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Archive: New Arrivals for January 2021 (Visual Version)

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Last Updated February 2nd, 2021

Items added between January 1st and January 31st, 2021

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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Big Sky
Atkinson, Kate

The Vanishing Half
Bennett, Brit

Full Curl
Butler, Dave 1958-

No Place For Wolverines
Butler, Dave 1958-

The Historians
Ekbäck, Cecilia 1971-

Butter Honey Pig Bread
Ekwuyasi, Francesca 1990-

Troubled Blood
Galbraith, Robert

Indians On Vacation
King, Thomas 1943-

If I Never Met You
McFarlane, Mhairi

Vinyl Cafe Unplugged
McLean, Stuart 1948-

The Midnight Bargain
Polk, C. L. (Chelsea L.)

The Time Of Our Singing
Powers, Richard 1957-

The Echo Maker
Powers, Richard 1957-

Quinn, Julia 1970-

Vampire Witch Trilogy
Sheehan, Eileen (paranormal romance author)


Adult Graphic Novels

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The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse
Mackesy, Charlie

741.5 Mack
Strange Planet
Pyle, Nathan W.

741.5 Pyle
Stranger Planet
Pyle, Nathan W.

741.5 Pyle

Adult Non-Fiction

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Braiding Sweetgrass
Kimmerer, Robin Wall

305.597 Kimm
On Tyranny
Snyder, Timothy

321.9 Snyd
Ben-Ghiat, Ruth

321.90922 Ben
Saving Justice
Comey, James B. Jr 1960-

363.25092 Come
Research Options To Address Knowledge Gaps On Marbled Murrelet Terrestrial Habitat Requirements
Burger, Alan E.

598.177 Burg
Parent Training For Disruptive Behavior
Bearss, Karen |e author.

618.92 RUBI
Elytroderma Needle Cast On Lodgepole Pine In British Columbia
Rusch, David

634.95609711 Rusc
Woodlot Licence #W1854 And W2051
Trevally Enterprises Ltd

634.99 Trev
The Gallbladder Diet Guide
Shah, Monika

641.5636 Shah
The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook
Ridge, Brent

641.59 Ridg
Today's Special
Demetre, Anthony

641.592041 Deme
The New English Table
Prince, Rose

641.5941 Prin
OMG Pancakes!
Belosic, Jim

641.8153 Belo
Mend & Patch
Neumüller, Kerstin

646.6 Neum
Hammer & Nail
Braid, Kate

694.092 Brai
Body Language

709.07111 Bulp
Fodor's Essential Israel
Bar-El, Elianna

915.694 Isra 2020 2nd ed.
Fodor's Essential Hawaii
Anderson, Karen (Travel writer)

919.69 Fodo 2021 3rd ed.
Two Trees Make A Forest
Lee, Jessica J. 1986-

971.0049925 Lee
Bag Man
Maddow, Rachel

973.924092 Madd
Myths Busted! Just When You Thought You Knew What You Knew 2
Krieger, Emily

J 001.9 Krie


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A Promised Land
Obama, Barack

B Obam

Children's Area Toddlers

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Halloween Is Sweet!
Berenstain, Stan 1923-2005

JPT Bere
The Usborne Nursery Rhyme Picture Book
Bonnet, Rosalinde

JPT Bonn
EEK! Halloween!
Boynton, Sandra

JPT Boyn
If You're Spooky And You Know It
Fronis, Aly

JPT Fron
Good Night Fire Engines
Gamble, Adam

JPT Gamb
I Love You, Mommy.

Little Blue Truck's Valentine
Schertle, Alice

JPT Sche

Christmas Storage

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An Amish Holiday Courtship
Miller, Emma

RPb Mill

Juvenile Easy Readers

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Sunshine, Moonshine
Armstrong, Jennifer 1961-

JPE Arms
Rebel Power!
Nesworthy, Lauren

JPE Lev.2
Song Of The Poison Dragon
West, Tracey 1965-

JPE West

Juvenile Fiction

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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
Kinney, Jeff

J Kinn

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Naruto. Vol. 16 Eulogy
Kishimoto, Masashi 1974-

J Kish
Naruto. Vol. 13 The Chunin Exam, Concluded...!
Kishimoto, Masashi 1974-

J Kish
Naruto. 12 The Great Flight!
Kishimoto, Masashi 1974-

J Kish
Naruto. Vol. 14 Hokage Vs. Hokage!!
Kishimoto, Masashi 1974-

J Kish
Princess Princess Ever After
O'Neill, Katie (Cartoonist)

J O'Ne
The Horrifyingly Haunted Hack-a-ween The Spooky Tale Of Captain Underpants
Rusu, Meredith

J Rusu
The Unicorn Whisperer
Simpson, Dana 1977-

J Simp

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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The Night Sky
Henbest, Nigel

J 520 Henb
A Rock Is Lively
Aston, Dianna Hutts

J 552 Asto
Rescue Vehicles
Kelly, Erin Suzanne 1965-

J 629.046 Kell
100 Ways To Rebuild The World
Murray, Helen (Senior editor)

J 688.7 Murr

Juvenile Picture Books

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Happy Halloween!
Berenstain, Stan 1923-2005

JP Bere
The Berenstain Bears' Four Seasons
Berenstain, Stan

JP Bere
Adrian Simcox Does Not Have A Horse
Campbell, Marcy

JP Camp
Prince & Knight
Haack, Daniel

JP Haac
Holloway, Pam

JP Holl
The Great Eggscape!
John, Jory

JP John
Happy Halloween, Little Critter!
Mayer, Mercer

JP Maye
The Lemon Tart
McChesney, Sarah

Munsch, Robert N. 1945-

JP Muns
The Little Ghost Who Was A Quilt
Nason, Riel 1969-

JP Naso
Our Class Is A Family
Olsen, Shannon

JP Olse

Large Print

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You Don't Own Me
Clark, Mary Higgins

LP Clar
Cook, Robin 1940-

LP Cook
A Dangerous Man
Crais, Robert

LP Crai
The Road Home
Evans, Richard Paul

LP Evan
Someone Like You
Kingsbury, Karen

LP King
To The Land Of Long Lost Friends
McCall Smith, Alexander 1948-

Robert B. Parker's Angel Eyes
Atkins, Ace

LP Park

Multimedia - Video Games - PS4

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A Way Out
Hazelight Studios

VGP4 Way P401

Northwest History Collection - Non-Circulating

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UdderFest 2015

NWHC 792.097111 Udde

Paperbacks - Adult

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The Warsaw Protocol
Berry, Steve

APb Berr
The Third To Die
Brennan, Allison

APb Bren
Robert B. Parker's The Bitterest Pill
Coleman, Reed Farrel 1956-

APb Cole
Final Option
Cussler, Clive

APb Cuss
Twisted Twenty-six
Evanovich, Janet

APb Evan
The Lost Man
Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth)

APb Harp
Into The Fire
Hurwitz, Gregg

APb Hurw
Bitter Pill
Michaels, Fern

APb Mich
Robert B. Parker's The Bitterest Pill
Coleman, Reed Farrel 1956-

APb Park
Patterson, James

APb Patt
The Inn
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
Criss Cross
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
Shadows In Death An Eve Dallas Novel
Robb, J.D.

APb Robb
Green Mars
Robinson, Kim Stanley

APb Robi
Blue Mars
Robinson, Kim Stanley

APb Robi
Swallow, James

APb Swal
Mrs. Everything
Weiner, Jennifer

APb Wein
Woods, Stuart

APb Wood
The Storied Life Of A.J. Fikry
Zevin, Gabrielle

APb Zevi

Paperbacks - Fantasy

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Dagger's Edge
Logston, Anne

FPb Logs

Paperbacks - Junior (Intermediate)

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Wolves Of The Beyond: Frost Wolf
Lasky, Kathryn

PB JInt Lask
Wolves Of Beyond
Lasky, Kathryn

PB JInt Lask
Wolves Of The Beyond: Shadow Wolf
Lasky, Kathryn.

PB JInt Lask
Spirit Wolf.
Lasky, Kathryn

PB JInt Lask
Wolves Of The Beyond: Watch Wolf
Lasky, Kathryn

PB JInt Lask
Wolves Of The Beyond: Lone Wolf
Lasky, Kathryn

PB Jint Lask

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary)

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Who Gives A Hoot?
Kelly, Jacqueline

PB JPri Kell

Talking Books

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Three Jack Reacher Novellas
Child, Lee

The Fireman
Hill, Joe


Adult DVDs

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Black Panther

DVD MCU 6540 #18
The Last Station

DVD Last 6541
Avengers : Infinity War

DVD MCU 6541 #19

Juvenile DVDs

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The Magic School Bus : Season's Greetings

JDVD Magi 1573