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New Arrivals for May 2022

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Last Updated June 14th, 2022

Items added between May 1st and May 31st, 2022

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Adult DVDs


Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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The Homewreckers
Andrews, Mary Kay 1954-

The War Of Two Queens Jennifer L. Armentrout
Armentrout, Jennifer L.

Courage, My Love
Beck, Kristin 1979-

The Wrong Victim
Brennan, Allison

Return To The Big Valley

Foundation Of Love
Clipston, Amy

Welcome To The School By The Sea
Colgan, Jenny

Lessons In Chemistry
Garmus, Bonnie

Piecing It All Together
Gould, Leslie

A Change Of Circumstance
Hill, Susan 1942-

A Casa De Familia
Marvici, Joe

We Want What We Want
Ohlin, Alix

The Book Of Form And Emptiness
Ozeki, Ruth 1956-

Death Of The Black Widow
Patterson, James 1947-

The Diamond Eye
Quinn, Kate

The Sheep Queen
Savage, Thomas

A Safe House
Woods, Stuart


Adult Non-Fiction

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Rethinking Consciousness
Graziano, Michael S. A. 1967-

153 Graz
Cain, Susan

155.2 Cain
The Marshmallow Test
Mischel, Walter.

155.25 Misc
Mohammed, Rahaf

305.42 Moha
Freezing Order
Browder, Bill 1964-

332.6 Brow
Pandemic Spotlight
Hanomansing, Ian

362.1962 Hano
Facial Pain A 21st Century Guide
Brown, Jeffrey A. 1950-

616.87 Brow
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Rymore, Robert

616.87 Rymo
No Bad Parts
Schwartz, Richard C.

616.89 Schw
Bonsai Beginner's Bible
Chan, Peter 1940-

635.9772 Chan
Pinch Your Pottery
Atkin, Jacqui

738.14 Atki
Changing Expectations In Special Olympics
Thibault, Jacques

796.0874 Thib
The Flayed City
Alluri, Hari

821 Allu
Lonely Planet Publications (Firm)

915.4 Indi 2022 19th ed.
British Columbia Back Road Atlas

917.11043 Brit 2021
The Whisper On The Night Wind
Shoalts, Adam 1986-

917.182 Shoa
Pope Francis
Duhamel, Marie

922.21 Duha
Cold Case Prince Rupert
Rowse, Sue Harper

971.11 Harp
Return To Solitude
Lawrence, Grant 1971-

971.131 Lawr
Celebrate Passover
Heiligman, Deborah

J 296.437 Heil

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Big Nate
Peirce, Lincoln

J Peir
Sonic The Hedgehog. Fallout!
Flynn, Ian 1982-

J Soni
Sonic The Hedgehog. The Fate Of Dr. Eggman
Flynn, Ian 1982-

J Soni
Sonic The Hedgehog. Vol. 3 Battle For Angel Island
Flynn, Ian 1982-

J Soni
Sonic The Hedgehog. Volume 4 Infection
Flynn, Ian 1982-

J Soni
Sonic The Hedgehog. Volume 5 Crisis City
Flynn, Ian 1982-

J Soni
Sonic The Hedgehog. Volume 6 The Last Minute / By Writer Ian Flynn And Artists Lamar Wells, [and 5 Others]
Flynn, Ian 1982-

J Soni
Sonic The Hedgehog. Volume 8 Out Of The Blue
Flynn, Ian 1982-

J Soni
Sonic The Hedgehog. Volume 10 Test Run!
Stanley, Evan 1992-

J Soni
Sonic The Hedgehog. 9 Chao Races & Badnik Bases
Stanley, Evan 1992-

J Soni
Mr. Wolf's Class. Snow Day
Steinke, Aron Nels

J Stei

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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Sky Wolf's Call
Yellowhorn, Eldon 1956-

J 500.89 Yell

Juvenile Picture Books

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Mathamax And The Muddy Tracks
Clifton, Kristi

JP Clif
Happy Dreamer
Reynolds, Peter H. (Peter Hamilton) 1961-

JP Reyn
The Wildlife ABC
Thornhill, Jan

JP Thor
Ben The Sea Lion
Vickers, Roy Henry 1946-

JP Vick

Large Print

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The Good Sister
Campbell, Drusilla

LP Camp
The Survivors
Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth)

LP Harp
All The Colors Of Night
Krentz, Jayne Ann

LP Kren
Robert B. Parker's Someone To Watch Over Me
Atkins, Ace

LP Park

Paperbacks - Adult

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Pleading The Fish
Baker, Bree

APb Bake
Castillo, Linda

APb Cast
Better Off Dead
Child, Lee

APb Chil
The Saboteurs
Cussler, Clive

APb Cuss
The Confession
Grisham, John

APb Gris
High Stakes
Johansen, Iris

APb Joha
Silver Tears
Läckberg, Camilla 1974-

APb Lack
An Amish Bride
Lauer, Rosalind

APb Laue
Lundrigan, Nicole

APb Lund
The Shadow
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
The Bone Code
Reichs, Kathy

APb Reic
Knock Knock
Roslund, Anders 1961-

APb Rosl
Class Act
Woods, Stuart

APb Wood

Paperbacks - Fantasy

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Magic Rises
Andrews, Ilona.

FPb Andr
Magic Shifts
Andrews, Ilona

FPb Andr
Magic Binds
Andrews, Ilona

FPb Andr
Magic Triumphs
Andrews, Ilona

FPb Andr

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary)

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The Mysterious Island
Abbott, Tony. 1952-

PB JPri Abbo
The Great Ice Battle
Abbott, Tony 1952-

PB JPri Abbo
The Magic Escapes
Abbott, Tony 1952-

PB JPri Abbo
Wizard Or Witch?
Abbott, Tony. 1952-

PB JPri Abbo

Adult DVDs

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Friends. The Complete Ninth Season

DVD Frie 6653 s9
World War Z

DVD Worl 6654
Broken City

DVD Brok 6656
X-Men, The Last Stand X-Men, L'engagement Ultime

DVD Xmen 6657
X2. X-Men United

DVD Xmen 6658
Warm Bodies

DVD Warm 6660
The Matrix. Resurrections

DVD Matr 4959 #4
American Horror Story. The Complete First Season

DVD Amer 6661 s1
No Time To Die

DVD Bond 6665
All Creatures Great & Small. Season 2

DVD All 6663 s2