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October 9 2019 Library Board Meeting Minutes

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Prince Rupert Public Library
Library Board Meeting

October 9, 2019

Present: Cary Dalton (CD), Glenn Groulx (GG), Chelsea Keays (CK), Stephanie Lysyk (SL), Dale White (DW)

Regrets: Nick Adey (NA), Carolina de Ryk (CdR), Andrea Wilmot (AW)

Meeting commenced at 7:05 pm.

  • Motion by CD, seconded by DW to accept consent agenda. Passed.
  • Item to add to Discussion agenda Board liability insurance
  • Discussion about possible projects for Grant Advance funding, the two Board priorities are: TTP and new paperback racks. These will be our first focus for Grant Advance. Also there could be local residents who would be willing to make donations or bequeath gifts to the library. No action on this last point, but consider it for now.
  • Motion by CD to open Saturdays and Sundays of Long weekends (as per schedule) in 2020. SL
    seconded. Passed.
  • Discussion about CD's experience at the recent NWLF Board mtg. An idea came out of the matter for CD: A trustee exchange for Board meetings (ie. our trustees go to Board mtgs in other NW libraries and we would host other NW library trustees at our Board mtgs.)
  • Board Liability discussion: CK gave some background about whether the Library Board requires liability insurance. She spoke with a representative of the BCLTA and found out that there has been other conversations between the BCLTA and other library directors/trustees but no actions known to the representative to have been taken by BC libraries in this regard. CK will forward the email she received from the BCLTA representative to all of our trustees. SL added that we should flag the liability insurance possibility in the MoU.
  • Item for the agenda for the Nov Board mtg.: SL to provide the Board a tentative MoU (Memorandum of Understanding).
  • Mtg adjourned 8:40pm.
  • Next Board mtg November 13, 2019, 7pm. Next Strategic Planning Committee meeting is Oct
    17, 7pm

Schedule of more open days in 2020

Due to patron requests we have changed our open hours for the year 2020 and hopefully forward. Rather than closing on Saturdays and Sundays on Long weekends we will be open on Saturdays and Sundays of Long weekends, but remain closed on the statutory holidays. The only exception is that we we still be closed on Sundays during the summer (specifically the Sundays of June, July and August. It is our hope that the open Saturdays and Sundays offer more opportunities for the Public to use the library, if so we will continue doing so in 2021 and possibly open during Sundays during the Summer as well. But no decision on the Summer Sundays at this point in time.

Schedule for 2020 (new Saturday and Sunday hours OPEN)
January ---
February 15, 16
March ---
April 11, 12
May 16, 17
June ---
July ---
August 1
September 5, 6
October 10, 11
November ---
December ---