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June 12 2019 Library Board Meeting Minutes

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Prince Rupert Public Library
Library Board Meeting

June 12, 2019

Present: Nick Adey (NA), Cary Dalton (CD), Carolina de Ryk (CdR), Chelsea Keays (CK), Stephanie Lysyk (SL), Andrea Wilmot (AW), Joe Zelwietro (JZ, Library Director)

Regrets: Glenn Groulx (GG), Brent Patriquin (BP), Dale White (DW)

Meeting commenced at 7:01 pm.

  • Request to add a matter to the agenda (a report on increased open hours on Mondays).
  • Motion to accept agenda with above amendment by SL, seconded by CD, passed.
  • Motion to accept Minutes of both April regular Library Board meeting and the Library 2018 Annual General meeting by NA, seconded by CD, passed.
  • Discussion about monthly financial and statistical reports. Motion to accept reports by AW, seconded by NA, passed. JZ will ask City Hall finance staff about financial report content change.
  • Discussion about tentative second survey to non-library users and suggested changes. JZ will make suggested revisions and report back to Board.
  • Discussion about meeting with City Council on July 22. JZ and CD will go to Council Chambers and talk about what we’re doing.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 pm. Next Board Meeting at 7pm (Sept. 4, 2019). Next Strategic Planning Committee is 7pm July 4, 2019 and the Library presentation is July 22, 2019 at 7pm in City Council Chambers.