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Archive: New Items for July 2020 (Visual Version)

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Last Updated August 4th, 2020

Items added between July 1st and July 31st, 2020

(March, April and May additions can still be found here, and June additions here)

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Adult Fiction - Second Floor

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The Revelators
Atkins, Ace

The Empire Of Gold
Chakraborty, S. A.

Tom Clancy
Maden, Mike

500 Miles From You
Colgan, Jenny

The Refuge
Gabhart, Ann H. 1947-

Death In Fancy Dress
Gilbert, Anthony 1899-1973

Old Lovegood Girls
Godwin, Gail

The Rat Began To Gnaw The Rope
Grafton, C. W. (Cornelius Warren) 1909-1982

Great Canadian Murder And Mystery Stories

Hearts Made Whole
Hedlund, Jody

The Woman In The White Kimono
Johns, Ana

Half Moon Bay
Kellerman, Jonathan

Grown Ups
Keyes, Marian

Riviera Gold
King, Laurie R.

Sex And Vanity
Kwan, Kevin

The Gilded Cage
Läckberg, Camilla 1974-

A Walk Along The Beach
Macomber, Debbie

Malerman, Josh

May, Peter 1951-

Call Me A Liar
McBeth, Colette

The Imperfects
Meyerson, Amy

In Her Shadow
Miller, Kristin 1980-

Shakespeare For Squirrels
Moore, Christopher 1957-

The Secrets Of Love Story Bridge
Patrick, Phaedra

Dance Away With Me
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth

The Overstory
Powers, Richard 1957-

How The Penguins Saved Veronica
Prior, Hazel

The Sun Sister
Riley, Lucinda

The Last Emperox
Scalzi, John 1969-

The Last Trial
Turow, Scott

Redhead By The Side Of The Road
Tyler, Anne

Sharks In The Time Of Saviors
Washburn, Kawai Strong 1980-

Big Summer
Weiner, Jennifer


Adult Non-Fiction

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Bregman, Rutger 1988-

128 Breg
Compassionate Conversations
Hamilton, Diane Musho

153.6 Hami
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People
Covey, Stephen R.

158 Cove
Diamond, Jared M.

303.48 Diam
The Next Great Migration
Shah, Sonia

304.809 Shah
Me And White Supremacy
Saad, Layla F.

305.809 Saad
The System
Reich, Robert B.

322.30973 Reic
The Five
Rubenhold, Hallie

362.88 Rube
How To Die In Space
Sutter, Paul M. 1982-

523.01 Sutt
Successful Aging
Levitin, Daniel J.

612.67 Levi
CBD Every Day
Hinchliffe, Sandra

615.7 Hinc
The Language Your Body Speaks
Meredith, Ellen 1955-

615.89 Mere
Effects Of Pre-commercial Thinning On Growth And Diversity Of Paper Birch Leading Stands 25 Years Following Thinning.
Leclerc, Marie-Eve

634.92 Lecl
The BC Ferries 40th Anniversary Cookbook.
British Columbia Ferry Corporation

641.5 Brit
The Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook
Hartwig, Melissa

641.563 Hart
Cooking With CBD
Hobbs, Jen

641.563 Hobb
Chowder Trail Cookbook
Elliot, Elaine 1939-

641.813 Lee
Totem Poles
Halpin, Marjorie M. 1937-

731.7 Halp
Macramé At Home
Ranae, Natalie

746.4222 Rana
The Traveller's Site Guide To Barkerville Historic Town.
Bakerville Historic Town

917.1175 Bake
The Room Where It Happened
Bolton, John R.

973.933 Bolt
The Room Where It Happened
Bolton, John R.

973.933 Bolt
Feldman, Deborah 1986-

974.7044 Feld


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More Than Love
Wagner, Natasha Gregson 1970-

B Wood


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Classroom Information On Aboriginal Topics

CD-ROM 971.004 Clas

Juvenile Fiction

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The Great Cake Mystery
McCall Smith, Alexander 1948-

J McCa
A Sea Of Sorrows
McClintock, Norah

J McCl
Burn Our Bodies Down
Power, Rory

J Powe

Large Print

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The Pioneers
McCullough, David G.

LP 977.02 McCu
Video Kill
Fluke, Joanne 1943-

LP Fluk
Two Weeks
Kingsbury, Karen

LP King

Multilingual Collection - Second Floor

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Rendez-vous Dans Le 18e
Lamar, Jake


Multilingual Juvenile French

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La Disparition
Gingras, Charlotte 1943-

MJF Ging
Hamilton, Tisha

MJF Hami

Multilingual Juvenile French - First Floor

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Mon Super-meilleur Copain
Pied, Savine

MJF Pied
10 Idées Écolos Pour Sauver Ma Planéte
Walsh, Melaine

MJF 363.7 Wals
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
Perrault, Charles 1628-1703

MJF 398.2 Perr
Mon Imagier De Toute L'année

MJF 443 Mon
Les Plantes Qui Puent, Qui Pètent, Qui Piquent
Hignard, Lionel 1951-

MJF 580 Hign
Les Petits D'animaux De La Campagne
Barbé-Julien, Colette

MJF 591.73 Barb
Les Petits D'animaux De La Savane
Montardre, Hélène 1954-

MJF 591.74 Mont
Les Petits D'animaux De La Mer
Royer, Anne

MJF 591.77 Roye
Tête-à-tête Avec Les Insectes
Villemant, Claire

MJF 595.7 Vill
Les Dessous Des Dauphins
Vadon, Catherine

MJF 599.53 Vado
L' Île Aux Masques
Baccalario, Pierdomenico

MJF Bacc
Bande De Canailles!
Beaumont, Karen

MJF Beau
C'est Quoi Les Religions?
Bernard, Héliane

MJF Bern
Comment Naissent Les Vagues?
Boucher, Michel 1955-

MJF Bouc
Benjami Et La Nuit
Bourgeois, Paulette.

MJF Bour
Sept Voleurs
Chauvel, David 1969-

MJF Chav
Julie Silence
Coran, Pierre

MJF Cora
Le Chant Des Stryges
Corbeyran 1964-

MJF Corb
Desmarteau, Claudine

MJF Desm
Olivia Prépare Noël
Falconer, Ian 1959-

MJF Falc
Gâteaux Et Chapeaux
Friot, Bernard

MJF Frio
Mon Petit Doigt M'a Dit
Galode, Catherine K.

MJF Galo
Le Secret De Petit Ours Blanc
Genechten, Guido van

MJF Gene
Le Chat Qui Revait D'etre Un Tigre
Greaves, Margaret

MJF Grea
Vroum! Vroum! Vroum!
Hall, Kirsten

MJF Hall
Kimiko Et Le Botaniste
Ise, Hideko 1949-

Le Crabe Et Le Singe
Kinoshita, Junji 1914-2006

MJF Kino
Quel Match!
Kolar, Bob

MJF Kola
Blues Bayou
Lacombe, Benjamin 1982-

MJF Laco
Le Livre Qui Vole
Laury, Pierre

MJF Laur
Qui Es-tu?
López, Mercè

MJF Lópe
Le Petit Train D'Amidou
Molist, Pep

MJF Moli
Ma Maman Du Photomaton
Nadon, Yves

MJF Nado
Mademoiselle Nancy Et Le Chien Chic
O'Connor, Jane

À La Campagne
Pittau, Francisco 1956-

MJF Pitt
L' Escalier Où Le Chat M'attend
Sang-hui, Yi

MJF Sang
L' Épouvantail Ensorcelé
Penney, Shannon

MJF Scoo
Le Mystère De L'araigneée Géante
Erwin, Vicki

MJF Scoo
Brooklyn Baby
Singer, Marilyn 1948-

MJF Sing
Hugo Lachance
Stewart, Paul 1955-

MJF Stew
Le Dictionnaire Des Rêves Du Docteur Merveille
Sáez Castán, Javier 1964-

MJF Sáez
Anniversaire Surprise
Tachimoto, Michiko

MJF Tach
Portée Disparue
Terrée, Caroline 1968-

MJF Terr
Le Tapis Volant De Pélagie
Thomas, Valerie

MJF Thom
Le Château De Glace
Tibo, Gilles 1951-

MJF Tibo
Un Jour Encore
Valentini, Cristiana 1970-

MJF Vale
Un Nœud à Mon Mouchoir
Westera, Bette

MJF West
Aie! J'ai Mal!
Wilhelm, Hans 1945-

MJF Wilh

Northwest History Collection - Non-Circulating

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Maxłaxaała : Sm'algyax Book
Kyina̱xhoon, Velna

NWHC 497.4 Kyin
Sm'algya̱x Student Dictionary
Ts'msyen Sm'algya̱x Language Authority

NWHC 497.4 Ts'm
Geology Of The Northwest Mainland / By Allen Gottesfeld ; Edited By James L. Tirrul-Jones
Gottesfeld, Allen

NWHC 551.7 Gott
A Guide To Some Common Plants Of The Skeena Area, British Columbia
Coupe, R. 1952-

NWHC 581.97113 Coup
Cooking To The Beat Of Our Own Drum.
Cedar Road Aboriginal Head Start

NWHC 641.5 Ceda
Dempsey Bob

NWHC 736.4 Demp
Voyages To The South Seas, Indian And Pacific Oceans, China Sea, Northwest Coast, Feejee Islands, South Shetlands, &, &.
Fanning, Edmund 1769-1841

NWHC 901.4 Fann
Archaeological Survey Of The Lower Nass, Observatory Inlet And Portland Canal
Carlson, Roy L. 1930-

NWHC 930.1 Carl
The WW II American Sub-port Of Embarkation, Prince Rupert
Savage, Mac

NWHC 940.5453 Sava
History Of The Prince Rupert City Police
Lutz, Wayne J. 1946-

NWHC 971.111 Lutz
Lief's Haida Gwaii ABC Book.

NWHC J 421.1 Lief

Paperbacks - Adult

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Nothing Ventured
Archer, Jeffrey 1940-

APb Arch
Baldacci, David

APb Bald
The Guardians
Grisham, John

APb Gris
Summer Of '69
Hilderbrand, Elin

APb Hild
The Outsider
King, Stephen 1947-

APb King
China Rich Girlfriend
Kwan, Kevin

APb Kwan
The Warning
Patterson, James 1947-

APb Patt
A Better Man
Penny, Louise

APb Penn
Crown Jewel
Reich, Christopher 1961-

APb Reic
The Turn Of The Key
Ware, Ruth

APb Ware

Paperbacks - Fantasy

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The Serpent Sea
Wells, Martha

FaPb Well

Paperbacks - Mystery

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Beating About The Bush
Beaton, M.C.

MPb Beat

Paperbacks - Romance

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Meant To Be Yours
Mallery, Susan

RPb Mall

Paperbacks - Science Fiction

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Search Image
Czerneda, Julie 1955-

SFPb Czer
The Storm
Drake, David 1945-

SFPb Drake
Octavia Gone
McDevitt, Jack

The Long Sunset
McDevitt, Jack

A Star-wheeled Sky
Torgersen, Brad R.

SFPb Torg
The Gordian Protocol
Weber, David 1952-

SFPb Webe

Storage - Northwest History Collection

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Katzie Ethnographic Notes
Suttles, Wayne P. 1918-2005

Storage NWHC 971.1132 Sutt
Northwest Region Phone Directory.

Storage NWHC 971.199 Terr 2016/17

Adult DVDs

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Doc Martin. Series 9

DVD Doc 6507 s9

Educational & Documentary DVDs

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Land Of The Chartreuse Moose: Life And Legacy Of Ted Harrison

EDVD 759.11 Land 544