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New Arrivals for October 2022

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Last Updated November 4th, 2022

Items added between October 1st and October 31st, 2022

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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The Atlas Paradox
Blake, Olivie

Britain, Kristen

Mirror Sight
Britain, Kristen

Britain, Kristen.

First Rider's Call.
Britain, Kristen.

A Sparrow In Terezin
Cambron, Kristy

The Butterfly And The Violin
Cambron, Kristy

The Maze
DeMille, Nelson

Tilly And The Crazy Eights
Gray Smith, Monique 1968-

Less Is Lost
Greer, Andrew Sean

The Boys From Biloxi
Grisham, John

Hoover, Colleen

All Your Perfects
Hoover, Colleen

It Starts With Us
Hoover, Colleen

The World We Make
Jemisin, N. K.

Nettle & Bone
Kingfisher, T.

The Orchard
Lewis, Beverly 1949-

Getaway Girls
MacDonald, Dee

Wrong Place Wrong Time
McAllister, Gillian

Pale Mist Drifting
McMillen, R.J. (Racheal J. McMillan) 1945-

How To Rule An Empire And Get Away With It
Parker, K. J.

The Candid Life Of Meena Dave
Patel, Namrata

The Song Of The Orphans
Price, Daniel 1970-

On The Rooftop
Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson

The Raven Spell
Smith, Luanne G.

The High Notes
Steel, Danielle


Adult Graphic Novels

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Made In Abyss. Volume 9
Tsukushi, Akihito

741.5 Tsuk

Adult Non-Fiction

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Rittelmeyer, Friedrich 1872-1938

291.4 Ritt
The Big Short
Lewis, Michael

330.973 Lewi
Dilemmas Of Free Expression

342.71 Dile
Canada's Intellectual Property Law In A Nutshell
Kratz, Martin P. J.

346.048 Krat
Introduction To The Canadian Law Of Torts
Botterell, Andrew

346.71 Bott
First Nations Wildfire Evacuations
McGee, Tara K. 1965-

363.378 McGe
Abortion To Abolition
Paynter, Martha

363.96 Payn
The Godmother
Nadeau, Barbie Latza

364.106 Nade
Keefe, Patrick Radden 1976-

364.3 Keef
Halliday, Thomas (Paleobiologist)

576.84 Hall
Fen, Bog & Swamp
Proulx, Annie

577.68 Prou
Does It Fart?
Caruso, Nick

591.5 Caru
Even The Stiffest People Can Do The Splits
Eiko (Yoga instructor)

613.7182 Eiko
The Modern Homestead Garden
Pilarchik, Gary

635 Pila
Gardening For Acidic Soils
Boland, Todd

635.955 Bola
Chicken Soup For The Soul
Newmark, Amy

636.8 Chic
The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook
Moskowitz, Isa Chandra

641.5638 Mosk
Fan Fare
McMillan, Kate (Chef)

641.812 McMi
Hand, Sarah

745.542 Hand
Make Cute Stuff With Polymer Clay
Kommers, Shelley

745.5723 Komm
One-hit Wonders

781.64 One
Friends, Lovers, And The Big Terrible Thing
Perry, Matthew 1969-

791.45028 Perr
A Poetry Handbook
Oliver, Mary 1935-

808.1 Oliv
The Black Prairie Archives

810.8 Blac
MacFarlane, John M.

910.453 MacF
Fodor's Essential Ireland 2023.

914.15 Irel 2023 5th ed.
Fodor's London 2023

914.21 Fodo 2023 36th ed.
Rick Steves London 2022
Steves, Rick 1955-

914.21 Lond 2022
Rick Steves' Spain

914.6 Stev 2022 18th ed.
British Columbia & The Canadian Rockies

917.11 Brit 2022 9th ed.
Fodor's Essential Caribbean

917.29 Fodo 2023, 3rd ed.
Lonely Planet Eastern USA

917.4 East 2022 6th ed.
New England's Best Trips

917.4 New 2022 5th ed.
The Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World 2023
Sehlinger, Bob 1945-

917.5924 Sehl 2023
The Necessary War
Cook, Tim 1971-

940.541271 Cook
Unsilencing Gaza
Roy, Sara M.

956.943 Roy
A History Of Canada In Ten Maps
Shoalts, Adam 1986-

971 Shoa
Bella Coola Country
Kopas, Leslie

971.11 Kopa
River Of Mists
Mynett, Geoff

971.185 Myne


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Rudenko, SerhiÄ­ 1970-

B Zele


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Rush (Musical group)

CD Rush

Children's Area Toddlers

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Time To Pee!
Willems, Mo

JPT Will

Christmas Storage

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Christmas Candy Corpse
Ross, Rosemarie

MPb Ross

Director's Desk

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The Book Of Household Management
Beeton, (Isabella Mary) Mrs 1836-1865

Director NWHC 641.5942 Beet

Juvenile Easy Readers

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The Great Pancake Race
Lane, Jeanette

JPE Poké
Welcome To Alola!
Barbo, Maria S.

JPE Poké
Pikachu In Love
West, Tracey 1965-

JPE Poké
The Rescue Mission
Barbo, Maria

JPE Poké

Juvenile Fiction

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Diper Överlöde
Kinney, Jeff

J Kinn
Weird Rules To Follow
Spencer, Kim

J Spen

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Green, John Patrick 1975-

J Gree
Ascendance Of A Bookworm
Kazuki, Miya

J Kazu
I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005
Ball, Georgia

J Tars

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Very First Encyclopedia
Dorling Kindersley

J 031 Very
Biggest Ever Book Of Questions & Answers

J 032 Bigg
Guinness World Records 2023

J 032.02 Guin 2023
All About Feelings
Brooks, Felicity

J 152.4 Broo
All About Friends
Brooks, Felicity

J 158.2 Broo
The Great Ullambana Festival
Huynh, Christine H.

J 294.3436 Huyn
Celebrate Hanukkah
Heiligman, Deborah

J 296.4 Heil
Celebrate Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur
Heiligman, Deborah

J 296.4 Heil
All About Diversity
Brooks, Felicity

J 305 Broo
Celebrate Kwanzaa
Otto, Carolyn

J 394.2612 Otto
The Grizzly Mother
Huson, Brett D.

J 590 Huso
The Eagle Mother
Huson, Brett D.

J 590 Huso
The Raven Mother
Huson, Brett D.

J 590 Huso
Cute As An Axolotl
Keating, Jess

J 590 Keat
Creepy Crawlies
Coster-Longman, Christina 1950-

J 595.7 Cost
Theule, Larissa

J 620.136 Theu
Dirt To Dinner
Kappler, Conny

J 630 Kapp
The Complete Cookbook For Young Chefs.

J 641.5 Comp
The Best Ever Cake Book

J 641.8653 Best
Guide To Photography
Honovich, Nancy

J 771 Hono
Minecraft. Guide To Survival
McBrien, Thomas

J 793.932 Mine
World War I
Willmott, H. P.

J 940.3 Will

Juvenile Picture Books

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Before We Eat
Brisson, Pat

JP Bris
I Hear You, Ocean
George, K. (Kallie) 1983-

JP Geor
I Hope
Gray Smith, Monique 1968-

JP Gray
Ruby's Chinese New Year
Lee, Vickie

JP Lee
Naw-Rúz In My Family
Rahimi, Alhan

JP Rahi
Going To Mecca
Robert, Na'íma bint

JP Robe
Your Favorite Seuss
Seuss Dr

JP Seus
Who Is The Mystery Reader?
Willems, Mo

JP Will
Nanette's Baguette
Willems, Mo

JP Will
A Busy Creature's Day Eating
Willems, Mo

JP Will

Large Print

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The Good Sister
Hepworth, Sally

LP Hepw
Follett, Ken

LP Foll
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray) 1945-

LP Koon

Multilingual Collection - Second Floor

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Kurihara, Hiromi (psychological trainer), author

JAPA 306.81 Kuri

Paperbacks - Adult

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Mint Chocolate Murder
Allen, Meri

APb Alle
Last But Not Leashed
Brady, Eileen (Veterinarian)

APb Brad
Virgin River
Carr, Robyn

APb Carr
Whispering Rock
Carr, Robyn.

APb Carr
Second Chance Pass
Carr, Robyn

APb Carr
To The Tome Of Murder
Elliott, Lauren

APb Elli
A Secret Garden
Fforde, Katie

APb Ffor
Peanut Butter Panic
Flower, Amanda

APb Flow
Marriage Can Be Mischief
Flower, Amanda

APb Flow
Murder At The Blueberry Festival
Hannah, Darci

APb Hann
Death Of An Ice Cream Scooper
Hollis, Lee

APb Holl
Gone For Gouda
Moss, Korina

APb Moss
No Parm No Foul
Reilly, Linda S.

APb Reil
Deadly Editions
Shelton, Paige

APb Shel
Mrs. Morris And The Pot Of Gold
Wilton, Traci

APb Wils

Paperbacks - Fantasy

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Rhythm Of War
Sanderson, Brandon.

FPb Sand

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary)

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Pokémon Sun & Moon
Lane, Jeanette

PB JPri Poké

Paperbacks - Mystery

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Halloween Party Murder

APb Hall
Death A Sketch
Hollon, Cheryl

APb Holl
Witch And Famous
Sanders, Angela M.

APb Sand
Death Of A Dreamer
Beaton, M. C.

MPb Beat
Castle Deadly, Castle Deep
Bond, Veronica

MPb Bond
A Perilous Pal
Bradford, Laura

MPb Brad
Death By Bubble Tea
Chow, Jennifer J.

MPb Chow
A Good Dog's Guide To Murder
Davis, Krista

MPb Davi
Murder Of A Mail-order Bride
Granger, Mimi

MPb Gran
A Cold Nose For Murder
Hawkins, Jennifer (Novelist)

MPb Hawk
Hooked On A Feline
Kelly, Sofie 1958-

MPb Kell
A Perfect Bind
St. James, Dorothy

MPb Sain
The Librarian Always Rings Twice
Wingate, Marty

MPb Wing

Talking Books

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State Of Terror
Clinton, Hillary Rodham


Adult DVDs

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Crocodile Dundee ; Crocodile Dundee II

DVD Croc 6707 Bluray
Clash Of The Dinosaurs

DVD 567.9 Clas 587
Downton Abbey. A New Era

DVD Down 6708
Call The Midwife. Season Ten

DVD Call 6709 s10
Call The Midwife Season 11

DVD Call 6710 s11
Endeavour. Season 8

DVD Ende 6711 s8

Juvenile DVDs

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