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New Arrivals for September 2023

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Last Updated October 11th, 2023

Items added between September 1st and September 30th, 2023

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Aardvark (Shelving Location not set)

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We Should Not Be Friends
Schwalbe, Will

177.62 Schw

Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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True North Rising
Fraser, Whit

971.909 Fras
The Only Purple House In Town
Aguirre, Ann

A Soul Of Ash And Blood
Armentrout, Jennifer L.

Arme Bl5
When Women Were Dragons
Barnhill, Kelly Regan.

Away From The Dead
Bergen, David 1957-

Flags On The Bayou
Burke, James Lee 1936-

A Quitter's Paradise
Chang, Elysha

Chidgey, Catherine 1970-

The Double Life Of Benson Yu
Chong, Kevin

The Raging Storm
Cleeves, Ann

Clee Tw3
The Pathfinder
Cooper, James Fenimore 1789-1851

Coop Le3
Learned By Heart
Donoghue, Emma 1969-

The Clarion
Dunic, Nina

A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius
Eggers, Dave

Silk Road
Falconer, Colin

Falc Ep1
Falconer, Colin

Falc Ep2
A New Season
Fallis, Terry

Pink Lemonade Cake Murder
Fluke, Joanne 1943-

Fluk Ha29
The Woman In The Library
Gentill, Sulari

A Cryptic Clue
Gilbert, Victoria

Gilb Hu1
The Lonely Hearts Book Club
Gilmore, Lucy (Romance fiction writer)

The Rabbit Hutch
Gunty, Tess

Between You And Me A Psychological Thriller With A Twist You Won't See Coming
Hall, Lisa

Slow Horses
Herron, Mick

Herr Sl1
My Weil
Iyer, Lars

A Place To Hang The Moon
Albus, Kate

J Albu
A Scatter Of Light
Lo, Malinda

J Lo
Old Enough
Jakobson, Haley

On Earth As It Is On Television
Jane, Emily

The Woman With The Blue Star
Jenoff, Pam

Exit, Pursued By A Bear
Johnston, E. K.

Hell And Back
Johnson, Craig 1961-

John Lo18
The Longmire Defense
Johnson, Craig 1961-

John Lo19
No One Belongs Here More Than You
July, Miranda 1974-

The Snake And The Spider
Kingsbury, Karen

Final Vows
Kingsbury, Karen

Deadly Pretender
Kingsbury, Karen

Demon Copperhead
Kingsolver, Barbara

King, Stephen 1947-

King Ho3
Lam, Laura 1988-

Lam Dr1
Everyone Here Is Lying
Lapena, Shari 1960-

Ancillary Sword
Leckie, Ann

Leck Im2
Ancillary Mercy
Leckie, Ann

Leck Im3
The Good Terrorist
Lessing, Doris May 1919-

The Plot And The Pendulum
McKinlay, Jenn

McKi Li13
Denial A Novel
McLachlin, Beverley 1943-

McLa Ji2
Cephrael's Hand
McPhail, Melissa

McPh Pa1
Moore, Alan 1953-

Sylvanus Now
Morrissey, Donna 1956-

Morr Sy1
The Bat
Nesbø, Jo 1960-

Nesb Ha1
Killing Moon
Nesbo, Jo 1960-

Nesb Ha13
The Devil's Star
Nesbø, Jo 1960-

Nesb Ha5
Sunshine Nails
Nguyen, Mai (Journalist)

Oates, Joyce Carol 1938-

The Last Devil To Die
Osman, Richard 1970-

Osma Th4
The Alaska Saga
Peterson, Tracie

The Rooftop Garden
Raman-Wilms, Menaka

Carrie Soto Is Back
Reid, Taylor Jenkins

River Mumma
Reid-Benta, Zalika

All The Colour In The World
Richardson, C. S.

The Paris Agent
Rimmer, Kelly

Delicious Monsters
Sambury, Liselle

The Majority
Silver, Elizabeth L. 1978-

The Fraud
Smith, Zadie

Steel, Danielle

The Sunset Crowd
Tanabe, Karin

The Secrets Between Us
Umrigar, Thrity N.

Umri Be2
The Circle
Vermette, Katherena 1977-

The Enigma Game
Wein, Elizabeth

Wein Co4
Girlfriend On Mars
Willis, Deborah (Deborah M.)


Adult Graphic Novels

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Be Gay, Do Comics!

306.76 BeGa
Hall, Rebecca 1963-

741.5 Hall

811.6 Embo
Grandmothers, Our Grandmothers
Seong-won, Han

940.5405 Seon
Anderson, Jon Lee

972.91 Ande
Under The Banner Of King Death
Rediker, Marcus

J 910.45 Redi

Adult Non-Fiction

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Microsoft Office 365 8-1 For Beginners
Ledger, Leonard J.

005.5 Ledg
Microsoft PowerPoint
Lowe, Doug 1959-

005.58 Lowe
Teach Yourself Visually HTML And CSS
Hart-Davis, Guy

006.74 Hart
Veils Of Distortion
Zada, John

070.43 Zada
Paper Trails
MacGregor, Roy 1948-

070.92 MacG
The Postmedia Effect
Edge, Marc 1954-

071.1 Edge
Boxer Wachler, Brian S.

153.85 Boxe
A Recipe For More
Elise, Sara

158.1 Elis
We Should Not Be Friends
Schwalbe, Will

177.62 Schw
Bad Mormon
Gay, Heather

289.332 Gay
Teaching Social Skills Through Sketch Comedy And Improv Games
Amador, Shawn

302.14 Amad
Klein, Naomi 1970-

302.231 Klei
The Man They Wanted Me To Be
Sexton, Jared

305.31 Sext
Rest Is Resistance
Hersey, Tricia

305.48896 Hers
The Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl
Rae, Issa

305.48896 Rae
Almost Brown
Gill, Charlotte 1971-

305.8 Gill
The Long Road Home
Thompson, Debra (Debra E.)

305.896 Thom
Rez Rules
Louie, Clarence Chief

305.897 Loui
Sincerely, Your Autistic Child

305.908 Sinc
Rehearsals For Living
Maynard, Robyn

306.09 Mayn
Love In The Time Of Contagion
Kipnis, Laura

306.73 Kipn
Bad Gays
Lemmey, Huw

306.766 Lemm
The Three Mothers
Tubbs, Anna Malaika

306.8743 Tubb
Strangers In Their Own Land
Hochschild, Arlie Russell 1940-

320.52 Hoch
It's All About The Land
Alfred, Gerald R.

323.1197 Alfr
Manning, Chelsea 1987-

323.445 Mann
Land, Stephanie 1978-

331.48164 Land
Mr. Mindbomb

333.72 Mist
Front Of The Class
Cohen, Brad

362.196 Cohe
Stewart, Kennedy

362.2909711 Stew
Junkyard Girl
Montes De Oca, Carlyn

362.734 Mont
The Great Displacement
Bittle, Jake

362.87 Bitt
Liliana's Invincible Summer
Rivera Garza, Cristina 1964-

362.882 Rive
Message In A Bottle
Hogan, Holly (Biologist)

363.73942 Hoga
How To Read A Dress
Edwards, Lydia (Lydia Jenny)

391.209 Edwa
Let's Speak Korean

495.78 Let's
American Prometheus
Bird, Kai

530.092 Bird
Loeb, Abraham

576.839 Loeb
Brave The Wild River
Sevigny, Melissa L. 1986-

578.097913 Sevi
Drawing Botany Home
Baldwin, Lyn

580.92 Bald
Beres, Derek

610 Bere
Call The Nurse
MacLeod, Mary J.

610.73 MacL
Deep Survival
Gonzales, Laurence 1947-

613.69 Gonz
Ending Epidemics
Conniff, Richard 1951-

614.4 Conn
Random Acts Of Medicine
Jena, Anupam B.

616.0072 Jena
First Aid
Crane, Cody

616.0252 Cran
One Sunny Afternoon
Jetté Knox, Amanda.

616.8521 Jett
The Absent Moon
Schwarcz, Luiz

616.8527 Schw
House Plants For Every Space

635.965 Hous
Crip Up The Kitchen
Sherred, Jules

641.5631 Sher
Atassi, Anas

641.595691 Atas
Goblin Mode
Coyle, McKayla

645 Coyl
Four Thousand Weeks
Burkeman, Oliver

650.11 Burk
Dederer, Claire 1967-

700.103 Dede
A World History Of Photography
Rosenblum, Naomi

770.9 Rose
A Ribbon Of Highway
Roades, Taylor

779.9971 Road
Fearlessly Different
Rowe, Mickey 1988-

792.028 Rowe
Playing The Long Game
Sinclair, Christine 1983-

796.334 Sinc
The Backpacker Lifecycle
Zachary, Brendyn

796.51092 Zach
Born Out Of This
Lowther, Christine 1967-

811.54 Lowt
Fishing For Leviathan
DeCroo, Rodney 1966-

811.6 DeCr
Let Me Tell You
Jackson, Shirley 1916-1965

818.54 Jack
Funder, Anna 1966-

828.912 Fund
Traveling Different
Barclay, Dawn M. 1959-

910.87 Barc
A Complex Coast
Norwell, David

917.111 Norw
Empress Of The Nile
Olson, Lynne

932.009 Olso
Seen And Unseen
Partridge, Elizabeth

940.531773 Part
Africa Is Not A Country
Faloyin, Dipo

960.33 Falo
The Rediscovery Of America
Blackhawk, Ned

970.00497 Blac
Following The Good River
Penn, Briony

971.00497 Penn
Raincoast Chronicles.

971.1 Rain 17
Gumboot Guys

971.17111 Alli Gu3
What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker
Young, Damon 1978-

973.0496 Youn

Adult Non-Fiction - Non-Circulating

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May, Katherine

158.1 May


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Elon Musk
Isaacson, Walter

B Musk

Juvenile Easy Readers

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Pete The Cat's Groovy Bake Sale
Dean, James 1957-

Welcome To Galar!
Shapiro, R.

JPE Poké
Team Rocket To The Rescue
Barbo, Maria S.

JPE Poké

Juvenile Fiction

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Saints And Misfits. Bk 1
Ali, S. K.

J Ali
Scout's Honor
Anderson, Lily 1988-

J Ande
The Wild Ones
Azad, Nafiza

J Azad
Bajaj, Varsha

J Baja
The Wild Robot Escapes
Brown, Peter 1979-

J Brow Wi2
Viva Lola Espinoza
Cerón, Ella

J Ceró
Chloe And The Kaishao Boys
Coyiuto, Mae 1994-

J Coyi
Diary Of An 8-bit Warrior
Cube Kid

J Cube Di1
From Seeds To Swords
Cube Kid (Author of fan fiction)

J Cube Di2
The Probability Of Everything
Everett, Sarah

J Ever
The Summer Of Bitter And Sweet
Ferguson, Jenny 1985-

J Ferg
Ode To My First Car
Gow, Robin

J Gow
Beasts Of Prey
Gray, Ayana

J Gray Be1
Beasts Of Ruin
Gray, Ayana

J Gray Be2
Megabat Megastar
Humphrey, Anna

J Hump Me5
The Everlasting Road
Kinew, Wab 1981-

J Kine Fl2
When The Angels Left The Old Country
Lamb, Sacha

J Lamb
Thor Quest. Hammers Of The Gods
Lanzing, Jackson

J Lanz Th1
Duck Days
Leach, Sara 1971-

J Leac
All That's Left To Say
Lord, Emery

J Lord
Cress Watercress
Maguire, Gregory

J Magu
The Bear House
McIsaac, Meaghan

J McIs Be1
One Of Us Is Back
McManus, Karen M.

J McMa On3
Summer's Edge
Mele, Dana

J Mele
Don't Want To Be Your Monster
Moulton, Deke

J Moul
Scott Pilgrim. Vol. 1 Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life
O'Malley, Bryan Lee

J O'Ma Sc1
Big Top Bonanza
Patterson, James 1947-

J Patt Do07
Paulsen, Gary

J Paul
The Adventures Of Captain Underpants
Pilkey, Dav 1966-

J Pilk Ca1
Miss Peregrine's Museum Of Wonders
Riggs, Ransom

J Rigg Mi
I Must Betray You
Sepetys, Ruta

J Sepe
The Last Mapmaker
Soontornvat, Christina

J Soon
The Lost Library
Stead, Rebecca

J Stea
All My Rage
Tahir, Sabaa.

J Tahi
Hotel Magnifique
Taylor, Emily J.

J Tayl
The Summer Of Broken Rules
Walther, K.L.

J Walt
Zachary Ying And The Dragon Emperor
Zhao, Xiran Jay

J Zhao Za1
Ziegler, Jennifer 1967-

J Zieg
Everything In Its Place
David-Sax, Pauline

JP Davi

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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My Brain Is Different

J 616.85 Monz
Family Style
Pham, Thien

J 959.704 Pham
The Visitor
Grine, Chris

J Appl An02
The Encounter
Applegate, Katherine

J Appl An03
Batman, One Bad Day. The Darkest Winter Mr. Freeze
Duggan, Gerry

J Batm
Batman, One Bad Day. A Great Men Two-Face
Tamaki, Mariko

J Batm
Batman, One Bad Day. Last Bullet Penguin
Ridley, John 1965-

J Batm
Cat On The Run In Cat Of Death!
Blabey, Aaron

J Blab Ca1
Bad Kitty. Supercat
Bruel, Nick

J Brue Ba16
Clarke, Daniel

J Clar
Fortnite X Marvel
Gage, Christos

J Gage
All Together Now
Larson, Hope

J Lars Ea2
All My Friends
Larson, Hope

J Lars Ea3
Last Hope For Survival
Meyer, Nathan

J Meye Un1
Tracking The Mastermind
Meyer, Nathan

J Meye Un2
Storm Warning
Meyer, Nathan

J Meye Un3
Young Alfred. Pain In The Butler
Northrop, Michael

J Nort
Scott Pilgrim. Vol. 2 Vs. The World
O'Malley, Bryan Lee

J O'Ma Sc2
One Piece. Voume 31-32-33 Skypiea
Oda, EiichirÅ? 1975-

J Oda vol. 31-33
Stuntboy, In The Meantime
Reynolds, Jason

J Reyn St1
Picture Day
Sax, Sarah

J Sax
Adventures With Linus And Friends!
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe) 1922-2000

J Schu
Punk Rock Unicorn
Simpson, Dana 1977-

J Simp Ph17
Surviving The City
Spillett-Sumner, Tasha 1988-

J Spil v1
Surviving The City
Spillett-Sumner, Tasha 1988-

J Spil v2
Cosmoknights. [Book One]
Templer, Hannah

J Temp Co1
Cosmoknights. Book Two
Templer, Hannah

J Temp Co2
My Aunt Is A Monster
Yee, Reimena

J Yee

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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National Geographic Kids Almanac 2024.

J 031.02 Nati 2024
Guinness World Records 2024.

J 032.02 Guin 2024
Behind The Scenes At The Museum

J 069 Behi
Treaty Words
Craft, Aimée 1980-

J 342.71 Craf
The Hidden World Of Gnomes
Soloy, Lauren

J 398.45 Solo
Learn To Speak Korean For Kids
Mina, Gline

J 495.78 Lear
The Bedtime Book Of Dinosaurs And Other Prehistoric Life
Lomax, Dean R.

J 567.9 Loma
A Kid's Guide To Plants Of The Pacific Northwest
Joly, Philippa

J 581.9795 Joly
Yes! No!
Madison, Megan

J 613.66 Madi
The Best Ever Bread Book
Munsey, Lizzie

J 641.815 Muns
Official Fortnite How To Draw
Murray, Kirsten (Letterer)

J 743.897 Murr
This Boy
Cooper, Ilene

J 782.42166 Coop
Where's Waldo?
Handford, Martin

J 793.73 Hand
Pokémon Seek And Find

J 793.73 Poké
Official Fortnite

J 794.8 Offi

Juvenile Picture Books

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Berenstain Bears Go To School
Berenstain, Stan 1923-2005

JP Bere
In The Night Garden
Berger, Carin

JP Berg
The Big Bang And Other Farts
Bird, Daisy

JP Bird
Cisneros Prevo, Patty

JP Cisn
5-minute The Little Mermaid Stories

JP Disn
Make A Splash
Franklin, Ashley

JP Disn
I Am A Meadow Mermaid
George, K. (Kallie) 1983-

JP Geor
A Is For Bee
Heck, Ellen

JP Heck
We Don't Lose Our Class Goldfish
Higgins, Ryan T.

JP Higg Pe3
The Secret Pocket
Janicki, Peggy

JP Jani
The Rock From The Sky
Klassen, Jon

JP Klas
PAW Patrol

Outside, Inside
Pham, LeUyen

JP Pham
Paradise For Cats
Raeside, Adrian 1957-

JP Raes
Just Like Grandma
Rogers, Kim

JP Roge
Would You Come Too?
Scanlon, Liz Garton

JP Scan
One Boy Watching
Snider, Grant

JP Snid
Salat In Secret
Thompkins-Bigelow, Jamilah

JP Thom
What To Do With A String
Yolen, Jane

JP Yole
What To Do With A Stick
Yolen, Jane

JP Yole
The Hair Book
Yvette, LaTonya 1989-

JP Yvet
Love Makes A Family
Beer, Sophie

JPT Beer

Large Print

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The Homewreckers
Andrews, Mary Kay 1954-

LP Andr
The Maze
DeMille, Nelson

LP DeMi Jo8
The Many Daughters Of Afong Moy
Ford, Jamie

LP Ford
Tracy Flick Can't Win
Perrotta, Tom 1961-

LP Perr Tr2


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The Louvre
Bresc-Bautier, Geneviève

OS 708.4361 Bres

Paperbacks - Adult

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Murder Off The Books
Berry, Tamara

APb Berr By3
Taking Eve
Johansen, Iris

APb John Ev16

Paperbacks - Canadian Classics - Second Floor

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Crime And Punishment
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor 1821-1881

CPb Dost

Paperbacks - Classics - Second Floor

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The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall
Brontë, Anne 1820-1849

CPb Bron
Agnes Grey
Brontë, Anne 1820-1849

CPb Bron

Paperbacks - Fantasy

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Akers, Tim 1972-

FPb Aker Kn2
Knight Watch
Akers, Tim

FPb Aker Ni1
Walk The Wild With Me
Atwood, Rachel

FPb Atwo Wa1
The Queen's Bargain
Bishop, Anne

FPb Bish Bl10
The Queen's Weapons
Bishop, Anne

FPb Bish Bl11
Bishop, Anne

FPb Bish Wo3
Soul Taken
Briggs, Patricia

FPb Brig Me13
Trouble With The Cursed
Harrison, Kim

FPb Harr Ho16
The Master Of Dreams
Resnick, Michael D.

FPb Resn Dr1
The Mistress Of Illusions
Resnick, Michael D.

FPb Resn Dr2

Paperbacks - Junior (Primary)

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A New Friend
Green, Poppy

PB JPri Gree So01
The Emerald Berries
Green, Poppy

PB JPri Gree So02
Winter's No Time To Sleep!
Green, Poppy

PB JPri Gree So06
The Clover Curse
Green, Poppy

PB JPri Gree So07
A Surprise Visitor
Green, Poppy

PB JPri Gree So08
The Great, Big Paw Print
Green, Poppy

PB JPri Gree So09
It's Raining, It's Pouring
Green, Poppy

PB JPri Gree So10
The Mouse House
Green, Poppy

PB JPri Gree So11
Journey To The Crystal Cave
Green, Poppy

PB JPri Gree So12
Forget-Me-Not Lake
Green, Poppy

PB JPri Gree So3
Looking For Winston
Green, Poppy

PB JPri Gree So4
The Maple Festival
Green, Poppy

PB JPri Green So05
Ash's Big Challenge
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po01
Pokémon Peril
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po02
The Orange League
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po03
Scyther Vs Charizard
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po04
Race To Danger
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po05
Show Time!
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po06
Power Up Psyduck
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po07
The Winner's Cup
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po08
The Pokémon School
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po09
Alolan Challenge
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po10
Adventure On Treasure Island
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po11
Old Friends, New Battles
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po12
Pokémon Unknown
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po13
The Chikorita Challenge
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri Poké Po14

Paperbacks - Science Fiction

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Councilor: A Novel In The Grand Illusion
Modesitt, L.E.

FPb Mode
The Jigsaw Assassin
Asaro, Catherine

SFPb Asar Ma4
Bara, Dave

SFPb Bara Tr1
Abbott In Darkness
Butler, D. J. (David John) 1973-

SFPb Butl
In The Palace Of Shadow And Joy
Butler, D. J. (David John) 1973-

SFPb Butl In1
The Godel Operation
Cambias, James L.

SFPb Camb
Campbell, Jack (Naval officer)

SFPb Camp Ge3
Campbell, Jack (Naval officer)

SFPb Camp Ou1
Campbell, Jack (Naval officer)

SFPb Camp Ou2
1636: Flight Of The Nightingale
Carrico, David

SFPb Carr Ri28
Cherryh, C. J.

SFPb Cher Di21
Alliance Rising
Cherryh, C. J.

SFPb Cher Hi1
Chiles, Patrick

SFPb Chil
Frozen Orbit
Chiles, Patrick

SFPb Chil Fr1
Winds Of Marque
Coles, Bennett R.

SFPb Cole Bl1
Dark Star Rising
Coles, Bennett R. 1973-

SFPb Cole Bl2
Gun Runner
Correia, Larry

SFPb Corr
Cosmic Corsairs

SFPb Cosm
Czerneda, Julie 1955-

SFPb Czer We2
Czerneda, Julie 1955-

SFPb Czer We3
Gunfight On Europa Station

SFPb Gunf
The Spacetime War
Johnson, Les (Charles Les)

SFPb John
Days Of Burning, Days Of Wrath
Kratman, Tom

SFPb Krat Care08
Trouble Walked In
Kupari, Mike

SFPb Kupa
The Best Of Jerry Pournelle
Pournelle, Jerry 1933-2017

SFPb Pour


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The Other Daughter
Gardner, Lisa

APb Gard
Ugly Love
Hoover, Colleen

Storage Hoov


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Computer Concepts
Parsons, June Jamrich

004 Pars 2022