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January 13 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

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Prince Rupert Public Library
Library Board Meeting

January 13 2021

Present: Nick Adey (NA), Cary Dalton (CD), Carolina de Ryk (CdR), Chelsea Keays (CK), Stephanie Lysyk (SL), Brendan Turner (BT), Dale White (DW), Andrea Wilmot (AW), Joe Zelwietro (JZ-Chief Librarian)

Regrets: n/a

Meeting commenced at 7:02pm
  • Motion to accept the Consent Agenda DW, seconded by NA; Passed
  • Addition to Discussion Agenda: Tentative PRL Positive COVID-19 policy and idea about iPads in the Children's area
  • Introduction to new trustee, Welcome Brendan Turner to the PR Library Board!
  • Notice of Resignation of trustee Glenn Groulx.
  • Discussion of proposed 2021 Library Board meeting schedule. JZ will revise schedule as per Board's direction and resubmit it for approval in February meeting.
  • JZ will commence process of finding a new trustee.
  • BT will join the Strategic Planning committee
  • Discussion about December 2020 Library activities:
    • JZ and staff completed two grant applications in December (1. A Federal Early Learning and Childcare Innovation grant and 2. Barber Learning Centre Digitization grant for the completion of purchase of all images up to the newspaper's cessation in 2010)
    • Various maintenance issues with building in December (blocked drain and rusted partitions in men's bathroom, broken faucet in janitor's room, broken boiler backflow-preventer, gutter downspout blockage, and various battery failures)
  • Discussion about proposed "PRL Positive COVID-19 test" policy. It was decided that JZ and the Re-Opening committee will use the resources (Federal and Provincial) discussed at this Board meeting to develop a new policy. If a draft policy is ready by Thursday January 21, the Library Board and JZ will have virtual meeting to review policy.
  • iPad discussion is moved forward to February PR Library Board meeting.
  • Meeting adjourned.
Meeting Adjourned at 9:05 pm. Next regular meeting at 7pm (Feb 10 2021).
Possible Library Board meeting on Thursday Jan 21 at 7pm.