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October 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

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Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2012


Adrienne Johnston(AJ), Paul Kennedy(PK), Helen Moore(HM), Peter Maksymyszyn (PM), Tim Macdonald (TM), Joe Zelwietro (Chief Librarian) (JZ)

Regrets: John Martinson(JM), Vernon Barker(VB)

  • Board members accepted the Agenda. Moved by PK, seconded by PM. Accepted.
  • Trustees directed the Chief Librarian to ask City Council Representative Joy Thorkelson how the City Council's consideration of the Library Board's request is developing.
  • The Board accepted the Librarian's Report and Board Chair's Report presented at the Library Annual General Meeting. Moved by PK, Seconded by AJ. Accepted.
  • The Board accepted the Library and Budget update presented. Moved by AJ, seconded by PM. Accepted.
  • In-camera meeting began. Board announces that Joe Zelwietro has successfully completed his probation and is officially the Chief Librarian of the Prince Rupert Library.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:35 pm. Next Meeting at 7pm Monday November 19.