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New Arrivals for March 2023

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Last Updated February 2rd, 2023

Items added between March 1st and March 31st, 2023

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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The Sentient
Afifi, Nadia

The Transcendent
Afifi, Nadia

Armstrong, Kelley

Old Babes In The Wood
Atwood, Margaret 1939-

All's Well
Awad, Mona

Death Of A Traitor
Beaton, M. C.

The Spider
Carew, Leo

The Wolf
Carew, Leo

The Cuckoo
Carew, Leo

Dark All Day
Carlson, Brenden.

Birnam Wood
Catton, Eleanor 1985-

The Adventures Of Amina Al-Sirafi
Chakraborty, S. A.

Ready Player Two: A Novel
Cline, Ernest

Lessons At The School By The Sea
Colgan, Jenny

The Fossil Hunter
Cooper, Tea

Nightwatch On The Hinterlands
Eason, K.

Hands Down
Francis, Felix

The Stars In Their Eyes
Gardner, Kristy

Gimpel, Ann

The Sookie Stackhouse Companion

Dead Over Heels
Harris, Charlaine.

Really Good, Actually
Heisey, Monica

Hennigan, Jane

The Girl On The Carpathia
Hodgetts, Eileen Enwright

Ten Low
Holborn, Stark

Never Never
Hoover, Colleen

It Starts With Us
Hoover, Colleen

Collateral Damage
Jance, Judith A.

My Indian Summer
Kakwinokanasum, Joseph

Kaley, Mary Baader

The Swans Of War
Kane, Catherine

The Spare Man
Kowal, Mary Robinette 1969-

Loki's Ring
Leicht, Stina

So Shall You Reap
Leon, Donna

The Dead Of Winter
MacBride, Stuart

Then You Came Along
Macomber, Debbie

The Paris Bookseller
Maher, Kerri

The Sister Effect
Mallery, Susan

The Flight Of The Aphrodite
Morden, S. J.

Nozaki, Mado

A Quiet Teacher
Oyebanji, Adam

Dacia Wolf And The Darkness Within
Oyster, Mandi

Patterson, James 1947-

Three Debts Paid
Perry, Anne

Remember Me
Peterson, Tracie

A Lady Under Siege
Preston, Brian 1957-

Preston, Brian 1957-

The Infinite And The Divine
Rath, Robert (Freelance writer)

The Theory Of Crows
Robertson, D. (David) 1977-

Blood Mercy
Roth, Vela

House Of Gold
Rwizi, C. T.

Ryan, L. T.

Ryan, L. T.

Ryan, L. T.

SanGiovanni, Mary

Scottoline, Lisa

Signal Fires
Shapiro, Dani

Worthy Opponents
Steel, Danielle

Heart Of The Sun Warrior
Tan, Sue Lynn

Daughter Of The Moon Goddess
Tan, Sue Lynn

Hang The Moon
Walls, Jeannette


Adult Graphic Novels

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Made In Abyss. Volume 8
Tsukushi, Akihito 1979-

741.5 Tsuk

Adult Non-Fiction

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An Illustrated History Of UFOs
Boardman, Adam Allsuch

001.92 Boar
Keltner, Dacher

152.4 Kelt
Valley Of The Birdtail
Sniderman, Andrew Michael Stobo 1983-

301.09 Snid
A Thousand Small Sanities
Gopnik, Adam

320.51 Gopn
Deep, Dark And Dangerous
Jensen, Vickie 1946-

338.4762 Jens
Marine Transportation Safety Investigation Report M21P0030
Transportation Safety Board of Canada

363.12309711 Tran
Urgent Message From A Hot Planet
Eriksson, Ann 1956-

363.73874 Erik
Redrum The Innocent
Makin, Kirk 1954-

364.152 Maki
Cultivating Kindness
Binfet, John-Tyler 1964-

370.15 Binf
A Brief History Of Earth
Knoll, Andrew H.

525 Knol
A Field Guide To Ecosystem Classification And Identification For The Southern Thompson-Okanagan

577.3 Ryan vol.1
A Field Guide To Ecosystem Classification And Identification For The Southern Thompson-Okanagan

577.3 Ryan vol.2
A Field Guide To Ecosystem Classification And Identification For The Southern Thompson-Okanagan

577.3 Ryan vol.3
Sport Fisher's Guide To Cetaceans In British Columbia.
Dracott, Karina

599.5 Drac
Buddha's Brain
Hanson, Rick (Psychologist)

612.8 Hans
Everything Fat Loss
Carpenter, Ben

613.25 Carp
Keto Diet
Wells, Elizabeth

613.25 Well
Life On Delay
Hendrickson, John (Atlantic senior editor)

616.8554 Hend
2023 Fee Guide
British Columbia Dental Association

617.6 Brit

623.82 Wood 2022
The Long-term Soil Productivity Study Of British Columbia
Kranabetter, John Marty 1964-

631.422 Kran
Climate And Microclimate At The Boreal Inga Lake Site Preparation Study (1988-2020), And Selected White Spruce (picea Glauca) Responses
Sagar, Robert M. (Robert Matthew) 1963-

634.9 Saga
The Obesity Code Cookbook
Fung, Jason

641.5635 Fung
A Fistful Of Lentils
Abadi, Jennifer Felicia

641.595691 Abad
Fine Woodworking.

684.08 Fine 2022
Fine Homebuilding.

690 Fine 2022
Pretty Good House
Kolbert, Dan

720.472 Kolb
Living Tribes
Prior, Colin

779.93058 Prio
Hidden Mountains
Wejchert, Michael 1986-

796.52209798 Wejc
A History Of My Brief Body
Belcourt, Billy-Ray

811.6 Belc
Scars & Stars
Thistle, Jesse

811.6 This
Half Bads In White Regalia
Caetano, Cody

818.603 Caet
Making Love With The Land
Whitehead, Joshua (Writer)

818.608 Whit
Around The World In A Dugout Canoe
MacFarlane, John M.

910.41 MacF
Rick Steves' Great Britain

914.1 Grea 2023 24th ed.
Fodor's Essential Portugal

914.69 Port 2023 3rd ed.
Fodor's Toronto
Lyn, Kimberly

917.1354 Toro 2023, 27th ed.
Hitler's Aristocrats
Ronald, Susan

940.53108621 Rona
London's Dead
Glinert, Ed

942.1 Glin
War Diary
Belorusets, Yevgenia

947.7 Belo
A Drum In One Hand, A Sockeye In The Other
Coté, Charlotte

971.1 Coté
Probably Ruby
Bird-Wilson, Lisa


Christmas Storage

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Christmas Wolf Surprise
Spear, Terry

PnPb Spea
Christmas Shopaholic
Kinsella, Sophie

RPb Kins
Sleigh Bells Ring
Thayne, RaeAnne

RPb Thay

Juvenile Fiction

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The Secret Of The Yellow Moon
Alston, I. J.

J Alst
The Girl In The Steel Corset
Cross, Kady 1971-

J Cros
The Immortal Rules
Kagawa, Julie

J Kaga
The Eternity Cure
Kagawa, Julie

J Kaga
Baby-sitters Little Sister. A Graphic Novel 5 Karen's School Picture
Farina, Katy

J Mart
A Deadly Education
Novik, Naomi

J Novi
The Missing
Poblocki, Dan

J Pobl
The Gathering
Poblocki, Dan

J Pobl
You Can't Hide
Poblocki, Dan

J Pobl
No Way Out
Poblocki, Dan

J Pobl
The Wild Court
Radcliff, E. G.

J Radc
The Stone Child
Robertson, David 1977-

J Robe
Robertson, David 1977-

J Robe
Robertson, David 1977-

J Robe
Robertson, David 1977-

J Robe

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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The Bad Guys In Cut To The Chase
Blabey, Aaron

J Blab
The Bad Guys In The Others?!
Blabey, Aaron

J Blab
Bad Guys. The Bad Guys In They're Bee-hind You! 14
Blabey, Aaron

J Blab
The Bad Guys In The One?!
Blabey, Aaron

J Blab
The Bad Guys In The Baddest Day Ever Bk.10
Blabey, Aaron

J Blab
The Bad Guys In Open Wide And Say Arrrgh!
Blabey, Aaron

J Blab
Spy X Family. 9
Endo, Tatsuya

J Endo
Spy X Family. 9
Endo, Tatsuya

J Endo
Agents Of S.U.I.T
Green, John Patrick 1975-

J Gree
Baby-sitters Little Sister. A Graphic Novel 4 Karen's Kittycat Club
Farina, Katy

J Mart
Baby-sitters Little Sister. A Graphic Novel 6 Karen's Birthday
Farina, Katy.

J Mart
Baby-sitters Little Sister. 3 Karen's Worst Day
Farina, Katy

J Mart
One Piece. 19-20-21 Baroque Works
Oda, EiichirÅ? 1975-

J Oda vol. 19-21
Wings Of Fire. The Graphic Novel Book Six Moon Rising
Sutherland, Tui T.

J Suth

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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Crop Circles
Gagliardi, Sue 1969-

J 001.94 Gagl
Crash From Outer Space Unraveling The Mystery Of Flying Saucers, Alien Beings, And Roswell
Fleming, Candace.

J 001.942 Flem
Handbook To UFOs, Crop Circles, And Alien Encounters
McCollum, Sean

J 001.942 McCo
UFOs And Aliens
Ringstad, Arnold

J 001.942 Ring
Stay Solid!

J 170.835 Hern
Inside The Earth's Atmosphere

J 551.51 Insi
Davis, Shawna

J 970.411 Davi
Nile Crocodile Vs. Hippopotamus
Downs, Kieran

JNF 590 Down
Asiatic Lion Vs. Bengal Tiger
Downs, Kieran

JNF 590 Down
Badger Vs. Bobcat
Downs, Kieran

JNF 590 Down

Language Learning Collection

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Merriam-Webster's Easy Learning German In A Click
McNab, Rosi

LL 438.34 McNa

Large Print

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Calder Grit
Dailey, Janet

LP Dail
Court Of Destiny
Gimpel, Ann

LP Gimp
The Christie Affair
Gramont, Nina de

LP Gram
The Golden Couple
Hendricks, Greer

LP Hend
Book Lovers
Henry, Emily

LP Henr
Lightning In A Mirror
Krentz, Jayne Ann

LP Kren
Beautiful World, Where Are You
Rooney, Sally

LP Roon
In Five Years
Serle, Rebecca

LP Serl


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Paperbacks - Adult

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Baldacci, David

APb Bald
Shadows Reel
Box, C. J.

APb Box
Countdown To Midnight
Brown, Dale 1956-

APb Brow
Zero Hour
Bentley, Don

APb Clan
Blood Work
Connelly, Michael 1956-

APb Conn
Her Dark Lies
Ellison, J. T.

APb Elli
Game On
Evanovich, Janet

APb Evan
Listen To Me
Gerritsen, Tess

APb Gerr
The Seekers
Graham, Heather

APb Grah
The Good Sister
Hepworth, Sally

APb Hepw
Getting Even
Jackson, Lisa

APb Jack
How To Be A Wallflower
James, Eloisa

APb Jame
A Face To Die For
Johansen, Iris

APb Joha
City Of The Dead
Kellerman, Jonathan

APb Kell
Läckberg, Camilla 1974-

APb Läck
Robert Ludlum's The Treadstone Transgression
Hood, Joshua

APb Ludl
Omega Rules
Lustbader, Eric

APb Lust
The Red Book
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
Death Of The Black Widow
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
Preston, Douglas J.

APb Pres
Confessions On The 7:45: A Novel
Unger. Lisa 1970-

APb Unge

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary)

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Tris Tan And Isolde
Mayhew, Tracey

PB JPri Mayh
Curse Of The Shadow Dragon
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri West

Paperbacks - Romance

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The Reluctant Countess
James, Eloisa

RPb Jame

Paperbacks - Science Fiction

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The Last Shadow
Card, Orson Scott

SFPb Card

Paperbacks - Westerns

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Call Me Lonesome
Cogburn, Brett

WPb Cogb
Law Of The Land
Kelton, Elmer

WPb Kelt


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National Geographic.

050 Nati 2021 v.241 Jan-Jun
National Geographic.

050 Nati 2021 v.242 Jul-Dec


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The Queen Of The North Disaster
Henthorne, Colin

Storage 910.9164 Hent
The Testaments
Atwood, Margaret 1939-

Storage Atwo
All Native
Kelly, Rudy

Storage Kell
Son Of A Trickster
Robinson, Eden

Storage Robi
Farrell, John (editor)

Storage Stor

Storage - Juvenile

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My Side Of The Mountain
George, Jean Craighead 1919-2012

Storage J Geor

Talking Books

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Radical Love
Levi, Zachary

TBCD 616.89 Levi

Adult DVDs

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A Wrinkle In Time

DVD Wrin 6763 4K
A Wrinkle In Time

DVD Wrin 6762 Bluray
All Creatures Great & Small. Season 3

DVD All 6762 s3

Educational & Documentary DVDs

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The Green Planet

EDVD 581.7 Gree 592