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Internet Policies

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Headphones are available to purchase for $2 at the front desk.

Violators of this policy may be banned from computer use.

Usage Policy

The Prince Rupert Public Library provides public Internet access to information and resources to meet the educational and recreational needs of the community.

Unlike book publishing, the Internet is an unregulated, changing environment of information. It offers a wealth of material from around the globe, from different cultures and individuals. The Library recognizes that the Internet is a global computer network with no central control over content. The Prince Rupert Library does not censor, filter, or protect users from information which may be offensive, inaccurate or controversial. As with book material, the Prince Rupert Library is not responsible for the content of this material.

Users and patrons are responsible for deciding what type of material they wish to access.

Parents and guardians, not the library or staff are responsible for the children and their use of the Internet, just as they are responsible for the use of their library cards. Parents are advised to supervise their children's Internet sessions as they would monitor a child's television viewing.

Patrons are responsible for their own activities while on the Internet and must respect intellectual, copyright, property, and privacy laws of Canada. Library computers may only be used for legal purposes, and violations of the law may be subject to prosecution. The library is a public place and others may view what is on your screen. It is not acceptable to display content that may be offensive or harassing to others.

Access Policy

To deal with all patrons in a fair manner, The Prince Rupert Library will allocate Internet access in the following ways:

All patrons are entitled to 30 minutes of Internet access for free per day. Patrons may purchase extra time at the rate of $1.00 per 30 minutes. Extra time should be purchased when signing in, however there will be NO REFUNDS given for unused time. More time may be purchased prior to the expiration of session IF there is no waiting list. If there is waiting list, you can purchase more time once your name comes up again.

School Age Patrons

Patrons of school age are welcome to use the Internet after 3:00pm on weekdays. A person of school age is deemed as anyone under the age of 19, regardless whether that individual attends a public or private school in this or any other region. Library employees reserve the right to ask anyone for identification, to verify that patron's age. This rule still applies to underage patrons with permission from parents or guardians to use terminals during school hours.

Use of the Internet, like use of a library card, is a privilege, not a right. Library staff reserves the right to terminate a patron's Internet session and will refer any disputes to the Chief Librarian. Patrons wishing to take issue with the policies and procedures of the Prince Rupert Public Library are welcome to bring their concerns to the Library Board for consideration.