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February 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

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Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting

February 20, 2012


Adrienne Johnston (AJ), Paul Kennedy(PK), John Martinson (JM), Helen Moore(HM), Tim Macdonald(TM), Lianne Gagnon (LG), Joe Zelwietro (Chief Librarian)

Regrets: Vernon Barker, Lynne Graham, Joy Thorkelson

Meeting started at 7:05 pm

  • Minutes of January 9, 2012 accepted. Motion moved by LG, seconded by PK
  • Agenda for Feb 20, 2012 meeting accepted
  • There was general discussion around the modernization project and the Phase II application to the PRPA Community Investment Fund.
  • Board has requested that the Final Year End Budget to be appended to the Minutes of this meeting for public record.
  • January was a busy month in the Library. Highlights include the hiring of the new Deputy Librarian, Kathleen Larkin and the successful Literacy Day celebrations which included a storytelling event with multiple local readers, including a Tsimshian elder, firemen, CBC radio announcer and others.
  • Specific to a Board member's concern re: a $10,000 donation by the Friends of the Library to the Endowment fund that was not implemented, the Library Board directed the Chief Librarian to ask the Foundation for an accounting of the funds. The Chief Librarian will report back to the Library Board.
  • There was approval of the recommended schedule for the monthly Library Board meetings with some changes, here are the finalized meeting dates :
    • March 19
    • April 16
    • May 22 (a Tuesday)
    • June 18
    • July 16 and August 13; these are optional dates, ONLY if necessary
    • September 10
    • October 15
    • November 19
    • December 17
  • Board Members are upset about the garbage bin situation in parking lot, chief Librarian to work with City staff to remedy problems. Chief Librarian will report back to the Library Board.

Library Board Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm