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December 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

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Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting Minutes

December 17, 2012


Adrienne Johnston(AJ), Paul Kennedy(PK), Helen Moore(HM), Tim Macdonald(TM), Peter Maksymyszyn(PM), Joe Zelwietro (Chief Librarian)(JZ)

Regrets: John Martinson

Meeting commenced at 7:11pm.

  • Board members accepted the Agenda with 1 addition. Moved by AJ, seconded by HM. Passed. The item added was an idea to send unsold, discarded books to communities abroad.
  • The Minutes of the October 15, 2012 Library Board Meeting were accepted with 1 amendment. Motion AJ, seconded by PK. Passed
    • PK suggested that the November Minutes, specifically the section re: the number of trustees on the Library Board. The amendment is that the Nov Minutes include the Nov 21, 2012 email response of Rob Grodecki from the City.
  • Chief Librarian report about giving the Rattenbury Collection to the Archives. There was discussion about several matters about the Archives proposed Deed of Gift Agreement. There were concerns about points 2, 5 and 8. Library Board members want to know if the Archives will accept a joint ownership with the Library? Or a shared copyright.
    • Trustees want some phrasing inserted into the agreement specific to the potential disposal of the materials. Something like “... if items are being returned to the Library they should be returned for the same price as the Archives were charged, i.e. $0 or nothing”
    • There was discussion as to whether fund-raising is a commercial activity.
    • The Trustees will continue their consideration and the Chief Librarian will bring their concerns to the Archivist Jean Eiers-Page.
    • Also there were two questions. One was to what the word “Society” was referring to and secondly what “moral rights” referred to.
  • There was a discussion regarding the date for the BCLTA TOP training. Hopefully other Trustees from the NCLF will attend the session and it is tentatively scheduled to go ahead on April Friday 19 and Saturday April 20. Joe will be discussing the meeting with other Library Directors in January and February.
  • There was discussion about a meeting between the Library representatives and the PRPA regarding the modernization plan. Joe will communicate to the PRPA that a meeting in January on either the 21 or 22 is best.
  • The Board has requested that the Librarian speak to a representative of the Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation (PRRCF) to see the nature of the agreement between the Friends of the Library and the PRRCF.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 pm. Next Meeting at 7pm Monday January 28.