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New Arrivals for January 2022

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Last Updated February 3rd, 2022

Items added between January 1st and January 31st, 2022

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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A Man Of Honor
Bradford, Barbara Taylor 1933-

The Sorority Murder
Brennan, Allison

The Cartographer's Secret
Cooper, Tea

Coupland, Douglas

Tainna = The Unseen Ones
Dunning, Norma

White Christmas
Flynn, Katie

The Last Gift
Gurnah, Abdulrazak 1948-

Gravel Heart
Gurnah, Abdulrazak 1948-

The Red House
Haddon, Mark 1962-

Hernandez, Catherine 1977-

The Ballerinas
Kapelke-Dale, Rachel

Dominoes At The Crossroads
Kellough, Kaie 1975-

Lightning In A Mirror
Krentz, Jayne Ann

A Thousand Steps
Parker, T. Jefferson

Steel, Danielle


Adult Non-Fiction

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Peak Mind
Jha, Amishi 1970-

153.733 Jha
Rest Play Grow
MacNamara, Deborah

305.2 MacN
My Body
Ratajkowski, Emily 1991-

305.42 Rata
McIvor, Bruce

305.897071 McIv
Walk In My Combat Boots
Patterson, James 1947-

355.009 Patt
One Man In His Time...
Audain, Michael

361.74 Auda
The Narcotics Anonymous Step Working Guides
Narcotics Anonymous World Services

362.293 Narc
The Eight Limbs Of Yoga
Sarbacker, Stuart Ray 1969-

613.7046 Sarb
12 Principles For Raising A Child With ADHD
Barkley, Russell A. 1949-

618.928589 Bark
The Vibrant Table
Kassoff, Anya

641.5636 Kass
The Scaffold Effect
Koplewicz, Harold S.

649.1 Kopl
Art Of The Northwest Coast
Jonaitis, Aldona 1948-

704.0899707111 Jona
Feels Like Home
Liess, Lauren

747 Lies
Mary Rose A Play In Three Acts
Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew) 1860-1937

822 Barr
This Radiant Life
Neveu, Chantal 1964-

841.54 Neve
Fodor's Essential France. 2022

914.4 Fran 2022, 3rd ed.
Lonely Planet Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Northern Thailand 6th Ed

915.9 Viet 2021 6th ed.
Lonely Planet Thailand

915.93 Thai 2021, 18th ed.
Bali, Lombok & Nusa Tenggara

915.9862 Bali 2021, 18th ed.
South Africa
Briggs, Philip

916.8 Sout 2021 12th ed.
Fodor's California With The Best Road Trips
Collins, Andrew

917.94 Cali 2022 34th ed.
Bain, Andrew 1970-

919.4 Aust 2021, 21st ed.
Winged Bull
Pearce, Jeff 1963-

935.4 Pear
The Steal
Bowden, Mark 1951-

973.933 Bowd


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Hero Of Two Worlds
Duncan, Mike 1980-

B Lafa
Off The Record
Mansbridge, Peter

B Mans
Peake, Tim 1972-

B Peak

Children's Area Toddlers

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Oh No, George!
Haughton, Chris

JPT Haug
A Little Book About Winter
Lionni, Leo

JPT Lion
A Little Book About 123s
Lionni, Leo

JPT Lion
A Little Book About ABCs
Lionni, Leo

JPT Lion
A Little Book About Colors
Lionni, Leo 1910-1999

JPT Lion

Juvenile Fiction

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Applegate, Katherine

J Appl
No Vacancy
Cohen, Tziporah 1967-

J Cohe
A Tale Of Sorcery...
Colfer, Chris 1990-

J Colf
A Tale Of Witchcraft...
Colfer, Chris 1990-

J Colf
Once Upon A Broken Heart
Garber, Stephanie

J Garb
Girl In Pieces
Glasgow, Kathleen 1969-

J Glas
Closer To Nowhere
Hopkins, Ellen

J Hopk
A River Of Royal Blood
Joy, Amanda

J Joy
A Queen Of Gilded Horns
Joy, Amanda (Amanda Saulsberry)

J Joy
Palacio, R. J.

J Pala
Pax, Journey Home
Pennypacker, Sara 1951-

J Penn
Harry Potter
Rowling, J. K.

J Rowl
The Darkness Outside Us
Schrefer, Eliot 1978-

J Schr
The Rewindable Clock
Starmer, Aaron 1976-

J Star
The Magic Eraser
Starmer, Aaron 1976-

J Star
House Of Hollow
Sutherland, Krystal

J Suth
The Mermaid, The Witch, And The Sea
Tokuda-Hall, Maggie

J Toku
Blood Heir
Zhao, Amélie Wen

J Zhao
Red Tigress
Zhao, Amélie Wen

J Zhao

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Narwhal's School Of Awesomeness
Clanton, Ben 1988-

J Clan
Colfer, Chris 1990-

J Colf
A Bridge Too Fur
Green, John Patrick illustrator 1975-

J Gree
Meet The House Kittens
Green, John 1975-

J Gree
Ants In Our P. A. N. T. S.
Green, John Patrick 1975-

J Gree
Born To Be Bad
Lamug, Kenneth Kit 1978-

J Lamu
Kristy And The Snobs
Chau, Chan

J Mart

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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Listified! Britannica's 300 Lists That Will Blow Your Mind
Pettie, Andrew

J 032.02 Pett
I Think, I Am!
Hay, Louise L.

J 158 Hay
Incredible You!
Dyer, Wayne W.

J 291.44 Dyer
111 Trees
Singh, Rina 1955-

J 305.42 Sing
Climate Action
Simon, Seymour

J 363.7 Simo
The 57 Bus
Slater, Dashka

J 364.1555 Slat
The Mysteries Of The Universe
Gater, Will

J 520 Gate
The Leaf Detective
Lang, Heather 1966-

J 577.34 Lang
Germy Science
Kay, Edward

J 579.3 Kay
Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds
Jose, Sarah

J 580 Jose
Niptanatiak, Allen

J 599.766 Nipt
What Animals Want
Pearce, Jacqueline 1962-

J 636.08 Pear
Super Good
Goldman, Duff

J 641.815 Gold
Amiot, Romain

J 793.73 Amio

Juvenile Picture Books

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Our Favorite Day Of The Year
Ali, A. E.

JP Ali
Not Norman
Bennett, Kelly

JP Benn
The Chocolate Covered Cookie Tantrum
Blumenthal, Deborah

JP Blum
Pig's Big Feelings
Bourne, Kelly

JP Bour
Little Beauty
Browne, Anthony 1946-

JP Brow
One Little Bag
Cole, Henry 1955-

JP Cole
Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day
Curtis, Jamie Lee 1958-

JP Curt
Dear Earth ... From Your Friends In Room 5
Dealey, Erin

JP Deal
Finn Throws A Fit!
Elliott, David 1947-

JP Elli
Change Sings
Gorman, Amanda 1998-

JP Gorm
You Can't Scare Me!
Grubman, Bonnie

JP Grub
Tale Of The Shadow King
Haack, Daniel

JP Haac
Jamaica Tag-along
Havill, Juanita

JP Havi
Weekend Dad
Hrab, Naseem

JP Hrab
The Girl And The Dinosaur
Hughes, Hollie

JP Hugh
There's A Ghost In This House
Jeffers, Oliver

JP Jeff
The Invisible String
Karst, Patrice

JP Kars
Grumpy Monkey
Lang, Suzanne

JP Lang
Dusk Explorers
Leslie, Lindsay

JP Lesl
Enemy Pie
Munson, Derek

JP Muns
Dear Juno
Pak, Soyung

JP Pak
We're All Wonders
Palacio, R. J.

JP Pala
Mrs. Spitzer's Garden
Pattou, Edith

JP Patt
Pink Is For Boys
Pearlman, Robb

JP Pear
A Sick Day For Amos McGee
Stead, Philip Christian

JP Stea
Interrupting Chicken
Stein, David Ezra

JP Stei
Blue Vs. Yellow
Sullivan, Tom

JP Sull
Our Little Kitchen
Tamaki, Jillian 1980-

JP Tama
Swift Fox All Along
Thomas, Rebecca (Poet)

JP Thom
My New Teacher And Me
Yankovic, Al 1959-

JP Yank

Large Print

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The Awakening
Roberts, Nora

LP Robe


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The Big Book Of Dinosaurs
Wilkes, Angela

OJ 567.91 Wilk

Paperbacks - Adult

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Find You First
Barclay, Linwood

APb Barc
The Kaiser's Web
Berry, Steve

APb Berr
In The Lion's Den
Bradford, Barbara Taylor

APb Brad
The Sorority Murder
Brennan, Allison

APb Bren
Thick As Thieves
Brown, Sandra 1948-

APb Brow
Threat Point
Preisler, Jerome

APb Clan
The Hollow Ones
Del Toro, Guillermo

APb DelT
The Tenant
Engberg, Katrine 1975-

APb Engb
His & Hers
Feeney, Alice

APb Feen
The Wives
Fisher, Tarryn

APb Fish
The Arrangement
Harding, Robyn

APb Hard
Hillerman, Anne

APb Hill
Prodigal Son
Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew

APb Hurw
Autumn Nights
Macomber, Debbie

APb Maco
19 Yellow Moon Road
Michaels, Fern

APb Mich
Patterson, James

APb Patt
Forgotten In Death
Robb, J. D. 1950-

APb Robb
The Rise Of Magicks
Roberts, Nora

APb Robe
Scottoline, Lisa

APb Scot
The Affair
Steel, Danielle

APb Stee
Steel, Danielle

APb Stee

Paperbacks - Junior (Intermediate)

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The Brushmaker's Daughter
Kacer, Kathy 1954-

PB JInt Kace
The Wherewood
Prendergast, Gabrielle

PB JInt Pren
Kylie The Magnificent
Chan, Marty

PB Jint Chan

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary)

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Frank And The Skunk
Rae, Elspeth 1973-

PB JPri Rae
A Duck In A Sock
Rae, Elspeth 1973-

PB JPri Rae

Paperbacks - Science Fiction

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Battlefield Earth
Hubbard, L. Ron (La Fayette Ron) 1911-1986

SFPb Hubb

Adult DVDs

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The Wire. The Complete First Season

DVD Wire 6606 s1v1
The Wire. The Complete First Season

DVD Wire 6607 s1v2
The Wire. The Complete Fourth Season

DVD Wire 6612 s4v1
The Wire. The Complete Fourth Season

DVD Wire 6613 s4v2
The Wire. The Complete Second Season

DVD Wire 6609 s2v2
The Wire. The Complete Second Season

DVD Wire 6608 s2v1

Great Courses DVDs

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The Inexplicable Universe Unsolved Mysteries

GCDVD 520 Inex GC077