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New Arrivals for April 2022

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Last Updated May 6th, 2021

Items added between April 1st and April 30th, 2021

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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The Deepest Of Secrets
Armstrong, Kelley

Dream Town
Baldacci, David

Down The Hatch
Beaton, M. C.

All The Queen's Men
Bennett, S. J. (Sophia J.)

Shadows Reel
Box, C. J.

Brom 1965-

The Match
Coben, Harlan 1962-

A Relative Murder
Deveraux, Jude

Caramel Pecan Roll Murder
Fluke, Joanne 1943-

Free Love
Hadley, Tessa

Robert Ludlum's The Treadstone Transgression
Hood, Joshua

Reminders Of Him
Hoover, Colleen

Ugly Love
Hoover, Colleen

Dark Horse
Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew

Moon Witch, Spider King
James, Marlon 1970-

Mindful Of Murder
Juby, Susan 1969-

The Vanished Days
Kearsley, Susanna 1966-

Again, Rachel
Keyes, Marian

The Letter From Briarton Park
Ladd, Sarah E.

Give Unto Others
Leon, Donna

The Club
Lloyd, Ellery

Circus Of Wonders
Macneal, Elizabeth 1988-

The Summer Getaway
Mallery, Susan

Sea Of Tranquility
Mandel, Emily St. John 1979-

The Distant Shores
Montefiore, Santa 1970-

The Great Witch Of Brittany
Morgan, Louisa 1952-

Run, Rose, Run
Parton, Dolly

The Investigator
Sandford, John 1944 February 23-

Fifty-four Pigs
Schott, Philipp

What Happened To The Bennetts
Scottoline, Lisa

Steel, Danielle

The Last Grand Duchess
Turnbull, Bryn

Four Treasures Of The Sky
Zhang, Jenny


Adult Graphic Novels

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Take The Long Way Home
Claytor, Jon

971.092 Clay

Adult Non-Fiction

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Williams, Ian 1979-

305.896 Will
It Was Dark There All The Time
Hunter, Andrew 1963-

306.362 Hunt
Alda Sigmundsdóttir

306.8743092 Alda
Order Without Power
Baillargeon, Normand 1958-

335.83 Bail
Woodcock, George 1912-1995

335.83 Wood
Koonin, Steven E.

363.738 Koon
Longitarsus Jacobaeae Swiss Biotype Effect On Tansy Ragwort (senecio Jacobaea) In Naramata, British Columbia
Turner, Susan (Susan C.)

583.99097115 Turn
An Evaluation Of The Accuracy Of Licensed Wolf Harvest Data And The Correlation With Population Trends In British Columbia
Mowat, Garth 1963-

599.277309711 Mowa
Alzheimer's Disease Decoded
Sahyouni, Ronald

616.831 Sahy
2022 Fee Guide
British Columbia Dental Association

617.6 Brit
Stop Walking On Eggshells For Parents
Kreger, Randi

649.1 Kreg
Baby's Best Chance

649.12 Baby
Toddler's First Steps

649.12 Todd
Dempsey Bob
Bob, Dempsey 1948-

709.7111 Bob
The Basics Of Harmony. Answer Book
Vandendool, Grace 1935-

781.3 Vand
Jazz & Blues. Level 4, Intermediate
Faber, Nancy 1955-

781.6 Fabe
Chantons Un Peu = (""sing A Little"") ; Thirty French Folk Songs For Young Folk With French & English Texts
Mills, Alan 1912-1977

781.6241 Mill
Popular Classics
Benedict, Robert

781.68 Bene
Sacred Christmas Solos
Grama, Shannon M.

781.723 Gram
Complete Series Of Sight Reading And Ear Tests. Book 6
Bennett, Elsie M.

784 Benn
Scott, Andrew

784 Teac
Latin American Favorites.

784.498 Lati
The Older Beginner Piano Course. Level 2
Bastien, James W.

786.2 Bast
Boys' Book /John W. Schaum.

786.2 Boys
Great Literature For Piano

786.2 Grea
How To Play Boogie Woogie
Booth, Frank (Arranger)

786.2165 Boot
Coyote & Crow
Alexander, Connor

793.93 Alex
Pippen, Scottie

796.323 Pipp
Skeena Rock
Gervais, Hugo

796.5223 Gerv
Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei
Richmond, Simon

915.95 Mala 2022 15th ed.
Ukraine In Histories And Stories

941.5081 Ukra
The Future Is History
Gessen, Masha

947.086 Gess
Winter Is Coming
Kasparov, G. K. (Garri Kimovich)

947.086 Kasp
Reid, Anna

947.7 Reid
In Isolation
Aseev, Stanislav 1989-

947.7086 Asey
Proposed 5-year Financial Plan
City of Prince Rupert (B.C.)

971.132 Prin 2021

Christmas Storage

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Christian Christmas Favorites.

781.723 Chri
Christmas Keyboard Classics
Clydesdale, David T.

781.723 Chri
Listen To Christmas
Hayes, Mark 1953-

781.723 Haye
Wolaver, Bill

781.723 Wola
Christmas In Rose Bend
Simone, Naima

RPb Simo
Christmas Grace
Steele, Mindy

RPb Stee

Juvenile Easy Readers

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I Wish I Was An Orca
Markle, Sandra

Mystery Of The Masks
Howard, Kate

JPE Lego
Mystery On The Lego Express
King, Trey

JPE Lego

Juvenile Fiction

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The Ogress And The Orphans
Barnhill, Kelly Regan

J Barn
Patterson, James 1947-

J Patt
Cat Kid Comic Club. Perspectives
Pilkey, Dav 1966-

J Pilk

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Take The Plunge
Green, John Patrick 1975-

J Gree
Green, John Patrick 1975-

J Gree
Braver And Boulder
Green, John Patrick 1975-

J Gree
InvestiGators. Off The Hook
Green, John 1975-

J Gree
The Breakaways
Johnson, Cathy G.

J John
One Piece. Volumes 16-17-18 Baroque Works
Oda, EiichirÅ? 1975-

J Oda vol. 16-18
Cat Kid Comic Club
Pilkey, Dav 1966-

J Pilk
Cat Kid Comic Club
Pilkey, Dav 1966-

J Pilk

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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The Story Of Passover
Adler, David A.

J 296.437 Adle
Flipworkz Flipbooks

J 599.773 Wolf
The Scout's Campfire Cookbook For Kids
Conners, Tim

J 641.578 Conn
Where's Waldo?
Handford, Martin

J 793.73 Hand
Unofficial Minecraft Life Hacks Labs For Kids
Clarke, Adam 1971-

J 794.8 Clar
Unofficial Minecraft STEM Lab For Kids
Miller, John 1962-

J 794.8 Mill
The Stick Book
Schofield, Jo

J 796.083 Scho

Juvenile Picture Books

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Meet Mathamax
Clifton, Kristi

JP Clif
Pippa's Passover Plate
Kirkfield, Vivian

JP Kirk
5-minute Super Hero Stories.

JP Lego
A Sweet Passover
Newman, Lesléa

JP Newm
Peppa's Chinese New Year
Archer, Mandy

JP Pepp

Language Learning Collection

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Italian Complete Course

LL 458.2 Livi
Italian Complete Course

LL 458.2 Livi
Italian Complete Course

LL 458.2 Livi

Large Print

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The Vineyard At Painted Moon
Mallery, Susan

LP Mall
The Lost Apothecary
Penner, Sarah

LP Penn
The Paris Library
Skeslien Charles, Janet

LP Skes
We Begin At The End
Whitaker, Chris

LP Whit

Paperbacks - Adult

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Tell No Lies
Brennan, Allison

APb Bren
Tom Clancy Target Acquired
Bentley, Don

APb Clan
The Final Twist
Deaver, Jeffery

APb Deav
Marry Me, Millie
Lillard, Amy

APb Lill
The Coffinmaker's Garden
MacBride, Stuart

APb MacB
Robert B. Parker's Payback
Lupica, Mike

APb Park
1st Case
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
A Song For The Dark Times
Rankin, Ian

APb Rank
Ocean Prey
Sandford, John 1944-

APb Sand
Nine Lives
Steel, Danielle

APb Stee
Black Ice
Thor, Brad

APb Thor

Adult DVDs

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Vikings. The Sixth Season Part One

DVD Viki 6637 s6v1
Vikings. The Sixth Season, Part Two

DVD Viki 6638 s6v2
Stranger Things

DVD Stra 6639 s1
Stranger Things. Season 2

DVD Stra 6640 s2
Stranger Things. Season 3

DVD Stra 6641 s3
Down With Love

DVD Down 6643
The Cutting Edge : Chasing The Dream

DVD Cutt 6653
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer The Complete Sixth Season On DVD

DVD Buff 6645 s6v1
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer The Complete Sixth Season On DVD

DVD Buff 6646 s6v2
Coyote Ugly

DVD Coyo 6642
The Departed

DVD Depa 6644
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. Season Seven

DVD Buff 6647 s7v1
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. Season Seven

DVD Buff 6648 s7v2
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. Season Seven

DVD Buff 6649 s7v3
Crazy, Stupid, Love

DVD Craz 6650 Bluray