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New Arrivals for August 2023

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Last Updated September 7th, 2023

Items added between August 1st and August 31st, 2023

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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Empty Spaces
Abel, Jordan 1985-

The Wind Knows My Name
Allende, Isabel

We Ride Upon Sticks
Barry, Quan

Dirty Laundry
Bose, Disha

Calderón, Gabe

The Enchanted Hacienda
Cervantes, J. C. (Jennifer C.)

Chiang, Ted

Shark Heart
Habeck, Emily

Hodge, Rebecca

Too Late
Hoover, Colleen

Hur, Angela Mi Young

The Forest Of Stolen Girls
Hur, June

Our Crooked Hearts
Albert, Melissa

J Albe
Aurora Burning
Kaufman, Amie

J Kauf Au02
None Of This Is True
Jewell, Lisa

The Vanished Birds
Jimenez, Simon 1989-

The Spear Cuts Through Water
Jimenez, Simon 1989-

The Lost Ones
Kamal, Sheena

Kama No1
It All Falls Down
Kamal, Sheena

Kama No2
No Going Back
Kamal, Sheena

Kama No3
Build Your House Around My Body A Novel
Kupersmith, Violet

The Lost Century
Lai, Larissa

A Family Of Strangers
Lowe, Fiona

Just Another Missing Person
McAllister, Gillian

Moshfegh, Ottessa

Nappaaluk, Mitiarjuk

Tom Lake
Patchett, Ann

Queer Little Nightmares

The Bone Hacker
Reichs, Kathy

Such A Fun Age
Reid, Kiley

Lady Tan's Circle Of Women
See, Lisa

The Collector
Silva, Daniel 1960-

Green Glass Ghosts
Spoon, Rae

Camp Zero
Sterling, Michelle Min 1982-

Delicate Condition
Valentine, Danielle

The Covenant Of Water
Verghese, Abraham 1955-

Buffalo Is The New Buffalo
Vowel, Chelsea

Looking Glass Sound
Ward, Catriona

Crook Manifesto
Whitehead, Colson 1969-


Adult Graphic Novels

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Our Work Is Everywhere
Rose, Syan 1990-

323.326 Rose
Mr. Block
Riebe, Ernest

741.5973 Rieb
Dündar, Can

956.104 Dünd

Adult Non-Fiction

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Mysterious British Columbia
Green, Valerie 1940-

001.9409711 Gree
Learning Python
Lutz, Mark

005.117 Lutz
Words Have A Past
Griffith, Jane 1983-

071.1 Grif

155.232 Addi
Holden After & Before
McGuire, Tara

155.937 McGu
Laziness Does Not Exist
Price, Devon

158 Pric
The Daily Stoic
Holiday, Ryan

188 Holi
Team Human
Rushkoff, Douglas

302 Rush
Improv(e) Your Conversations
King, Patrick (Social interaction specialist)

302.346 King
My Name Is Not Harry
Siddiqui, Haroon

305.697 Sidd
Truth Telling
Good, Michelle

305.897 Good
Aboriginal™ : The Cultural And Economic Politics Of Recognition
Adese, Jennifer

305.897071 Ades
Living In Indigenous Sovereignty
Carlson-Manathara, Elizabeth

305.897071 Carl
The Future Is Disabled
Piepzna-Samarasinha, Leah Lakshmi 1975-

305.908 Piep
Barber, Aja

306.3 Barb
Your Body Is A Revolution
Teng, Tara

306.4613 Teng
Childfree By Choice
Blackstone, Amy

306.85 Blac
Selfish, Shallow, And Self-absorbed

306.874 Self
The Authoritarian Moment
Shapiro, Ben

320.530973 Shap
Theories Of Property

323.46 Macp
Legislating Under The Charter
Macfarlane, Emmett

347.71 Macf
Separate Beds
Lux, Maureen K. (Maureen Katherine) 1956-

362.1089 Lux
Remembering Air India

363.12465 Reme
Wayi Wah!
Chrona, Jo

370.115 Chro
Truth And Reconciliation In Canadian Schools
Toulouse, Pamela Rose

371.829 Toul
Haig-Brown, Celia 1947-

371.82997 Haig
The Big Exit
Sutton, Ian (Canadian author)

393.1 Sutt
True Canadian Ghost Stories
Colombo, John Robert 1936-

398.20971 Colo
Make: Calculus
Horvath, Joan

515 Horv
Chair Yoga For Seniors Over 60
Smith, Michael (Personal trainer)

613.7046 Smit
Brain On Fire
Cahalan, Susannah

616.832 Caha
Beautiful Trauma
Fogg, Rebecca

616.8521 Fogg
When My Ghost Sings A Memoir Of Stroke, Recovery, And Transformation
Fraser, Tara Sidhoo.

616.85232 Fras
I Will Die On This Hill
Ashburn, Meghan

616.85882 Ashb
Making A Chaputs
Martin, Joe (Canoe maker)

623.8129 Mart
East Side Story
Marino, Nick

630.74711 Mari
The Joy Of Cooking
Rombauer, Irma S. 1877-1962

641.5 Romb 1931
Weekend Refresh

648 Week
Four Thousand Weeks
Burkeman, Oliver

650.11 Burk
How To Make Shaving Soap
Seibert, Carrie

668.124 Seib
Advanced Framing Methods
Simpson, Scot

694.2 Simp
A Corner Stone Of Canadian Culture
Ravenhill, Alice 1859-1954

700.9711 Rave
Unsettling Native Art Histories On The Northwest Coast

704.0397 Unse
Echoes Of The Supernatural
Wyatt, Gary 1958-

709.2 Davi
Knowledge Within

709.71 Know
Modern Resin Jewellery
Naumann, Sara

739.27 Naum
Metalsmith Society's Guide To Jewelry Making
Bolton, Corkie

745.594 Bolt
Little Felted Animals
Horvath, Marie-Noëlle

746.0463 Horv
Wildlife Cable Afghans.
Naugle, Christine

746.434 Naug
Crochet Southwest Spirit
Kennedy, Susan

746.434043 Kenn
Marshall, Sam

761.3 Mars
Page, Elliot 1987-

791.43028 Page
Running Uphill
Fraser, Fil 1932-

796.42 Fras
Canoe Crossings
Osler, Sanford

797.122 Osle
Abel, Jordan 1985-

811.6 Abel
Why Fathers Cry At Night
Alexander, Kwame

811.6 Alex
Racing Ravens
Churchill, C.

811.6 Chur
Pennock, Tyler 1977-

811.6 Penn
Falling Back In Love With Being Human
Thom, Kai Cheng

811.6 Thom
Sharp Nations

814.608 Shar
Campbell, Nicola I.

818.603 Camp
Lonely Planet Budapest & Hungary. 2023
Fari, Kata

914.3912 Buda 2023 9th ed.
Fodor's Essential Israel. 2023

915.694 Isra 2023 3rd ed.
South Africa. 2023

916.8 Sout 2023
Fodor's Florida 2023

917.59 Flor 2023 36th ed.
20,001 Names For Baby
Wallace, Carol 1955-

929.403 Wall
Bruce Lansky's 100,000+ Baby Names
Lansky, Bruce

929.44 Lans
The Best Gender-neutral Baby Name Book
Mannarino, Melanie

929.44 Mann
Glory And Exile
Wilson, Hazel 1941-2016

970.3 Wils
This Place Is Who We Are
Gordon, Katherine 1963-

971.100497 Gord
A Wilder Place
Mueller, Fritz P.

971.91 Muel
Growing Food On The Queen Charlotte Islands

NWHC 630.9711 Kine
Wetmore, Elizabeth


Juvenile Easy Readers

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Meet Mario!
Shealy, Malcolm

Mario's Big Adventure
Man-Kong, Mary


Juvenile Fiction

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The Final Gambit
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn

J Barn In3
Charles, Norma M.

J Char
Jedi Academy
Brown, Jeffrey 1975-

J Jedi Je1
Return Of The Padawan
Brown, Jeffrey 1975-

J Jedi Je2
The Phantom Bully
Brown, Jeffrey 1975-

J Jedi Je3
A New Class
Krosoczka, Jarrett

J Jedi Je4
The Force Oversleeps
Krosoczka, Jarrett

J Jedi Je5
The Principal Strikes Back
Krosoczka, Jarrett

J Jedi Je6
Revenge Of The Sis
Krosoczka, Jarrett

J Jedi Je7
Attack Of The Furball
Krosoczka, Jarrett

J Jedi Je8
In The Key Of Dale
Lefebvre, Benjamin

J Lefe
Tweet Cute
Lord, Emma

J Lord
Harpoon Of The Hunter

J Mark
How To Be Found
Pohl-Weary, Emily

J Pohl

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Gerster, Michelle 1979-

J 305.2352 Gers
The Invasion
Applegate, Katherine

J Appl An01
The Bad Guys In Let The Games Begin!
Blabey, Aaron

J Blab Ba17
Blue Beetle
Giffen, Keith

J Blue vol.7 1-12
Blue Beetle. Vol. 3 Road To Nowhere
Sebela, Christopher

J Blue vol.9 13-18
Booster Gold: 52 Pick-up
Johns, Geoff 1973-

J Boos vol.2 1-6
The Witches
Dahl, Roald

J Dahl
ItÅ?, Junji 1963-

J Itō
Karen's Haircut
Farina, Katy

J Mart BL7
Scott Pilgrim. Vol. 3 Scott Pilgrim And The Infinite Sadness
O'Malley, Bryan Lee

J O'Ma Sc3
Scott Pilgrim. Vol. 4 Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together
O'Malley, Bryan Lee

J O'Ma Sc4
Scott Pilgrim. 5 Scott Pilgrim Vs The Universe
O'Malley, Bryan Lee

J O'Ma Sc5
Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour Vol. 6
O'Malley, Bryan Lee

J O'Ma Sc6
Move It Or Lose It!
Peirce, Lincoln

J Peir Bi29

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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The Witness Blanket
Newman, Carey 1975-

J 371.829 Newm
How To Draw Manga Faces In Simple Steps
Li, Yishan 1981-

J 741.5 Li
How To Draw Manga Heroes In Simple Steps
Li, Yishan 1981-

J 741.5 Li
Morgan, Dan (Editor)

J 793.932 Mine
Just Joking

J 818.6 Just
The Big Book Of Silly Jokes For Kids
Roman, Carole P.

J 818.6 Roma
Meet Buffy Sainte-Marie
MacLeod, Elizabeth

J B Sain

Juvenile Picture Books

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Bedtime In Nunatsiavut
Brown, Raeann

JP Brow
Berry Song
Goade, Michaela

JP Goad
Harjo, Joy

JP Harj
I Promise
Hernandez, Catherine 1977-

JP Hern
The Heart And The Bottle
Jeffers, Oliver

JP Jeff
Super Mario
Foxe, Steve

JP Mari
The Name I Call Myself
Namir, Hasan 1987-

JP Nami
Together We Drum, Our Hearts Beat As One
Poll, Willie

JP Poll
Still This Love Goes On
Sainte-Marie, Buffy

JP Sain
For Laika
Thom, Kai Cheng

JP Thom
Every Child Matters
Webstad, Phyllis

JP Webs
When You Can Swim
Wong, Jack 1985-

JP Wong
Kai's Tea Eggs
Zhou, Karina

JP Zhou

Large Print

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The Family Remains
Jewell, Lisa

LP Jewe Fa2
Fairy Tale
King, Stephen

LP King
The Girl From Guernica
Robards, Karen

LP Roba
The House Across The Lake
Sager, Riley

LP Sage

Multilingual Collection - Second Floor

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La Huitième Couleur
Pratchett, Terry

Les Ch'tits Hommes Libres
Pratchett, Terry


Paperbacks - Adult

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Next In Line
Archer, Jeffrey 1940-

APb Arch
Total Control
Baldacci, David

APb Bald
Cassidy, Amanda

APb Cass
Oath Of Loyalty
Mills, Kyle 1966-

APb Flyn Mi21
The Other Daughter
Gardner, Lisa

APb Gard
Secrets In The Dark
Graham, Heather

APb Grah Bl2
The Girl Who Survived
Jackson, Lisa

APb Jack
The Perfect Assassin
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt Do1
Red Warning
Quirk, Matthew

APb Quir
Encore In Death
Robb, J. D. 1950-

APb Robb In56
The High Notes
Steel, Danielle

APb Stee
That Summer
Weiner, Jennifer

APb Wein
Distant Thunder
Woods, Stuart

APb Wood St63

Paperbacks - Fantasy

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The Desert Spear
Brett, Peter V.

FPb Bret De2
The Daylight War
Brett, Peter V

FPb Bret De3
The Core
Brett, Peter V.

FPb Bret De5

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary)

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From Nerd To Ninja
Do, Anh

PB JPri Do Ni1
Game Of Scones
Luper, Eric

PB JPri Lupe Ba1
The Good, The Bad And The Hungry
Luper, Eric

PB JPri Lupe Ba2
Mission Impastable
Luper, Eric

PB JPri Lupe Ba3
Live And Let Fry
Luper, Eric

PB JPri Lupe Ba4
Dawn Of The Light Dragon
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri West Dr24

Paperbacks - Mystery

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A Troubling Tail
Cass, Laurie

MPb Cass Bo11

Paperbacks - Science Fiction

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Godzilla Vs. Kong
Keyes, J. Gregory 1963-

SFPb Keye

Adult DVDs

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Yellowstone. Season 1

DVD Yell 6767 s1v1
Yellowstone. Season 5 Part 1

DVD Yell 6775 s5v1
Yellowstone. Season 5 Part 1

DVD Yell 6776 s5v2
Yellowstone. Season 1

DVD Yell 6768 s1v2
Yellowstone. Season 2

DVD Yell 6769 s2v1
Yellowstone. Season 2

DVD Yell 6770 s2v2
Yellowstone. Season 3

DVD Yell 6771 s3v1
Yellowstone. Season 3

DVD Yell 6771 s3v2
Yellowstone. Season 4

DVD Yell 6773 s4v1
Yellowstone. Season 4

DVD Yell 6774 s4v2
District 9

DVD Dist 6777
28 Days Later

DVD Twen 6778 Tw1
28 Weeks Later

DVD Twen 6779 Tw2
The Office. Season Seven

DVD Offi 6780 s7v1
The Office. Season Seven

DVD Offi 6781 s7v2
The Office. Season Eight

DVD Offi 6782 s8v1
The Office. Season Eight

DVD Offi 6783 s8v2
The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.

DVD Boy 6784
The Office. The Farewell Season Season Nine

DVD Offi 6785 s9v1
The Office. The Farewell Season Season Nine

DVD Offi 6786 s9v2
Defiance. Season Two

DVD Defi 6787 s2

Educational & Documentary DVDs

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The Atomic Cafe

EDVD 355.8 Atom 596