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Here are the most popular items by circulation over the previous 6 months at the Prince Rupert Library.

Updated: September 2nd, 2021

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Evening And The Morning Follett, Ken Foll 33294002092450
2nd A Gambling Man Baldacci, David Bald 33294002108231
2nd Deadly Cross Patterson, James 1947- Patt 33294002103075
2nd Faithless In Death Robb, J. D. 1950- Robb 33294002103091
2nd Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Evolution Freeman, Brian 1963- Free 33294002103042
2nd Sooley : A Novel Grisham, John Gris 33294002108082
2nd The Dirty South Connolly, John 1968- Conn 33294002097939
8th A Terrible Beauty Alexander, Tasha 1969- Alex 33294001997303
8th A Time For Mercy Grisham, John Gris 33294002108850
8th All The Colors Of Night Krentz, Jayne Ann Kren 33294002103182
8th Daylight Baldacci, David [1960]- Bald 33294002097863
8th Fair Warning Connelly, Michael 1956- Conn 33294002083616
8th Hidden In Plain Sight Archer, Jeffrey 1940- Arch 33294002097756
8th In The Shadow Of Vesuvius Alexander, Tasha 1969- Alex 33294002072601
8th Indians On Vacation : A Novel King, Thomas 1943- King 33294002101038
8th Jonny Appleseed : A Novel Whitehead, Joshua Whit 33294002051019
8th King And Maxwell Baldacci, David. Bald 33294001870757
8th Missing And Endangered Jance, Judith A. Janc 33294002104727
8th Return Of The Trickster Robinson, Eden Robi 33294002105039
8th Serpentine Kellerman, Jonathan Kell 33294002106870
8th The Four Winds : A Novel Hannah, Kristin Hann 33294002101483
8th The Lady Brewer Of London : A Novel Brooks, Karen (Australian author) Broo 33294002101228
8th The Last Garden In England : A Novel Kelly, Julia 1986- Kell 33294002105112
8th Walk The Wire Baldacci, David Bald 33294002082436
8th Win : A Novel Coben, Harlan 1962- Cobe 33294002107803

Adult Graphic Novels (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st A Study In Scarlet : A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel Doyle, Arthur Conan Sir 1859-1930 741.5 Doyl 33294001878248
1st Kimiko Does Cancer : A Graphic Memoir Tobimatsu, Kimiko 1989- 362.196 Tobi 33294002104487
3rd Barely Functional Adult : It'll All Make Sense Eventually Ng, Meichi B Ng 33294002104412
3rd Sapiens : A Graphic History Volume One The Birth Of Humankind Harari, Yuval N. 909 Hara 33294002096923
3rd The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse Mackesy, Charlie 741.5 Mack 33294002080935
6th A Game Of Thrones : The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 Abraham, Daniel. 741.5 Mart 33294001843093
6th Chicken Rising Boyd, D. (Dawn) 741.5 Boyd 33294002061877
6th Daytripper: The Deluxe Edition Moon, Fábio 741.5 Moon 33294002104966
6th In-between Days : A Graphic Memoir About Living With Cancer Harrison, Teva 1976- 362.196 Harr 33294001967496
6th Monstress. Volume One Awakening Liu, Marjorie M 741.5 Liu v.1 33294002035038
6th Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 : The Authorized Adaptation Hamilton, Tim. 741.5 Brad 33294002009298
6th Susanna Moodie : Roughing It In The Bush Shields, Carol 1935-2003 917.13042 Mood 33294001964634
6th Talking To Strangers : A Memoir Of My Escape From A Cult Boucher, Marianne 289.96 Bouc 33294002116622
6th The Boys : Omnibus Volume One Ennis, Garth 741.5 Enni 33294002109346
6th The Night Bookmobile Niffenegger, Audrey. 741.5 NIff 33294001748813

Adult Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st How To Build Your Own Greenhouse : Designs And Plans To Meet Your Growing Needs Marshall, Roger. 690.8924 Mars 33294001826429
2nd A History Of Magic, Witchcraft, & The Occult 133.4 Hist 33294002091254
2nd Decks & Patios For Dummies Beckstrom, Robert J. 690.893 BECK 33294001041664
2nd Mindfulness For Beginners : Reclaiming The Present Moment--and Your Life Kabat-Zinn, Jon 158.1 Kaba 33294002107662
2nd Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons Engelmann, Siegfried. 372.41 ENGE 33294001034941
6th Highway Of Tears : A True Story Of Racism, Indifference And The Pursuit Of Justice For Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women And Girls McDiarmid, Jessica 362.88 McDi 33294002060598
6th Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons Engelmann, Siegfried. 372.41 ENGE 33294001446715
6th The Plant Paradox : The Hidden Dangers In ""healthy"" Foods That Cause Disease And Weight Gain Gundry, Steven R. 582.13 Gund 33294002036705
6th White Fragility : Why It's So Hard To Talk To White People About Racism DiAngelo, Robin J. 305.8 DiAn 33294002080869
10th Beyond Order : 12 More Rules For Life Peterson, Jordan B. 170.44 Pete 33294002099901
10th Edible And Medicinal Flora Of The West Coast : British Columbia And The Pacific Northwest Varner, Collin 581.632 Edib 33294002090249
10th Full Catastrophe Living : Using The Wisdom Of Your Body And Mind To Face Stress, Pain, And Illness Kabat-Zinn, Jon. 155.9 Kaba 33294001650068
10th If I Knew Then : Finding Wisdom In Failure And Power In Aging Arden, Jann [1962]- 782.42164 Arde 33294002096501
10th My Facebook For Seniors Miller, Michael 1958- 006.754 Mill 33294001947878
10th Not On My Watch : How A Renegade Whale Biologist Took On Governments And Industry To Save Wild Salmon Morton, Alexandra 1957- 578.77092 Mort 33294002106896
10th The Outsider's Guide To Prince Rupert Simmons, Matt J. 1980- 917.111 Simm 33294002075646
10th This Time Next Year We'll Be Laughing : A Memoir Winspear, Jacqueline 1955- 823.92 Wins 33294002104511

Biographies (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Reason You Walk Kinew, Wab 1981- B Kine 33294001944636
2nd J.R.R. Tolkien : The Man Who Created The Lord Of The Rings Coren, Michael. B TOLK 33294001187541
3rd A Time To Dance, No Time To Weep Godden, Rumer 1907-1998 B GODD 33294000391557
3rd All Things Bright And Beautiful Herriot, James B Herr 33294001875160
3rd Audrey Hepburn : An Elegant Spirit Ferrer, Sean Hepburn. B HEPB 33294001331305
3rd Born A Crime : Stories From A South African Childhood Noah, Trevor 1984- B Noah 33294001987171
3rd Marilyn--the Last Take Brown, Peter H. B Monr 33294000613653
3rd Run, Hide, Repeat : A Memoir Of A Fugitive Childhood Dakin, Pauline B Daki 33294002015105
3rd The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe Taraborrelli, J. Randy. B Monr 33294002005031
3rd Traveling Mercies : Some Thoughts On Faith Lamott, Anne. B Lamo 33294001496132

CDs (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st All The Best From Ireland : 20 Irish Favorites CD All 33294002111128
1st Singable Songs For The Very Young Raffi. RAFF 33294001546837
3rd Canto Gregoriano Catholic Church CANT 33294001584911
3rd Gamelan Music Of Bali Field Recordings By Master Ethnomusicologist Deben Bhattacharya GAME 33294002110310
3rd Greatest Hits James, Rick 1948-2004 CD Jame 33294002067635
3rd Gregorian Chants Brotherhood of St. Gregory BROT 33294005010723
3rd The Well-tempered Clavier Le Clavier Bien-tempere = Das Wohltemperierte Klavier Bach, Johann Sebastian 1685-1750 GOUL 33294001567148
3rd Vibrate MANH 33294001547009

Children's Area Toddlers (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Animal Music Donaldson, Julia JPT Dona 33294002055143
1st Batman And Robin Team Up! Lemke, Donald B. JPT Lemk 33294001894732
1st Little Blue Truck's Springtime Schertle, Alice JPT Sche 33294002054823
1st The Very Cranky Bear Bland, Nick 1973- JPT Blan 33294002055689
5th EEK! Halloween! Boynton, Sandra JPT Boyn 33294002099075
5th Fast Truck Calder, C. J. JPT Cald 33294001836949
5th Humpty Dumpty Yoon, Salina. JPT Yoon 33294001836089
5th My First Dinosaur Board Book. JPT My 33294001837723
5th Ride The Big Machines In Winter Mok, Carmen JPT Mok 33294001975481
10th Animals Sirett, Dawn JPT Sire 33294002057552
10th Find The Duck Brooks, Felicity. JPT Broo 33294002056950
10th Good Night Fire Engines Gamble, Adam JPT Gamb 33294002099174
10th I Can Count! Rissman, Rebecca. JPT Riss 33294001837418
10th Little Blue Truck's Valentine Schertle, Alice JPT Sche 33294002099059
10th Maisy's First Numbers Cousins, Lucy JPT Cous 33294002032092
10th Mermaid Marina Rees, Lesley. JPT Rees 33294001575760
10th Northwest Coast Native Animals Robinson, Kelly. JPT Robi 33294001855303
10th Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? Martin, Bill 1916-2004 JPT Mart 33294001454990
10th Richard Scarry's The Animals Of Farmer Jones Scarry, Richard JPT Scar 33294002055853
10th Steam Train, Dream Train. Colors Rinker, Sherri Duskey JPT Rink 33294001985902
10th Toot Toot Beep Beep Garcia, Emma 1969- JPT Garc 33294002038545

Juvenile Easy Readers (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Are You Ready To Play Outside? Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001666924
1st Legendary Pokemon : The Essential Guide : Sinnoh Edition Fang, Katherine JPE Poké 33294002081453
1st Watch Me Throw The Ball! Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001666395
1st We Are In A Book! Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001793710
5th Biscuit And The Big Parade Capucilli, Alyssa Satin 1957- JPE Lev. Pre-1 33294002064251
5th Biscuit Plays Ball Capucilli, Alyssa Satin 1957- JPE Begin 33294001761261
5th Double Trouble Milbourne, Anna JPE Usbo 33294001961085
5th Pete The Kitty Goes To The Doctor Dean, Kimberly JPE Begin 33294002075240
5th Robin To The Rescue! West, Tracey 1965- JPE Supe 33294002058808
5th Should I Share My Ice Cream? Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001842632
5th Sisters Save The Day! Depken, Kristen L. JPE Lev.2 33294002075083
5th The Thank You Book Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001967850
5th There Is A Bird On Your Head! Willems, Mo JPE Will 33294001685528
5th These Are My Pets Mayer, Mercer JPE Lev.2 33294002075026
5th This Is My Town Mayer, Mercer 1943- JPE Meye 33294002038560

Juvenile Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st A Court Of Thorns And Roses Maas, Sarah J. J Maas 33294001994797
1st Artemis Fowl Colfer, Eoin J COLF 33294001525336
1st Curse Of The Bane Delaney, Joseph 1945- J DELA 33294001552751
1st Diary Of A Wimpy Kid : Rodrick Rules Kinney, Jeff. J Kinn 33294001778687
1st Fablehaven Mull, Brandon 1974- J Mull 33294002059210
1st Night Of The Soul Stealer Delaney, Joseph 1945- J Dela 33294001630144
1st The Akhenaten Adventure Kerr, Philip. J KERR 33294001527589
8th Peter & The Starcatchers Barry, Dave. J BARR 33294001434000
8th The Ruins Of Gorlan : Ranger's Apprentice Flanagan, John (John Anthony) J Flan 33294002081222
10th Diary Of An Awesome Friendly Kid. #2 Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure Kinney, Jeff J Kinn 33294002090199
10th Edison's Alley Shusterman, Neal J Shus 33294002104941
10th Fish In A Tree Hunt, Lynda Mullaly J Hunt 33294001967959
10th Hawking's Hallway Shusterman, Neal J Shus 33294002104958
10th Six Of Crows Bardugo, Leigh J Bard 33294001977826
10th Tesla's Attic Shusterman, Neal J Shus 33294001885433
10th The Red Pyramid Riordan, Rick. J Rior 33294002044113

Juvenile Graphic Novels (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Lord Of The Fleas Pilkey, Dav 1966- J Pilk 33294002059095
1st Smile Telgemeier, Raina J Telg 33294001960186
3rd Dog Man: V. 1 : Dog Man Pilkey, Dav 1966- J Pilk 33294002012888
3rd Kristy's Great Idea : A Graphic Novel Telgemeier, Raina J Mart 33294001929876
3rd Mr. Wolf's Class. Lucky Stars Steinke, Aron Nels J Stei 33294002060788
6th A Tale Of Two Kitties"" V. 3: Dog Man Pilkey, Dav 1966- J Pilk 33294002012862
6th Act Miller, Kayla J Mill 33294002097087
6th Bats : Learning To Fly Koch, Falynn 1985- J 599.4 Koch 33294002011153
6th Camp Miller, Kayla J Mill 33294002074763
6th Dawn And The Impossible Three : A Graphic Novel Galligan, Gale J Mart 33294002013159
6th Dog Man And Cat Kid Pilkey, Dav 1966- J Pilk 33294002022036
6th Dog Man. Brawl Of The Wild Pilkey, Dav 1966- J Pilk 33294002050813
6th Drama Telgemeier, Raina J Telg 33294001960285
6th Ghosts Telgemeier, Raina J Telg 33294001974534
6th Kristy's Big Day : A Graphic Novel Galligan, Gale J Mart 33294002027050
6th Mary Anne Saves The Day : A Graphic Novel Telgemeier, Raina J Mart 33294002027068
6th Mr. Wolf's Class Field Trip #4 Steinke, Aron Nels J Stei 33294002103562

Juvenile Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Meet Viola Desmond MacLeod, Elizabeth J 971.600496 MacL 33294002075901
2nd 100 Ways To Rebuild The World Murray, Helen (Senior editor) J 688.7 Murr 33294002094258
2nd Dinosaur Dixon, Dougal. J 567.9 DIXO 33294001442649
2nd Graveyards Of The Dinosaurs : What It's Like To Discover Prehistoric Creatures Tanaka, Shelley. J 567.9 TANA 33294000999888
2nd The Earliest Civilizations Oliphant, Margaret. J 909.09 Ill v.1 33294000727933
2nd Wolf Island McAllister, Ian 1969- J 577.34 McAl 33294002074730
7th Curiosity : The Story Of A Mars Rover Motum, Markus J 629.295 Motu 33294002074797
7th Everything & Everywhere : A Fact-filled Adventure For Curious Globe-trotters Martin, Marc J 030 Mart 33294002074805
7th Gardening With Emma : Grow And Have Fun : A Kid-to-kid Guide Biggs, Emma (Emma Vivian) 2005- J 635 Bigg 33294002076164
7th Myths Busted! Just When You Thought You Knew What You Knew 2 Krieger, Emily J 001.9 Krie 33294002099133
7th Parallel Journeys Ayer, Eleanor H. J 943.086 AYER 33294001143221
7th Sharks McMillan, Beverly. J 597.3 McMi 33294001619675
7th Turtle Island : The Story Of North America's First People Yellowhorn, Eldon 1956- J 970.00497 Yell 33294002076339

Juvenile Picture Books (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Ocean's Captain Rutherford, Ocean JP Ruth 33294002104214
2nd Munschworks. 2 The Second Munsch Treasury Munsch, Robert N. 1945- JP Muns 33294001650910
3rd Munschworks 4 : The Fourth Munsch Treasury Munsch, Robert N. 1945- JP Muns 33294002054146
3rd Peppa Pig And The Day Of Giving Thanks. JP Pepp 33294002097194
3rd Super Red Riding Hood Dávila, Claudia JP Dávi 33294002081701
6th Barbie : 9 Favorite Fairy Tales JP Barb 33294002099497
6th Disney Bedtime Favorites. JP Disn 33294001945286
6th Disney's Storybook Collection : Volume 2 Disney Enterprises (1996- ), JP Disn 33294002108033
6th Frozen Sing-along Storybook Marsoli, Lisa Ann 1958- JP Disn 33294002007466
6th Marvel Super Heroes Storybook Collection. JP Supe 33294002053122
6th Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? Seuss Dr JP Seus 33294001686260
6th Mr. Monkey Takes A Hike Mack, Jeff JP Mack 33294002098846
6th Mr. Monkey Visits A School Mack, Jeff JP Mack 33294002098408
6th Princess : The Essential Guide Bray-Moffatt, Naia JP Prin 33294001866102
6th The Lorax Seuss Dr JP Seus 33294001780014
6th The Great Eggscape! John, Jory JP John 33294002094530
6th The Princess And The Pony Beaton, Kate 1983- JP Beat 33294001935824

Large Print (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The White Mouse Wake, Nancy LP B Wake 33294000264762
2nd Before We Were Yours Wingate, Lisa LP Wing 33294002075984
2nd Glass Houses Penny, Louise LP Penn 33294002027704
2nd Kingdom Of The Blind Penny, Louise LP Penn 33294002076362
2nd Ocean Prey Sandford, John 1944 February 23- LP Sand 33294002110963
2nd The Good Lord Bird McBride, James 1957- LP McBr 33294001891753
7th Letters From Home McMorris, Kristina. LP McMo 33294001840024
7th Of Blood And Bone Roberts, Nora LP Robe 33294002091551
7th Red Mist Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. LP Corn 33294001840230
7th The Calling Of Emily Evans Oke, Janette 1935- LP Oke 33294000269720
7th The Henna Artist : A Novel Joshi, Alka LP Josh 33294002109296
7th The Measure Of A Heart Oke, Janette 1935- LP Oke 33294000972810
7th The Professional Parker, Robert B. 1932-2010 LP Park 33294001740034
7th The Rise Of Magicks Roberts, Nora LP Robe 33294002097376
7th The Tea Girl Of Hummingbird Lane See, Lisa LP See 33294002025930
7th They Called Her Mrs. Doc Oke, Janette 1935- LP Oke 33294000972935
7th Troubles In Paradise Hilderbrand, Elin LP Hild 33294002093508

Multilingual Juvenile - First Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Handa's Hen Browne, Eileen. MJP URD Brow 33294001808948
2nd A Boxful Of Monsters [Urdu & English] Lemmens, Riske MJP URDU Lemm 33294001707645

Multimedia - Playaway Views (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Arthur's Adventures J PV Arth 005 33294001799170
1st Best Of Sesame J PV Sesa 008 33294001798974
3rd Arthur's Challenges J PV Arth 006 33294001798875
3rd Bedtime With Sesame J PV Sesa 009 33294001799022

Oversize-Juvenile (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Atlas Of Dinosaur Adventures Hawkins, Emily OJ 567.9 Hawk 33294002021871
1st Dinosaur! : Dinosaurs And Other Amazing Prehistoric Creatures As You've Never Seen Them Before Woodward, John 1954- OJ 567.9 Wood 33294001918135
3rd Inside The Titanic Marschall, Ken. OJ 363.123 MARS 33294001288919
3rd Star Wars : Revenge Of The Sith : The Visual Dictionary Luceno, James. OJ 791.4 Luce 33294001721273
3rd The Ultimate Panoramic Atlas 912 ULTI 33294001167600
6th Around The World In 80 Pages Mason, Antony. OJ 912 33294000853374
6th Birds Brinkley, Edward S. OJ 598 Brin 33294001203702
6th Dinosaurs Everywhere! Harrison, Carol 1953- OJ 567.9 Harr 33294001755289
6th English-French : My First Book Of Words And Pictures Clark, Colin. OJ Clar 33294001326172
6th Star Wars : The Complete Visual Dictionary Reynolds, David West OJ 791 Reyn 33294001720986
6th The Lost Words : A Spell Book Macfarlane, Robert 1976- OJ 821.92 Macf 33294002037877

Pamphlet Files (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Anyox. ANYO 33294000949362

Paperbacks - Adult (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Masked Prey Sandford, John 1944 February 23- APb Sand 33294002106631
1st The Outsider : A Novel King, Stephen 1947- APb King 33294002086668
3rd A Minute To Midnight Baldacci, David APb Bald 33294002103323
3rd Into The Fire Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew APb Hurw 33294002071272
3rd The Goodbye Man Deaver, Jeffery APb Deav 33294002099984
3rd The Viscount Who Loved Me Quinn, Julia 1970- APb Quin 33294002101582
7th Alex Cross, Run Patterson, James. APb Patt 33294001897990
7th An Echo In The Bone : A Novel Gabaldon, Diana. APb Gaba 33294002030393
7th Chasing The Night An Eve Duncan Novel Johansen, Iris. APb Joha 33294001787381
7th Extreme Measures : A Thriller Flynn, Vince. APb Flyn 33294001739242
7th Neon Prey Sandford, John 1944 February 23- APb Sand 33294002093649
7th Salt River White, Randy Wayne APb Whit 33294002103273
7th Savage Son : A Thriller Carr, Jack (Joint pseudonym) APb Carr 33294002112605
7th The Numbers Game : A Novel Steel, Danielle APb Stee 33294002106094
7th The River Murders : Thrillers Patterson, James 1947- APb Patt 33294002104396
7th Tom Clancy Firing Point : A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel Maden, Mike APb Clan 33294002106649
7th Treason Woods, Stuart APb Wood 33294002093607
7th Written In My Own Heart's Blood : A Novel Gabaldon, Diana APb Gaba 33294001964592

Paperbacks - Classics - Second Floor (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Jane Eyre Brontë, Charlotte 1816-1855 Bron 33294001657907
2nd My Happy Days In Hell. Falu 33294000039248
3rd Animal Farm : A Fairy Story Orwell, George 1903-1950 CPb Orwe 33294001756360
3rd Emma. Aust 33294001848845
3rd Grimms' Fairy Tales Grimm, Jacob 1785-1863 CPb Grim 33294002018216
3rd Pride And Prejudice Austen, Jane 1775-1817 Aust 33294001657410
7th Bear Engel, Marian 1933- Enge 33294000055533
7th Collected Poems. Rimb 33294001729482
7th The Catcher In The Rye Salinger, J. D. (Jerome David) 1919-2010 CPb Sali 33294001233733
7th The Moonstone. Coll 33294001310655
7th The Three Musketeers Dumas, Alexandre 1802-1870 Duma 33294001625557
7th Twilight Of The Idols ; And, The Anti-Christ Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm 1844-1900 CPb Niet 33294001772961

Paperbacks - Fantasy (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Beyond The Shadows Weeks, Brent. FaPb Week 33294001892900
1st Tracing The Shadow. Ash, Sarah. FaPb Ash 33294001765189
3rd A Storm Of Swords Martin, George R. R. FaPb Mart 33294001826528
3rd False Value Aaronovitch, Ben 1964- FPb Aaro 33294002103299
5th Arrow's Flight Lackey, Mercedes. LACK 33294001581008
6th A Game Of Thrones Martin, George R. R. FaPb Mart 33294001936236
6th Heart Of Black Ice : Sister Of Darkness Goodkind, Terry FPb Good 33294002104347
6th No One Noticed The Cat McCaffrey, Anne. MCCA 33294001581420
6th The Serpent Sea Wells, Martha FPb Well 33294002074193
6th The Sword Of Shannara Brooks, Terry. FPb Broo 33294001226588
6th This Scepter's Isle Lackey, Mercedes. LACK 33294001417476

Paperbacks - Junior (Intermediate) (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Japanese Tsunami, 2011 Tarshis, Lauren. PB JInt Tars 33294001989110
1st Wolves Of The Beyond: Lone Wolf Lasky, Kathryn PB Jint Lask 33294002100899
1st Woodsong Paulsen, Gary. PB JInt Paul 33294001748763
4th Beauty : A Retelling Of The Story Of Beauty And The Beast McKinley, Robin. PB JInt MCKI 33294000857078
4th Boy-crazy Stacey Martin, Ann M. 1955- PB JInt Mart 33294002098747
4th Chomper Glut, Donald F. PB JInt GLUT 33294001264324
4th Diary Of A 6th Grade Ninja. 2 Pirate Invasion Emerson, Marcus PB JInt Emer 33294002075539
4th Kristy And The Snobs Martin, Ann M. 1955- PB JInt Mart 33294002098770
4th Kristy's Big Day Martin, Ann M. 1955- PB JInt Mart 33294002098721
4th So You Want To Be A Wizard Duane, Diane. PB JInt DUAN 33294001139997
4th So You Want To Be A Wizard Duane, Diane. Pb JInt DUAN 33294001534148
4th The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor, 1941 Tarshis, Lauren PB JInt Tars 33294001976778
4th The Conspiracy Applegate, K. A. PB JInt APPL 33294001070911
4th The Story Of King Arthur Crawford, Tom. PB JInt CRAW 33294000856864
4th The War Of The Ember Lasky, Kathryn. PB JInt Lask 33294001650167
4th The Whale Rider Ihimaera, Witi Tame 1944- PB Jint Ihim 33294002011005
4th Under A Shooting Star Trottier, Maxine. PB JInt TROT 33294001235282
4th Waiting To Dive Rivers, Karen 1970- PB JInt RIVE 33294001204759

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary) (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Eva In The Spotlight Elliott, Rebecca PB JPri Elli 33294002096832
1st Meteor Shower Messenger. Rudi, P. J. PB JPri Rudi 33294002094795
1st Sophie Flufftail's Brave Plan Meadows, Daisy PB JPri Mead 33294001968668
4th Bo's Magical New Friend Elliott, Rebecca PB JPri Elli 33294002096824
4th Olivia Nibblesqueak's Messy Mischief Meadows, Daisy PB JPri Mead 33294001968700
4th Shipwrecked Park, Barbara. PB JPri PARK 33294001436104
7th Batman, The Brave And The Bold. Grodd's Army West, Tracey 1965- Pb JPri Batm 33294001758069
7th Blossom The Flower Girl Fairy Meadows, Daisy PB JPri Mead 33294001968577
7th Bo And The Dragon-pup Elliott, Rebecca PB JPri Elli 33294002093672
7th Destiny The Rock Star Fairy Meadows, Daisy PB JPri Mead 33294002029486
7th Dolphins At Daybreak Osborne, Mary Pope PB JPri Osbo 33294002029353
7th Ellie The Flower Girl Barkley, Callie Pb JPri Bark 33294001994433
7th Evie Scruffypup's Big Surprise Meadows, Daisy PB JPri Mead 33294001968718
7th Florence The Friendship Fairy Meadows, Daisy. PB JPri Mead 33294001842699
7th Geronimo Stilton. The Golden Statue Plot Stilton, Geronimo. PB JPri Stil 33294001880343
7th Grovyle Trouble West, Tracey 1965- Pb JPri Poke 33294001758267
7th Lindsay, The Luck Fairy Meadows, Daisy. PB JPri Mead 33294001842681
7th Pony Wishes Barton, Carol 1944- PB JPri Bart 33294002093326
7th Skunked! Kelly, Jacqueline PB JPri Kell 33294002096808
7th Skyler : The Fireworks Fairy Meadows, Daisy PB JPri Mead 33294001968569
7th Song Of The Poison Dragon West, Tracey 1965- PB JPri West 33294002094357
7th The Berenstain Bear Scouts And The Sinister Smoke Ring Berenstain, Stan 1923-2005 PB JPri BERE 33294001544659
7th The Cinderella Ballet Mystery Keene, Carolyn. PB JPri Keen 33294001602325
7th The Littles Peterson, John. PB JPri PETE 33294001246602
7th The Littles Go Exploring Peterson, John. PB JPri PETE 33294001246487
7th The Case Of The Detective In Disguise Preller, James PB JPri Prel 33294002035129
7th The Great Mountain Adventure Redbank, Tennant PB JPri Whis 33294001983907
7th The Mysterious Cheese Thief Stilton, Geronimo. PB JPri Stil 33294001932193
7th The Secret Promise Harrison, Paula. PB JPri Harr 33294001931609

Paperbacks - Mystery (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Left For Dead Jance, Judith A. MPb Janc 33294001828862
2nd Curiosity Thrilled The Cat : A Magical Cats Mystery Kelly, Sofie 1958- MPb Kell 33294001773621
3rd Death Of A Liar Beaton, M. C MPb Beat 33294002033975
3rd The Brutal Telling : [an Inspector Gamache Crime Novel] Penny, Louise. MPb Penn 33294001759125
5th A Dark And Twisting Path Buckley, Julia 1964- MPb Buck 33294002053569
5th A Deadly Cliché Adams, Ellery. MPb Adam 33294001804863
5th A Great Reckoning Penny, Louise MPb Penn 33294001992189
5th All The Colours Of Darkness Robinson, Peter 1950- Robi 33294001684000
5th Death In Dark Blue Buckley, Julia 1964- MPb Buck 33294001808575
5th Death Loves A Messy Desk Maffini, Mary Jane. MPb Maff 33294001675842
5th Death Of A Gossip Beaton, M. C. MPb Beat 33294002039071
5th Death Waits In The Dark Buckley, Julia 1964- MPb Buck 33294002083889
5th Secondhand Spirits : A Witchcraft Mystery Blackwell, Juliet. MPb Blac 33294001691526
5th The Fabric Of Sin Rickman, Philip MPb Rick 33294001984855
5th The Kill Call Booth, Stephen 1952- MPb Boot 33294001709120
5th The Neighbor Gardner, Lisa. MPb Gard 33294001721398

Paperbacks - Non-Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Dolly : My Life And Other Unfinished Business Parton, Dolly. PART 33294001678630
1st Mafia Marriage Bonanno, Rosalie. BONA 33294001296268
3rd Down South : One Tour In Vietnam Hardwick, William H. HARD 33294001384700
3rd The Cage Sender, Ruth Minsky. SEND 33294001365337
3rd We Are Witnesses : Five Diaries Of Teenagers Who Died In The Holocaust Boas, Jacob. BOAS 33294001417559

Paperbacks - Romance (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st On The Way To The Wedding Bridgerton / Book 8 Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002103232
2nd To Sir Phillip, With Love Bridgerton / Book 5 Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002103240
3rd It's In His Kiss Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002101772
3rd The Girl With The Make-believe Husband Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002103257
5th An Offer From A Gentleman Bridgerton Book 3 Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002099489
5th Lie With Me : A Shadow Force Novel Tyler, Stephanie. RPb Tyle 33294001874965
5th Romancing Mister Bridgerton Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002101764
5th The Other Miss Bridgerton Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002105054
5th The Sassy One Mallery, Susan RPb Mall 33294001962968
5th When He Was Wicked Quinn, Julia 1970- RPb Quin 33294002101798
5th Winter Of Wishes Hubbard, Charlotte 1953- RPb Hubb 33294001911270

Paperbacks - Romance PN (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Storm's Heart : [a Novel Of The Elder Races] Harrison, Thea. PnPb Harr 33294001854199
1st Vampires Are Forever Sands, Lynsay. PnPb Sand 33294001963230

Paperbacks - Science Fiction (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Foundation Asimov, Isaac 1920-1992 SfPb Asim 33294001875434
1st I, Robot Asimov, Isaac 1920-1992 SfPb Asim 33294001803014
1st Parable Of The Sower Butler, Octavia E. BUTL 33294001234566
1st Prelude To Foundation Asimov, Isaac 1920-1992 SfPb Asim 33294001875467
1st The Gunslinger The Dark Tower Book 1 King, Stephen 1947- SFPb King 33294002033645
6th Alien Hunter : Underworld, A Flynn Carroll Thriller Strieber, Whitley SFPb Stri 33294001931914
6th An Accidental Goddess Sinclair, Linnea. SINC 33294001467927
6th Callahan's Legacy Robinson, Spider. ROBI 33294001318450
6th Children Of Dune Herbert, Frank. HERB 33294001466820
6th Conventions Of War Williams, Walter Jon. WILL 33294001460021
6th Fires Of Freedom Pournelle, Jerry 1933- SfPb Pour 33294001729193
6th Isaac Asimov's Caleban Allen, Roger MacBride. ALLE 33294001097732
6th Spin Wilson, Robert Charles. SfPb Wils 33294001689017
6th Spin State Moriarty, Chris 1968- SFPb MORI 33294001400910
6th The Hercules Text McDevitt, Jack SFPb McDe 33294001932342
6th The Martian : A Novel Weir, Andy SFPb Weir 33294002047421
6th The End Of All Things Scalzi, John 1969- SFPB Scal 33294001961416
6th The Return Aldrin, Buzz. SfPb Aldr 33294001989722
6th The Way To Glory Drake, David. DRAK 33294001566421
6th Time Pressure. Robinson, Spider. SFPb Robi 33294001510122
6th Undercity Asaro, Catherine SFPb Asar 33294001960004

Paperbacks - Westerns (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Gunpowder Express Cogburn, Brett WPb Cogb 33294002099471
2nd A Thousand Texas Longhorns Boggs, Johnny D. WPb Bogg 33294002096741
2nd Colorado! Ross, Dana Fuller. WPb Ross 33294001948645
2nd Death Rides Alone Johnstone, William W. WPb John 33294001958545
2nd Guns Of Wolf Valley Cotton, Ralph W. WPb Cott 33294001827781
2nd Nevada! Ross, Dana Fuller. WPb Ross 33294001910322
2nd Sackett's Land L'Amour, Louis 1908-1988 WPb L'am 33294001707488
2nd The Empty Land L'Amour, Louis 1908-1988 L'Amo 33294001665157
2nd The Last Ride Of Jed Strange Leslie, Frank 1963- WPb Lesl 33294001772359

Paperbacks - Young Adult (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Outsiders Hinton, S. E. HINT 33294001533975
2nd Lord Of The Deep Salisbury, Graham. YAPb SALI 33294001556844
2nd Ninth Key Cabot, Meg. YAPb CABO 33294001481126
2nd White Wave Razzell, Mary 1930- YAPb R 33294000838664

Quick Reads (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st The Next Sure Thing Wagamese, Richard. QR Waga 33294001878024
2nd The Darling Buds Of May Bates, H. E. (Herbert Ernest) 1905-1974 QR Bate 33294001877323

Talking Books (back to top)
Rank Title Author Call Number Item Barcode
1st Eragon Paolini, Christopher. J PTB Paol 33294001916352
1st Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Rowling, J. K. J CDTB Rowl 33294005005467
3rd A Better Man : A Novel Penny, Louise CDTB Penn 33294002083129
3rd Bloody Genius Sandford, John 1944 February 23- CDTB Sand 33294002070886
3rd Charlie And The Chocolate Factory [and] Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator Dahl, Roald. J PTB Dahl 33294001916121
3rd Holy Ghost Sandford, John 1944 February 23- CDTB Sand 33294002030534
3rd Ladies Of Letter...and More Wakefield, Lou. CDTB Wake 33294001346790
3rd Monsoon Morrissey, Di. CDTB Morr 33294005005939
3rd Spanish For Dummies Audio Set Langemeier, Jessica LL 468.34 Lang 33294001882000
3rd The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency McCall Smith, Alexander 1948- CDTB McCa 33294001456912
3rd The Fox Forsyth, Frederick 1938- CDTB Fors 33294002031318
3rd The Long Call Cleeves, Ann CDTB Clee 33294002083137
3rd The Rain Watcher Rosnay, Tatiana de 1961- CDTB Rosn 33294002031227
3rd To The Land Of Long Lost Friends McCall Smith, Alexander 1948- CDTB McCa 33294002078046
3rd Unsolved Patterson, James 1947- CDTB Patt 33294002070944

Adult DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st Scarlett DVD Gone 6475 33294002074524
1st Spaghetti Westerns DVD Spag 4454 V.2 Discs 3-5 33294001825702
3rd Corner Gas : The Movie / [videorecording] DVD Corn 6135 33294001999259
3rd Shakespeare's, An Age Of Kings (1960) DVD Shak 6070 v1 33294002017705
3rd The Guilty DVD Guil 4104 33294001759141
6th American Outlaws DVD Amer 6321 33294002099521
6th Crossroads DVD Cros 5243 33294005002738
6th Footloose DVD Foot 3105 33294001631449
6th Spaghetti Westerns DVD Spag 4453 V. 1 Discs 1-2 33294001825645
10th Archie's Weird Mysteries The Complete Series DVD Arch 5986 V2 33294001994623
10th Archie's Weird Mysteries The Complete Series DVD Arch 5985 V1 33294001994631
10th Being Erica. Season One Complete DVD Bein 3887 S1D1 33294001730613
10th Being Erica. Season One Complete DVD Bein 3889 S1D3 33294001730662
10th Call Of The Wild DVD Call 5228 33294005019948
10th Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix DVD Harr 4127 33294005004346
10th Maid In Manhattan DVD Maid 4312 33294001788751
10th Out Of Africa DVD Out 3355 33294001570175
10th Spider-Man. Far From Home DVD MCU 6535 #23 33294002097558

Educational & Documentary DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st In The Hands Of The Raven EDVD 745.089 Madd 109 33294001642933
1st The Smart One, Dempsey Bob Master Tahltan-Tlingit Carver, His Insight, His Influence EDVD 709.711 Bob 108 33294001642883
1st Yoga Meltdown. Levels 1 & 2 Workouts EDVD 613.9 Yoga 449 33294005006846
4th Dog The Bounty Hunter. The Best Of Season 1, 2 & 3 EDVD 791.45 Dog 212 s2 33294001674365
4th In The Land Of The Head Hunters EDVD 971.1004979 In 436 33294005004817
4th Out Of The Wild. The Alaska Experiment EDVD 979.8 Out 443 33294005005566
4th Religulous EDVD 211 Reli 159 33294001704824
4th Shark Week 25th Anniversary Collection EDVD 597.3 Shar 454 33294005007364
4th The Corporation EDVD 658.4 Corp 011 33294002109080
4th Vietnam: A Television History EDVD 959.7 Viet 10A vol.1 33294001856202

Juvenile DVDs (back to top)
Rank Title Call Number Item Barcode
1st The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie JDVD Spon 1249 33294001787407
2nd Ice Age: The Meltdown JDVD Ice 1305 33294001908458
2nd Ice Age. Dawn Of The Dinosaurs 3D JDVD Ice 1445 33294005007406
4th Frozen II JDVD Froz 1564 33294002078574
4th Ice Age. Continental Drift JDVD Ice 1483 33294005019476
4th Yu-Gi-Oh! Waking The Dragons : 4.1 A New Evil JDVD YuGi 1587 33294002099927
7th The Little Mermaid JDVD Litt 1300 33294005019419
8th Alvin And The Chipmunks JDVD Alvi 1538 33294002017440
8th Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses JDVD Barb 1486 33294001908672
8th Doodlebops: Vol.5. Twist, Turn, Dance And Learn JDVD Dood 1050 33294001531888
8th Ice Age JDVD Ice 1174 33294001908441
8th Tiny Toon Adventures. Season 1, Volume 2 JDVD Tiny 1349 d.1&2 33294002042208