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Here are the most popular items by circulation over the previous 6 months at the Prince Rupert Library.

Updated: June 5th, 2021

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Daylight Baldacci, David [1960]- Bald 33294002097863
2nd The Evening And The Morning Follett, Ken Foll 33294002092450
2nd The Law Of Innocence Connelly, Michael 1956- Conn 33294002097459
4th Butter Honey Pig Bread : A Novel Ekwuyasi, Francesca 1990- Ekwu 33294002100998
4th The Glass Hotel Mandel, Emily St. John 1979- Mand 33294002080448
4th The Sentinel Child, Lee Chil 33294002095180
4th Walk The Wire Baldacci, David Bald 33294002082436
8th Alone In The Wild : A Rockton Novel Armstrong, Kelley Arms 33294002080224
8th Camino Winds : A Novel Grisham, John Gris 33294002084283
8th Chance Of A Lifetime Deveraux, Jude Deve 33294002092476
8th Coming Home Pilcher, Rosamunde. PILC 33294001775816
8th Deadly Touch Graham, Heather Grah 33294002090074
8th Invisible Girl : A Novel Jewell, Lisa Jewe 33294002096550
8th Jonny Appleseed : A Novel Whitehead, Joshua Whit 33294002051019
8th The Dirty South Connolly, John 1968- Conn 33294002097939
8th Westwind Rankin, Ian Rank 33294002072791

Adult Graphic Novels (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Sapiens : A Graphic History Volume One The Birth Of Humankind Harari, Yuval N. 909 Hara 33294002096923
2nd Dancing At The Pity Party : A Dead Mom Graphic Memoir Feder, Tyler 362.17 Fede 33294002098051
2nd Invincible : Ultimate Collection Volume 12 Kirkman, Robert 741.5 Kirk v.12 33294002023810
2nd Kimiko Does Cancer : A Graphic Memoir Tobimatsu, Kimiko 1989- 362.196 Tobi 33294002104487
5th American Gods. 2 My Ainsel Gaiman, Neil 741.5 Gaim 33294002068658
5th Canada At War : A Graphic History Of World War Two Keery, Paul 1958- 940.54 Keer 33294001809615
5th Invincible : The Ultimate Collection Volume 11 Kirkman, Robert 741.5 Kirk v.11 33294002001725
5th Invincible : Ultimate Collection Volume 10 Kirkman, Robert 741.5 Kirk v.10 33294001944701
5th Invincible : Ultimate Collection Volume 8 Kirkman, Robert 741.5 Kirk v.8 33294001930189
5th Invincible : Ultimate Collection Volume 9 Kirkman, Robert 741.5 Kirk v.9 33294001931401
5th Saga. Book Three Vaughan, Brian K. 741.5973 Vaug 33294002063022
5th Saga. Book Two Vaughan, Brian K. 741.5973 Vaug 33294002005221
5th Susanna Moodie : Roughing It In The Bush Shields, Carol 1935-2003 917.13042 Mood 33294001964634

Adult Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Untamed Doyle, Glennon 1976- 306.89 Doyl 33294002095040
2nd If I Knew Then : Finding Wisdom In Failure And Power In Aging Arden, Jann [1962]- 782.42164 Arde 33294002096501
3rd Full Catastrophe Living : Using The Wisdom Of Your Body And Mind To Face Stress, Pain, And Illness Kabat-Zinn, Jon. 155.9 Kaba 33294001650068
3rd Magnolia Table : A Collection Of Recipes For Gathering Gaines, Joanna 1978- 641.5 Gain 33294002092625
3rd The Home Edit Life : The No-guilt Guide To Owning What You Want And Organizing Everything Shearer, Clea 1982- 648.8 Shea 33294002097822
3rd The Salt Path Winn, Raynor 305.56 Winn 33294002070761
7th Dying Of Whiteness : How The Politics Of Racial Resentment Is Killing America's Heartland Metzl, Jonathan 1964- 362.10973 Metz 33294002093490
7th Highway Of Tears : A True Story Of Racism, Indifference And The Pursuit Of Justice For Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women And Girls McDiarmid, Jessica 362.88 McDi 33294002060598
7th No Time Like The Future : An Optimist Considers Mortality Fox, Michael J. 1961- 791.43 Fox 33294002098028
7th Potlatch As Pedagogy : Learning Through Ceremony Davidson, Sara Florence 1973- 971.1 Davi 33294002048619
7th The Plant Paradox : The Hidden Dangers In ""healthy"" Foods That Cause Disease And Weight Gain Gundry, Steven R. 582.13 Gund 33294002036705
7th White Fragility : Why It's So Hard To Talk To White People About Racism DiAngelo, Robin J. 305.8 DiAn 33294002080869

Biographies (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Born A Crime : Stories From A South African Childhood Noah, Trevor 1984- B Noah 33294001987171
2nd The Woman Who Says No : Françoise Gilot On Her Life With And Without Picasso Herwig, Malte Christian Walter 1972- B Gilo 33294002082485
3rd A Time To Dance, No Time To Weep Godden, Rumer 1907-1998 B GODD 33294000391557
3rd Here Comes Trouble : Stories From My Life Moore, Michael 1954 Apr. 23- B Moor 33294001781897
3rd King : William Lyon Mackenzie King : A Life Guided By The Hand Of Destiny Levine, Allan Gerald 1956- B King 33294001799238
3rd Traveling Mercies : Some Thoughts On Faith Lamott, Anne. B Lamo 33294001496132
7th Becoming Obama, Michelle 1964- B Obam 33294002032829
7th Hungry Heart : Adventures In Life, Love, And Writing Weiner, Jennifer B Wein 33294001976851
7th J.R.R. Tolkien : The Man Who Created The Lord Of The Rings Coren, Michael. B TOLK 33294001187541
7th Marilyn Monroe : The Biography Spoto, Donald 1941- B MONR 33294000696351
7th More Than Love : An Intimate Portrait Of My Mother, Natalie Wood Wagner, Natasha Gregson 1970- B Wood 33294002086585
7th Sala's Gift : My Mother's Holocaust Story Kirschner, Ann. B KIRS 33294001528694
7th The Reason You Walk Kinew, Wab 1981- B Kine 33294001944636
7th The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe Taraborrelli, J. Randy. B Monr 33294002005031
7th Truth Be Told : My Journey Through Life And The Law McLachlin, Beverley 1943- B McLa 33294002067478
7th What Remains : A Memoir Of Fate, Friendship, And Love Radziwill, Carole. B RADZ 33294001481472

CDs (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Hooked On Themes HOOK 33294001547173
1st The Romantic Moods Of Chopin. Reader's Digest Association (Canada) CD Chop 33294002043537
3rd Canto Gregoriano Catholic Church CANT 33294001584911
3rd Essential Ella 21 Ella Fitzgerald Classics Fitzgerald, Ella. FITZ 33294001566173
3rd Gamelan Music Of Bali Field Recordings By Master Ethnomusicologist Deben Bhattacharya GAME 33294002110310
3rd Gregorian Chants Brotherhood of St. Gregory BROT 33294005010723
3rd The Best Of John Lee Hooker The Millennium Collection Hooker, John Lee. CD Hook 33294002050805
3rd Unaccompanied Cello Suites Suiten Für Violoncello = Les Suites Pour Violoncelle Seul Bach, Johann Sebastian 1685-1750 CD Ma 33294002069367
3rd Vibrate MANH 33294001547009

Children's Area Toddlers (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Animal Music Donaldson, Julia JPT Dona 33294002055143
2nd Little Blue Truck's Springtime Schertle, Alice JPT Sche 33294002054823
3rd Amazing ABC Kenney, Sean JPT Kenn 33294001837236
3rd Batman And Robin Team Up! Lemke, Donald B. JPT Lemk 33294001894732
3rd Room On The Broom Donaldson, Julia JPT Dona 33294002055044
6th Classic Munsch Moods Munsch, Robert N. 1945- JPT Muns 33294002055622
6th EEK! Halloween! Boynton, Sandra JPT Boyn 33294002099075
6th Eency Weency Spider Wang, Margaret. JPT Wang 33294001896927
6th Fergus The Fire Engine Bently, Peter 1960- JPT Bent 33294002096626
6th Giggly Wiggly : Playtime Rhymes Rosen, Michael 1946- JPT Rose 33294002056067
6th Humpty Dumpty Yoon, Salina. JPT Yoon 33294001836089
6th I Am Sharing Mayer, Mercer 1943- JPT Maye 33294001841758
6th I'm A Firefighter Biggs, Brian JPT Bigg 33294002056174
6th If You're Spooky And You Know It Fronis, Aly JPT Fron 33294002099141
6th Little Blue Truck's Valentine Schertle, Alice JPT Sche 33294002099059
6th Lowly Worm's ABC Scarry, Richard JPT Scar 33294002056315
6th Peek-a-Bruce Higgins, Ryan T. JPT Higg 33294002056240
6th Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? Martin, Bill 1916-2004 JPT Mart 33294001900596
6th Potty Patricelli, Leslie JPT Patr 33294002055945
6th Quiet Loud Patricelli, Leslie. JPT Patr 33294001698356
6th Ride The Big Machines In Winter Mok, Carmen JPT Mok 33294001975481
6th Sheep Go To Sleep Shaw, Nancy (Nancy E.) JPT Shaw 33294002055135
6th The Very Cranky Bear Bland, Nick 1973- JPT Blan 33294002055689
6th There's A Bear On My Chair Collins, Ross JPT Coll 33294002055705
6th Tickle Time! Boynton, Sandra. JPT Boyn 33294001836105
6th Toot Toot Beep Beep Garcia, Emma 1969- JPT Garc 33294002038545
6th Why I Love British Columbia Howarth, Daniel JPT Howa 33294002024750

Juvenile Easy Readers (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st A Big Guy Took My Ball! Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001865252
2nd Let's Go For A Drive! Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001852821
2nd Look Out! A Storm! Milgrim, David JPE Begin 33294002075281
2nd Peter Pan Webster, Christy JPE Lev.1 33294001959154
2nd Scooby-doo! : Howling On The Playground Herman, Gail 1959- JPE Scoo 33294001257344
2nd Sisters Save The Day! Depken, Kristen L. JPE Lev.2 33294002075083
2nd There Is A Bird On Your Head! Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001685528
2nd We Are The Justice League! : A Collection Of Five Early Readers JPE Super 33294002076412
9th A Super First Day Foxe, Steve JPE Begin 33294002075489
9th Buzz Boy And Fly Guy Arnold, Tedd. JPE Arno 33294001793553
9th Duck, Duck, Dinosaur : Spring Smiles George, K. (Kallie) 1983- JPE Begin 33294002075463
9th I Really Like Slop! An Elephant & Piggie Book Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001969591
9th Spirit Riding Free. Meet The PALs Fox, Jennifer 1976- JPE Lev.1 33294002074961
9th This Is Hawkeye Wong, Clarissa,eauthor. JPE Supe 33294002094886
9th Watch Me Throw The Ball! Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001666395
9th We Are In A Book! Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001793710

Juvenile Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Diary Of A Wimpy Kid : The Ugly Truth Kinney, Jeff J Kinn 33294001771492
2nd A Court Of Thorns And Roses Maas, Sarah J. J Maas 33294001994797
2nd A Study In Charlotte Cavallaro, Brittany J Cava 33294001967074
2nd Bright April De Angeli, Marguerite 1889-1987 J DEA 33294000214924
2nd Diary Of A Wimpy Kid : Cabin Fever Kinney, Jeff. J Kinn 33294001845601
2nd Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. The Getaway Book 12 Kinney, Jeff J Kinn 33294002066959
2nd Pine Island Home Horvath, Polly J Horv 33294002098473
2nd Starbird Murphy And The World Outside Finneyfrock, Karen. J Finn 33294001888536
2nd The Seventh Wish Messner, Kate J Mess 33294001974641
10th Beyond The Deepwoods Stewart, Paul J STEW 33294001395946
10th Diary Of A Wimpy Kid : Double Down Kinney, Jeff J Kinn 33294001977107
10th The Princess In Black And The Perfect Princess Party Hale, Shannon J Hale 33294002058055
10th The Book Thief Zusak, Markus. J ZUSA 33294001559947
10th The Mystery Of The Dinosaur Discovery Moss, Helen 1964- J Moss 33294001944966
10th The Mystery Of The Drowning Man Moss, Helen J Moss 33294001944958
10th The Red Pyramid Riordan, Rick. J Rior 33294002044113

Juvenile Graphic Novels (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Dog Man. Brawl Of The Wild Pilkey, Dav 1966- J Pilk 33294002050813
1st Hilda And The Mountain King Pearson, Luke J Pear 33294002063006
1st Kristy's Great Idea : A Graphic Novel Telgemeier, Raina J Mart 33294001929876
1st Lunch Lady And The Mutant Mathletes Krosoczka, Jarrett J Kros 33294001828466
1st Mr. Wolf's Class. Lucky Stars Steinke, Aron Nels J Stei 33294002060788
1st Mr. Wolf's Class. Mystery Club Steinke, Aron Nels J Stei 33294002067338
1st Plants Vs. Zombies. Petal To The Metal Tobin, Paul 1965- J Plan 33294001977412
1st Revenge Of The Lizard Club Stilton, Thea J Stil 33294001880384
1st Sisters Telgemeier, Raina J Telg 33294001942655
1st Thea Stilton, The Secret Of Whale Island Stilton, Thea J Stil 33294001880392

Juvenile Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st A Beetle Is Shy Aston, Dianna Hutts J 595.76 Asto 33294002098531
1st Meet Viola Desmond MacLeod, Elizabeth J 971.600496 MacL 33294002075901
1st Why Don't Cars Run On Apple Juice? : Real Science Questions From Real Kids Vermond, Kira J 500 Verm 33294002077279
4th A Rock Is Lively Aston, Dianna Hutts J 552 Asto 33294002094274
4th Curiosity : The Story Of A Mars Rover Motum, Markus J 629.295 Motu 33294002074797
4th Everything & Everywhere : A Fact-filled Adventure For Curious Globe-trotters Martin, Marc J 030 Mart 33294002074805
4th If Sharks Disappeared Williams, Lily J 597.3 Will 33294002075885
4th LEGO Minifigure Handbook Dolan, Hannah J 688.7 Dola 33294002097434
4th Pokémon Ultimate Handbook Silvestri, Cris J 793.932 Silv 33294002034312
10th 100 Ways To Rebuild The World Murray, Helen (Senior editor) J 688.7 Murr 33294002094258
10th Earth! : My First 4.54 Billion Years McAnulty, Stacy J 550 McAn 33294002067361
10th Frog Huseby, Victoria. J 597.89 Huse 33294001755800
10th I Face The Wind Cobb, Vicki. J 551.51 COBB 33294001385442
10th Ocean Animals From Head To Tail Roderick, Stacey J 591.77 Rode 33294002067783

Juvenile Picture Books (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Disney Bedtime Favorites. JP Disn 33294001945286
1st Flash, The Little Fire Engine Calvert, Pam JP Calv 33294002098135
3rd Disney Princess : The Essential Guide Saxon, Victoria JP Saxo 33294002074714
3rd Horton Hears A Who! Seuss Dr JP Seus 33294002081636
3rd I Promise James, LeBron JP Jame 33294002097111
3rd Mr. Monkey Bakes A Cake Mack, Jeff JP Mack 33294002098390
3rd Peppa Pig And The Day Of Giving Thanks. JP Pepp 33294002097194
3rd Sometimes I Cry... Sometimes I Laugh... Mariella Fridjonsdottir, Kristin JP Mari 33294002077089
3rd The Cool Bean John, Jory JP John 33294002097178
3rd The Great Grizzlies Go Home Hilgemann, Judy JP Hilg 33294002082642
3rd The Lemon Tart McChesney, Sarah JP McCh 33294002099042
3rd Things To Do Magliaro, Elaine JP Magl 33294002069011

Large Print (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Tenderness Garlock, Dorothy. GARL 33294000972844
1st The White Mouse Wake, Nancy LP B Wake 33294000264762
3rd Kingdom Of The Blind Penny, Louise LP Penn 33294002076362
3rd Vendetta In Death Robb, J. D. 1950- LP Robb 33294002086023
5th A Better Man Penny, Louise LP Penn 33294002091569
5th A World Full Of Strangers Freeman, Cynthia. FREE 33294000648899
5th Angel Bradford, Barbara Taylor 1933- BRAD 33294000679704
5th Before We Were Yours Wingate, Lisa LP Wing 33294002075984
5th Blueprints Delinsky, Barbara LP Deli 33294001970219
5th Clippings From My Notebook Ten Boom, Corrie. LP B TEN 33294000169193
5th Five Little Pigs Christie, Agatha 1890-1976 CHRI 33294000464776
5th Golden In Death Robb, J. D. 1950- LP Robb 33294002092948
5th Heartland Brandewyne, Rebecca. BRAN 33294000973461
5th Into The Storm : A Novel Brockmann, Suzanne. BROC 33294001514280
5th No Regrets Adler, Elizabeth (Elizabeth A.) ADLE 33294001036946
5th One Breath Away Gudenkauf, Heather. LP Gude 33294001840081
5th Rainwater : A Novel Brown, Sandra 1948- LP Brow 33294001758564
5th Red Mist Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. LP Corn 33294001840230
5th Seasons Of The Heart Freeman, Cynthia. FREE 33294000124644
5th The 8th Confession Patterson, James 1947- LP Patt 33294001671569
5th The First Rule : A Joe Pike Novel Crais, Robert. LP Crai 33294001759349
5th The Good Lord Bird McBride, James 1957- LP McBr 33294001891753
5th The Guest Book Blake, Sarah 1960- LP Blak 33294002089035
5th The Professional Parker, Robert B. 1932-2010 LP Park 33294001740034
5th The Rise Of Magicks Roberts, Nora LP Robe 33294002097376
5th The Tea Girl Of Hummingbird Lane See, Lisa LP See 33294002025930
5th They Called Her Mrs. Doc Oke, Janette 1935- LP Oke 33294000972935
5th Thunder Point Higgins, Jack 1929- HIGG 33294000973024
5th Variation On A Theme Delinsky, Barbara. DELI 33294001207422

Multimedia - Playaway Views (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Arthur's Challenges J PV Arth 006 33294001798875
1st Best Of Sesame J PV Sesa 008 33294001798974
3rd Bedtime With Sesame J PV Sesa 009 33294001799022
3rd New Classics From Annick Press J PV Muns 003 33294001799220

Oversize-Juvenile (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Lost Words : A Spell Book Macfarlane, Robert 1976- OJ 821.92 Macf 33294002037877
2nd Dinosaur! : Dinosaurs And Other Amazing Prehistoric Creatures As You've Never Seen Them Before Woodward, John 1954- OJ 567.9 Wood 33294001918135
2nd Dinosaurs Everywhere! Harrison, Carol 1953- OJ 567.9 Harr 33294001755289
2nd The Reader's Digest Children's Atlas Of The World OJ 912 READ 33294001058544
5th The Reader's Digest Children's Atlas Of The Universe Burnham, Robert 1947- OJ 523.2 READ 33294001151208
6th Atlas Of Dinosaur Adventures Hawkins, Emily OJ 567.9 Hawk 33294002021871
6th My First Canadian Atlas OJ 912.71 MY 33294000793182
6th Star Wars : The Complete Visual Dictionary Reynolds, David West OJ 791 Reyn 33294001720986
6th Star Wars : Incredible Cross-sections Reynolds, David West. OJ 791.4 Reyn 33294001720937

Paperbacks - Adult (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Outsider : A Novel King, Stephen 1947- APb King 33294002086668
2nd The Night Fire Connelly, Michael 1956- APb Conn 33294002097319
2nd The Viscount Who Loved Me Bridgerton Book 2 Quinn, Julia 1970- APb Quin 33294002101582
4th An Echo In The Bone : A Novel Gabaldon, Diana. APb Gaba 33294002030393
4th Bloody Genius : A Virgil Flowers Novel Sandford, John APb Sand 33294002092005
4th Chasing The Night An Eve Duncan Novel Johansen, Iris. APb Joha 33294001787381
4th Cold As Ice Brennan, Allison APb Bren 33294002097384
4th Long Road To Mercy Baldacci, David APb Bald 33294002080703
4th Private India Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294001969906
4th Redemption Baldacci, David APb Bald 33294002086627
4th The A List Jance, Judith A. APb Janc 33294002080661
4th The Family Lawyer : Thrillers Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002092021
4th The Girl Who Lived Twice Lagercrantz, David APb Lage 33294002069441
4th The Guardians : A Novel Grisham, John APb Gris 33294002086650
4th The Inn Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002099349
4th The River Murders : Thrillers Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002104396

Paperbacks - Classics - Second Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st My Happy Days In Hell. Falu 33294000039248
2nd Bear Engel, Marian 1933- Enge 33294000055533
2nd The Catcher In The Rye Salinger, J. D. (Jerome David) 1919-2010 CPb Sali 33294001233733
4th Animal Farm : A Fairy Story Orwell, George 1903-1950 CPb Orwe 33294001756360
4th Jane Eyre Brontë, Charlotte 1816-1855 Bron 33294001657907
4th Pride And Prejudice Austen, Jane 1775-1817 Aust 33294001657410
7th Emma. Aust 33294001848845
7th Great Expectations. Dick 33294001321421
7th Grimms' Fairy Tales Grimm, Jacob 1785-1863 CPb Grim 33294002018216
7th The Prince Machiavelli, Niccolò 1469-1527 CPb Mach 33294001744929

Paperbacks - Fantasy (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Beyond The Shadows Weeks, Brent. FaPb Week 33294001892900
1st Tracing The Shadow. Ash, Sarah. FaPb Ash 33294001765189
3rd The Enchantment Emporium Huff, Tanya. FaPb Huff 33294001737675
4th Changing Planes Le Guin, Ursula K. LEGU 33294001448174
4th Closer To The Heart Lackey, Mercedes FPb Lack 33294001978923
4th False Value Aaronovitch, Ben 1964- FPb Aaro 33294002103299
4th Storm Cursed Briggs, Patricia FaPb Brig 33294002084101
4th The Serpent Sea Wells, Martha FPb Well 33294002074193
9th Children Of The Night : A Diana Tregarde Investigation Lackey, Mercedes. FPb Lack 33294001657675
9th Good Omens : The Nice And Accurate Prophecies Of Agnes Nutter, Witch : A Novel Pratchett, Terry FPb Prat 33294002066199
9th Heart Of Black Ice : Sister Of Darkness Goodkind, Terry FPb Good 33294002104347
9th Lord Of The Isles Drake, David. Drak 33294001643758
9th Outcasts Of Order Modesitt, L. E. Jr 1943- FPb Mode 33294002048361
9th Shadow Kingdoms : The Weird Works Of Robert E. Howard Vol. 1 Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin) 1906-1936 FaPb Howa 33294001576099
9th The King Of The Crags Deas, Stephen 1968- FaPb Deas 33294001782507

Paperbacks - Junior (Intermediate) (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Wolves Of The Beyond: Lone Wolf Lasky, Kathryn PB Jint Lask 33294002100899
2nd Boy-crazy Stacey Martin, Ann M. 1955- PB JInt Mart 33294002098747
2nd Jane Of Latern Hill Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud) 1874-1942 PB JInt MONT 33294000950287
2nd Kickoff To Danger Dixon, Franklin W. Pb JInt DIXO 33294001286731
2nd Mystery At Lake Placid MacGregor, Roy 1948- PB JInt MACG 33294001982859
2nd Secret Of The Water Dragon West, Tracey 1965- PB JInt West 33294002098804
2nd The BFG Dahl, Roald. PB JInt Dahl 33294001871870
2nd The Screech Owls' Northern Adventure MacGregor, Roy 1948- PB JInt MACG 33294002019941
9th A Dog's Porpoise Ross, M. C. PB JInt Ross 33294002066835
9th A Handful Of Time Pearson, Kit 1947- PBJI Pear 33294001614742
9th A Hive For The Honeybee Lally, Soinbhe. PB JInt LALL 33294000928887
9th A Wrinkle In Time L'Engle, Madeleine PB JInt L'En 33294002104925
9th Beauty : A Retelling Of The Story Of Beauty And The Beast McKinley, Robin. PB JInt MCKI 33294000857078
9th Claudia, Queen Of The Seventh Grade. Martin, Ann M. PB JInt Mart 33294001721984
9th Diary Of A 6th Grade Ninja. 3 Rise Of The Red Ninjas Emerson, Marcus PB JInt Emer 33294002075547
9th Dream Pony Susannah Leigh. PB JInt Leig 33294001902725
9th Emily Windsnap And The Monster From The Deep. Kessler, Liz. Pb JInt KESS 33294001583814
9th Exile Lasky, Kathryn Pb JInt Lask 33294001950278
9th Going Solo Dahl, Roald. Pb JInt B DAHL 33294001534155
9th Journey Under The Sea Montgomery, R. A. PB JInt Mont 33294001866151
9th Kristy And The Snobs Martin, Ann M. 1955- PB JInt Mart 33294002098770
9th Kristy's Big Day Martin, Ann M. 1955- PB JInt Mart 33294002098721
9th Spirit Wolf. Lasky, Kathryn PB JInt Lask 33294002100915
9th The Japanese Tsunami, 2011 Tarshis, Lauren. PB JInt Tars 33294001989110
9th The Case Of The Clown Carnival Sutton, Laurie S. PB JInt Scoo 33294002024693
9th The Conspiracy Applegate, K. A. PB JInt APPL 33294001070911
9th The Curse Of Atlantis Sutton, Laurie PB JInt Scoo 33294002024925
9th The Great Gilly Hopkins Paterson, Katherine. PB JInt Pate 33294001748870
9th The Hiding Place Cook, Lyn. PB JInt COOK 33294001071547
9th The Lake Of Tears Rodda, Emily. PB JInt Rodd 33294001866094
9th To Kill A Queen : An Elizabethan Girl's Diary, 1583-1586 Wilding, Valerie. PB JInt Wild 33294001902600
9th Under A Shooting Star Trottier, Maxine. PB JInt TROT 33294001235282
9th Waiting To Dive Rivers, Karen 1970- PB JInt RIVE 33294001204759
9th Wolves Of The Beyond : Star Wolf Lasky, Kathryn PB JInt Lask 33294002100881
9th Woodsong Paulsen, Gary. PB JInt Paul 33294001748763

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary) (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Eva In The Spotlight Elliott, Rebecca PB JPri Elli 33294002096832
2nd Grovyle Trouble West, Tracey 1965- Pb JPri Poke 33294001758267
2nd Mouse House Hunter Stilton, Geronimo PB JPri Stil 33294001971308
2nd Shipwrecked Park, Barbara. PB JPri PARK 33294001436104
2nd Song Of The Poison Dragon West, Tracey 1965- PB JPri West 33294002094357
2nd Thea Stilton And The Journey To The Lion's Den Stilton, Thea. Pb JPri Stil 33294001996040
7th Batman, The Brave And The Bold. Grodd's Army West, Tracey 1965- Pb JPri Batm 33294001758069
7th Bo And The Dragon-pup Elliott, Rebecca PB JPri Elli 33294002093672
7th Bo's Magical New Friend Elliott, Rebecca PB JPri Elli 33294002096824
7th Geronimo Stilton. The Golden Statue Plot Stilton, Geronimo. PB JPri Stil 33294001880343
7th Nate The Great Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman PB JPri Shar 33294001983881
7th Olivia Nibblesqueak's Messy Mischief Meadows, Daisy PB JPri Mead 33294001968700
7th Power Of The Fire Dragon West, Tracey 1965- PB JPri West 33294002098796
7th Skunked! Kelly, Jacqueline PB JPri Kell 33294002096808
7th Sleepover Sleuths Keene, Carolyn. PB JPri Keen 33294001818442
7th Sophie Flufftail's Brave Plan Meadows, Daisy JPb(P) Mead 33294001968668
7th Thea Stilton And The Black Forest Burglary Stilton, Thea PB JPri Stil 33294002076941

Paperbacks - Mystery (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st A Cast-off Coven : A Witchcraft Mystery Blackwell, Juliet. MPb Blac 33294001726710
1st A Dark And Twisting Path Buckley, Julia 1964- MPb Buck 33294002053569
1st A Ghostly Light Blackwell, Juliet MPb Blac 33294002014025
1st Curiosity Thrilled The Cat : A Magical Cats Mystery Kelly, Sofie 1958- MPb Kell 33294001773621
1st Dead With The Wind James, Miranda MPb Jame 33294001957794
1st Death In Dark Blue Buckley, Julia 1964- MPb Buck 33294001808575
1st Death Loves A Messy Desk Maffini, Mary Jane. MPb Maff 33294001675842
1st Death Waits In The Dark Buckley, Julia 1964- MPb Buck 33294002083889
1st Fleshmarket Close Rankin, Ian. MPb Rank 33294001692136
1st Hallowe'en Party Christie, Agatha 1890-1976 MPb Chri 33294001875301
1st Secondhand Spirits : A Witchcraft Mystery Blackwell, Juliet. MPb Blac 33294001691526
1st The Brutal Telling : [an Inspector Gamache Crime Novel] Penny, Louise. MPb Penn 33294001759125
1st Tooth And Nail Rankin, Ian. MPb Rank 33294001875145

Paperbacks - Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Britney : The Unauthorized Biography Smith, Sean 1955- BPb Smit 33294001721653

Paperbacks - Romance (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st A Real Prince Macomber, Debbie RPb Maco 33294001933076
1st The Billionaire In Boots London, Julia RPb Lond 33294002084200
3rd An Offer From A Gentleman Bridgerton Book 3 Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002099489
3rd It's In His Kiss Bridgerton Book 7 Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002101772
3rd Lie With Me : A Shadow Force Novel Tyler, Stephanie. RPb Tyle 33294001874965
3rd Motorcycle Man Ashley, Kristen RPb Ashl 33294002019479
3rd On The Way To The Wedding Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002103232
3rd Promise Canyon Carr, Robyn RPb Carr 33294002037489
3rd Romancing Mister Bridgerton Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002101764
3rd The Gamble Ashley, Kristen RPb Ashl 33294001901909
3rd The Other Miss Bridgerton Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002105054
3rd To Sir Phillip, With Love Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002103240
3rd When He Was Wicked Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002101798
3rd Window On The Bay : A Novel Macomber, Debbie RPb Maco 33294002080729

Paperbacks - Romance PN (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Darkness Dawns Duvall, Dianne. PnPb Duva 33294001802685
1st Stygian's Honor Leigh, Lora. PnPb Leig 33294001911569
1st Vampires Are Forever Sands, Lynsay. PnPb Sand 33294001963230

Paperbacks - Science Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Parable Of The Sower Butler, Octavia E. BUTL 33294001234566
2nd Cagebird Lowhchee, Karin. LOWH 33294001433119
2nd Spin Wilson, Robert Charles. SfPb Wils 33294001689017
4th Alien Hunter : Underworld, A Flynn Carroll Thriller Strieber, Whitley SFPb Stri 33294001931914
4th Foundation And Empire Asimov, Isaac 1920-1992- SfPb Asim 33294001875459
4th Manifold: Origin Baxter, Stephen. BAXT 33294001276849
4th Prelude To Foundation Asimov, Isaac 1920-1992 SfPb Asim 33294001875467
4th The End Of All Things Scalzi, John 1969- SFPB Scal 33294001961416
4th The Return Aldrin, Buzz. SfPb Aldr 33294001989722

Paperbacks - Westerns (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Incident At Gunn Point Cotton, Ralph W. WPb Cott 33294001772243
2nd Shotgun Charlie : A Ralph Compton Novel Mayo, Matthew P. WPb Comp 33294001933555
2nd Tucker's Reckoning : A Ralph Compton Novel Mayo, Matthew P. WPb Comp 33294001874148
4th A Knife In The Heart Johnstone, William W. WPb John 33294002096725
4th Blood On The Gallows : A Ralph Compton Novel West, Joseph A. WPb Comp 33294001809821
4th California! Ross, Dana Fuller. WPb Ross 33294001948876
4th Dead Man's Ranch : A Ralph Compton Novel Mayo, Matthew P. WPb Comp 33294001809920
4th Death Rides Alone Johnstone, William W. WPb John 33294001958545
4th Dodge City Braun, Matt 1932- WPb Brau 33294001857432
4th Fighting Men Cotton, Ralph W. WPb Cott 33294001721687
4th Guns Of Wolf Valley Cotton, Ralph W. WPb Cott 33294001827781
4th Hanging In Wild Wind Cotton, Ralph W. WPb Cott 33294001771799
4th Inferno Johnstone, J. A. WPb John 33294001782051
4th Jury Of Six Braun, Matt 1932- WPb Brau 33294001874197
4th Justice Cotton, Ralph W. WPb Cott 33294001768449
4th Moon Medicine Blakely, Mike. WPb Blak 33294001781350
4th North To The Salt Fork : A Ralph Compton Novel Richards, Dusty. WPb Comp 33294001719269
4th Payback At Big Silver Cotton, Ralph W. WPb Cott 33294001943547
4th Phantom Hill : A Ralph Compton Novel Stowers, Carlton WPb Comp 33294001964469
4th Return To Red River Boggs, Johnny D. WPB Bogg 33294001961523
4th Riders Of The Purple Sage Grey, Zane 1872-1939 WPb Grey 33294002096782
4th Rough Justice Brandt, Lyle 1951- WPb Bran 33294001930205
4th Showdown At Juniper Pass Conwell, Kent. WPb Conw 33294001734169
4th Straight To The Noose : A Ralph Compton Novel Galloway, Marcus. WPb Comp 33294001931955
4th Stryker's Revenge : A Ralph Compton Novel West, Joseph A. WPb Comp 33294001707298
4th The Dawn Of Fury Compton, Ralph WPb Comp 33294001963156
4th The Ghost Of Apache Creek : A Ralph Compton Novel West, Joseph A. WPb Comp 33294001809961
4th The Last Lawman Brandvold, Peter. WPb Bran 33294001854207
4th The Old Wolves : A Rusty Spurr Novel Brandvold, Peter WPb Bran 33294001874189
4th The Rider Of Phantom Canyon Bendell, Don WPb Bend 33294001958495
4th Tin Star : A Ralph Compton Western Lowry, Jackson WPb Lowr 33294002084150
4th Wildfire Cotton, Ralph W. WPb Cott 33294001826056
4th Wyoming! Ross, Dana Fuller. WPb Ross 33294001951326

Paperbacks - Young Adult (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Letters From A Slave Girl : The Story Of Harriet Jacobs Lyons, Mary E. YAPb LYON 33294001552447
1st Lord Of The Deep Salisbury, Graham. YAPb SALI 33294001556844
1st White Wave Razzell, Mary 1930- YAPb R 33294000838664

Quick Reads (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Next Sure Thing Wagamese, Richard. QR Waga 33294001878024
2nd Him Standing Wagamese, Richard QR Waga 33294001878016

Talking Books (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Eragon Paolini, Christopher. J PTB Paol 33294001916352
1st Spanish For Dummies Audio Set Langemeier, Jessica LL 468.34 Lang 33294001882000
3rd Geronimo Stilton. The Secret Of Cacklefur Castle. Field Trip To Niagra Falls Stilton, Geronimo. J PTB Stil 33294001916360
3rd Land Of Wolves Johnson, Craig 1961- CDTB John 33294002078038
3rd Long Road To Mercy Baldacci, David CDTB Bald 33294002031292
3rd Surfside Sisters A Novel Thayer, Nancy 1943- CDTB Thay 33294002073385
3rd The Fallen Baldacci, David CDTB Bald 33294002027324
3rd The Fox Forsyth, Frederick 1938- CDTB Fors 33294002031318
3rd The Universe In A Nutshell Hawking, S. W. (Stephen W.) CDTB 530.12 Hawk 33294002052181
3rd Tidelands : A Novel Gregory, Philippa CDTB Greg 33294002083095
3rd Unsolved Patterson, James 1947- CDTB Patt 33294002070944

Adult DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st Carolina DVD Caro 3389 33294001581685
2nd Being Erica. Season One Complete DVD Bein 3887 S1D1 33294001730613
2nd Being Erica. Season One Complete DVD Bein 3889 S1D3 33294001730662
2nd Crossroads DVD Cros 5243 33294005002738
2nd Local Color DVD Loca 5984 33294001994656
2nd Scarlett DVD Gone 6475 33294002074524
2nd Spaghetti Westerns DVD Spag 4453 V. 1 Discs 1-2 33294001825645
2nd Spaghetti Westerns DVD Spag 4454 V.2 Discs 3-5 33294001825702
9th Footloose DVD Foot 3105 33294001631449
9th Game Of Thrones. The Complete Seventh Season DVD Game 6433 s7v2 33294002018463
9th Game Of Thrones. The Complete Seventh Season DVD Game 6432 s7v1 33294002018513
9th Grantchester. [Season 1] DVD Gran 5423 s.1 33294005006317
9th Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets DVD Harr 4121 33294001746056
9th Lawrence Of Arabia DVD Lawr 5886 33294001984517
9th Patch Adams DVD Patc 3933 33294001731009

Educational & Documentary DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st Yoga Meltdown. Levels 1 & 2 Workouts EDVD 613.9 Yoga 449 33294005006846
2nd Fun And Free Watercolor Landscapes Woodland Pasture EDVD 751.4 Redh 340 33294005013123
2nd Fun With Watercolors Great Blue Heron EDVD 751.4 Redh 339 33294005013115
2nd Pouring Watercolors Cordoba Cafe EDVD 751.4 Redh 341 33294005013131
2nd The Smart One, Dempsey Bob Master Tahltan-Tlingit Carver, His Insight, His Influence EDVD 709.711 Bob 108 33294001642883
6th Ali Howard Awakening The Skeena An Epic Journey. A Fragile Wilderness Under Siege. An Uncertain Future And A Call To Action EDVD 639.9 Eddy 225 33294001758663
6th Dog The Bounty Hunter. The Best Of Season 1, 2 & 3 EDVD 791.45 Dog 212 s2 33294001674365
6th Out Of The Wild. The Alaska Experiment EDVD 979.8 Out 443 33294005005566

Juvenile DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st Ice Age. Continental Drift JDVD Ice 1483 33294005019476
1st The 13 Ghosts Of Scooby-Doo. The Complete Series JDVD Scoo 1521 33294005019336
3rd Curious George JDVD Curi 1302 33294001783935
3rd Ice Age: The Meltdown JDVD Ice 1305 33294001908458
3rd Ice Age. Dawn Of The Dinosaurs 3D JDVD Ice 1445 33294005007406
6th Frozen II JDVD Froz 1564 33294002078574
6th Tiny Toon Adventures. Season 1, Volume 2 JDVD Tiny 1349 d.1&2 33294002042208
8th Magic School Bus. Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! JDVD Magi 1029 33294001516210
8th Yu-Gi-Oh! Waking The Dragons : 4.1 A New Evil JDVD YuGi 1587 33294002099927
10th Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses JDVD Barb 1486 33294001908672
10th Frozen JDVD Froz 1387 33294002085934
10th Hop JDVD Hop 1359 33294005018379
10th Ice Age JDVD Ice 1174 33294001908441
10th Pokémon The Movie 2000 JDVD Poke 1309 33294001813336
10th Schoolhouse Rock! JDVD Scho 1455 33294005008511
10th Scooby-Doo!. Camp Scare JDVD Scoo 1482 33294001978725
10th Scooby-doo! Pirates Ahoy! JDVD Scoo 1475 33294001966712
10th The Chronicles Of Narnia The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe JDVD Chro 1338 33294002050516
10th The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie JDVD Spon 1249 33294001787407
10th The Adventures Of Paddington Bear JDVD Padd 1053 33294001596766
10th Tiny Toon Adventures. Season 1, Volume 1 JDVD Tiny 1348 d.3&4 33294005016688