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December 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

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Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting

December 5, 2011


Library Board Members:
Adrienne Johnston, Paul Kennedy, John Martinson, Helen Moore, Lianne Gagnon, Tim Macdonald, Lynne Graham
Library Staff:
Joe Zelwietro (Acting Chief Librarian), Kathleen Larkin (Library Assistant)

  • Agenda item added: Library Christmas Party, Sunday December 11 at Zorba's Restaurant at 6 pm. Agenda adopted
  • Reimbursements for Board chair for expenditures in Agenda item #1 approved. Motion moved by Paul Kennedy and seconded by John Martinson; Passed
  • Motion to pass Agenda item #2 (sending of thank you flowers) approved. Motion moved by Helen Moore and seconded by Tim Macdonald; Passed
  • Motion to put any savings incurred by Library by Deputy Librarian acting as Chief Librarian in 2011 towards the Collection budget moved by Paul Kennedy and seconded by Lynne Graham; Passed
  • Discussion of Library Modernization Project.
    • Library staff will meet and detail long-term needs, services, space requirements, and create a vision of the future Library of Prince Rupert. Next, Library Board will meet with staff and join in the process. After that, a facilitator will take the vision and form it into a manageable package. Then a engineering firm will look at the vision and assess our present building to see if/how it can be made to match the vision.
    • There was a concern from Board members about the timeline of the project. The PRPA which is funding the project and can't wait indefinitely for us. Acting Chief Librarian assigned the task of finding out the timeline from PRPA.
    • Acting Chief Librarian to consider contacting Ken Haycock for advice or consultation
    • Library Staff will put out notices (at circ desk and website) requesting feedback from public
    • In-camera meeting