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December 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

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Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting Minutes

Monday December 16, 2013


Tim MacDonald (TM), Paul Kennedy (PK), Jan Palmer (JP), Lauren Williams (LW), Brent Patriquin (BP), Helen Moore (HM), Joy Thorkelson (JT) (by Skype technology), Joe Zelwietro (JZ) Chief Librarian, Kathleen Larkin (KL) speaking as Trustee of Prince Rupert City & Regional Archives (PRC&RA)

Regrets: Adrienne Johnston (AJ), Peter Maksymyszyn (PM)

Meeting commenced at 7:05 pm.

  • Acceptance of Agenda as amended -two items added:
    • possible Channel 10 access for Library
    • budgetary question
    • Motion by JP, Seconded PK. Passed
  • Acceptance of Library Board Meeting Minutes of October 21, 2013. Motion by LW. Seconded PK, Passed
  • Skype discussion with JT re: City Council's December meeting motion re: Library's Community Grant and the upcoming City Council review of that decision in January 2014. As well, JT communicated that it is acceptable to City Council that the Library Board and/or Chief Librarian re-establish communication with PRPA re: possible new building in the Cow Bay development while working with the Administration and keeping City Council informed.
  • KL presented the Archives' perspective and a historical timeline of the acquisition of the Rattenbury plans in order to assist the Library Board in making a decision regarding the plans' home. JZ will revisit the latest version of a preliminary agreement between the Library and the PRC&RA and re-engage with Jean Eiers-Page.
  • Possible BG Group donation discussion. Board happy with donation possibility. JZ will follow through, submit donation request and report back to Library Board.
  • Discussion about the scheduling of next year's Board Meetings. Consensus was that regular Board meetings occur on the first Wednesday of each month and that the time be changed to 7:30pm.
  • Coffee machine/Cafe discussion. Board consensus was that rather than attempt multi-purpose room renovations, contractual relationships with vendors and require significant additional library labour to attend the machine and patrons, the Library will try a set of temporary one-day coffee gatherings (using a coffee urn and library-purchased supplies) on Saturday or Sunday. JZ will write up a description of the pilot project, Board will review and if appropriate the Library will try this to see if it works.
  • Discussion about the nature of the financial relationship between the Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation (PRRCF) and the Library Board or Friends of the Library. Is there any paperwork? It is understood that one of the trustees, AJ, is connected with the PRRCF and she will ask if she can obtain the paperwork.
  • Under new business:
    • JP has been in contact with the individual responsible for the Cable 10 Community Announcement Board and has obtained permission for the Library to make public announcements on this channel for free. JZ will gather content for these announcements and JP will get them to Channel 10. We will try this throughout 2014 and review the process monthly.
    • Discussion about the 2014 budget. Although we expect to meet the budget projections for 2013, there is still some uncertainty about the 2014 budget as mentioned above. The trustees and JZ discussed the possibility of having a trial period of time-restricted open Mondays (i.e. perhaps a 4 hour day?) to see if the Library can do this under the 2014 budget.
  • The matter of the Library's involvement in the Port's Cow Bay Development was discussed. JZ (on behalf of the Library Board) will resume discussion of the matter with the PRPA in January.
  • Motion by LW, Seconded by HM. Passed “That Library trustees be responsible for the late fees.” The fine waiving previously done will cease as of December 18.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 pm. Next Meeting at 7:30 pm Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014