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New Arrivals for June 2021

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Last Updated July 12th, 2021

Items added between June 1st and June 30th, 2021

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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This Red Line Goes Straight To Your Heart
Anand, Madhur 1971-

The Passenger
Boschwitz, Ulrich Alexander 1915-1942

The President's Daughter
Clinton, Bill 1946-

Her Dark Lies
Ellison, J. T.

The Night Hawks
Griffiths, Elly

The Other Emily
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray) 1945-

And Now You're Back
Mansell, Jill

The Road Trip
O'Leary, Beth

Sustaining Faith
Oke, Janette 1935-

If You Hear Me
Quiviger, Pascale

Midnight Sweatlodge
Rice, Waubgeshig 1979-

When The Eagle Hunts
Scarrow, Simon

The Last Green Valley
Sullivan, Mark T.


Adult Graphic Novels

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We Are The Engineers
Melick, Angela 1984-

741.5 Meli v.1
Welcome To The Real World
Melick, Angela 1984-

741.5 Meli v.2
Cubicle Warrior
Melick, Angela 1984-

741.5 Meli v.3
Professionally Awesome
Melick, Angela 1984-

741.5 Meli v.4
Melick, Angela 1984-

741.5 Meli v.5

Adult Non-Fiction

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Mental Fitness, The Game Changer & The Key To Psychological Strength And Resilience
Kinley, Jackie 1963-

155.24 Kinl
Eurich, Tasha

158.1 Euri
The Ground Breaking
Ellsworth, Scott (Historian)

305.8009766 Ells
Made In China
Pang, Amelia 1991-

331.11 Pang
Chang, Emily

331.4133 Chan
Finding The Mother Tree
Simard, S. (Suzanne)

333.75 Sima
Serious Court
Xu, Mingyao 1950-

347.711 Tsui
Zero Fail
Leonnig, Carol

363.283 Leon
St. Michael's Residential School
Dyson, Nancy

371.82997 Dyso
The Rise And Fall Of The Dinosaurs
Brusatte, Steve

567.9 Brus
Discipline Without Damage
Lapointe, Vanessa

649.1 Lapo
Adventure Through The Inside Passage
Davis, Doug (Douglas C.)

778.932 Davi
Norma Jeane Baker Of Troy
Carson, Anne 1950-

812.54 Cars
Senklip Harvey, Kim

812.6 Senk
Eyewitness. Lisbon

914.694 Lisb 2021
Queen Charlotte Islands Trail Hikes And Beach Walks
Henderson, Fern

917.1131 Hend


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The White Mouse
Wake, Nancy

B Wake


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All The Best From Ireland

CD All
All The Best From Ireland

CD All
Beautiful Music
101 Strings

CD Best
The Music Of Greece.

CD Musi

Christmas Storage

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Festive Spirits
Atkinson, Kate

Christmas Cupcake Murder
Fluke, Joanne 1943-


Juvenile Fiction

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Aleman, Daniel

J Alem
Misfit In Love
Ali, S. K.

J Ali
Hurricane Summer
Bromfield, Asha

J Brom
Alice Fleck's Recipes For Disaster
Delaney, Rachelle

J Dela
Tokyo Ever After
Jean, Emiko

J Jean
Johnston, E. K.

J John
Truly Tyler
Libenson, Terri

J Libe
Tremendous Things
Nielsen-Fernlund, Susin 1964-

J Neil
The Street Belongs To Us
Pendleton Jiménez, Karleen 1971-

J Pend
When You Get The Chance
Ryan, Tom 1977 February 26-

J Ryan
On The Hook
Stork, Francisco X.

J Stor
Made In Korea
Suk, Sarah

J Suk

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Incredible Doom. Vol 1
Bogart, Matthew 1978-

J Boga
Glam Prix Racers
Kent, Deanna

J Kent
The Postman From Space
Perreault, Guillaume 1985-

J Perr
Porter, Kenny

J Port
Yorick And Bones. Friends By Any Other Name
Tankard, Jeremy

J Tank
Scaredy's Nutty Adventures. 1 Scaredy Squirrel In A Nutshell
Watt, Mélanie 1975-

J Watt
The Dragon Path
Young, Ethan 1983-

J Youn

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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The Frog Mother
Huson, Brett D.

J 597.892 Huso
The How And Wow Of The Human Body
Thomas, Mindy

J 612 Thom
Laundered Limericks
Slugworthy, J. P.

J 811.54 Slug c.2

Large Print

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Dusk, Night, Dawn
Lamott, Anne

LP 234.23 Lamo
Agent Sonya
Macintyre, Ben 1963-

LP 327.1247 Maci
This Time Next Year We'll Be Laughing A Memoir
Winspear, Jacqueline 1955-

LP 823.92 Wins
While Justice Sleeps
Abrams, Stacey

LP Abra
Obama, Michelle 1964-

LP B Obam
Baldacci, David

LP Bald
Thick As Thieves
Brown, Sandra 1948-

LP Brow
Surviving Savannah
Henry, Patti Callahan.

LP Call
The Sentinel
Child, Lee

LP Chil
The Darkest Evening
Cleeves, Ann

LP Clee
The Kelly Trail
McCauley, Terrence

LP Comp
The Law Of Innocence
Connelly, Michael 1956-

LP Conn
The Guest List
Foley, Lucy (Novelist)

LP Fole
A Lady's Guide To Mischief And Murder
Freeman, Dianne 1958-

LP Free
A Time For Mercy
Grisham, John

LP Gris
Cat Me If You Can
James, Miranda

LP Jame
Blink Of An Eye
Johansen, Iris

LP Joha
Bury The Hatchet
Johnstone, William W.

LP John
A Good Day For A Massacre
Johnstone, William W.

LP John
Sunflower Sisters
Kelly, Martha Hall

LP Kell
Sex And Vanity
Kwan, Kevin

LP Kwan
Transient Desires
Leon, Donna

LP Leon
My Italian Bulldozer
McCall Smith, Alexander 1948-

The Second-worst Restaurant In France
McCall Smith, Alexander 1948-

How To Raise An Elephant
McCall Smith, Alexander 1948-

One For The Books
McKinlay, Jenn

Where The Crawdads Sing
Owens, Delia

LP Owen
The Palm Beach Murders
Patterson, James 1947-

LP Patt
Deadly Cross
Patterson, James 1947-

LP Patt
The Duke And I
Quinn, Julia 1970-

LP Quin
Romancing Mister Bridgerton
Quinn, Julia 1970-

LP Quin
Ocean Prey
Sandford, John 1944 February 23-

LP Sand
Who Rescued Who
Schade, Victoria

LP Scha
Scottoline, Lisa

LP Scot
Moral Compass
Steel, Danielle

LP Stee
All That Glitters
Steel, Danielle

LP Stee
Steel, Danielle

LP Stee
The Affair
Steel, Danielle

LP Stee
Eight Perfect Murders
Swanson, Peter 1968-

LP Swan

Paperbacks - Adult

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The Second Sleep
Harris, Robert 1957-

APb Harr
Credible Threat
Jance, Judith A.

APb Janc
Johansen, Iris

APb Joha
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Evolution
Freeman, Brian 1963-

APb Ludl
Daddy's Girls
Steel, Danielle

APb Stee

Paperbacks - Romance

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First Comes Scandal
Quinn, Julia 1970-

RPb Quin

Paperbacks - Science Fiction

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Venus Prime
Clarke, Arthur C. (Arthur Charles) 1917-2008

SFPb Clar

Adult DVDs

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DVD Laby 6161
Unaccompanied Minors

DVD Unac 6326
Bounty Killer

DVD Boun 6363
Bad Ass. Bad Asses 2

DVD BadA 6364
American Graffiti

DVD Amer 6367
The Hebrew Hammer

DVD Hebr 6366
School For Scoundrels

DVD Scho 6368
Empire State

DVD Empi 6360
13 Conversations About One Thing

DVD Thir 6301
Slap Shot 2. Breaking The Ice

DVD Slap 6300
In The Heat Of The Night

DVD InTh 6302
Now You See Me

DVD NowY 6361
G.I. Joe Retaliation

DVD GIJo 6365
Charlotte Gray

DVD Char 6315
The Great Buck Howard

DVD Grea 6308
Fast Food Nation

DVD Fast 6285
Apollo 13

DVD Apol 6304
Daniel Deronda

DVD Dani 6303
Geraldine's Fortune

DVD Gera 6305
A Knight's Tale

DVD Knig 6287
Home Fries

DVD Home 6332
Dear John

DVD Dear 6343

DVD Chro 6286
Homefront Protection

DVD Home 6359
Ricochet River

DVD Rico 6371
The Forsyte Saga. Series Two

DVD Fors 6349 s2v1
The Forsyte Saga. Series Two

DVD Fors 6350 s2v2
The Forsyte Saga. Series One

DVD Fors 6346 s1v1
The Forsyte Saga. Series One

DVD Fors 6347 s1v2
The Forsyte Saga. Series One

DVD Fors 6348 s1v3
Sg̲aawaay K̲'uuna = Edge Of The Knife

DVD Sg̲aa 6591
Father Brown : Set 1 Volume 1 & 2

DVD Fath 3325 v.1
Father Brown : Set 1 Volume 1 & 2

DVD Fath 3326 v.2
Doctor Finlay. Set 1 Winning The Peace

DVD Doct 4652 s1d2
Doctor Finlay. Series 2

DVD Doct 4654 s2
Doctor Finlay. No Time For Heroes

DVD Doct 4657 s3
Doc Martin. Series 2

DVD Doc 3826 s2
Doc Martin. Series 3

DVD Doc 3703 s3
Doc Martin. Series 4

DVD Doc 3879 s4
Doc Martin. Series 5

DVD Doc 4496 s5
Das Boot The Director's Cut

DVD Das 4699
El Dorado

DVD El D 3154
Black Swan

DVD Blac 5525
Collector's Choice Double Feature

DVD Eliz 4895
Charmed. The Complete First Season

DVD Char 5059 s1v1
The Catherine Cookson Anthology

DVD Cook 3501
The Catherine Cookson Anthology

DVD Cook 3499
Callan. Set 1

DVD Call 5072

DVD Dani 4842
Danielle Steel's Jewels

DVD Dani 5278
Danielle Steel's Safe Harbour

DVD Dani 4826
Fine Things

DVD Dani 5275
North Country

DVD Nort 3507
The Smurfs & The Smurfs 2

DVD Smur 6592

Educational & Documentary DVDs

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David Leadbetter Golf Instruction. From Beginner To Winner

EDVD 796.35 Lead 566
Verdict On Auschwitz The Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial 1963-1965

EDVD 341.69 Verd 562
Bosu 4 In 1 Workout DVD Recording

EDVD 650 Bosu 563
Goodwin's Way : A Documentary Film

EDVD 971.12 Good 564
WorkSafeBC Historical Video Series 1-8

EDVD 331.8 Work 565

Juvenile DVDs

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Star Stuff : Carl Sagan And The Mysteries Of The Cosmos & More Space Adventures

JDVD Star 1588
Winnie The Pooh

JDVD Winn 1589
The Tigger Movie

JDVD Winn 1590
The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

JDVD Winn 1591