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Last Updated June 2nd, 2020

Items added between March 1st and June 2nd, 2020

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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The Silhouette Girl
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)

Fire Sail
Anthony, Piers

Alone In The Wild
Armstrong, Kelley

Arnopp, Jason

Walk The Wire
Baldacci, David

The Suspect
Barton, Fiona

The Third Sister
Blædel, Sara

The Red Lotus
Bohjalian, Chris 1962-

Long Range
Box, C. J.

The Cornish Coast Murder
Bude, John

Tranquility Falls
Bunn, T. Davis 1952-

The City Of Brass
Chakraborty, S. A.

The Kingdom Of Copper
Chakraborty, S. A.

Lavender Blue Murder
Childs, Laura

Christie, Michael 1976-

All Through The Night
Clark, Mary Higgins

The Last Train To London
Clayton, Meg Waite

The Boy From The Woods
Coben, Harlan 1962-

Do No Harm
Collins, Max Allan

Journey Of The Pharaohs
Cussler, Clive

Death In The Garden City
Dams, Jeanne M.

The Night Watchman
Erdrich, Louise

When Old Midnight Comes Along
Estleman, Loren D.

Ball Park
Farrow, John 1947-

The Last Passenger
Finch, Charles (Charles B.)

House On Fire
Finder, Joseph

The Absinthe Earl
Fisher, Sharon Lynn

Guilty Not Guilty
Francis, Felix

A Bound Heart
Frantz, Laura

An Uncommon Woman
Frantz, Laura

The Lacemaker
Frantz, Laura

The Dark Corners Of The Night
Gardiner, Meg

Read And Buried
Gates, Eva 1951-

The Peripheral
Gibson, William 1948-

River Of Lies
Greenaway, R. M.

The Library Of The Unwritten
Hackwith, A. J.

Perfect Little Children
Hannah, Sophie 1971-

Death Watch
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia

Who Speaks For The Damned
Harris, C. S.

Married To A Stranger
Hilton, Laura V. 1963-

Hogarth, M.C.A. (Maggie)

Hogarth, M.C.A. (Maggie)

Hogarth, M.C.A. (Maggie)

Hogarth, M.C.A. (Maggie)

Hogarth, M.C.A. (Maggie)

Hozar, Nazanine

The Museum Of Desire
Kellerman, Jonathan

King, Stephen 1947-

The Shining
King, Stephen 1947-

The Bells Of Hell
Kurland, Michael

The Runner
Leather, Stephen

Trace Elements
Leon, Donna

Murder By Matchlight
Lorac, E. C. R. 1894-1958

Sisters By Choice
Mallery, Susan

The Glass Hotel
Mandel, Emily St. John 1979-

The Mirror & The Light
Mantel, Hilary 1952-

A Reasonable Doubt
Margolin, Phillip

The Life I Left Behind
McBeth, Colette

Means, David 1961-

Never Forget
Michaud, Martin 1970-

Cilka's Journey
Morris, Heather (Screenwriter)

What Lies Between Us
Munaweera, Nayomi

Dear Edward
Napolitano, Ann

Mary Toft Or, The Rabbit Queen
Palmer, Dexter Clarence 1974-

The Queen's Fortune
Pataki, Allison

Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas
Patterson, James

The Orphan Thief
Peters, Glynis

Dead To Her
Pinborough, Sarah 1972-

Crooked River
Preston, Douglas J

The Stolen Gold Affair
Pronzini, Bill

The Marriage Clock
Raheem, Zara

A Conspiracy Of Bones
Reichs, Kathy

The Hourglass Factory
Ribchester, Lucy

The Last Odyssey
Rollins, James 1961-

Little Fortress: A Novel
Rosnau, Laisha 1972-

House Of Trelawney
Rothschild, Hannah 1962-

My Dark Vanessa
Russell, Kate Elizabeth

Masked Prey
Sandford, John 1944 February 23-

The Last Wish
Sapkowski, Andrzej

The German Heiress
Scott, Anika

Things To Do When It's Raining
Stapley, Marissa

The Numbers Game
Steel, Danielle

The Last Tourist
Steinhauer, Olen

Eight Perfect Murders
Swanson, Peter 1968-

Five Wives
Thomas, Joan (Sandra Joan)

Hidden Cove
Tilly, Meg

Vestal, Shawn

A Version Of The Truth
Walter, B. P.

Death In A Desert Land
Wilson, Andrew 1967-

Hit List
Woods, Stuart


Adult Graphic Novels

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Monstress. Volume Four The Chosen
Liu, Marjorie M.

741.5 Liu
Rusty Brown
Ware, Chris 1967-

741.5 Ware

Adult Non-Fiction

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Galileo's Error
Goff, Philip 1964-

128.2 Goff
The In-betweens
Ptacin, Mira

133.9 Ptac
The Courage To Be Happy
Kishimi, Ichirō 1956-

150.19 Kish
Outsmarting The Sociopath Next Door
Stout, Martha 1953-

155.25 Stou
Why Will No One Play With Me?
Maguire, Caroline

155.4192 Magu
Subtle Acts Of Exclusion
Jana, Tiffany

155.82 Jana
Beyond The Valley
Srinivasan, Ramesh 1976-

174.93843 Srin
Newkirk, Ingrid

179.3 Newk
Dark Night Of The Soul
John of the Cross Saint 1542-1591

248.22 John
A Guide For The Advanced Soul
Hayward, Susan

248.4 Hayw
The Varieties Of Religious Experience
James, William 1842-1910

291.42 Jame
The Bahá'í Faith
Vafai, Shahin

297.9 Vafa
The Path Toward Spirituality
Vafai, Shahin

297.9344 Vafa
The Stars In Our Pockets
Axelrod, Howard 1973-

303.4833 Axel
The Witches Are Coming
West, Lindy.

305.42 West
The Rat People
Saint-Paul, Patrick

305.569 Sain
Between The World And Me
Coates, Ta-Nehisi

305.8 Coat
White Fragility
DiAngelo, Robin J.

305.8 DiAn
Mating In Captivity
Perel, Esther

306.872 Pere
Palaces For The People
Klinenberg, Eric

307.76 Klin
The Treaties Of Canada With The Indians Of Manitoba And The North-West Territories
Morris, Alexander

323.1197 Morr
Explore And Discover Your Purpose
Andersen, Marlo

331.702 Ande
The Finance Curse
Shaxson, Nicholas

332.042 Shax
Dark Towers
Enrich, David 1979-

332.15 Enri
Savage, Candace

333.74 Sava
An Analysis Of A Site Index €” Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (SIBEC) Analysis
Nigh, Gordon Donald 1956-

333.7509711 Nigh
Family Law In BC

340 Fami
For Your Protection

340 For
How To Become A Child's Guardian.

340 How
If You Can't Get Legal Aid For Your Criminal Trial

340 If
If You Can't Pay Your Court Fine On Time

340 If
If You're Charged With A Crime.

340 If
Defending Yourself: Theft Under $5,000

340 Lega
Defending Yourself

340 Lega
Defending Yourself. Possession Of An Illegal Drug

340 Lega
Live Safe, End Abuse.

340 Lega
Essentials Of Consumer Law

340 Lega
Understanding Child Protection Mediation For Aboriginal Families

340 Lega
Understanding The Extended Family Program.

340 Lega
Understanding Aboriginal Child Protection / Removal Matters

340 Lega 2015
Understanding Aboriginal Delegated Agencies

340 Lega 2015
If You Can't Get Legal Aid For Your Child Protection Case
Harry, Katrina

340 Lega 2018
How To Appeal Your Sentence: A Step-by-step Guide To The Criminal Appeal Process In BC

340 Lega 2019
How To Appeal Your Conviction: A Step-by-step Guide To The Criminal Appeal Process In BC

340 Lega 2019
Separation Agreements

340 Lega 2019
Planning For Your Future
Lorimer, Veronica

340 Lorm 2019
Being An Executor.

340 Peop
Speaking To The Judge Before You're Sentenced.

340 Spea
Mothers Leaving Abusive Partners
Vancouver YWCA

340 Vanc
The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms
Sharpe, Robert J

342.7108 Shar
A Guide To Aboriginal Harvesting Rights

344.7103 Guid
Parents' Rights, Kids' Rights

345 Pare
Living Together Or Living Apart Common-law Relationships, Marriage, Separation And Divorce

346.711 Livi
Representing Yourself In A Criminal Trial

347.711 Repr
All Hell Breaking Loose
Klare, Michael T. 1942-

355.20973 Klar
The Operators
Ryan, Mike

356.16 Ryan
When You're On Welfare

361.9711 When
The Unexpected Journey Of Caring
Thomson, Donna 1955-

362.0425 Thom
To The River
Gillmor, Don

362.28 Gill
Sponsorship Breakdown

362.84 Spon
Income Assistance On Reserve In British Columbia

362.8497 Inco
Midnight In Chernobyl
Higginbotham, Adam

363.179 Higg
This Is Not A Drill

363.70525 This
Plastic Soup
Roscam Abbing, Michiel

363.738 Rosc
Five Days Gone
Cumming, Laura

364.15 Cumm
Things We Didn't Talk About When I Was A Girl
Vanasco, Jeannie

364.1532 Vana
I Am Not Your Slave
Tjipombo, Tupa

364.1551 Tjip
Truth And Reconciliation Commission Of Canada
Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

370.117089 Trut
Truth And Reconciliation Commission Of Canada
Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

370.117089 Trut
Pyramid Of Behavior Interventions
Hierck, Tom

371.102 Hier
Picking Up The Pieces
Newman, Carey 1975-

371.82997 Newm
Marketing Made Simple
Miller, Donald 1971-

381 Mill
The End Of The CBC?
Taras, David; Waddell, Christopher.

384.54 Tara
The Railways Of Canada For 1870-1
Trout, John Malcolm -1876

385.06571 Trou
Steam Navigation And Its Relation To The Commerce Of Canada And The United States
Croil, James 1821-1916

387 Croi
Cradle Tales Of Hinduism
Nivedita, Sister 1867-1911

398.2 Nive
WetCoast Words
Parkin, Tom, 1951-

427.9711 Park
Guide To The Language Proficiency Index (LPI) Essay.

428.0076 Guid
The LPI Workbook

428.0076 LPI
Preparing To Write The Language Proficiency Index (LPI).

428.0076 Prep
The Advanced Learner's Dictionary
Hornby, Albert Sydney

495.1321 Adva
The Physics Book
Farndon, John

530 Farn
Waters Of The World
Dry, Sarah 1974-

551.4809 Dry
Inside The Royal Tyrrell Museum Of Palaeontology.

560.74 Insi
Being A Bird In North America, North Of Mexico. Waterfowl To Shorebirds Volume 1
Alvo, Robert

598.097 Alvo
A Time Transect Of Exomes From A Native American Population Before And After European Contact
Lindo, John

599.9 Lind
Younger Next Year For Women
Crowley, Chris

612.68 Crow
Younger Next Year
Crowley, Chris

613.04234 Crow
How To Eat
Bittman, Mark

613.2 Bitt
Eat This, Not That
Zinczenko, David

613.2 Zinc
DASH For Weight Loss An Easy-to-Follow Plan For Losing Weight, Increasing Energy, And Lowering Blood Pressure
Koslo, Jennifer

613.25 Kosl
Kama Sutra
Hooper, Anne 1941-

613.96 Hoop
Doctor Dogs
Goodavage, Maria 1962-

615.85158 Good
Living A Healthy Life With Chronic Conditions
Lorig, Kate

616.044 Lori
The XX Brain
Mosconi, Lisa

616.8311 Mosc
Healing From Trauma
Cori, Jasmin Lee

616.8521 Cori
Divergent Mind
Nerenberg, Jenara

616.89 Nere
Adult Children Of Emotionally Immature Parents
Gibson, Lindsay C.

616.89156 Gibs
Living With The Long-term Effects Of Cancer
Galgut, Cordelia

616.994 Galg
The Self-care Guide To Surgery
Karrasch, Noah

617 Karr
It's All In Your Mouth
Nischwitz, Dominik

617.6 Nisc
The Man In The Red Coat
Barnes, Julian

618.10092 Barn
Solar Electricity Basics
Chiras, Daniel D

621.31 Chir
Changing The Climate
Jason, Dan

631.58 Jaso
Tree Damage After Fertilization Of Thinned Lodgepole Pine, Douglas-fir, And Spruce Stands In The British Columbia Interior
Jang, Woongsoon

634.96 Jang
Post-wildfire Natural Hazards Risk Analysis In British Columbia
Hope, G. D. (Graeme d’Egville) 1951-

634.9618 Hope
Cat Science Unleashed
Wheeler-Toppen, Jodi

636.8 Whee
2017 Post Season Review . Salmon. North Coast Areas 1-6 & Central Coast Areas 7-10
Fisheries and Oceans Canada

639.9 Fish 2017
Right At Home
Kaysen, Ronda

640 Kays
Anti-inflammatory Diet Cookbook
Roner, James Garcia

641.5631 Rone
Joy Of Cooking
Rombauer, Irma S. 1877-1962

641.5973 Romb
Comeback Careers
Brzezinski, Mika

650.1 Brze
Joy At Work
Kondō, Marie

650.1 Kond
How To Read A Financial Report
Tracy, John A.

657.3 Trac
Keeping Good Employees On Board
McCooey, Dawn

658.314 McCo
Strategic Planning For Public And Nonprofit Organizations
Bryson, John M. (John Moore) 1947-

658.4 Brys
Welcome To Management: How To Grow From Top Performer To Excellent Leader
Hawk, Ryan

658.4092 Hawk
Starting An Online Business All-in-one For Dummies
Belew, Shannon

658.8 Bele
127 Home-based Job & Business Ideas
Gabrielle, Gundi

658.872 Gabr
Social Media Marketing
Singh, Shiv

658.872 Sing
DIY Industrial Pipe Furniture & Decor
Angus, James (Set designer)

684.1 Angu
The Spirit Sings

709.01109711 Spir
Follett, Ken

726.6 Foll
Sutherland, Will (Donald Will) 1984-

728.79 Suth
The PVC Pipe Book
Peterson, Chris 1961-

745.57 Pete
The Year Of Knots
Chien, Windy 1967-

746.422 Chie
Dynamic Quilts With Easy Curves
Alexander, Karla 1956-

746.46 Alex
Taunton's Kidspace Idea Book
Jordan, Wendy Adler 1946-

747.7 Jord
The 100 Greatest Composers And Their Musical Works
Smook, G. A. (Gary A.) 1934-

780.92 Smoo
The Structure And Movement Of Breathing
Conable, Barbara

782 Cona
Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
Sondheim, Stephen

782.14 Sond
The Disney Collection.

782.85 Disn
Sarah McLachlan.
McLachlan, Sarah

784.5 McLa
Something More For The Girls
Coates, Dan

784.6 Coat
Ultimate Star Wars
Bray, Adam

791.4375 Bray
The Sports Book

796 Spor
Tai Chi Handbook: Your Perfect Handbook For All The Tai Chi Basics!
Jaye, Kylie

796.8 Jaye
The Flame
Cohen, Leonard 1934-2016

811.54 Cohe
77 Fragments Of A Familiar Ruin
King, Thomas 1943-

811.54 King
Gone Viking
Arnott, Bill 1967-

910.41 Arno
Jupiter's Travels
Simon, Ted 1931-

910.41 Sim
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Europe.
DK Travel

914 Euro 2020
Narrative Of A Voyage To Hudson's Bay In His Majesty's Ship Rosemond
Chappell, Edward 1792-1861

917.1 Chap
The North-West Passage By Land Being The Narrative Of An Expedition From The Atlantic To The Pacific, Undertaken With The View Of Exploring A Route Across The Continent To British Columbia Through British Territory, By One Of The Northern Passes In The Rocky Mountains
Milton, William Fitzwilliam Viscount 1839-1877

917.1 Milt
The Outsider's Guide To Prince Rupert
Simmons, Matt J. 1980-

917.111 Simm
Canadian Folk-life And Folk-lore
Greenough, William Parker

917.14 Gree

917.59 Flor
Silver, Sword, And Stone
Arana, Marie (Writer)

920.08 Aran
The Story Of Louis Riel, The Rebel Chief.
Collins, Joseph Edmund 1855-1892

921 Coll
When Time Stopped
Neumann, Ariana

940.53 Neum
The Art Of Resistance
Rosenberg, Justus 1921-

940.5318 Rose
The Survivors
Frankel, Adam P.

940.5318092 Fran
I Am Fifteen And I Do Not Want To Die
Arnothy, Christine 1930-

940.53439 Arno
The Splendid And The Vile
Larson, Erik 1954-

940.54 Lars
A Game Of Birds And Wolves
Parkin, Simon

940.54516 Park
Lady In Waiting
Glenconner, Anne

941.085 Glen
The Hermit King
Lee, Chung Min

951.93 Lee
Teachings Of The Tides
Ellis, David William 1951-

970.00497 Elli
Stories From Indian Wigwams And Northern Campfires
Young, Egerton Ryerson 1840-1909

970.1 Youn
The History Of The North-West Rebellion Of 1885
Mulvaney, Charles Pelham

971.05 Mulv
Tales From Finn Bay And Other Matters
Allen, Harry 1931-

971.1 Alle
Raincoast Chronicles Six/ten

971.1 Rain
Marius Barbeau's Photographic Collection

971.100497 Barb
Steamboat Days On The Skeena River, British Columbia
O'Neill, Wiggs.

971.132 O'Nei c.2
The Bella Coola Valley & Vicinity
Whittemore, Scott

971.132 Whit
Gold Creeks And Ghost Towns
Barlee, N. L. (Neville Langrell) 1932-

971.14 Barl
The Diary Of Mrs. John Graves Simcoe
Simcoe, Elizabeth 1762-1850

971.302 Simc
Forty Years In Canada
Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield) 1848-1919

971.9202092 Stee
Mowat, Farley

973.13 Mowa
Sam Houston And The Alamo Avengers
Kilmeade, Brian

976.4 Kilm
The Barefoot Book Of Buddhist Tales
Chödzin, Sherab

294.382325 Chöd

Adult Non-Fiction - Non-Circulating

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If You Can't Get Legal Aid For Your Criminal Trial

Ref 340 If


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Boyko, John 1957-

B Benn
The Life Of Elizabeth I
Weir, Alison 1951-

B Eliz
The Woman Who Says No
Herwig, Malte Christian Walter 1972-

B Gilo


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Chant D'amour
Bartoli, Cecilia

CD Bart
Italian Songs Canzoni
Bartoli, Cecilia

CD Bart

CD Bell
The Best Of R&B

CD Best
Acústico MTV
Bosco, João 1946-

CD Bosc
The Brian Buchanan Ensemble Plays The Music Of Dennis Van Westerborg
Brian Buchanan Ensemble

CD Bria
Delicate Cages
Brooks, Jon

CD Broo
Buhr Quartet

CD Buhr
's Awful Nice
Conniff, Ray 1916-2002

CD Conn
's Wonderful!
Conniff, Ray 1916-2002

CD Conn
's Marvelous
Conniff, Ray 1916-2002

CD Conn
Glitter Girl
DJ's choice karaoke

Winds Of Change
Galway, James

CD Galw
Got Love If You Want It
John Hammond

CD Hamm
The Party Ain't Over
Jackson, Wanda 1937-

CD Jack
Symphony No.1
Mahler, Gustav 1860-1911

CD Mahl
Broadway In Concert
Michals, William

CD Mich
Minogue, Kylie

CD Mino
Serenades & Divertimenti
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 1756-1791

CD Moza
Serenades & Divertimenti
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 1756-1791

CD Moza
Serenades & Divertimenti
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 1756-1791

CD Moza
Serenades & Divertimenti
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 1756-1791

CD Moza
Serenades & Divertimenti
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus 1756-1791

CD Moza
Mudcats (musical group),

CD Mudc
Opera Arias
Ramey, Samuel

CD Rame
Samuel Ramey Sings Rodgers & Hammerstein
Rodgers, Richard 1902-1979

CD Rame
A Portrait Of
Shaw, Artie 1910-2004

CD Shaw
Starr, Ringo

CD Star
Take Action

CD Take
Te Kanawa, Kiri

Oh Mother
van Zanten, Rachelle

CD van

Children's Area Toddlers

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Time Together
Catherine, Maria.

JPT Cath
First Experiences

JPT Firs
The Little Farm
Lenski, Lois 1893-1974

JPT Lens
Arctic Animals
McDonald, Jill (Jill McDonald-Gomez)


Christmas Storage

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The Holiday

DVD Holi 6476
Gingerbread Mouse
Bratun, Katy

JP Brat
The Littlest Christmas Star
Dougherty, Brandi

JP Doug

Juvenile Easy Readers

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Attack Of The 50-foot Fly Guy
Arnold, Tedd

JPE Arno
Duck, Duck, Dinosaur
George, K. (Kallie) 1983-

JPE Begin
A Super First Day
Foxe, Steve

JPE Begin
Fox The Tiger
Tabor, Corey R.

JPE Begin
All About Bears
Szymanski, Jennifer

JPE Begin
Earhart, Kristin

JPE Brey
Earhart, Kristin

JPE Brey
Canizares, Susan 1960-

JPE Cani
Spider Names
Canizares, Susan

JPE Cani
We Play Outside.

JPE Dick
Pup And Hound Play Copycats
Hood, Susan 1954-

JPE Hood
I Wish I Was A Wolf
Bové, Jennifer 1973-

JPE Lev.1
Peppa's New Friend
Petranek, Michael

JPE Lev.1
Rocket's Very Fine Day
Hills, Tad

JPE Lev.1
Old Friends, New Friends
Bouchard, Natasha

JPE Lev.1
The Bean Team
Huntley, Tex

JPE Lev.1
Clark The Shark
Hale, Bruce

JPE Lev.1
Toodle-oo, Miss Moo
Saxon, Victoria

JPE Lev.1
Flat Stanley And The Bees
Houran, Lori Haskins

JPE Lev.2
Hockey At Home
Braithwaite, Meg

JPE Lev.2
The Lion King: Nala And Simba
Tillworth, Mary

JPE Lev.2
A Puppy For Miguel
Lagonegro, Melissa

JPE Lev.2
Uni's First Sleepover
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse

JPE Lev.2
Sleeping Beauty
Man-Kong, Mary

JPE Lev.2
Disney Frozen II Spirits Of Nature
Bouchard, Natasha

JPE Lev.2
Elsa's Epic Journey
Amerikaner, Susan

JPE Lev.3
Legendary Pokemon
Fang, Katherine

JPE Poké
We Are The Justice League!

JPE Super
Stories Of Pirates
Punter, Russell

JPE Usbo
Signs Around Us
Wells, Jan 1948-

JPE Well
Goose On The Loose
Cox, Phil Roxbee

JPE Usbo

Juvenile Fiction

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A Little Princess
Burnett, Frances Hodgson 1849-1924

Flip Burn
Lu, Marie 1984-

Flip Lu
Anne Of Green Gables
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud) 1874-1942

Flip Mont
Spyri, Johanna 1827-1901

Flip Spyr
Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus
Angleberger, Tom

J Angl
A Templar's Apprentice
Black, Kat

J Blac
The Wild Robot Escapes
Brown, Peter 1979-

J Brow
Camp Daze
Bruel, Nick

J Brue
Ada Lace Sees Red
Calandrelli, Emily

J Cala
Ada Lace And The Impossible Mission
Calandrelli, Emily

J Cala
Ada Lace, On The Case
Calandrelli, Emily

J Cala
Ada Lace And The Suspicious Artist
Calandrelli, Emily

J Cala
Night Of Dangers
Clark, Zack Loran

J Clar
Team BFF
Deutsch, Stacia

J Deut
The Storm Keeper's Island
Doyle, Catherine 1990-

J Doyl
The Super Life Of Ben Braver
Emerson, Marcus

J Emer
Just Lucky
Florence, Melanie

J Flor
Funny Girl

J Funn
Sal & Gabi Break The Universe
Hernandez, Carlos Alberto Pablo 1971-

J Hern
Mariel Of Redwall
Jacques, Brian

J Jacq
Pearls Of Lutra
Jacques, Brian

J Jacq
The Loser List
Kowitt, Holly

J Kowi
Mya's Strategy To Save The World
Kyi, Tanya Lloyd 1973-

J Kyi
The Hive
Lyga, Barry

J Lyga
Power Play
Mack, W. C. 1972-

J Mack
Indian No More
McManis, Charlene Willing 1953-2018

J McMa
The Ghost Collector
Mills, Allison

J Mill
Nelson, Colleen

J Nels
No Fixed Address
Nielsen-Fernlund, Susin 1964-

J Niel
West Meadow Detectives
O'Donnell, Liam

J O'Do
The Case Of Firebane's Folly
O'Donnell, Liam 1970-

J O'Do
Bloom: The Invasion
Oppel, Kenneth 1967-

J Oppe
Fast Hands
Pappenheimer, John

J Papp
The Adventures Of Ook And Gluk
Pilkey, Dav 1966-

J Pilk
Slap Shot!
Punt, Irene 1955-

J Punt
2nd Puzzle Adventure Omnibus

J Puzz
Look Both Ways
Reynolds, Jason

J Reyn
The Journal Of Two Sisters
Rogers, Amy Keating

J Roge
Wayward Son
Rowell, Rainbow

J Rowe
The Blackthorn Key
Sands, Kevin

J Sand
The Plant Planet
Scieszka, Jon

J Scie
The Stone Rainbow
Shaw, Liane 1959-

J Shaw
Geeked Out
Skye, Obert

J Skye
Stone, Tamara Ireland

J Ston
A Monster Like Me
Swore, Wendy S.

J Swor
My Life As A Book
Tashjian, Janet

J Tash
The Bridge Home
Venkatraman, Padma

J Venk
Other Words From Home
Warga, Jasmine

J Warg
Wasserman, Robin

J Wass
Mia Mayhem Is A Superhero!
West, Kara

J West

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Ottaviani, Jim

J 599.88 Otta
Sea Sirens
Chu, Amy

J Chu
Livi & Nate
Hakkola, Kalle

J Hakk
The Legend Of Zelda
Himekawa, Akira

J Hime
Sunny Side Up
Holm, Jennifer L.

J Holm
Dr. Stone. 1 Stone World
Inagaki, Riichiro

J Inag
Dr. Stone. 2 Two Kingdoms Of The Stone World
Inagaki, Riichiro.

J Inag
Dr. Stone. 3 Two Million Years Of Being
Inagaki, Riichiro

J Inag
Lumberjanes. Bonus Tracks
Hicks, Faith Erin

J Lumb
Lumberjanes. 13 Indoor Recess
Watters, Shannon

J Lumb v.13
Stanislaw Lem's The Seventh Voyage
Muth, Jon J.

J Muth
White Bird
Palacio, R. J.

J Pala
Hug It Out!
Peirce, Lincoln

J Peir
Rowell, Rainbow

J Rowe
The Amulet Of Samarkand
Stroud, Jonathan

J Stro
Thummler, Brenna

J Thum
Hilo. Book 6 All The Pieces Fit
Winick, Judd

J Wini

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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Stink It Up!
McDonald, Megan

J 031.02 McDo
You Got This!
Becker, Helaine

J 155.4189 Beck
Moses In The Bulrushes
Amery, Heather

J 222 Amer
You Are Never Alone
Kelsey, Elin

J 304.2 Kels
Required Reading For All Teenagers
Pagels, Douglas

J 305.235 Page
On Our Street
Roberts, Jillian 1971-

J 362.5 Robe
The Sexual Trauma Workbook For Teen Girls
Lohmann, Raychelle Cassada

J 362.883 Cass
Residential Schools
Loyie, Oskiniko Larry 1933-

J 371.829 Loyi
Tell Me About Sex, Grandma / By Anastasia Higginbotham.
Higginbotham, Anastasia

J 372.372 Higg
Why Don't Cars Run On Apple Juice?
Vermond, Kira

J 500 Verm
On A Beam Of Light
Berne, Jennifer

J 530.092 Bern
Jenkins, Steve 1952-

J 550 Jenk
Daniel's Dinosuars
Helm, Charles 1957-

J 567.909711 Helm
Jenkins, Steve 1952-

J 567.91 Jenk
Explore The Wild Coast With Sam And Crystal
Snively, Gloria 1943-

J 577.51 Sniv
Explore The Rocky Shore With Sam And Crystal
Snively, Gloria

J 577.7 Sniv
Tiny Creatures
Davies, Nicola 1958-

J 579 Davi
Boreham, Brenda

J 582.16 Bore
Don't Let Them Disappear
Clinton, Chelsea

J 591.68 Clin
The Slug
Gravel, Élise

J 594.3 Grav
Shark Lady
Keating, Jess

J 597.3 Keat
If Sharks Disappeared
Williams, Lily

J 597.3 Will
The Frog Book
Jenkins, Steve 1952-

J 597.89 Jenk
Aglukark, Dorothy

J 599.658 Aglu
Polar Bears
Squire, Ann O.

J 599.786 Squi
Stinky Science
Kay, Edward

J 612.8 Kay
Meet Elsie MacGill
MacLeod, Elizabeth

J 629.13 MacL
Kitchen Science Lab For Kids Edible Edition
Heinecke, Liz Lee

J 641.512 Hein
Wild Buildings And Bridges
Kaner, Etta

J 720.47 Kane
Garfield Rounds Out
Davis, Jim 1945 July 28-

J 741.5 Davi
Super Slime.

J 745.59 Supe
Guitar Genius
Tomsic, Kim

J 787.87 Toms
Suesse, Lynne

J 793.73 Look
Hockey Superstars 2019-2020
Romanuk, Paul

J 796.962 Roma
P.K. Subban
Schultz Nicholson, Lorna

J 796.962 Schu
More Hockey Trivia For Kids
Zweig, Eric 1963-

J 796.962 Zwei
The Vimy Oaks
Granfield, Linda

J 940.465 Gran
So You Want To Be A Viking?
Amson-Bradshaw, Georgia

J 948.022 Amso
Turtle Island
Yellowhorn, Eldon 1956-

J 970.00497 Yell
Meet Viola Desmond
MacLeod, Elizabeth

J 971.600496 MacL
Because Nothing Looks Like God
Kushner, Lawrence 1943-

J 291.2 Kush
Magloff, Lisa

J 598.41 Magl

Juvenile Picture Books

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Bauer, Jutta

JP Baue
Madeline And The Gypsies
Bemelmans, Ludwig 1898-1962

JP Beme
Clifford Takes A Walk
Bridwell, Norman

JP Brid
Down At The Sea Hotel

JP Brow
The Magic School Bus Take A Dive A Book About Coral Reefs
White, Nancy

JP Cole
Super Red Riding Hood
Dávila, Claudia

JP Dávi
Sofia The First
Hapka, Cathy

JP Hapk
Sofia The First
Hapka, Cathy

JP Hapk
Kann, Victoria

JP Kann
Hide And Sneak
Kusugak, Michael

JP Kusu
The Journey Home From Grandpa's
Lumley, Jemima

JP Luml
Sometimes I Cry... Sometimes I Laugh...
Mariella Fridjonsdottir, Kristin

JP Mari
Just Shopping With Mom
Mayer, Mercer

JP Maye
Just Me And My Dad
Mayer, Mercer 1943-

JP Maye
Lessons From Mother Earth
Mcleod, Elaine

Too Much Stuff!
Munsch, Robert N. 1945-

JP Muns
Get Out Of Bed!
Munsch, Robert N. 1945-

JP Muns
The Large Family Collection
Murphy, Jill 1949-

JP Murp
Oh, The Places You'll Go!
Seuss Dr 1904-1991

JP Seus
Horton Hears A Who!
Seuss Dr

JP Seus
The Big Green Book Of Beginner Books
Seuss Dr

JP Seus
Not Another Tea Party
Shulman, Mark 1962-

JP Shul
Darth Maul’s Mission
Landers, Ace

JP Star
Over In The Meadow
Thornhill, Jan

JP Thor

Language Learning Collection

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Have Your Say
McKay, Irene

LL 428.34 McKa

Large Print

(back to top)
The Library Book
Orlean, Susan

LP 027.079494 Orle
Women Rowing North
Pipher, Mary

LP 305.262 Piph
Leadership In Turbulent Times
Goodwin, Doris Kearns

LP 973.099 Good
The Last List Of Miss Judith Kratt
Bobotis, Andrea

LP Bobo
My Sister, The Serial Killer
Braithwaite, Oyinkan

LP Brai
Shadow Tyrants
Cussler, Clive

LP Cuss
The McAvoy Sisters Book Of Secrets
Fader, Molly

LP Fade
Our New Normal
Faulkner, Colleen

LP Faul
A Well-behaved Woman
Fowler, Therese

LP Fowl
An Anonymous Girl
Hendricks, Greer

LP Hend
The Healer's Daughter
Hinger, Charlotte 1940-

LP Hing
New Beginnings At Promise Lodge
Hubbard, Charlotte 1953-

LP Hubb
Under A Firefly Moon
Kauffman, Donna

LP Kauf
Krentz, Jayne Ann

LP Kren
The First Conspiracy
Meltzer, Brad

LP Melt
Robert B. Parker's Buckskin
Knott, Robert 1954-

LP Park
Kingdom Of The Blind
Penny, Louise

LP Penn
The Dinner List
Serle, Rebecca

LP Serl
Before We Were Yours
Wingate, Lisa

LP Wing

Multilingual Collection - Second Floor

(back to top)
Deng Dai De Xin Niang
Akagawa, JirÅ? 1948-

Xiao Shi Le Shu
Kuang, Guohai

Tian Xia Di Yi Zhuang
Li, Delin

Zuo Shou Zhi Yue Shu
Lin, Yongchen

Deng Ai De Feng Shui Shi
Ning, Jing

Wei Ai Er Sheng
Wu, Bailan

Hong Yan Lu Shui
Zhang, Xiaoxian 1967-

Contre Toute Attente
Barclay, Linwood

13 1/2
Barr, Nevada

Mauvaises Fréquentations
Clark, Marcia

L'île De Tous Les Dangers
Cooper, Natasha 1951-

La Rivière Rouge
Hart, John 1965-

Les Hommes Qui N'aimaient Pas Les Femmes Millénuim 1
Larsson, Stieg 1954-2004

La Fille Qui Revait D'un Bidon D'essence Et D'une Allumette Millénium 2 La Fille Qui Rêvait D'un Bidon D'essence Et D'une Allumette
Larsson, Stieg 1954-2004

La Reine Dans Le Palais Des Courants D'air Millénium 3 La Reine Dans Le Palais Des Courants D'air
Larsson, Stieg 1954-2004

Le Péché Des Anges
Link, Charlotte

Mémoire Trouble
Unger, Lisa 1970-


Multilingual Juvenile - First Floor

(back to top)
Baby Jemal And Barnaby Bear's Secret
Halil, Michelle

A Boxful Of Monsters [Urdu & English]
Lemmens, Riske

Imran's Clinic
Teague, Kati

The little weaver of Thái-Yên village = Cô bé tḥơ-ḍêt làng Thái-yên
Tràn, Khánh Tuyé

The Inch-high Samurai
McCarthy, Ralph F.

The Moon Princess = [Kaguyahime]
McCarthy, Ralph F.

Kintaro, The Nature Boy = [Momotarou]
McCarthy, Ralph F.

The Adventure Of Momotaro, The Peach Boy = [Momotarou]
McCarthy, Ralph F.


Multilingual Juvenile French - First Floor

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Family = La Famille

MJF Beav
At The Beach = À La Plage

MJF Beav
Zoo Animals = Les Animaux De Zoo

MJF Beav
Coun Ting From One To Ten.

MJF Beav
Canada 1, 2, 3
Gürth, Per-Henrik

MJF Bell
Gros Ours Courageux
Bland, Nick 1973-

MJF Blan
La Première Neige De Bertrand
Bridwell, Norman

MJF Brid
Aladin Et Sa Lampe Magique
Daynes, Katie

MJF Dayn
Je Suis Louna Et Je Suis Une Artiste
Gauthier, Bertrand 1945-

MJF Gaut
Gay, Marie-Louise

Le Lion
Guidoux, Valérie

MJF Guid
Élie N'aime Pas La Nuit
Maraval-Hutin, Sophie

MJF Mara
Le Panda
Piquemal, Michel 1954-

MJF Piqu
Alouette A Perdu Une Dent
Richet, Béatrice M. (Béatrice Marie) 1964-

MJF Rich
Petit Paul
Spires, Ashley 1978-

MJF Spir
Simon Et La Ville De Carton
Tibo, Gilles 1951-

MJF Tibo
Simon Et Les Flocons De Neige
Tibo, Gilles

MJF Tibo
Moka, Le Chat Qui Voulait Voler Comme Un Oiseau
Tibo, Gilles

MJF Tibo
Je Veux Aider!
Wilhelm, Hans 1945-

MJF Wilh
Non, Pas Le Coiffeur!
Wilhelm, Hans 1945-

MJF Wilh
Oulala, Chasseur De Lions
Zemanel 1969-

MJF Zema

Northwest History Collection - Non-Circulating

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City Of Prince Rupert 2005 Annual Report
Prince Rupert (B.C.)

NWHC 336.711 Prin 2005


(back to top)
The Botanical Garden Volume I
Phillips, Roger

OS 635.9 Phil
The Botanical Garden Volume II
Phillips, Roger

OS 635.9 Phil
Nicholas & Alexandra

OS 947.083 Nich

Paperbacks - Adult

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The Weekenders
Andrews, Mary Kay 1954-

APb Andr
Long Road To Mercy
Baldacci, David

APb Bald
Wolf Pack
Box, C. J.

APb Box
The Bitterroots
Box, C. J.

APb Box
Cut And Run
Brennan, Allison

APb Bren
The Kremlin Strike
Brown, Dale 1956-

APb Brow
True Believer
Carr, Jack (Joint pseudonym)

APb Carr
The Stolen Marriage
Chamberlain, Diane 1950-

APb Cham
Blue Moon
Child, Lee

APb Chil
Enemy Contact
Maden, Mike

APb Clan
The Last Second
Coulter, Catherine

APb Coul
Celtic Empire
Cussler, Clive

APb Cuss
The Oracle
Cussler, Clive

APb Cuss
The Never Game
Deaver, Jeffery

APb Deav
The Big Kahuna
Evanovich, Janet

APb Evan
Second Wind
Francis, Dick

APb Fran
Star Path
Gear, W. Michael

APb Gear
First Kill
Hagberg, David

APb Hagb
The Tale Teller
Hillerman, Anne 1949-

APb Hill
The A List
Jance, Judith A.

APb Janc
The Other Woman
Jones, Sandie

APb Jone
Deep Harbor
Michaels, Fern

APb Mich
The Breakdown
Paris, B.A.

APb Pari
The 18th Abduction
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
Liar Liar
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
The Chef
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
Shelter In Place
Roberts, Nora

APb Robe
Neon Prey
Sandford, John 1944 February 23-

APb Sand
Lost And Found
Steel, Danielle

APb Stee
Blessing In Disguise
Steel, Danielle 1947-

APb Stee
The Void Protocol
Wilson, F. Paul (Francis Paul)

APb Wils

Paperbacks - Classics - Second Floor

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The Call Of The Wild
London, Jack 1876-1916

CPb Lond

Paperbacks - Junior (Intermediate)

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Diary Of A 6th Grade Ninja. 1
Emerson, Marcus

PB JInt Emer
Diary Of A 6th Grade Ninja. 2 Pirate Invasion
Emerson, Marcus

PB JInt Emer
Diary Of A 6th Grade Ninja. 2 Rise Of The Red Ninjas
Emerson, Marcus

PB JInt Emer
Diary Of A 6th Grade Ninja. 4 A Game Of Chase
Emerson, Marcus

PB JInt Emer
Diary Of A 6th Grade Ninja. 5 Terror At The Talent Show
Emerson, Marcus

PB JInt Emer
Diary Of A 6th Grade Ninja. 6 Buchanan Bandits!
Emerson, Marcus

PB JInt Emer
Have Wheels, Will Travel
Mazer, Anne

PB JInt Maze
I Don't Believe It, Archie!
Norriss, Andrew

PB JInt Norr

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary)

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Adventure On Gull Island
Dumont, Delia

PB JPri Dumo
Mrs. Patty Is Batty!
Gutman, Dan

PB JPri Gutm
Let's Get Cracking!
Marko, Cyndi

PB JPri Mark
Spooky Shipwreck
McKain, Kelly

PB JPri McKa
Thea Stilton And The Black Forest Burglary
Stilton, Thea

PB JPri Stil

Paperbacks - Romance

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Window On The Bay
Macomber, Debbie

RPb Maco

Quick Reads

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Picture This
Hyde, Anthony 1946-

QR Hyde
Billy Bishop
Richards, Jeff

QR Rich
Love You To Death
Ruth, Elizabeth

QR Ruth

Talking Books

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Yelled At By A Clown
Bargatze, Nate

CDTB 792.2 Barg
Crucial Conversations

CDTB 808.51 Cruc
Lives Of The Twelve Caesars
Suetonius approximately 69-approximately 122

CDTB 878.7 Suet
The Andromeda Evolution
Wilson, Daniel H. (Daniel Howard) 1978-

Land Of Wolves
Johnson, Craig 1961-

To The Land Of Long Lost Friends
McCall Smith, Alexander 1948-

Lethal Agent
Mills, Kyle 1966-

Vendetta In Death
Robb, J. D. 1950-


Adult DVDs

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True Grit

DVD True 6477
Outlander. Season Four

DVD Outl 6478 s4v1
Outlander. Season Four

DVD Outl 6479 s4v2
Call The Midwife. Season Eight

DVD Call 6480 s8
Downton Abbey : The Motion Picture

DVD Down 6481
Shetland. Season Five

DVD Shet 6482 s5
Star Wars : The Last Jedi

DVD Star 6483
Catherine Cookson's The Man Who Cried

DVD Cook 6484
Catherine Cookson's The Dwelling Place

DVD Cook 6485
Catherine Cookson's The Gambling Man

DVD Cook 6486
Catherine Cookson's The Glass Virgin

DVD Cook 6487
Star Wars. The Complete Saga

DVD Star 6488 Bluray
Star Wars. The Complete Saga

DVD Star 6489 Bluray
Star Wars. The Complete Saga

DVD Star 6490 Bluray
Little Women

DVD Litt 6491
Bones. The Complete Season Four

DVD Bone 6494 s4v1
Bones. The Complete Season Four

DVD Bone 6495 s4v2
Captain America. The Winter Soldier

DVD MCU 6496 #9

Educational & Documentary DVDs

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Day The Dinosaurs Died

EDVD 567.9 Day 542

Great Courses DVDs

(back to top)
Interpreting The 20th Century The Struggle Over Democracy

GCDVD 321.8 Inte GC072

Juvenile DVDs

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Ruby's Snow Queen

JDVD Max 1562
Max's Chocolate Chicken

JDVD Max 1563
Frozen II

JDVD Froz 1564