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New Arrivals for July 2021

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Last Updated August 3rd, 2021

Items added between July 1st and July 31st, 2021

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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The Push
Audrain, Ashley 1982-

The Tea Planter's Club
Bennett, Ann 1962-

The Lake Pavilion
Bennett, Ann

Mrs. Lincoln's Sisters
Chiaverini, Jennifer

Bad To The Bone
Clinton, Roy (Western author)

Love Child
Clinton, Roy (Western author)

Midnight Marauder And The President Of The United States
Clinton, Roy (Western author)

Revenge Of Midnight Maurauder
Clinton, Roy (Western author)

Blacktop Wasteland
Cosby, S. A.

Dead By Dawn
Doiron, Paul

Pull Of The Stars
Donoghue, Emma 1969-

The Dream Weavers
Erskine, Barbara

The Other Side Of The Door
French, Nicci

The Postscript Murders
Griffiths, Elly

The Survivors
Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth)

Cruel As The Grave
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia

People We Meet On Vacation
Henry, Emily

Only Killers And Thieves
Howarth, Paul.

Dust Off The Bones
Howarth, Paul 1978-

Prodigal Son
Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew

The Phone Booth At The Edge Of The World
Imai Messina, Laura

Klara And The Sun
Ishiguro, Kazuo 1954-

The Roots Of Evil
Jardine, Quintin

The Bullet
Johansen, Iris

The Plot
Korelitz, Jean Hanff 1961-

Dream Girl
Lippman, Laura 1959-

The Kobalt Dossier
Lustbader, Eric

The Maidens
Michaelides, Alex 1977-

The Therapist
Paris, B. A.

The Lost Apothecary
Penner, Sarah

When Stars Collide
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth

The Bone Code
Reichs, Kathy

Gutter Child
Richardson, Jael Ealey 1980-

Island Queen
Riley, Vanessa

Our Darkest Night
Robson, Jennifer 1970-

The Eagle And The Wolves
Scarrow, Simon

The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue
Schwab, Victoria

Call Of The Raven
Smith, Wilbur A.

Nine Lives
Steel, Danielle

The Bruce Trilogy
Tranter, Nigel G.


Adult Graphic Novels

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A Second Chance
Kerr, Conor

345.7 Kerr

Adult Non-Fiction

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Very Good Lives
Rowling, J. K.

158.1 Rowl
Choices In Approaching Conflict
Ewert, Charles

303.69 Ewer
Coping With Separation During COVID-19
Neallani, Shelina

306.89 Neal
We Have Been Harmonized
Strittmatter, Kai

323.4482 Stri
Family Law In BC

340 Fami
Parents Legal Centre

340 Lega 2019
Separation Agreements

340 Lega 2019
Canadian Human Rights Act
Knight, Jamie

342.085 Knig
Non-citizens In Canada
Carasco, Emily F.

342.71 Cara
Information And Privacy Law In Canada
Von Tigerstrom, Barbara 1969-

342.7108 Von
Talking Back To The Indian Act
Kelm, Mary-Ellen 1964-

342.710872 Kelm
Canadians Resident Abroad 22nd Edition
Duncan, Garry R.

343.71 Dunc
Cybersecurity In Canada
Ahmad, Imran 1977-

343.7109 Ahma
HANDI-guide To British Columbia's OHS Regulation

344.023 Hand
Social Media And Privacy Law For Employers
Bocska, Rosemary

344.71 Bocs
Temporary Entry Into The Canadian Labour Market
Green, Stephen 1960-

344.71 Gree
Teachers And The Law
MacKay, A. Wayne

344.71 MacK
Child And Youth Protection And Canadian Law
Mikelberg, David

344.71 Rock
Canada Labour Code

344.7101 Cana
The Law Of Work
Doorey, David J.

344.7101 Door
British Columbia Employment Law Handbook

344.711 Brit
British Columbia Employment Standards Act

344.711 Brit
Now You're Talking!
Clarke, Judy

345.7 Clar
Mental Disorder And The Law
Bloom, Hy

345.71 Bloo
Residential Tenancies In British Columbia.

346.0434 Resi
When I Die: Financial Planning For Life And Death
Duncan, Garry R.

346.052 Dunc
The Law Of Property
Chambers, Robert 1957-

346.71 Cham
Introduction To Contracts
MacDougall, Bruce 1960-

346.71 MacD
Canadian Family Law
Payne, Julien D.

346.7101 Payn
The Heritage Trust Estate Administration Boot Camp
Garton, Nicole

346.7105 Gart
Canadian Business Law
Thornicroft, Kenneth Wm. (Kenneth William) 1955-

346.71107 Thor
The Law Of ADR In Canada
Glaholt, Duncan

347.71 Glah
The Canadian Justice System
Atkinson, Paul 1953-

349.71 Atki
A Brief Introduction To Law In Canada
Fairlie, John

349.71 Fair
Pinkerton's And The Hunt For Simon Gunanoot
Mynett, Geoff 1946-

364.1523 Myne
Macdonald, Kathy (Kathy J.)

364.168 Macd
This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends
Perlroth, Nicole

364.168 Perl
What ICBC Does Not Want You To Know
Mussio, Wesley

368.57 Muss
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
Nosrat, Samin

641.5 Nosr
The Management Of Nonprofit And Charitable Organizations In Canada

658.048 Mana
Alcohol And Drugs In The Canadian Workplace
Keith, Norman 1956-

658.3822 Keit
The Essentials Of Theater
Mulcahy, Lisa

792 Mulc
The Educated Imagination
Frye, Northrop

801 Frye
Land To Light On
Brand, Dionne 1953-

811.54 Bran
Lilburn, Tim 1950-

811.54 Lilb
Care Of
Coyote, Ivan 1969-

813.6 Coyo
Prince Rupert

917.111 Prin
New Zealand (Aotearoa)

919.3 New 2021 20th ed.
Call Me Indian
Sasakamoose, Fred 1933-

971.24 Sasa
Wolff, Michael 1953-

973.93 Wolf

Children's Area Toddlers

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British Columbia Alphabet Book
Bird, Nicky 1961-

JPT Bird

Christmas Storage

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A Golden Christmas A Tale Of Puppy Love

DVD Gold 6595

Juvenile Fiction

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The Poet X
Acevedo, Elizabeth

J Acev
The Diamond Of Darkhold
DuPrau, Jeanne.

J DuPr
Wednesday Wilson Gets Down To Business
Galbraith, Bree

J Galb

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Burt The Beetle Doesn't Bite
Spires, Ashley 1978-

J 595.7 Spir
Cooke, Stephanie 1986-

J Cook
Magic Tree House. 1 Dinosaurs Before Dark
Laird, Jenny 1969-

J Osbo
The Good Fight
Staunton, Ted 1956-

J Stau
I Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic, 1912
Ball, Georgia

J Tars
I Survived The Nazi Invasion, 1944

J Tars

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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50 Things To Know About The International Space Station
Read, John

J 629.442 Read

Juvenile Picture Books

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Sisters Learn Traditional Foods
Benyon, Samantha

JP Beny

Large Print

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Hello, Summer
Andrews, Mary Kay 1954-

LP Andr
Sunrise By The Sea
Colgan, Jenny

LP Colg
Coulter, Catherine

LP Coul
A Week At The Shore
Delinsky, Barbara

LP Deli
The Wives
Fisher, Tarryn

LP Fish
Miss Benson's Beetle
Joyce, Rachel

LP Joyc
If It Bleeds
King, Stephen 1947-

LP King
When Stars Collide
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth

LP Phil
When He Was Wicked
Quinn, Julia 1970-

LP Quin
Island Queen A Novel
Riley, Vanessa

LP Rile
Nine Lives
Steel, Danielle

LP Stee

Multilingual Collection - Second Floor

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عندما تنهار كفالتك

M Arab 362.84 Spon
卑詩省家庭法 : 快速參考指南

M Chin 340 Fami
卑詩省家庭法 : 快速参考指南

M Chin 340 Fami
保護你 : 和平保障令及家庭法保護令
Clarke, Judy

M Chin 340 Lega
保护你: 和平保障令和家庭法保护令
Clarke, Judy

M Chin 340 Lega
分居协议 : 你获取公平的权利

M Chin 340 Lega
这合法吗? : 法律对于网络骚扰和虐待的规定
Legal Services Society of British Columbia

M Chin 346.71 Lega

M Chin 362.84 Spon

M Chin 362.84 Spon
ਸਪੌਂਸਰਸ਼ਿਪ ਦਾ ਟੁੱਟਣਾ

M Panj 362.84 Spon

Paperbacks - Adult

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The Boy From The Woods
Coben, Harlan 1962-

APB Cobe
Cari Mora
Harris, Thomas 1940-

APB Harr
The Revelators
Atkins, Ace

APb Atki
Ninth House
Bardugo, Leigh

APb Bard
Savage Son
Carr, Jack (Joint pseudonym)

APb Carr
Castillo, Linda

APb Cast
The Sentinel
Child, Lee

APb Chil
War Lord
Cornwell, Bernard.

APb Corn
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels

APb Corn
Wrath Of Poseidon
Cussler, Clive

APb Cuss
The Swap
Harding, Robyn

APb Hard
28 Summers
Hilderbrand, Elin

APb Hild
Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine
Honeyman, Gail

APb Hone
The Institute
King, Stephen 1947-

APb King
The Gilded Cage
Läckberg, Camilla 1974-

APb Lack
The Midwife Murders
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
Cajun Justice
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
NYPD Red 6
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
All The Devils Are Here
Penny, Louise

APb Penn
Crooked River
Preston, Douglas J.

APb Pres
Naked In Death
Robb, J. D. 1950-

APb Robb
Under Currents
Roberts, Nora

APb Robe
The German Midwife
Robotham, Mandy

APb Robo
The Order
Silva, Daniel 1960-

APb Silv
Near Dark
Thor, Brad

APb Thor
Choppy Water
Woods, Stuart

APb Wood
Woods, Stuart

APb Wood

Paperbacks - Junior (Intermediate)

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Wave Of The Sea Dragon
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JInt West

Paperbacks - Science Fiction

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Swallow, James

SFPb Swal


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Five Little Indians
Good, Michelle


Adult DVDs

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All Creatures Great & Small. Season 1

DVD All 6593 s1

Educational & Documentary DVDs

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Australia : Land Of Parrots

EDVD 598.71 Aust 566
Forever Painless : Classical Stretch

EDVD 616.04 Fore 567
Forever Painless Workouts

EDVD 616.04 Fore 568
Great Railways The Age Of Steam

EDVD 385.36 Grea 569
Sacred Stone Therapy : Classroom Demonstration

EDVD 615.82 Sacr 571
Sacred Stone Massage Therapy : Concepts & Theory

EDVD 615.82 Sacr 572
Chariots Of The Gods.

EDVD 001.94 Char 469
White House Pets

EDVD 636.08 Whit 459
Let It Ride : The Craig Kelly Story

EDVD 796.93 Let 575
Justin Bieber Never Say Never

EDVD 782.42 Bieb 577
Sketches Of Frank Gehry

EDVD 720.92 Sket 578
Festival Express

EDVD 781.66 Fest 579
Tea With The Dames

EDVD 791.49 Tea 580
Life On The Vertical: Canyon Goats Of The Stikine

EDVD 599.64 Life 582
Living In Terrace : British Columbia

EDVD 971.11 Livi 583
Celebrating 100 Years Of Waterfront Labour In Prince Rupert : Remembering 100 Years

EDVD 971.11 Cele 412

Great Courses DVDs

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The Nature Of Earth An Introduction To Geology

GCDVD 551 Natu GC074
My Favorite Universe

GCDVD 520 My F GC075
Understanding The Universe An Introduction To Astronomy / 

GCDVD 520 Unde GC076

Juvenile DVDs

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It's All In The Rhythm!

JDVD It's 1594

JDVD Anas 1592
The Aristocats

JDVD Aris 1593