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October 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

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Prince Rupert Library Board Meeting Minutes

October 23, 2014


Barry Cunningham (BC), Devlin Fernandes (DF), Glenn Groulx (GG), Peter Maksymyszyn (PM), Tim MacDonald (TM), Helen Moore (HM), Brent Patriquin(BP), Dale White (DW), Lauren Williams (LW), Joe Zelwietro-Chief Librarian (JZ)

Meeting commenced at 7:20 pm.

  • Additions requested for the Agenda. Additions accepted. DW moved, GG seconded. Passed.
  • Minutes of Library Board Meeting of September 24 accepted, PM moved, LW seconded. Passed.
  • Discussion about recent Library flooding and the relationship between Library and Prince Rupert Public Works department. There needs to be a clarification of the City's policy regarding the Library maintenance. JZ will start a suggested maintenance schedule for sump pumps and pipes.
  • Change in policy 1.4.6 of the Prince Rupert Library Policy. New version of Policy to be printed as of October 24. HM moved, LW seconded, 7 yea, 1 abstention, Chairperson no vote.
  • Agenda item for next meeting: Determine method for changing existing policy (eg. Simple majority or two-thirds majority)
  • Decision to contract consultant (David Try) for upcoming CUPE negotiations. Moved by LW, Seconded by BP, Passed. 8 yeas, Chairperson no vote.
  • TOPs discussion. A useful day, GG learned a lot, recommended it for others.
  • All Library Board trustees welcome to City Council chambers for budget defence in December. JZ will communicate date and time to trustees.
  • Discussion about possible Winterfest Storytelling event at Library. JZ will discuss with staff and get back to Board.
  • Agenda item for next meeting: Election of library chair and vice-chairperson.
  • Decision made re: Library Board's participants in the Labour-Management Committee. DW and TM appointed by Board.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:15 pm. Next Meeting at 7:15 (Thursday November 20, 2014).