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New Arrivals for December 2022

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Last Updated November 2nd, 2022

Items added between December 1st and December 31st, 2022

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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Next In Line
Archer, Jeffrey 1940-

Shrines Of Gaiety
Atkinson, Kate

Look Both Ways
Barclay, Linwood

Treasure State
Box, C. J.

Till Death Do Us Part
Carr, John Dickson 1906-1977


The Girl With The Louding Voice
Daré, Abi

Lesser Known Monsters Of The 21st Century
Fu, Kim

Stray Dogs
Hage, Rawi

Built To Last
Hahn, Erin

The Last Chairlift
Irving, John 1942-

Small Things Like These
Keegan, Claire

No Less The Devil
MacBride, Stuart

The Winter Wives
MacIntyre, Linden

The Sleeping Car Porter
Mayr, Suzette

The Passenger
McCarthy, Cormac 1933-

A Song Of Comfortable Chairs
McCall Smith, Alexander 1948-

McEwan, Ian

Our Missing Hearts
Ng, Celeste

Nights Of Plague
Pamuk, Orhan 1952-

Mad Honey
Picoult, Jodi 1966-

The Becoming
Roberts, Nora.

Beauty's Punishment
Roquelaure, A. N.

Righteous Prey
Sandford, John 1944 February 23-

Sparks, Nicholas.

The Whittiers
Steel, Danielle

Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six
Unger, Lisa 1970-

Yesterday's Gone
Woodsmall, Cindy

The Fallout
Yrsa Sigurðardóttir


Adult Non-Fiction

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Salmon: Our Heritage
Lyons, Cicely

971.1 Lyon
Zorn, Justin

128 Zorn
Imagine Heaven
Burke, John 1963-

236.2 Burk
Caledonia, 100 Years Ahead
McCullum, Hugh

283.71132 McCu
Immediate Roadside Prohibitions In Western Canada
Lee, Kyla

345.711 Lee
The Loving Parent Guidebook.

362.29 Lovi
At Any Cost
Rosenberg, Rebecca (Journalist)

364.152 Rose
Golden Boy
Glatt, John

364.1523 Glat
Laughing With The Trickster
Highway, Tomson 1951-

398.45 High
Borsato, Diane

579.6 Bors
Conquering Shame And Codependency
Lancer, Darlene

616.86 Lanc
The Codependency Workbook
Mazzola, Krystal

616.86 Mazz
The Official Harry Potter Baking Book
Farrow, Joanna

641.71 Farr
The Series
Dryden, Ken 1947-

796.962 Dryd
Unmask Alice
Emerson, Rick

813.54 Emer
Starry Messenger
Tyson, Neil deGrasse

901 Tyso
Rick Steves' Italy

914.5 Ital 2022
Fodor's Essential Japan. 2023

915.2 Japa 2023 2nd ed.
Far-away Places
Lawrence, Iain 1955-

917.111044 Lawr
Indians Of The North Pacific Coast

970.1 McFe
MacDonald, George F.

971.11200497 MacD
The Light We Carry
Obama, Michelle 1964-

973.932 Obam
Confidence Man
Haberman, Maggie

973.933 Habe


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Dying Of Politeness
Davis, Geena

B Davi
The Extraordinary Life Of An Ordinary Man
Newman, Paul 1925-2008

B Newm
Smith, Will 1968-

B Smit

Christmas Storage

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The Santa Suit
Andrews, Mary Kay 1954-

LP Andr
The Christmas Wedding Guest
Mallery, Susan

LP Mall

Juvenile Easy Readers

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Play Ball, Pikachu!
Sander, Sonia

JPE Poké

Juvenile Fiction

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The Secret Lives Of Sub-boreal Plants
Crowley, Willa

J Crow
Ascendance Of A Bookworm
Kazuki, Miya

J Kazu
Ascendance Of A Bookworm
Kazuki, Miya

J Kazu
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
Rowling, J. K.

J Rowl
Sutherland, Tui 1978-

J Suth
Wings Of Fire The Dangerous Gift Bk. 14
Sutherland, Tui 1978-

J Suth
Sutherland, Tui 1978-

J Suth

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Asterix Omnibus. 4
Goscinny, René 1926-1977

J Gosc
Asterix The Gaul
Goscinny 1926-1977

J Gosc
Cult Girls
Grand, Natalie

J Gran
Lumberjanes. Campfire Songs
Watters, Shannon

J Lumb
Lumberjanes. 16 Mind Over Mettle
Watters, Shannon

J Lumb v.16
Lumberjanes. 17 Smitten In The Stars
Watters, Shannon

J Lumb v.17
Lumberjanes. 18 Horticultural Horizons
Watters, Shannon

J Lumb v.18
Lumberjanes. Volume 19 A Summer To Remember
Watters, Shannon

J Lumb v.19
Lumberjanes. Volume 20 End Of Summer
Watters, Shannon

J Lumb v.20
Wings Of Fire
Deutsch, Barry

J Suth
Lumberjanes. 15 Birthday Smarty
Watters, Shannon

J Watt

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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Let's Talk About It!
Miller, Marie-Therese

J 303.69 Mill
Braiding Sweetgrass For Young Adults Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge And The Teachings Of Plants
Kimmerer, Robin Wall

J 305.8 Kimm
Body Image
Hohn, Tierra

J 306.4 Hohn
Mangor, Jodie

J 571.6 Mang
Unstoppable Us. 1 How Humans Took Over The World
Harari, Yuval N.

J 599.938 Hara
A First Book Of Canadian Art
Rhodes, Richard 1952-

J 709.71 Rhod
Fairy Things To Stitch And Sew
Watt, Fiona

J 745.5 Watt
Minecraft: Guide To Redstone

J 793.932 Mine
World Atlas
Crane, Nicholas

J 912 Cran

Juvenile Picture Books

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Oolichan Moon
Beynon, Samantha

JP Beyn
The Woman Carried Away By Killer Whales

JP Gibb
His Shoes Were Far Too Tight
Lear, Edward 1812-1888

JP Lear
Time For School, Little Blue Truck
Schertle, Alice

JP Sche

Large Print

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Her Hidden Genius
Benedict, Marie

LP Bene
People We Meet On Vacation
Henry, Emily

LP Henr
The Therapist
Paris, B. A.

LP Pari
Abandoned In Death
Robb, J. D. 1950-

LP Robb

Paperbacks - Adult

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A Daring Pursuit
Bateman, Kate

APb Bate
The Wrong Victim
Brennan, Allison.

APb Bren
Chain Of Command
Cameron, Marc

APb Clan
The Dark Hours
Connelly, Michael 1956-

APb Conn
The Midnight Lock
Deaver, Jeffery

APb Deav
The Bounty
Evanovich, Janet

APb Evan
Rogue Asset
Andrews, Brian 1973-

APb Grif
The Survivors
Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth)

APb Harp
Killer View
Johansen, Roy

APb Joha
The Other Mrs.
Kubica, Mary

APb Kubi
Dead Man's Grave
Lancaster, Neil

APb Lanc
The End Of Her
Lapena, Shari 1960-

APb Lape
MacLean, Sarah

APb MacL
The Darkest Place
Margolin, Phillip

APb Marg
The Lightning Rod
Meltzer, Brad

APb Melt
The Coast-to-coast Murders
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
The Paris Detective
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
Showalter, Gena

APb Show
Flying Angels
Steel, Danielle

APb Stee
An Irish Country Welcome An Irish Country Novel
Taylor, Patrick 1941-

APb Tayl
A Head Full Of Ghosts A Novel
Tremblay, Paul

APb Trem
Criminal Mischief
Woods, Stuart

APb Wood

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary)

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Paws For A Cause
May, Kyla.

PB JPri May
Scaredy Pug
May, Kyla

PB JPri May
Pug's Got Talent
May, Kyla

PB JPri May
Pug's Sleepover
May, Kyla

PB JPri May
Pug Blasts Off
May, Kyla

PB JPri May
Pug's Snow Day
May, Kyla

PB JPri May
Pug's Road Trip
May, Kyla

PB JPri May

Paperbacks - Non-Fiction

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Clavin, Tom 1954-

NFPb Clav

Paperbacks - Romance

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First Bride To Fall
Baird, Ginny

RPb Bair
An Heiress' Guide To Deception And Desire
Collins, Manda

RPb Coll
Four Weeks Of Scandal
Frampton, Megan 1964-

RPb Fram
The House On Blueberry Lane
Jackson, Brenda (Brenda Streater)

RPb Jack
How The Wallflower Was Won
Leigh, Eva

RPb Leig
Dater's Handbook
Lockwood, Cara

RPb Lock
MacLean, Sarah

RPb MacL
A Lot Like Forever
Snow, Jennifer

RPb Snow

Paperbacks - Romance PN

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Dark Tarot
Feehan, Christine

PnPb Feeh


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Fortress Of The Grizzlies
Wakeman, Dan 1943-

Storage 599.784 Wake
Spirit Bear
Russell, Charles 1941-2018

Storage 599.785 Russ
Lives Of Mothers & Daughters
Munro, Sheila 1953-

Storage B Munr

Adult DVDs

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Iron Monkey

DVD Iron 6752
True Blood. The Complete First Season

DVD True 6749 s1v1
Top Gun : Maverick

DVD Top 6712
Trailer Park Boys: The Movie Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day = Les Trailer Park Boys: Le Film ; Les Trailer Park Boys: Le Jour De La Brosse

DVD Trai 6713
Resident Evil Apocalypse

DVD Resi 6714 Bluray
Resident Evil Retribution

DVD Resi 6716 Bluray
The Grudge 2

DVD Grud 6715
Thor. Love And Thunder

DVD MCU 6717 #29
The Great Debaters

DVD Grea 6718
Resident Evil: Extinction

DVD Resi 6719 Bluray
We Own The Night

DVD We 6721 Bluray
Another Happy Day

DVD Anot 6723
Poltergeist II And III = Poltergeist II Et III

DVD Polt 6725
Killing Heydrich

DVD Kill 6722 Bluray
Interview With The Vampire

DVD Inte 6726
The Orville. The Complete First Season

DVD Orvi 6727 s1
The Invincible Iron Man

DVD Invi 6728
Jerry Maguire

DVD Jerr 6729
Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

DVD Lara 6730
The Twilight Saga. New Moon

DVD Twil 6731 #2
Independence Day

DVD Inde 6732
Fawlty Towers The Complete Collection

DVD Fawl 6733
Iron Will

DVD Iron 6734
Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

DVD MCU 6735 #28
Freaky Friday

DVD Frea 6736
Love Potion #9.

DVD Love 6379
Silver Linings Playbook

DVD Silv 6740
What Dreams May Come

DVD What 6741
Van Helsing

DVD Van 6742
True Blood. The Complete First Season

DVD True 6750 s1v2
Spider-Man: No Way Home

DVD MCU 6744 #27
Maverick. The Complete First Season

DVD Mave 6746 s1v2
Maverick. The Complete First Season

DVD Mave 6745 s1v1

Educational & Documentary DVDs

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Where To Invade Next L'invasion Américaine

EDVD 303.4 Wher 588
Van Halen Live : Right Here, Right Now

EDVD 784.54 Van 589
Live From Madison Square Garden

EDVD 784.5 Clap 590
Sound Stage Presents

EDVD 784.5 Winw 591