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New Arrivals for May 2021

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Last Updated June 5th, 2021

Items added between May 1st and May 31st, 2021

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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While Justice Sleeps
Abrams, Stacey

The Newcomer
Andrews, Mary Kay 1954-

Banks, Russell 1940-

Find You First
Barclay, Linwood

Keller's Fedora
Block, Lawrence

Her Father's Secret
Blædel, Sara

Hour Of The Witch
Bohjalian, Chris 1962-

Arctic Storm Rising
Brown, Dale 1956-

A Daughter's Return
Cox, Josephine

The Saboteurs
Cussler, Clive

The Final Twist
Deaver, Jeffery

Meant To Be
Deveraux, Jude

Blue Hope
Dreese, John

Red Hope
Dreese, John

The House Of The Hanged Woman
Ellis, Kate 1953-

The Constant Rabbit
Fforde, Jasper

The Good Shepherd
Forester, C. S. (Cecil Scott) 1899-1966

The Searcher
French, Tana

House Of Correction
French, Nicci

The Forgotten Daughter
Goodman, Joanna 1969-

The Unforgiven
Graham, Heather

A Time For Mercy
Grisham, John

Sugar Money
Harris, Jane 1961-

The Other Black Girl
Harris, Zakiya Dalila

The Russian Pink
Hart, Matthew

Blink Of An Eye
Johansen, Iris

Miss Benson's Beetle
Joyce, Rachel

King, Thomas 1943-

The Soulmate Equation
Lauren, Christina

Perfect Partners
Macomber, Debbie

The Vineyard At Painted Moon
Mallery, Susan

Just Last Night
McFarlane, Mhairi

From These Broken Streets
Merullo, Roland

To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars
Paolini, Christopher

Your Neighbour's Wife
Parsons, Tony 1953-

The Red Book
Patterson, James 1947-

21st Birthday
Patterson, James 1947-

The Lady Has A Past
Quick, Amanda

A Will To Kill
Raman, R. V.

A Murderous Relation
Raybourn, Deanna.

Truths I Never Told You
Rimmer, Kelly

Black Sun
Roanhorse, Rebecca

Roberts, Nora

Not Dark Yet
Robinson, Peter 1950-

Ocean Prey
Sandford, John 1944 February 23-

Family Reunion
Thayer, Nancy 1943-

That Summer
Weiner, Jennifer

Project Hail Mary
Weir, Andy

Katharine Parr, The Sixth Wife
Weir, Alison 1951-


Adult Graphic Novels

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The Boys
Ennis, Garth

741.5 Enni

Adult Non-Fiction

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Dusk, Night, Dawn
Lamott, Anne

(Ask Staff)
Embracing Anxiety
McLaren, Karla

152.46 McLa
Genova, Lisa

153.12 Geno
Be The Awesome Man
Gazarek, Dennis 1949-

155.332 Gaza
The Mind-body Cure
Pawa, Bal

155.9042 Pawa
How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies
Rando, Therese A.

155.937 Rand
Halfway To Heaven
Lockhart, Robin Bruce

255.71 Lock
MacMillan, Margaret 1943-

303.66 MacM
My Wife Said You May Want To Marry Me
Rosenthal, Jason

306.882 Rose
Fight Or Submit
Derrickson, Ronald M.

338.092 Derr
Rough Waters
Mendenhall, Nancy D.

338.76392 Mend
Eichmann Interrogated
Eichmann, Adolf, 1906-1962

364.151 Eich
Sternwheelers On The Skeena
Armstrong, Cliff

386.22436 Arms
Di Cintio, Marcello 1973-

388.41 DiCi
Test Expert. Writing Practice For CELPIP
Lee, Christien 1970-

428.0076 Lee
Speaking Practice For CELPIP
Lee, Christien 1970-

428.0076 Lee
Until The End Of Time
Greene, B. (Brian) 1963-

523.1 Gree
The Secret Lives Of Planets
Murdin, Paul

523.2 Murd
Fossil Men
Pattison, Kermit

569.9 Patt
Plants, People, And Places

581.63 Plan
Plants Of Haida Gwaii
Turner, Nancy

581.63 Turn
Count Down
Swan, Shanna H.

612.6 Swan
The Healthy Brain Book
Sears, William 1939-

612.8 Sear
Between Hope And Fear
Kinch, Michael S.

614.47 Kinc
The Premonition
Lewis, Michael (Michael M.)

614.5 Lewi
Let's Talk About Sex
Henning, Ann-Marlene 1964-

616.8583 Henn
I Overcame My Autism And All I Got Was This Lousy Anxiety Disorder
Kurchak, Sarah 1982-

616.89 Kurc
The Candida Cure
Boroch, Ann

616.9693 Boro
Fresh Eggs Daily
Steele, Lisa 1947-

636.5 Stee
Duck Eggs Daily
Steele, Lisa 1947-

636.597 Stee
Older Dog? No Worries!
Ryan, Sian

636.7083 Ryan
Michelangelo And Raphael With Botticelli, Perugino, Signorelli, Ghirlandaio And Rosselli In The Vatican
Del Priore, Bruno

708.5634 Del
The World Must Know
Berenbaum, Michael 1945-

940.5318 Bere
Abel, Jordan 1985-

971.00497 Abel

Christmas Storage

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The Man Who Saved Christmas

DVD Man 6585

Circ. Desk

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Cognitive Care Kit Mid-stage K1

Kit K1

Juvenile Fiction

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The House That Wasn't There
Arnold, Elana K.

J Arno
Lost On The Prairie
Dreidger, MaryLou

J Drei
Travels In Cuba
Gay, Marie-Louise

J Gay
The Ones We're Meant To Find
He, Joan

J He
Megabat And The Not-happy Birthday
Humphrey, Anna

J Hump
Rescue At Lake Wild
Johnson, Terry Lynn

J John
Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Spooky Stories
Kinney, Jeff

J Kinn
Luck Of The Titanic
Lee, Stacey (Stacey Heather)

J Lee
The Traitor's Blade
Sands, Kevin

J Sand

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Ostow, Micol

J Rive
This Place

J This

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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See Where We Come From!
Ritchie, Scot

J 306 Ritc
The Power Of Style
Allaire, Christian 1992-

J 391 Alla
Journey Around The Sun
Gladstone, James 1969-

J 523.642 Glad
Backhouse, Frances

J 599.37 Back
Sorell, Traci

J 629.1092 Sore
Birmingham, Maria

J 649.6 Birm
Her Epic Adventure
De Laurentiis Johnston, Julia 1982-

J 920.72 DeLa

Juvenile Picture Books

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Outside, You Notice
Alladin, Erin 1989-

JP Alla

Large Print

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The Henna Artist
Joshi, Alka

LP Josh
The Friendship List
Mallery, Susan

LP Mall
Close Up
Quick, Amanda

LP Quic
The Black Swan Of Paris
Robards, Karen

LP Roba

Paperbacks - Classics - Second Floor

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The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885

CPb Hugo
The Turn Of The Screw & Daisy Miller
James, Henry, 1843-1916

CPb Jame

Paperbacks - Science Fiction

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Prostho Plus
Anthony, Piers

SFPb Anth

Storage - Juvenile

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The Phantom Tollbooth
Juster, Norton 1929-2021

Storage J Just

Talking Books

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Crime And Punishment
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor 1821-1881


Adult DVDs

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Firehouse Dog

DVD Fire 6288
Monty Python's Flying Circus. DVD Disc 11

DVD Mont 6354 s3-d11
Take The Lead

DVD Take 6358
Paper Heart

DVD Paper 6256
Monty Python's Flying Circus. DVD Disc 12

DVD Mont 6355 s3-d12

DVD Mons 6356
Super Troopers

DVD Supe 6357
Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. [DVD] 2 : [DVD]

DVD Sist 6583
In America

DVD In 6584
Terminator Trilogy.

DVD Term 6586
The Witches

DVD Witc 6587
Being Poirot

DVD Poir 6588
Jane Austen's Persuasion

DVD Pers 6369
When Calls The Heart. [The Complete First Season]

DVD When 6589 s1
Chasing Amy

DVD Chas 6298
Spinning Boris

DVD Spin 6299
Fading Gigolo

DVD Fadi 6283
Yes Man = [Monsieur Oui]

DVD YesM 6266
My Week With Marilyn

DVD Mari 6292
Crazy, Stupid, Love

DVD Craz 6270
The Kids Are All Right

DVD Kids 6269
Judas And The Black Messiah

DVD Juda 6590
Quiz Show

DVD Quiz 6293
Broken Flowers

DVD Brok 6290
Legally Blonde

DVD Lega 6294
Legally Blonde 2 Red, White, & Blonde

DVD Lega 6295
Legally Blondes

DVD Lega 6296
Parental Guidance

DVD Pare 6289
The Big Year

DVD BigY 6260
I [heart] Huckabees

DVD Huck 6259

DVD Inte 6264
Live. Die. Repeat. Edge Of Tomorrow

DVD Live 6263
The Perez Family

DVD Pere 6267
Driving Lessons

DVD Driv 6257

DVD Rend 6265
Around The Bend

DVD Arou 6262

Educational & Documentary DVDs

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Don Cherry's Rock'em Sock'em Hockey 19

EDVD 796.96 Cher 530
World Class Trains. Vancouver To Banff (Canada) The Rocky Mountaineer

EDVD 917.1 Worl 552
Body Of Evidence From The Case Files Of Dayle Hinman

EDVD 347.06 Body 532
Shawn Michaels Boyhood Dream.

EDVD 796.81 Mich 531
An Inconvenient Sequel : Truth To Power

EDVD 363.73 Inco 553
Lapstrake Boatbuilding

EDVD 623.82 Ultr 554
The Celts The Complete Epic Saga

EDVD 936.4 Celt 555
Instructional Step Dance DVD

EDVD 793.3 Fitz 556
Chasing The Fish North Coast Local Fishing Knowledge

EDVD 639.22 Chas 558
Oona River Between Forest And Sea

EDVD 971.17 Oona 559
"" These Were The Reasons..."" : Stories Of Union Organizing In British Columbia

EDVD 331.88 Thes 561

Juvenile DVDs

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Family 4 Pack. Volume 8

JDVD Fami 1537
Everyone's Hero

JDVD Ever 1536
Alvin And The Chipmunks

JDVD Alvi 1538