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Archive: New Arrivals for March 2021

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Last Updated April 7th, 2021

Items added between March 1st and March 31st, 2021

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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Leave The World Behind
Alam, Rumaan

Firekeeper's Daughter
Boulley, Angeline

Sisters Of Holmes County
Brunstetter, Wanda E.

The Butcher's Daughter
Glendinning, Victoria

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
Green, Hank

Where The Lost Wander
Harmon, Amy

Take A Hint, Dani Brown
Hibbert, Talia

The Last Garden In England
Kelly, Julia 1986-

Transient Desires
Leon, Donna

The Chanel Sisters
Little, Judithe

The Committed
Nguyen, Viet Thanh 1971-

Hamnet & Judith
O'Farrell, Maggie 1972-

Raincoast Gold
Packman, G. A.

A Declaration Of The Rights Of Magicians
Parry, H. G.

The Unlikely Escape Of Uriah Heep
Parry, H. G.

The Sanatorium
Pearse, Sarah

The Shadow Box
Rice, Luanne

Return Of The Trickster
Robinson, Eden

Return Of The Trickster
Robinson, Eden

The Berlin Girl
Robotham, Mandy

Scottoline, Lisa

Singer, P. W. (Peter Warren)

One By One
Ware, Ruth


Adult Graphic Novels

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The Times I Knew I Was Gay
Crewes, Eleanor

306.76 Crew
A Quick & Easy Guide To Queer & Trans Identities
G, Mady (Mady M. Giuliani)

306.76 G

Adult Non-Fiction

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Relax, Dammit!
Caulfield, Timothy A. 1963-

155.9042 Caul
I Wasn't Ready To Say Goodbye
Noel, Brook

155.937 Noel
Finding The Words
Wolfelt, Alan

155.937 Wolf
Jesus Calling Family Devotional
Young, Sarah 1946-

242.2 Youn
Plain Answers About The Amish Life
Clark, Mindy Starns

289.773 Clar
A Description Of Soils And Foliar Data Collected From 1988 To 2018 In Association With The EP0995 Site-preparation Study In North-central British Columbia
Heineman, J.L. (Jean L.)

333.75097118 Hein
Canadian Subsidy Directory 2021.
Canadian Subsidy Directory

338.971 Cana 2021
Intimate Integration
Stevenson, Allyson D. 1976-

362.734 Stev
How To Avoid A Climate Disaster
Gates, Bill 1955-

363.738 Gate
The Vaccination Picture
Caulfield, Timothy A. 1963-

615.372 Caul
Application Of Uniform Shelterwood Silvicultural Systems In The Sub-boreal Spruce Biogeoclimatic Zone In Central British Columbia
Waterhouse, M. J.

634.920971 Wate
Dessert Of The Day
Laidlaw, Kim

641.86 Laid
Tiny House Builder
Nyakundi, Colvin Tonya

728.37 Nyak
Kandis, Mags

746.432 Kand
The Sherlock Holmes Book.

823.8 Doyl
The Iliad

883 Home
Heughan, Sam 1980-

914.11 Heug
Fodor's Essential England.

914.2 Engl 2021 2nd ed.
Rick Steves' Germany

914.3 Germ 2021
Rick Steves Portugal
Steves, Rick 1955-

914.6904 Port 11th ed.
Flag Etiquette In Canada = Étiquette Du Drapeau Au Canada

929.92 Flag
The National Flag Of Canada

929.92 Nati
The Time Traveller's Guide To Regency Britain
Mortimer, Ian 1967-

941.07 Mort
The Norman Conquest
Morris, Marc 1973-

942.02 Morr
Eat The Buddha
Demick, Barbara

951.38 Demi
Go Do Some Great Thing
Kilian, Crawford

971.100496 Kili
The Deepest South Of All
Grant, Richard

976.226 Gran


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First Contact
Jason Camp and the Posers

CD Jaso

Juvenile Easy Readers

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Shrek The Third: Friends And Foes
Hapka, Cathy

JPE Hapk

Juvenile Fiction

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Chain Of Iron
Clare, Cassandra

J Clar
James And The Giant Peach
Dahl, Roald.

J Dahl
Dowding, Philippa

J Dowd
Some Other Now
Everett, Sarah

J Ever
Ground Zero
Gratz, Alan 1972-

J Grat
Korman, Gordon

J Korm
Finders Keepers
McFarlane, Melanie

J McFa
Like Home
Onomé, Louisa

J Onom
The Crosswood
Prendergast, Gabrielle

J Pren
Mr. Universe
Slade, Arthur 1967-

J Slad

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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How To Promenade With A Python (and Not Get Eaten)
Poliquin, Rachel

J 597.96 Poli
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Part 4. Volume 5 Diamond Is Unbreakable
Araki, Hirohiko 1960-

J Arak
Simon And Chester
Atkinson, Cale

J Atki

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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Haunted Canada. Chilling True Tales 7
Sutherland, Joel A. 1980-

J 133.1 Suth
How To Change Everything
Klein, Naomi 1970-

J 333.72 Klei
Super Marsupials
Kenah, Katharine

J 599.2 Kena

Juvenile Picture Books

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JP Barb
Txamsm And The Tides.
Tate, Henry W.

JP Tate

Large Print

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A Forgotten Murder
Deveraux, Jude

LP Deve
A Good Neighborhood
Fowler, Therese

LP Fowl
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray) 1945-

LP Koon
The Vanishing
Krentz, Jayne Ann

LP Kren
The Silent Patient
Michaelides, Alex 1977-

LP Mich
Roberts, Nora

LP Robe
Near Dark
Thor, Brad

LP Thor

Multilingual Collection - Second Floor

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らんま1/2. 7巻
Takahashi, Rumiko 1957-


Multilingual Juvenile - First Floor

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Entonces Llega El Verano
Brenner, Tom

Clifford Va Al Zoológico
Bridwell, Norman

Mi Tía
Canetti, Yanitzia 1967-

Sapo Y Sepo Son Amigos
Lobel, Arnold

El Abuelo Lopez
Orr, Wendy 1953-

Relatos De 3 Minutos

Huevos Verdes Con Jamon
Seuss Dr


Multilingual Juvenile French - First Floor

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Polo Et Le Panier De Fruits
Anfousse, Ginette

MJF Anfo
Applegate, Katherine

MJF Appl
Applegate, Katherine

MJF Appl
Aubergine Attend Une Amie
Cazazian, Roselyne

MJF Caza
La Photo À L'école
Daignault, Thérèse 1954-

MJF Daig
Le Chapeau De M. Zinger
Fagan, Cary 1957-

MJF Faga
Pareil Pareil
Jocelyn, Marthe

MJF Joce
Le Port
Maestro, Betsy

MJF Maes

Northwest History Collection - Non-Circulating

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On The Line
Mickleburgh, Rod

NWHC 331.8 Mick
Salt Of The Sea
Shields, Ed

NWHC 338.3727633 Shie
Aerial Photographs Small Craft Harbours

NWHC CDR 971.1 Aeri

Paperbacks - Adult

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The Next Person You Meet In Heaven
Albom, Mitch 1958-

APb Albo
Eagle Station
Brown, Dale 1956-

APb Brow
Recipe For A Perfect Wife
Brown, Karma

APb Brow
Journey Of The Pharaohs
Cussler, Clive [1931-1920]

APb Cuss
Gone By Midnight
Fox, Candice

APb Fox
Camino Winds
Grisham, John

APb Gris
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
After Anna
Scottoline, Lisa

APb Scot
The Numbers Game
Steel, Danielle

APb Stee
Hit List
Woods, Stuart

APb Wood

Paperbacks - Romance

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The Other Miss Bridgerton
Quinn, Julia 1970-

RoPb Quin

Talking Books

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The Art Of Raising A Puppy
Monks of New Skete

CDTB 636.7 Monk

Adult DVDs

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Hold The Dream

DVD Brad 6352
Time Bandits

DVD Time 6547
Shall We Dance?

DVD Shal 6340
Just Married

DVD Just 6136
Married Life

DVD Marr 5659
H. G. Wells' The Time Machine

DVD Time 6205
Waiting For Guffman

DVD Wait 6213
Planet Of The Apes

DVD Plan 6224
Morning Glory

DVD Morn 6331
The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers

DVD Life 6330
Monte Walsh

DVD Mont 6328
Dead Man Walking

DVD Dead 6327
Steel Magnolias

DVD Stee 6306
Young At Heart

DVD Youn 6309
The Butterfly Effect

DVD Butt 6310
Eat Pray Love

DVD Eat 6335
Young Guns II

DVD Youn 6561
Facing Windows

DVD Faci 6324
Men With Brooms

DVD Men 6307
4 Film Favorites. Lethal Weapon = 4 Films Préférés. L'arme Fatale

DVD Leth 6323
The Winter Guest

DVD Wint 6316
The Namesake

DVD Name 6337
Friends With Money

DVD Frie 6336
How To Lose Friends & Alienate People

DVD How 6319
Beauty Shop

DVD Beau 6318
American Beauty

DVD Amer 6312
The Graduate

DVD Grad 6317
The Big Picture

DVD Big 6314
A Woman Of Substance

DVD Brad 6351
To Be The Best

DVD Brad 6353
The Getaway

DVD Geta 6339
On The Beach

DVD On 6341
American Outlaws

DVD Amer 6321
Just Cause

DVD Just 6191
The Postman

DVD Post 6546
Sanford And Son : The First Season

DVD Sanf 6545 s1
The Three Stooges.

DVD Thre 6543
Flying Deuces Utopia

DVD Laur 6544
The Irishman

DVD Iris 6548
The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

DVD Spy 6549
Destry Rides Again

DVD Dest 6550
The Asphalt Jungle

DVD Asph 6552
La Cage Aux Folles

DVD Cage 6551
The Debt L'affaire Rachel Singer

DVD Debt 6553 Bluray
Burn After Reading

DVD Burn 6555
My Favorite Martian : Season One

DVD My 6556 s1
My Favorite Martian : The Complete Second Series

DVD My 6557 s2
My Favorite Martian : Season Three

DVD My 6558 s3
Wild Wild West

DVD Wild 6562
At First Sight.

DVD At 6564
According To Greta

DVD Acco 6563
Stargate Atlantis. The Complete Fifth Season

DVD Star 6566 s5v1
Dr. T & The Women

DVD Dr.T 6565
The Man From Snowy River

DVD Man 6568
Stargate Atlantis. The Complete Fifth Season

DVD Star 6567 s5v2
Defying Gravity

DVD Defy 6569
The Casebook Of Sherlock Holmes DVD Collection

DVD Sher 6570
Fever Pitch

DVD Feve 6571
Beyond Borders

DVD Beyo 6572

DVD Conv 6573

Educational & Documentary DVDs

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John Mayer : Any Given Thursday

EDVD 789.6 Maye 546
Anthem To Beauty The Grateful Dead

EDVD 782.42 Grat 548
Pearl Jam Live At The Garden

EDVD 781.66 Pear 549
Tai Chi : Stillness Through Motion

EDVD 613.7 Pang 550
A Season On The Brink

EDVD 791.45 Seas 551

Great Courses DVDs

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Building Great Sentences : Exploring The Writer's Craft [Course Guidebook]

GCDVD 808.03 Buil GC073

Juvenile DVDs

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Fun In Motion Dance, Laugh, & Learn About Trucks, Cars, Trains, Planes, & Boats!

JDVD Fun 1574
Roxy Hunter And The Mystery Of The Moody Ghost Movie

JDVD Roxy 1575