 33294001485853
1st Everything Is Illuminated DVD Ever 3278 33294001520311
1st Game Of Thrones : The Complete Fifth Season DVD Game 5647 s5v2 33294001998111
4th Game Of Thrones : The Complete Fifth Season DVD Game 5646 s5v1 33294005009436
4th Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire DVD Harr 4125 33294005005475
6th Game Of Thrones. The Complete Seventh Season DVD Game 6432 s7v1 33294002018513
6th Poldark. The Complete Fourth Season DVD Pold 6474 s4 33294005019484
8th Alaska, Silence & Solitude DVD 979.8 Swer 155 33294002088946
8th Dark Skies Ciel Obscur DVD Dark 5631 33294002088540
8th Game Of Thrones : The Complete Fourth Season DVD Game 5369 s4v2 33294005005004
8th Game Of Thrones : The Complete Fourth Season DVD Game 5368 s4v1 33294005005012
8th Game Of Thrones. The Complete Seventh Season DVD Game 6433 s7v2 33294002018463
8th Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. Part 1 DVD Harr 4129 33294001770379
8th Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. Part 2 DVD Harr 4129A 33294001787746
8th Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban DVD Harr 4122 33294001479740
8th The Last Samurai DVD Last 4241 33294001814557
8th The Sum Of All Fears DVD Sum 5257 33294005002506

Educational & Documentary DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st Prairie Giant The Tommy Douglas Story EDVD 971.24 Prai 090 33294001597772
2nd Dynamic Fabric Art Portraits Foolproof Step-by-step Process EDVD 746.46 Quil 421 33294005003561
2nd Great Battles Of WWII EDVD 940.54 Grea 386 33294005018783
2nd The Wildest Dream : Conquest Of Everest EDVD 796.5 Wild 285 33294005012315
2nd Titanic The Canadian Story EDVD 910.452 Tita 300 33294001817915
2nd War In The Pacific Collector's Edition EDVD 940.5 War 371 33294005017629

Juvenile DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st Frozen II JDVD Froz 1564 33294002078574
2nd Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses JDVD Barb 1486 33294001908672
2nd Frozen JDVD Froz 1387 33294002085934
2nd Monsters, Inc JDVD Mons 1307 33294001995133
2nd Mulan JDVD Mula 1289 33294001790518
2nd Over The Hedge JDVD Over 1291 33294001834027
2nd Prince Caspian And The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader JDVD Chro 1339 33294005001599
2nd Scooby-Doo And The Witch's Ghost JDVD Scoo 1477 33294001966738
2nd Scooby-Doo! And The Legend Of The Vampire JDVD Scoo 1478 33294001966746
2nd Scooby-Doo. Big Top Scooby-Doo! JDVD Scoo 1481 33294001978717
2nd The Silver Chair JDVD Chro 1340 33294005001607
2nd The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie JDVD Spon 1249 33294001787407