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New Arrivals for January 2024

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Last Updated February 14th, 2024

Items added between January 1st and January 31st, 2024

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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What You Are Looking For Is In The Library
Aoyama, Michiko 1970-

Hook, Line, And Sinker
Bailey, Tessa

Bail Be2
Nineteen Claws And A Black Bird
Bazterrica, Agustina Maria 1974-

Keep Your Friends Close
Berry, Lucinda

The Wonder Of It All
Bradford, Barbara Taylor 1933-

Brad Ho3
Slow Heat In Heaven & Mirror Image: A Suspense Collection
Brown, Sandra 1948-

Welcome Home, Stranger
Christensen, Kate 1962-

Resurrection Walk
Connelly, Michael 1956-

Conn Li7
Unnatural Death
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels

Corn Sc27
The Shadow Cabinet
Dawson, Juno

Daws HM2
A Nearly Normal Family
Edvardsson, M. T.

Her Body Among Animals
Ferrante, Paola

Scenes From A Childhood
Fosse, Jon 1959-

Ge, Yan 1984-

Two Twisted Crowns
Gillig, Rachel

Gill Sh2
The Fury Of Beijing
Hamilton, Ian 1946-

Hami Av16
A Haunting On The Hill
Hand, Elizabeth

What The Devil Knows
Harris, C. S.

Harr Se16
The Heiress
Hawkins, Rachel 1979-

King Of Greed
Huang, Ana

Huan Ki3
Suggested Reading
Connis, Dave

J Conn
Pineapple Street
Jackson, Jenny (Editor)

These Burning Stars
Jacobs, Bethany (Novelist)

Jaco Ki1
The Color Of Smoke
Lakatos, Menyhért 1926-

The Wife App
Mackler, Carolyn

Desire Of My Heart
McGill, Heidi Gray

McGi Di1
With All My Heart
McGill, Heidi Gray

McGi Di2
Matters Of The Heart
McGill, Heidi Gray

McGi Di3
Michaels, Anne 1958-

Silver Nitrate
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia

My Year Of Rest And Relaxation
Moshfegh, Ottessa

Shut Up, You're Pretty
Mutonji, Téa 1995-

Betting On You
Painter, Lynn

Pain Be1
The Helsinki Affair
Pitoniak, Anna

Confessions Of A Forty-something F##k Up
Potter, Alexandra

Pott Ne1
A Stroke Of The Pen
Pratchett, Terry 1948-2015

The Mystery Guest
Prose, Nita

The Unfortunate Side Effects Of Heartbreak And Magic
Randall, Breanne

The Shadow Collector
Randall, Bonnie (Paranormal romance author), author

Rand Sh1
Random In Death
Robb, J. D. 1950-

Robb In58
Ruth, Elizabeth

The Damages
Scott, Genevieve 1978-

Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice For Murderers
Sutanto, Jesse Q.

The Black Moth
Topdjian, Carolyne 1977-

Topd Ma2
Torres, Justin 1980-

The Book Of Rain
Wharton, Thomas 1963-

Woolf, Virginia 1882-1941


Adult Graphic Novels

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Nichols, L.

306.768 Nich

612.665 Meno
The Mask Omnibus. Volume 1
Arcudi, John

741.5 Arcu
The Fade Out
Brubaker, Ed

741.5 Brub
Cho, Michael (Illustrator)

741.5 Cho
No Longer Human
Itoh, Chika

741.5 Daza
Díaz Canales, Juan 1972-

741.5 Diaz Bl1
A Contract With God And Other Tenement Stories
Eisner, Will

741.5 Eisn
Sweet Tooth. Book One
Lemire, Jeff

741.5 Lemi Sw1
Sweet Tooth. Book Two
Lemire, Jeff

741.5 Lemi Sw2
Thompson, Craig 1975-

741.5 Thom
The Long Winter Of 1945
Di Lellio, Anna

940.5405 DiLe

Adult Non-Fiction

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Rosset, Barney

070.5092 Ross
The Greatest Evil Is War
Hedges, Chris

172.42 Hedg
The Fourth Turning Is Here
Howe, Neil

303.4973 Howe
In Defense Of Witches
Chollet, Mona 1973-

305.42 Chol
Writing The Roma
Levine-Rasky, Cynthia

305.891497 Levi
David, Chris

306.7663 Davi
Bailar, Schuyler

306.768 Bail
The Heart Of The Fight
Wright, Judith 1951-

306.81 Wrig
Mom Rage
Dubin, Minna

306.8743 Dubi
Love Lives Here
Jetté Knox, Amanda

306.8743 Jett
Free Speech
Mchangama, Jacob 1978-

323.443 Mcha
Money Like You Mean It
Alini, Erica

332.024 Alin
Tyranny, Inc.
Ahmari, Sohrab

332.30973 Ahma
Goldfarb, Ben (Environmental journalist)

333.77 Gold
Pollon, Christopher

333.8514 Poll
The End Of The World Is Just The Beginning
Zeihan, Peter

338.91 Zeih
Don't Call It A Cult
Berman, Sarah

361.43 Berm
Fighting For A Hand To Hold
Shaheen-Hussain, Samir 1979-

362.108997 Shah
A Living Remedy
Chung, Nicole

362.734 Chun
Trail Of The Lost
Lankford, Andrea

363.2336 Lank
This Is Wildfire
Mott, Nick

363.379 Mott
Peaky Blinders
Chinn, Carl

364.1066 Chin
Dyslexia In The Early Years
Reid, Gavin

371.9144 Reid
No Bootstraps When You're Barefoot
Hall, Wes

388.092 Hall
The Comfort Of Crows
Renkl, Margaret

508 Renk
Change Your Genes, Change Your Life
Pelletier, Kenneth R.

572.865 Pell
Many Things Under A Rock
Scheel, David

594.56 Sche
Ultra-processed People
Tulleken, Chris van 1978-

612.3 Tull
Craig, Clare

614.4 Crai
The Mini ADHD Coach
Gendron, Alice

616.8589 Gend
Your Brain's Not Broken
Rosier, Tamara 1968-

616.8589 Rosi
The Undying
Boyer, Anne 1973-

616.99449 Boye
Laughing At My Nightmare
Burcaw, Shane

617.482 Burc
Dimyan, Rebecca

618.1 Dimy
Your Child Is Not Broken
Mavir, Heidi

618.9289 Mavi
The Complete Compost Gardening Guide
Pleasant, Barbara

631.875 Plea
Raised-bed Gardening For Beginners
Wylie, Tammy

635 Wyli
Your Dog Is Your Mirror
Behan, Kevin

636.7 Beha
Uncommon Kitchens
Donelson, Sophie.

643.3 Done
The Artistry Of Flowers
Salazar, Gabriela

745.92 Sala
Observation Is A Constant That Underlies All Approaches
Lambert, Phyllis

779.4 Lamb
The Color Of Dance
Wallace-McMillian, TaKiyah.

779.97928 Wall
O'Connor, Sinéad

782.42166 O'Co
Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama
Odenkirk, Bob 1962-

792.7028092 Oden
De Grasse, Andre 1994-

796.422 DeGr
The Catch Of A Lifetime

799.124 Catc
Whitehead, Joshua (Writer)

818.603 Whit
William Shakespeare's As You Like It
Cardinal, Cliff

819.26 Card
Novelist As A Vocation
Murakami, Haruki 1949-

895.635 Mura
A Different Track
Kitty, Alexandra

940.5475 Kitt
My Promised Land
Shavit, Ari

956.054 Shav
Room At The Inn
Mofford, Glen 1954-2022

971.1 Moff
The Best Loved Boat
Kennedy, Ian 1943-

971.12 Kenn
Galena Bay Odyssey
Schwartz, Ellen 1949-

971.162 Schw
Lha Yudit'ih We Always Find A Way
Weir, Lorraine 1946-

971.175 Weir


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The Last Love Song
Daugherty, Tracy

B Didi
Gabriel, Mary 1955-

B Mado
McConaughey, Matthew 1969-

B McCo

Board Games

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Board Team
Grunau, Jürgen P. K. 1953-

J Board Grun


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Ansamblʹ pesni i pli︠a︡ski ""Krasnai︠a︡ zvezda""

CD Red
European Tour
Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus

CD Ukra
УкраїнÑ?ькі народні піÑ?ні
Symfonichnyĭ orkestr Ukraïnsʹkoho radio

CD Ukra
The Best Of Voloshky
Voloshky Singers

CD Volo

Children's Area Toddlers

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Baby's First Lunar New Year

JPT Baby
We Are Golden
Chen, Eva 1980-

JPT Chen
A Is For Anemone
Vickers, Roy Henry 1946-

JPT Vick
Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery


Christmas Storage

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Wreck The Halls
Bailey, Tessa

A December To Remember
Bayliss, Jenny

Daddy Christmas And Hanukkah Mama
Alko, Selina

JP Alko
Three Holidays And A Wedding
Jalaluddin, Uzma

All I Want For Christmas
Knox, Maggie

RPb Knox

Juvenile Easy Readers

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Bear And Bird
Jarvis 1985-

JPE Jarv

Juvenile Fiction

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The Eyes & The Impossible
Eggers, Dave

J Egge
Ban This Book
Gratz, Alan 1972-

J Grat
Attack Of The Black Rectangles
King, A. S. (Amy Sarig) 1970-

J King
The Swifts
Lincoln, Beth

J Linc Sw1
Paolini, Christopher

J Paol In5
Divine Rivals
Ross, Rebecca (Rebecca J.)

J Ross Le1
Ruthless Vows
Ross, Rebecca (Rebecca J.)

J Ross Le2

Juvenile Graphic Novels

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Gill, Joel Christian

J 303.6973 Gill
How I Survived
Ittusardjuat, Serapio 1945-

J 613.6 Ittu
But I Live

J 940.5318 But
The Silver Eyes
Cawthon, Scott 1971-

J Cawt Fi1
The Twisted Ones
Cawthon, Scott 1971-

J Cawt Fi2
The Fourth Closet
Cawthon, Scott 1971-

J Cawt Fi3
Demon Slayer = Kimetsu No Yaiba Volume 1 Cruelty
Gotoge, Koyoharu 1988-

J Goto De01
Vampire Knight. #19
Hino, Matsuri

J Hino Va19
Banned Book Club
Kim, Hyun Sook

J Kim
Stacey's Mistake
Crenshaw, Ellen T.

J Mart Ba14
One Piece. Volumes 34-35-36 Water Seven
Oda, EiichirÅ? 1975-

J Oda vol. 34-36
One Piece. Volumes 40-41-42 Water Seven
Oda, EiichirÅ? 1975-

J Oda vol. 40-42
One Piece. 52-53-54 Sabaody
Oda, EiichirÅ? 1975-

J Oda vol. 52-54
Oppel, Kenneth 1967-

J Oppe Si1
Heartstopper. Volume 5
Oseman, Alice

J Osem He5
A First Time For Everything
Santat, Dan

J Sant
Tavares, Matt

J Tava
On A Sunbeam
Walden, Tillie 1996-

J Wald
Are You Listening?
Walden, Tillie 1996-

J Wald
Pup And Dragon. A Graphic Novel How To Catch An Elf
Walstead, Alice

J Wals
Lunar New Year Love Story
Yang, Gene Luen

J Yang

Juvenile Non-Fiction

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Goddesses & Heroines
Menzies, Jean

J 202.114 Menz
Gray Wolf
Cassidy, Brenna

J 599.773 Cass
Her Courage Rises
Healey, Haley

J 920.42 Heal

Juvenile Picture Books

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Every Child A Song
Davies, Nicola 1958-

J 323.352 Davi
The Shortest Day
Cooper, Susan 1935-

JP Coop
In The Half Room
Ellis, Carson 1975

JP Elli
Kimiko Murakami
Healey, Haley

JP Heal
The Big Cheese
John, Jory

JP John
Just One Flake
Jonker, Travis

JP Jonk
Just Because
McConaughey, Matthew 1969-

I Want To Be A Doctor
Driscoll, Laura


Paperbacks - Adult

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The Last Word
Adams, Taylor

APb Adam
Treasure State
Box, C. J.

APb Box Ca5
Brown, Sandra 1948-

APb Brow
Only The Dead
Carr, Jack (Joint pseudonym)

APb Carr Te6
Where Are The Children Now?
Clark, Mary Higgins

APb Clar Wh2
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.

APb Corn Ka26
Clive Cussler The Sea Wolves
Du Brul, Jack B.

APb Cuss Is13
Hunting Time
Deaver, Jeffery

APb Deav Co4
Follett, Ken

APb Foll
Greaney, Mark

APb Grea Gr12
Unnatural History
Kellerman, Jonathan.

APb Kell Al38
Deep Fake
Larsen, Ward

APb Lars
McCulloch, Amy 1986-

APb McCu
3 Days To Live
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
22 Seconds
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt Wo22
Payback In Death
Robb, J. D. 1950-

APb Robb In57
The House Guest
Ryan, Hank Phillippi

APb Ryan
The Investigator
Sandford, John 1944 February 23-

APb Sand Le1
Worthy Opponents
Steel, Danielle

APb Stee Wi3
The Maidens
Michaelides, Alex 1977-


Paperbacks - Junior (Primary)

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The Shadow Returns
Charman, Katrina

PB JPri Char La12
Legend Of The Star Dragon
West, Tracey 1965-

PB JPri West Dr25

Paperbacks - Mystery

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What Angels Fear
Harris, C. S.

MPb Harr Se01
When Gods Die
Harris, C. S.

MPb Harr Se02
Where Shadows Dance
Harris, C. S.

MPb Harr Se06

Paperbacks - Romance

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Happily Ever Amish
Gray, Shelley Shepard

RPb Gray Am1