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New Arrivals for February 2022

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Last Updated March 5th, 2022

Items added between February 1st and February 28th, 2022

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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Allende, Isabel

An Amish Barn Raising

Light From Uncommon Stars
Aoki, Ryka.

The Crown Of Gilded Bones
Armentrout, Jennifer L.

The Mitford Vanishing
Fellowes, Jessica

One Step Too Far
Gardner, Lisa

Something To Hide
George, Elizabeth 1949-

Murder On Mustique
Glenconnor, Anne 1932-

Christmas At The Amish Bakeshop
Gray, Shelley Shepard

The Wife Upstairs
Hawkins, Rachel 1979-

Reckless Girls
Hawkins, Rachel 1979-

The Benefit Of Hindsight
Hill, Susan 1942-

Winning The Gentleman
Hunter, Kristi Ann

Vying For The Viscount
Hunter, Kristi Ann

The Preacher's Daughter
Johns, Patricia (Romance writer)

City Of The Dead
Kellerman, Jonathan

Deep House
King, Thomas 1943-

A Castaway In Cornwall
Klassen, Julie 1964-

Shadows Of Swanford Abbey
Klassen, Julie 1964-

Robert Ludlum's The Treadstone Exile
Hood, Joshua

House Of Sky And Breath
Maas, Sarah J.

Once There Were Wolves
McConaghy, Charlotte

The Lonely Hearts Hotel
O'Neill, Heather 1973-

When We Lost Our Heads
O'Neill, Heather

Okorafor, Nnedi

Robert B. Parker's Bye Bye Baby
Atkins, Ace

The Maid
Prose, Nita

The Missing Sister
Riley, Lucinda

Abandoned In Death
Robb, J. D. 1950-

The Starless Crown
Rollins, James 1961-

One Night On The Island
Silver, Josie

The Violin Conspiracy
Slocumb, Brendan

Half-blood Blues
Edugyan, Esi

A Study In Scarlet Women
Thomas, Sherry (Sherry M.)

A Conspiracy In Belgravia
Thomas, Sherry (Sherry M.)

We Two Alone
Wang, Jack 1972-

Fugitive Telemetry
Wells, Martha

Network Effect
Wells, Martha

Seven Down
Whitton, David 1967-

A Flicker In The Dark
Willingham, Stacy

Our Woman In Moscow
Williams, Beatriz

An Unlikely Match
Wiseman, Beth 1962-

The Christie Affair
Gramont, Nina de


Adult Non-Fiction

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Chasing Ghosts
Hartzman, Marc

133.1 Hart
The Power Of Regret
Pink, Daniel H.

152.4 Pink
The Listening Path
Cameron, Julia

153.7 Came
Stolen Focus
Hari, Johann

153.733 Hari
The Way Of Integrity
Beck, Martha Nibley 1962-

158.1 Beck
Atlas Of The Heart
Brown, Brené

158.1 Brow
The Secret To Love, Health, And Money
Byrne, Rhonda

158.1 Byrn
Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?
Smith, Julie Ann (Writer on self-help techniques)

158.1 Smit
Men Who Hate Women
Bates, Laura 1986-

305.3 Bate
What To Say To Kids When Nothing Seems To Work
Lafrance, Adele

306.874 Lafr
Raskin, Jamin B.

328.73 Rask
Life In The City Of Dirty Water
Thomas-Müller, Clayton

333.72 Thom
The ICU Guide For Families
Goitein, Lara 1969-

362.174 Goit
A Brief History Of The Earth's Climate
Earle, Steven

363.73874 Earl
Dunn, John Asher

497.4 Dunn
Western Spruce Budworm Impacts On Stand Growth In Dry Douglas-fir Forests, Central British Columbia
Waterhouse, Michaela J.

585.2 Wate
Mosby's Prep Guide For The Canadian PN Exam
Langille, Marianne

610.73 Lang
Super Gut
Davis, William 1957-

612.32 Davi
Dettmer, Philipp

616.079 Dett
Your Pelvic Floor
Vopni, Kim

616.7 Vopn
Secrets Of The Autistic Millionaire
Plummer, David William

616.85092 Plum
Electrical Code Simplified
Knight, P. S. (Peter Slim) 1927-

621.31924 Knig
In Madeleine's Kitchen
Kamman, Madeleine

641.59241 Kamm
Canadian Coins
Drake, Mark

737.4971 Cana 2022
Easy Sixties Fake Book Melody, Lyrics And Simplified Chords

782.42164 Easy
Piano Repertoire Album.

784 Roya
No One Wins Alone
Messier, Mark 1961-

796.962092 Mess
1000 Perfect Weekends

910.4 One
Harper, Damian

915.19 Kore 2021 12th ed.
Lee, Jessica

916.2 Egyp 2021 14th ed.
Highway 1 Trans-Canada
Mitchell, John M.m

917.1064 Mitc
Raven's Apprentice
Hardy, Don (D. Robert)

917.11 Hard
Armstrong, Kate (Travel writer)

917.2 Mexi 2021 17th ed.
Costa Rica.
Vorhees, Mara

917.286 Cost 2021 14th ed.
The Unofficial Guide To Disneyland 2022

917.949 Kube 2022
Sainsbury, Brendan

918.504 Peru 2021 11th ed.
New Zealand

919.3 New 2021
Fodor's Essential New Zealand.
Freeman, Stu

919.3 New 2022 3rd ed.
Journey To Threenarrows
Mohr, Darcy

920.0971 Mohr
The Blister Club
Lanning, Michael Lee

940.544973 Lann
Cervantes, Fernando

970.016 Cerv
The Queen Charlotte Islands, 1774-1966
Dalzell, Kathleen E. 1919-

971.112 Dalz v.1
The Queen Charlotte Islands: Places And Names Volume 2
Dalzell, Kathleen E.

971.112 Dalz v.2

Children's Area Toddlers

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Oonga Boonga
Wishinsky, Frieda

JPT Wish

Juvenile Fiction

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Big Shot
Kinney, Jeff

J Kinn
Sage, Angie

J Sage
Into The Gauntlet
Haddix, Margaret Peterson

J Thir

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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One Piece. Volumes 7-8-9 East Blue
Oda, Eiichirō 1975-

J Oda vol. 7-9

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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Tx̲amsem fools Squirrel Woman

J 398.209711 Tx̲am
Bringing Back The Wolves
Isabella, Jude

J 599.773 Isab
How Trains Work
Gifford, Clive

J 625.2 Clif
Conservation Canines
Groc, Isabelle

J 636.7 Groc

Juvenile Picture Books

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How Are You Peeling?
Freymann, Saxton

JP Frey
Moody Cow Meditates
MacLean, Kerry Lee

Fry Bread
Maillard, Kevin Noble

JP Mail
The Recess Queen
O'Neill, Alexis, 1949-

The Feelings Book
Parr, Todd

JP Parr
The I'm Not Scared Book
Parr, Todd

JP Parr
The Kissing Hand
Penn, Audrey 1947-

JP Penn
David Goes To School
Shannon, David 1959-

JP Shan
Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Viorst, Judith

JP Vior
In My Heart
Witek, Jo 1968-

JP Wite

Large Print

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Piece Of My Heart
Clark, Mary Higgins

LP Clar
The Wrong Family
Fisher, Tarryn

LP Fish
The Wife Upstairs
Hawkins, Rachel 1979-

LP Hawk
The Woman With The Blue Star
Jenoff, Pam

LP Jeno
Truly, Madly, Deeply
Kingsbury, Karen

LP King
The Other Emily
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray) 1945-

LP Koon
O'Farrell, Maggie 1972-

Faithless In Death
Robb, J. D. 1950-

LP Robb

Northwest History Collection - Non-Circulating

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Canoes And Kayaks Of Western America
Durham, Bill

NWHC 629.829 Durh

Paperbacks - Adult

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Dark Sky
Box, C. J.

APb Box
Arctic Storm Rising
Brown, Dale 1956-

APb Brow
Gathering Dark
Fox, Candice

APb Fox
Danger In Numbers
Graham, Heather

APb Grah
An Anonymous Girl
Hendricks, Greer

APb Hend
The Bullet
Johansen, Iris 1938-

APb Joha
The Treadstone Exile
Hood, Joshua

APb Ludl
To Tell You The Truth
Macmillan, Gilly

APb Macm
Her Last Goodbye
Mofina, Rick.

APb Mofi
Finding Ashley
Steel, Danielle

APb Stee


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Cognitive Care Kit Early Stage K2

Kit K2
Cognitive Care Kit Early Stage K3

Kit K3
Cognitive Care Kit Early Stage, Commercial Fishing K4

Kit K4

Adult DVDs

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The Village

DVD Vill 6617
The Wire, The Third Season

DVD Wire 6611 s3v2
The Wire. The Complete Fifth Season. Disc 1

DVD Wire 6614 s5v1
Atlantic Crossing

DVD Atla 6616
The Addams Family 2

DVD Adda 6617
The Crown. The Complete First Season

DVD Crow 6620 s1v2
The Crown. The Complete First Season

DVD Crow 6619 s1v1
The Wire, The Third Season

DVD Wire 6610 s3v1
The Crown. The Complete Third Season

DVD Crow 6624 s3v2
The Crown. The Complete Third Season

DVD Crow 6623 s3v1
The Crown. The Complete Second Season

DVD Crow 6622 s2v2
The Crown. The Complete Second Season

DVD Crow 6621 s2v1
The Wire. The Complete Fifth Season. Disc 1

DVD Wire 6615 s5v2
The Crown. La Couronne The Complete Fourth Season = La Quatrième Saison Complète

DVD Crow 6625 s4v1
The Crown. La Couronne The Complete Fourth Season = La Quatrième Saison Complète

DVD Crow 6626 s4v2
A League Of Their Own

DVD Leag 6627
An Empress And The Warriors.

DVD Empr 6629 Bluray
Eagle Eye

DVD Eagl 6631

Juvenile DVDs

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Eloise In Hollywood

JDVD Eloi 1614